Đồng nghĩa của deaden

Alternative for deaden

deadens, deadened, deadening

Trái nghĩa: stimulate,


To decrease in feeling or strength
dull blunt numb reduce suppress weaken alleviate diminish damp lessen stifle abate benumb check cushion dampen mitigate moderate assuage cauterise cauterize decrease ease impair palliate paralyse relieve soothe anaesthetize smother subdue anesthetize chloroform consume depress deprive destroy dim dope drown etherize exhaust freeze frustrate gas incapacitate injure KO paralyze quiet repress retard slow stun stupefy tire unnerve get rid of knock out lay out put an end to put to sleep take the edge off put out of order soften allay tone down temper mollify quell calm curb muffle lighten still daze lull pacify lower desensitize restrain attenuate quieten silence obtund desensitise dilute mute cool appease help hebetate quench debilitate tranquilize extinguish chill placate relax control damp down lenify immobilize tranquillize torpefy disable soft-pedal take the sting out keep in check contain put a lid on bridle overcome sedate quash immobilise squelch put a damper on mellow hold back take the bite out drug sap discourage minimize devitalize curtail degrade hush stultify render insensitive erode crush slake smooth extenuate deplete inhibit petrify de-escalate modify dwindle downsize cripple sweeten compose tame stamp out break minimise enfeeble muzzle daunt bottle up wind down kill put the lid on keep back hold in ease off cool out keep under control shut down pour oil on shock put out put under cumber render insensible make less sensitive make inactive remit mask turn down narcotize commute dullen make powerless render powerless excuse cut taper depreciate reduce the force of befuddle shrink wane contract subside decrement indurate regulate ebb blur dispel let up on lay off take pressure off deprive of sensation dissipate banish dismiss callous deter harden roll back cut down cut back wear away peter out wear down knock senseless bore modulate restrict muddy up eliminate constrain blanket limit dash put to rest drive away square drive off chase away slacken ameliorate mince settle narrow tail off keep it down decrease the volume pipe down put damper on temperate address improve knock unconscious play down meet halfway coarsen reduce something make nice lullaby cloud throw cold water on make less make smaller play up to salve becalm dent drop discount downscale prune pour cold water on conceal dial down truncate abridge slash make bored reassure balm stroke fall comfort cease qualify thin knock down hamstring prostrate sate withhold pare down bore rigid bore stupid rock to sleep take it easy settle down quiet down chill out take the edge lay back cool off water down sink pocket submerge choke back swallow strangle undermine dispirit cover up put off bore to death overwhelm deject subjugate dismay trouble ail dishearten demoralize fight back keep secret end appall palsy transfix bemuse close stop dead halt make inert make nerveless bring to grinding halt nonplus arrest appal astound disarm demolish lame squash keep a rein on hold in check oppress upset shake sadden enervate terminate abolish humble bother weary perturb abase distress defeat overpower chagrin thwart stop conquer weigh down demoralise cast down bum out bear down on beat down torpedo clamp down on crack down on clamp down bring to screeching halt put down put a stop to put an stop to wipe out nip in the bud slap down crack down snuff out put the kibosh on cast a pall over

Trái nghĩa của deaden

deaden Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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