Đồng nghĩa của continent

Alternative for continent


Trái nghĩa: incontinent, island, isle,


Refraining from indulgence of one's appetites
sober abstemious abstinent abstentious austere celibate self-abnegating self-denying self-restrained temperate ascetic chaste bridled curbed inhibited modest restrained moderate virgin teetotal virginal pure maidenly virtuous self-disciplined controlled frugal unmarried strict abstaining unwed spartan puritanical maiden nunlike innocent decent disciplined moral immaculate unsullied undefiled non-indulgent uncorrupted vestal clean hair-shirt wholesome sinless simple unblemished G-rated unaffected self-controlled pure as the driven snow intact monkish severe self-restraining monastic monklike Spartan good upright incorrupt uncontaminated guiltless decorous proper demure refined quiet elegant stainless spotless inexperienced neat squeaky clean prudish impotent intemerate subdued monogamous unstained sparing dry forbearing platonic nice nonindulgent moderating forgoing eschewing constrained abnegating rigid exacting anchoritic reclusive hermitic solitary cloistered rigorous stern eremitic self-possessed harsh mortified ascetical economical solemn refraining straightlaced other-worldly strait-laced self-sacrificing righteous honest blameless angelic impeccable ethical exemplary saintly reputable honourable irreproachable upstanding true pious honorable noble worthy single guileless unspoilt wet behind ears wide-eyed above reproach pure as driven snow lily white babe in woods unblighted inculpable inviolate white unprofaned squeaky-clean anti-corruption unspotted husbandless spouseless wifeless nunnish faithful free of sin unwedded spinster unattached bachelor partnerless free unhitched available eligible widowed uncoupled sole divorced separated footloose and fancy free young, free and single seemly clean-living on the shelf left on the shelf nonmarried untainted flawless free from sin loverless respectable principled dignified just unimpeachable estimable moralistic redoubtable incorruptible irreprehensible solo unobjectionable uninvolved uncommitted lonely lone alone morally correct high-principled high-minded whiter than white right-minded unengaged independent companionless unbetrothed footloose unloved unfettered marriageable unaccompanied unescorted by oneself not going out with anyone not spoken for living alone having missed the boat a bachelor all alone going one's own way without a partner a spinster with no ties without a wife not married on your tod footloose and fancy-free not tied down by yourself on your own without a husband on one's own fancy-free


(of a child or pet) Having been trained to relieve oneself in the appropriate manner or place


A country or state
land country nation state commonwealth kingdom province realm region district fatherland motherland territory empire homeland republic sovereignty sovranty area domain tract constituency county nation state body politic society polity sovereign state community federation dominion principality people monarchy union citizens duchy palatinate population populace citizenry res publica zone power confederation superpower colony mainland nationality main patch public turf democracy terrain enclave race inhabitants property civilization residents tribe electorate ethnicity landmass civilisation nation-state landform island political entity organization institution world power organisation division estate the people expanse sector lands micronation demesne fief protectorate commonality sphere dependency holding possession culture bailiwick voters outpost collective denizens electors locals group tributary satellite natives satellite state background stomping grounds constituents subcontinent heritage ancestry indigenes townsfolk townspeople ratepayers taxpayers commoners general public ordinary people masses Main Street hoi polloi subjects rank and file grass roots Joe Public lineage type way of life extraction ethnic group clan kind style of living life kin way of living progeny lifestyle pedigree environment multitude folk mob crowd plebeians commonalty plebs millions commons mass herd fold burghers Joe Six-Pack everyone many all everybody world klatch klatsch all-comers commune village one and all world at large men and women seed stock strain caste general population horde breed major power player great power rabble occupiers occupants proletariat common people riff-raff canaille throng demos riffraff third estate ragtag proles common folk great unwashed John Doe woman in the street common herd Joe Bloggs man in the street woman on the street lay people man on the street ragtag and bobtail

Trái nghĩa của continent

continent Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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