Đồng nghĩa của fall away


To become less virulent
decline abate decrease de-escalate descend diminish drop dwindle ease ebb fall lessen lower moderate pall recede relent remit shrink slope subside taper wane dip drain away drop away drop off go down incline downwards let up phase down plunge ratchet down sink slant down slope down taper off tilt downwards die away or down die away or out die down die out die away weaken fade slacken reduce fall off peter out tail off slump plummet ease off grow less contract attenuate come to an end deteriorate wither grow smaller nosedive degenerate fade away depreciate become smaller go downhill flag crash relax decay tumble wind down soften fall back ease up slacken off dive slide retrocede regress fail disappear droop melt away alleviate shrivel decrement get smaller downsize waste away rachet down close flow back take a nosedive lapse die off quieten cease dissolve terminate collapse calm down crumble settle slow vanish slip deplete quell downscale trail drain mitigate slack off become less nose-dive retreat retrogress withdraw stop backslide become weaker retrograde crater skid evaporate wilt take a dive go into a tailspin temper blur run low hit the floor lose ground draw back waste wear away get lower trail off slow down calm relapse return worsen quieten down dim lighten atrophy shorten retire finish desist condense deflate get less rot go back give way evanesce become weak languish come to a stop dry up knock down dent get worse go through the floor tone down minimize halt go to pot settle down minify fade out devaluate fall sharply drop rapidly roll back go away end bate narrow down go to the dogs melt slack minimise cool off subdue fizzle out fall steeply turn down cave in become lower curtail sag level off fall short move back go out wear down go downwards modulate close out lull drop down downturn flow away pare down depress make less fizzle slake allay assuage mollify dampen relieve abbreviate extenuate retrench make smaller dissipate disperse give out grow dim wear off gutter drift go down the toilet falter hit the skids release tail away disengage narrow still thin out flow out sink lower curb quiet restrain check lose edge grow elongate rescind trail away shape thin down phase out fall down wrinkle slim revert decelerate unlax chill out coast cool cool it dull constrict compress telescope constringe take in squeeze capsule tighten capsulize compact scrimp break off dead-end pass expire leave off run out dilapidate quit wink out die molder go conclude discontinue go dead pack in elapse moulder break up wind up determine grow faint disintegrate give in totter lose devalue be on the way out draw to a close back away drop back pull out drag buckle cheapen lose value fold up hit the dirt decrease in value tip over break down flop be precipitated take a header bow out decline in price erode move away devolve retract back back off move further off draw away depart go backwards drift back slip back recidivate sink back come down lose headway turn the clock back turn back throw back take the bite out cut amputate take the sting out impair thin crop cut back slack up clip abridge soft-pedal run out of gas fall farther behind dilute palliate soothe cut down blunt slash take the edge off loosen deaden modify ameliorate appease scale down bring down trim loose pare dial down mark down comfort degrade make cutbacks in let up on damp limit prune help sweeten downgrade step down shave cut back on slim down cushion quench sap numb satisfy qualify sate muffle undermine water down smooth disempower truncate axe couch compose pacify improve ax run down tranquilize tranquillize untighten take down trim back trim down anesthetize anaesthetize ease up on disburden facilitate free cure whittle down take a load off aid assist mute ration satiate tame discount take it easy gratify dock stifle diffuse restrict damp down cut down on make fewer lenify break become less intense infrigidate freeze freshen ally frost round down refresh extinguish relaxed mellow dulcify put down make weaker control undervalue demote go easy benumb cauterize stretch broaden reduce greatly make reductions in write off cause to fall write down retrench on salami-slice make less strict make less formal fix up adulterate placate address hebetate desensitise cauterise disable desensitize cripple obtund enfeeble debilitate open take sting out patch things up extend lace sophisticate take pressure off debase invalidate put a damper on perish liberalize liberalise lay off dematerialize fly lag emaciate flee brighten make lighter dispel salve counteract etiolate run interference for clear the way cheer nurse forward speed up doctor simplify meliorate promote make easier speed expedite attend to lift open the door further punctuate succor succour console vary solace free up pour oil on hush fold deliquesce grow feeble pass off rarefy die on vine evanish poop out vanish into thin air fag out tucker out become less loud tire become unimportant clear liss interrupt soften up bring an end to prevent bring aid to make bearable make something bearable bring respite to bring aid take load off disencumber empty levitate take remove upraise uplight change shift jettison eradicate unload unburden reduce weight put off throw out pour out amortise cast down amortize


