Đồng nghĩa của crack down on


To violently subdue (opposition or a rebellion)
crush overcome quell overpower quash subdue suppress extinguish overwhelm squash vanquish defeat put down repress subjugate devastate floor oppress overmaster prostrate silence squelch swamp whelm wreck break conquer obliterate ruin ice kill quelch reduce strangle grind down slap down snow under blow away snuff out stamp out bear down on clamp down on blot out force down put an end to put a stop to bring someone to their knees check stifle curb stop end thwart put the kibosh on nip in the bud beat terminate abolish annihilate frustrate control clobber destroy quench inhibit restrain arrest get rid of wipe out finish halt demolish extirpate scotch put the lid on eliminate sit on rout shut down limit cut off crack down restrict weed out keep in check eradicate overthrow bridle master deaden curtail cut short censor prevent stem contain lick queer triumph over dominate put out shush trample on block out throttle rein in clamp down hold back bring to an end gain mastery over keep under control put paid to dismiss reject censure stamp something out torpedo strangle at birth scupper obstruct block impede hinder bring to screeching halt put an stop to constrain settle dumb clam abate dull dish govern smother moderate tame pour cold water on throw cold water on gain control over best surmount soften choke off mellow damp lessen diminish close up dispatch keep down nip something in the bud put the stopper on regulate bring to a halt do for bring to a stop put a lid on say nothing tone down gain control of prevail over get the better of get a grip on win against discontinue cow keep the lid on gag quieten down keep a lid on hold in check get under control scrunch trash squish trample bottle spike overturn clamp interrupt bury drive underground keep inside hold in hold down keep in put lid on put kibosh on bring to naught beat down choke fetter trammel bottle up dry up hush quiet dummy up muzzle quieten shut up still muffle cork tongue-tie come down hard on get tough on come down on tighten up on come down on like a ton of bricks get tough take severe measures against come down heavily on take stern measures against dampen mitigate decrease mute allay bar blunt temper hamper assuage retard alleviate withhold tranquilize stymie cushion soothe damp down lower ease tranquillize foil mollify calm interfere with weaken take the edge off relieve cool discourage slow numb stall keep back forbid prohibit depress discipline palliate hold up benumb outlaw lull clog interdict stay enjoin lighten debar baulk balk close slow down impair put a damper on proscribe veto disrupt pipe down ban incapacitate hold disallow paralyse embargo paralyze upset blanket appease dash absorb fight back mask attenuate deter banish circumvent occlude exclude pacify bring to a standstill drown criminalize catch jam dam placate soft-pedal congest stuff counter criminalise taboo stop up fill make illegal rein repulse decrease the volume clog up put a brake on bung up pull up compose plug up hold one's tongue order devitalize deny keep stun unnerve retain choke back delay stupefy spoil cauterize stultify humble abase cramp nullify shake buffer handicap staunch gentle anaesthetize bolster boycott forestall sabotage plug neutralize cauterise avert anesthetize undo buttress intercept freeze put damper on barricade pull in preclude checkmate oppose clot keep it down bung block up blockade fill up neutralise relax mess up hold off control strictly regiment draw up screw up repel fetch up brake take the sting out stem the flow of place an embargo on stave off ward off stopper clam up stand in the way of hush-hush quiet down put a spoke in someone's wheel strike dumb hush one's mouth throw a spanner in the works of gum up turn down chill gulp sate condemn desensitize hamstring slake confine estop cloud pillow get in the way of debrief overawe sedate suspend run down call a halt wrap up complete wind up conclude throw a monkey wrench in the works of chasten cool it dispel modify dilute help satisfy fix scrub sidetrack drop brace bring up can dispirit sap daze narcotize obtund torpefy drug hush up rise above lenify cripple chill out calm down settle down dampen down insulate pad seclude guard damage trouble ail dishearten demoralize deject dismay surfeit sweeten punish knock off desensitise render insensitive dullen pause reduce the effect of undermine smash bring to a close swallow detain waive tread sadden daunt enervate attack subvert salve becalm lullaby make nice bottleneck counteract contravene obviate scuttle snooker invalidate derail soak up pour oil on mortify rebuff cease ravage discomfit confound baffle perturb chagrin bother weary distress debilitate seal caulk constrict parry outwit rattle nobble measure rule tread on mar disable annul threaten slacken pace bite back refuse hold off on lay off keep hold of