Đồng nghĩa của slim down


To lower in length or size
reduce cut rationalise rationalize streamline cut back scale back decrease lessen cut down trim prune diminish pare down slash shrink downsize lower curtail scale down make cutbacks in retrench salami-slice contract shorten pare truncate cut back on axe whittle down ax narrow abridge shave abate downscale ease drop minimize minimise mark down make reductions in de-escalate deflate clip limit dwindle deplete moderate knock down dent roll back bring down whittle away compress condense constrict chop dock crop lop concentrate abbreviate cut short economize on restrict curb tighten up make smaller discount slenderize depress taper retrench on eliminate cut down on depreciate step down phase down ease up on squeeze shrivel wither lighten take off ratchet down quell decrement confine omit delete remove whittle roll down budget cut economize trim away deduct phase out economise tune down get rid of do away with cause to fall undervalue break devalue cheapen downgrade devaluate sink write off write down attenuate demote make cuts in make economies in reduce wastage in wind down make fewer dilute temper tone down make less turn down impair weaken syncopate elide cramp inhibit halt minify restrain control break off rein in put a restriction on rein back boil down put the brakes on put a limit on get to meat put in nutshell hold back lose weight get thinner foreshorten slim lop off round down shear cut off waste away tighten mitigate alleviate ease off soften erode ebb blunt decline tail off take the edge off degrade wane lower in price dial down taper off peter out shed drop off lose put down take the bite out take the sting out sap deaden dampen undermine check allay subtract undersell thin subside dull disempower couch relax damp stifle remit debase subdue assuage cushion run down slacken mute take down fall trim down trim back slow down damp down keep down soft-pedal ration modify undercut palliate muffle soothe wear away wear down halve slow dip reduce greatly undercharge rebate adjust cut in price decay deteriorate devalorize worsen commute lower the price of make cheaper put on sale adulterate render worthless offer at a giveaway price reduce the price of extend lace sophisticate make weaker disgrade demerit drive down lower in value water down invalidate reduce punishment knock off strike off take away thin out fade let up grow less recede relent soften up get less grow smaller smother suppress drop away quieten die down pall flag desist die off plummet nosedive go down come down slump discard cast off die away blur become smaller drain amputate close fall away die out slack up drain away relieve still tranquilize mollify calm cool placate melt off jettison tranquillize make less intense put a damper on put the lid on put damper on dry up cast down extenuate amortise qualify amortize


Use up the supply or resources of
deplete consume drain exhaust expend empty reduce spend decrease evacuate use up lessen milk sap diminish absorb attenuate bleed burn devour lower bankrupt impoverish slash suck dry draw draw down finish pare down play out squander undermine waste weaken cut back dig into dry up eat up run down wash up go through dissipate get through use run through fritter away wear out bleed dry deprive utilize utilise empty out void run out tap clean out finish up fleece swallow up employ ruin clear finish off unload vacate draw off purge unburden burn up squeeze wipe out frivol away siphon extract syphon strain dispatch dry eat exploit break bust dispose of gut wreck make use of discharge pauperize guzzle expel disburden take last of run out of bring to ruin bring down run up take up burn through blow through pump out enervate fray trash occupy blow pay out fritter dispel disperse gobble exhaust one's supply of divert catheterize rid free strip destroy burn out annihilate liquidate ravage engulf demolish filter off get rid of free from get last drop envelop devastate crush make destitute decimate ruinate disencumber divest pump raze draft lay waste pillage beggar disfigure put to use throw away avail oneself of have recourse to draught suck the life out of bring to its knees cripple financially reduce to beggary unpack release eject remove dump withdraw unlade disgorge decant leak leave pour out siphon off flow out make void clear out make vacant consume the contents of rush out remove the contents of


To discharge from a job or position
ax bounce can cashier discharge dismiss fire pink-slip release remove retire sack terminate cleaver cut decimate downsize hatchet muster out poll reduce tomahawk turn off cut back lay off let go scale down give someone the sack put an end to axe oust kick out expel send packing show the door boot out boot give someone the boot give the heave-ho give someone their marching orders throw out make redundant give someone the push displace get rid of give someone their notice give notice give someone their cards give someone the bullet depose drop turf out give walking papers give the elbow unseat bump impeach turf out give notice to give the old heave-ho give someone the pink slip eject discard disqualify unfrock suspend pension shelve recall deselect disfrock disemploy furlough depone defrock defenestrate supplant evict ship give the ax let out give the gate shut out give a pink slip wash out turn away give warning give marching orders drum out give the chop throw sever connections move on give someone his or her walking papers put away heave break cast out chase out shed dehire unhire eighty-six court martial hand walking papers give one's cards give pink slip pink slip give the sack to give bum's rush excuse nix supersede replace bust freeze out run out of town relieve of duty declare redundant deprive of office lock out ride out on rail purge dislodge topple dethrone eliminate move relegate transfer reposition abolish shift expunge evacuate pull relocate detach throw out on your ear give the bum's rush take down see the back of abstract dislocate budge pay off give someone his give someone the big E kiss off bin off give someone the air banish turn out force out drive out chuck out transpose exclude exile run off disturb overturn deport reject rout chase bring down overthrow put out slang throw someone out on their ear expulse remove from office uncrown unthrone deprive unmake heave out push out thrust out dispossess usurp debar ostracize discrown fling out transplant ostracise send away push upset misplace ban subvert uproot degrade chuck knock out of place knock out of position disestablish extrude transport force to leave bring about the downfall of sling out show the door to throw out on the streets toss out rusticate keep out demote bar consign disbar downgrade blackball expatriate unhorse prohibit from entering blacklist undo triumph overwhelm defeat yeet strip of rank black put out of place dissolve expropriate put out in the street give heave-ho give the boot to give the bullet to unsettle remove from power fordrive get going set going give the push to move out of place send home hand someone his hat chase off ask to leave disthrone disenthrone separate rummage perturb disunite divide unhinge disarticulate interrupt drive away pack off give the 1-2-3 bundle off remove by force show out heave-ho toss out on ear change the position of give the hook show you the door extricate knock over disentangle take over free bring low rearrange step into shoes of dispel dig out get out shuffle position knock loose change dissipate quell eradicate reshuffle reorganize redistribute alter disregard disperse clear adjust redeploy reorder scatter redispose rejig readjust toss ditch unloose irrupt dump roll stir throw overboard kiss goodbye send off squeeze out drive off do away with give someone their P45 withdraw show the gate to reorganise shake off lay aside slide locomote put out of your mind propel take away move out shove inch nudge remove from clear from give way change position send to a safe place

Trái nghĩa của slim down

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