Đồng nghĩa của coast

Alternative for coast

coasts, coasted, coasting

Đồng nghĩa: beach, glide, ride, seashore, seaside, slide, waterfront,


Solid ground next to, or near, a body of water


Act or make progress without making much effort
cruise sail drift glide freewheel taxi skim slip bowl breeze brush float flow roll skate slide stream sweep whisk get by smooth along ride on current pass move glissade fly run slither trip skirr flit travel ride soar scud shoot skid plane waft be carried course skip spiral rush decline descend aquaplane ghost slew bob swim elapse veer drive move smoothly hover toboggan whirl proceed go by move gently fly by slide by glide by go past slide past glide past fly past steal past steal by wear on go sashay slide along slink sail by sail past slip past stroll swirl gush wing cascade saunter hurry slip by march on surge wash shift scooch flood speed move briskly sally tear move along dart circulate progress skitter tread water continue roll along relax your efforts waltz move over keep steady pace travel at a constant speed keep a steady pace skew slue sheer move lightly skim through move past roller skate ice skate sail along run out go along stray slip along walk casually lither swerve rest on your oars fan be transported spin out roller-skate blade skateboard meander gravitate be borne be conveyed go into skid flitter flutter move slowly go with the tide be carried away go with the flow spin go with the current be carried along be wafted automobile journey tick past tick by roll past roll by motor tool go by car travel on wheels travel by car ride by car pour trickle seep ooze swarm crowd race spill throng pile blaze dribble discharge flash crawl bleed launch propel storm creep spread erupt leak thrill jet spout break rush forward writhe spurt exude well up well spew drip escape empty percolate burst worm snake leach sweat issue filter stroke cross break out effuse wend hie depart gush forth drain osmose pass by go through push on move onwards run through drag run by pass through blow past trail wriggle run off leave dry well out taper off flow out filter off


To walk or move in a leisurely or aimless way
wander roam ramble range stroll meander rove walk drift traipse gallivant maunder amble cruise saunter dawdle mooch potter prowl peregrinate stravaig trek float galavant jaunt knock about mosey straggle tramp trudge bat bimble gad hike roll tootle circumambulate circumlocute circumnutate hopscotch trail vagabond gad about globe-trot knock around mill about mill around mill round go walkabout kick around mooch around follow one's nose walk the tracks stretch one's legs stray divagate dally wander aimlessly get sidetracked get off the point loiter go off at a tangent move aimlessly swan pootle putter idle walk slowly go aimlessly go slowly perambulate travel toddle promenade march tour shuffle plod move tromp traverse go for a walk take a walk lumber stride take the air journey mope streel hit the road troop loaf pace sashay stump slog tread linger step ambulate proceed hang about parade go bum go on foot travel around lag hoof pad loll globetrot prance strut backpack tarry deviate crawl err dilly-dally shamble patrol take a stroll leg it hang around hoof it file run around canter advance cross bum around pound footslog footle stooge droop ankle percolate scuff dabble trog yomp limp take a turn change foot it explore make your way tail creep get some exercise get some air dillydally scramble poke fall behind lollygag slough skulk drag bat around hit the trail stretch your legs go for a stroll walk casually shilly-shally bring up the rear hang travel on foot hang out move slowly get no place fast dander go astray depart flit run travel about trek through troll trundle wander around roam about move around struggle along schlep trill ooze go hither and thither progress pass sweep extravagate twine recoil swing tinker fiddle scour back-pack go adrift zigzag wind encompass search reconnoiter reconnoitre climb wander about clamber delay make one's way fribble fritter twist and turn boogie gander take it easy stroll along pass over spread through breeze take Shanks's pony go for a constitutional waltz gallop truck be all over the map make circuit mess about party rave socialize mince foot bat back and forth wend lallygag diddle walk around trip descend ascend tiptoe skip lounge flit around socialise jaunt around roam around find one's way wind one's way pick one's way hobble stagger go forward go by foot move forward go up go down press on trot put off halt pass time fritter away hover slacken flag pause lurk procrastinate laze go partying go clubbing step out poke along stumble race stalk locomote live it up rave it up slouch follow march up and down walk up and down plod on traik totter paint the town red chill drone languish moon lazy walk back and forth walk to and fro drag oneself dodder waddle have a night on the town wend one's way galumph clump stomp lump flounder scuffle stamp barge tag along hang back drag yourself drag along drag one's feet tag along behind not keep up not keep pace lurch shift flog goof off hack around veg out kick back drag your feet scuff one's feet dangle sag straddle hang down spread be late trail behind drop behind drop back be strung out poke around lag behind string out