To disappear
dissolve disappear vanish fade disperse evaporate dissipate crumble disintegrate dwindle evanesce perish decompose ebb subside dematerialize die diffuse disassemble flee fly melt melt away scatter sink wane wilt wither break down fade away be destroyed decline dilapidate dispel fizzle out peter out unmake pass away cease to exist break into pieces come to an end waste away die out decay fail degenerate recede die away deteriorate lessen diminish weaken abate decrease clear end pass rot go away dim break up fall go moderate molder tail off drop moulder go downhill let up flag spoil die down putrefy fester droop languish corrupt attenuate taper off be dispelled mold lower taper evanish cease collapse shrivel slacken foul expire pall grow faint stop vanish into thin air grow less run dry grow dim drop off drain away mould ease off banish quell shrink rise lift fold drain lapse clear out atrophy remit slump drive away terminate thin out trail withdraw elapse ease de-escalate relent trail off halt finish retrograde discontinue grow feeble depart cease to be wear off wind down close conclude fall off give out slack off quit determine be no more ratchet down phase down drop out of sight fade out run out fall through come to nothing corrode become weak go down fall apart break off dead-end leave off wink out pass into oblivion wear away wind up draw to a close deplete trail away plummet retire gutter fragment eliminate rebate reduce flow away blow over run its course end gradually become less be engulfed come to a halt vaporize break apart release miscarry abort misfire disband squander blur die off allay check dull dry up parch concentrate vaporise spread fizzle bate be invisible leave exit become invisible become shadowy become vague become confused make faint become blurred numb become indistinct become extinct melt into thin air be lost to view recede from view go south be done for become obsolete wither away cease to be known leave no trace come to naught disappear from the face of the earth miss the mark end in defeat be a fiasco end in disappointment run low go dead pack in contract be lost be exterminated go missing disappear from sight worsen be wiped out be lost to sight give way give in slide slip mortify devolve descend regress degrade be on the way out get smaller fall short go bad necrotize sphacelate go off emaciate lag sag fall to pieces go to seed become dilapidated run to seed pejorate depreciate mildew turn sicken blight grow moldy shrivel up curdle suppurate discolour defile be impaired putresce dry-rot pollute discolor sap become contaminated etiolate go to pot fall into disrepair hush quiet deliquesce thin rarefy tire go to the pack get worse hit rock bottom go down the toilet go to the dogs hit the skids reach depths go down the tubes come apart at the seams go to rack and ruin become unimportant pass off poop out fag out tucker out become less loud die on vine breakdown compost retrogress plunge soften relax nosedive mitigate grow smaller waste ease up alleviate become smaller slow down slacken off dip drop away curb backslide lighten take a nosedive retreat restrain curtail impair falter temper minimize calm down downsize depress tumble crash go backwards minimise relapse become worse devaluate quieten cool off wear down rachet down erode retrocede stagnate downscale slow decrement dive get less deflate settle be in decline roll back tone down nose-dive cut down calm narrow down flop succumb faint desist cut debilitate wizen disimprove slack minify dent fall back cut back become weaker skid go back slash grow worse be neglected move back draw back lose ground hit the floor revert go through the floor go to pieces lose edge flatline tail away quieten down lull return grow weaker vitiate debase dampen narrow subdue totter lose slope assuage slake condense shorten dilute cool settle down downturn be abandoned crater extenuate constrict age be forgotten be disregarded clip come to a stop level off cave in flow back tighten take the bite out take the sting out go from bad to worse take the edge off knock down make smaller lose quality go into a tailspin take a turn for the worse take a header be the worse for wear move backward make less become lower modify peter ebb away lose strength lose intensity pine weary rescind shape elongate blunt relieve grow weak become emaciated modulate clear up reverse mollify deaden give up incline downwards slant down slope down tilt downwards grow mummify still disengage slim wrinkle phase out thin down come to grief palliate mute damp muffle weather damage lose courage become debilitated go out drift pull out back away drop back become unproductive grow barren grow sterile compress dry become less intense come down abbreviate retrench telescope get lower go downwards be gone cushion soothe make something worse move away limit go down the tube pare down turn down lose its effect lose its effectiveness amputate crop abridge soft-pedal suffer decelerate unlax coast compact back retract fall down be on your last legs fall apart at the seams go into decline be used up cease to yield devalue squeeze scale down slack up drag cheapen buckle back off move further off be handicapped appear in a poor light be at disadvantage be damaged be shown to disadvantage desiccate grind to a halt constringe capsule capsulize drop down chill out cool it die away or out die away or down scrimp bow out draw away blast become limp come to a halt end come to a an end take in dial down infrigidate freeze freshen ally frost drift back recidivate slip back sink back become stale become marcescent lose value adulterate mar break undermine injure alloy axe pare fold up hit the dirt tip over be precipitated decrease in value decline in price bring down couch close out trim ax make cutbacks in amortise take down trim back downgrade trim down mark down cast down lose it run down qualify amortize step down be worse for wear impoverish cripple tremble limp throw back lose headway turn the clock back turn back founder demise decease croak part bomb bust lose spirit be deficient exterminate ruin abolish go awry go amiss be wanting be insufficient kick in conk out pass on kick off peg out step out pop off check out be ruined be lacking be found lacking strike out be inadequate not come to ripeness


