Đồng nghĩa của grind to a halt


To be cancelled
fall through fail miscarry abort be unsuccessful collapse come to nothing end flop founder go awry terminate be frustrated come to naught fail to happen fizzle out fold misfire come to grief go wrong come a cropper come to a halt not come off go down like a lead balloon crash close fizzle decline finish default drop retire bomb plummet go topple languish slump flatline buckle perish crumple tumble go broke be ruined cease trading go bankrupt be shut fall down close down go under go bump be liquidated shut down be closed down go into chapter 11 be closed not succeed go out of business lose one's shirt be cleaned out cave in go into receivership drop a bundle go into liquidation go belly up become insolvent be in the hands of the receivers go belly-up go to the wall be shut down go bust shrivel up belly up lose big be taken to the cleaners fold up cease production close one's doors give up be wound up be in arrears break down fall flat meet with disaster backfire miss the mark bite the dust lack success be in vain flounder be defeated fall short run aground go astray suffer defeat not come up to scratch be found lacking tank go up in smoke boomerang rebound crater turn out badly flame out go amiss come unstuck go pear-shaped fall to pieces go down the tube end in tears miss blunder flunk screw up fluff be found wanting go phut end in failure recoil slip fall come apart at the seams be found deficient strike out go down disappoint yield give be abortive deteriorate peter out wane foul up underperform trip up wash out not pass muster slip up underachieve hit the skids go to pieces die out go downhill fall by the wayside be demoted nose-dive miss the boat meet with failure go adrift go off course go badly fall apart miss the target flag go on the rocks disintegrate go haywire flummox fail miserably sink without trace blow it lose bomb out bungle bring to naught not show dissatisfy fall short of fall short of expectations come to a sticky end come to a bad end not work implode be a failure wreck plunge submerse wallow go out hit rock bottom fall flat on your face not pass lay an egg be rejected blow up in someone's face go by the board not make the grade not come up to the mark backslide be lost miss fire gang agley hit bottom lose status play into lose out go down swinging back wrong horse lose control go to bottom abate decrease degenerate diminish explode weaken wither dwindle poop out fizz out have an adverse effect spring back be counterproductive be self-defeating ricochet not go as planned backlash have unwelcome repercussions for bounce back redound on cause one to be hoist with one's own petard come back bust die away be deficient fall away drop off be lacking be inadequate be wanting die down be insufficient not come to ripeness come to an end die vanish disappear end in defeat be a fiasco end in disappointment dissolve fade away fail to go off

Trái nghĩa của grind to a halt

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