To diminish in intensity or severity, especially gradually
abate decrease decline diminish subside dwindle ease lessen ebb wane fade moderate recede drop off relent slacken weaken let up relax remit sink de-escalate desist die away die down die out drop away fall lower pall shrink slow taper taper off attenuate ease off cool cool off decelerate drain away dull end fall away halt peter out phase down quell ratchet down slack stop subdue tail off terminate unlax become weaker chill out cool it fade away come to an end drop reduce fall off slump contract grow less flag fail ease up plummet wither go down droop deteriorate soften plunge melt away decay slow down disappear slack off shrivel drain cease depreciate evaporate grow smaller nosedive degenerate waste away mitigate slacken off vanish become smaller fizzle out alleviate wilt trail off wear off sag crumble retrocede regress die off devaluate go downhill downsize descend dip dissolve close curtail calm down crash wind down minimize wear away settle quieten trail downscale languish get smaller finish waste depress temper deplete get less go minimise take a nosedive rachet down collapse grow faint tumble dive fall back run low curb flow back lighten check get lower calm nose-dive quiet restrain withdraw settle down lag emaciate lapse erode devalue dent bate dry up narrow down wear down die blur evanesce melt grow dim break go away deflate break off run out come to a stop break up become lower knock down become less retreat rebate come to a halt fade out lull pass slash falter dim quieten down still slip grow weaker retire retrogress lose edge slake give way faint downgrade trail away thin out relapse tire slope totter lose decrement cut retrograde condense cheapen shorten release minify conclude discontinue thin quit draw back downturn come to nothing crater mark down level off fall short pause draw to a close wind up leave off write down tone down go through the floor hit the floor pack in modify cut down tail away minimalize pass away allay assuage relieve modulate mollify pine weary succumb be forgotten dissipate rescind shape elongate dampen peter disengage lose strength lose intensity narrow incline downwards slant down slope down tilt downwards sink into oblivion disappear slowly blow over grow flow away phase out thin down fall through give out extenuate abbreviate retrench go out slim wrinkle go downwards fall down close out pare down make smaller make less turn down infrigidate freeze freshen ally frost run dry sink lower telescope become less intense atrophy constrict compress lose its effect lose its effectiveness elapse discount die away or out die away or down determine expire drop down pull out return back away drop back compact disintegrate skid worsen write off lower in price devalorize lower in value drag backslide buckle give in become weak molder dilapidate moulder squeeze tighten move away go back adjourn flop disperse perish constringe capsule capsulize bow out back retract depart move back be on the way out dematerialize fly flee scrimp come down go into a tailspin fold up hit the dirt tip over break down be precipitated take a header lose value decrease in value cave in decline in price back off move further off dead-end wink out go dead etiolate can become softer become quieter take in lose ground do less rest amputate impair crop clip abridge soft-pedal hush fold deliquesce grow feeble pass off rarefy die on vine evanish poop out vanish into thin air fag out tucker out become less loud become unimportant clear draw away impoverish cripple debase vitiate tremble limp get quieter get softer desist from lay off cut off knock off shut off cut out give over cut back roll back slack up be over pack up come to a standstill take a breather relax one's efforts take a break take a breath hold back take the bite out take the sting out lose spirit slide fall steeply fall sharply devolve drop rapidly take a dive rot be reduced disimprove get worse be no more go to the dogs rocket go to pot shrivel up concentrate truncate decimate minish clear up slim down take it easy numb dock deaden mute make less active reach a new low go to ruin go easy be gone dispel stoop precipitate descend rapidly dump decrease rapidly cease to be exit become obsolete become extinct grow worse cease to exist disappear from the face of the earth grow weak spoil deprave revert corrupt corrode muddy up hit the skids be giving up the ghost be about to die become moribund have one foot in the grave be breathing one's last be approaching death be on one's deathbed be slipping away be in extremis be at death's door be on one's last legs take a turn for the worse go down the toilet go to rack and ruin go to the pack go to pieces pale go down the tubes come apart at seams lose significance decrease in importance pale into insignificance lose lustre grow dull

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