To move around or sideways unsteadily
pitch roll rock flounder lurch toss buck careen keel sway plunge reel teeter dive move seesaw wabble wobble pitchpole sound wallow welter dip drive drop labor labour lunge slump stagger stumble tilt tip toss about vault yaw swing list totter undulate heave weave billow lean waddle swirl veer tumble surge oscillate whirl bob swerve shake falter dodder waver make heavy weather swell eddy rush rise jounce lumber bend wag jog jolt jiggle flail incline wave struggle heel agitate swivel jerk pendulate pivot wheel convulse ripple rotate move up and down see-saw wiggle titubate quiver walk unsteadily topple shift traverse quaver slant blunder wind swagger balance toddle roam range ramble rove stray jibe shamble roll along tip over move to and fro push and pull move back and forth roll about move backwards and forwards stot tremble feel giddy go around flog trudge shuffle limp plod flutter dangle hover turn vibrate tremble precariously sprauchle muddle vary zigzag whiffle move clumsily spin twirl revolve sling bumble wigwag walk falteringly whip twist waggle shunt pump thrash swing from side to side swing back and forth swing to and fro swing backwards and forwards joggle bounce thresh skip spin around swivel around turn on an axis bobble hop writhe squirm dance ditch chuck dump contort buffet grope fumble jump around toss around let fly rise and fall flap wriggle thrash about toss and turn twist and turn cast about hobble shudder quake clump scuff stir flit ruffle palpitate stump slip tramp galumph stomp stamp slide pound lump scuffle slough tromp barge slog judder doddle shiver flicker shimmy hirple trundle walk haltingly walk with difficulty waft pulsate sweep blow flick fluctuate fly flow stream pulse coil wink twinkle glimmer blink patter duckwalk vacillate straggle trail pad slouch drag one's feet loll sprawl dodge duck halt fall walk like a duck blunder about misjudge confuse trip hesitate walk unevenly move unsteadily hitch walk lamely move falteringly roll around in spool move around in move to the side walk with a limp lose your balance bucket thump flitter jar tremor stir up commove set in motion dither succuss flaunt twitter bump churn put in motion bang thud walk heavily traik walk clumsily curl ebb and flow catch the wind

Trái nghĩa của fall away

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