close out blank counterplot disappoint cross obturate weigh down demoralise bum out cast down close off choke up stanch pack jam up shut off harm decimate bollix play for time stunt die squeeze dam up gibbet gunge up wring take wind out of sails foul up cause setback put end to put the mockers on silt up upset one's apple cart noose louse up put on hold refuse to pay put on back burner put on ice put on the shelf abort shatter block off shut out stonewall cast a pall over break down break up resolve adjust let up simmer down slacken modulate comfort reconcile dispose console tune down balm solace ease up make up intrude on muck up dim exhaust etherize chloroform KO injure gas deprive consume tire dope reclaim bust shackle conceal push back reply beat off defend yourself retaliate fight off defend resist put up a fight riposte knock out lay out black water down put to sleep encumber hobble manacle hog-tie handcuff dissuade short-circuit embarrass indispose divert depreciate cut put out of order blackball disqualify faze bit sandbag ward tie up minimize make quiet ebb illegalize curse minimise hang up declare ineligible de-escalate manipulate manage organize systematize put off fend off put on brakes take the bite out ease off wind down close down ice out pass up pass by officially forbid declare illegal turn off make less intense methodize bring into line rule with a rod of iron keep a tight rein on systematise organise


To complain, speak or write about with great hostility
inveigh decry complain condemn declaim disparage object protest remonstrate admonish castigate criticise criticize denounce fuss gripe grizzle grouch grumble impugn lambaste lash moan rail rant revile upbraid vituperate whine whinge beef bellyache berate blast bleat carp caterwaul censure crab cry fulminate grouse growl grump keen nag recriminate repine reproach roast scold scream trash vilify wail abuse blame croak denigrate holler kvetch maunder murmur mutter rage scorch squawk squeal storm whimper yammer yawp bawl expostulate kick yap yaup yelp yowl grouch about lay into lay out rip into sound off tongue-lash go after have at kick up a fuss let someone have it sound off about work over beef about bellyache about inveigh against jump down one's throat kick up a fuss about kick up a stink about take exception run down complain vehemently about mither groan chunter lament find fault bemoan grieve bewail snivel cavil create deplore howl kick up a stink sob demur chirp oppose go on make a stand make a fuss screech speak out against make a fuss about pule crib natter attack raise objections except express disapproval disapprove challenge squall take a stand dissent object to weep express disapproval of find fault with be on at someone ululate blubber mourn yell shriek thunder whisper speak out protest against knock disagree oppose strongly plain over take exception to dispute take issue raise objections to put up a fight take issue with go on about complain vociferously about deprecate take a stand against pick at greet waul roar execrate curse mewl mumble quibble sigh nitpick vociferate fume expostulate about make a protest rant about animadvert pick on put the boot in argue against argue rail against rail at express disagreement protest strongly at lodge a complaint make a complaint mouth off about nit-pick lodge a protest against express disagreement with resist bicker disagree violently with combat fight pick holes in make an objection make a stink carry on kick against take on anathematize sniffle niggle plead blub plain sulk bay miaow sorrow quarrel raise Cain hypercriticize jowl blow off rumble cry softly pan peck bother split hairs objurgate crying noise make screeching pick holes cry the blues cry loudly kick up a storm raise a ruckus sorrow about sorrow for grieve over sigh over charge snarl gabble sputter witter slur drone muddle swallow burble fret gainsay contravene refute twine defy lay accuse indict impute ascribe differ object strongly to withstand frown upon squabble rain harangue perorate discourse orate talk under your breath look askance protest strongly thunder against fulminate against rage against express objections mouth off mind lodge a protest express objections to criticize severely declaim against remonstrate about be in opposition remonstrate against harass bawl out rate make a stand against jaw objurate make a protest against put up a fight against chew out complain bitterly about whip kick up take great exception to have a problem be in opposition to disapprove of spurn quarrel with badger harry complain about grumble about have a problem with moan about grouse about cavil at draw the line tangle with be displeased quibble about baulk discommend discountenance balk cross disavow gripe about go-one-on-one raise objection frown on disesteem kvetch about beg to differ draw the line at mix it up with hound chivvy hassle henpeck bully persecute worry pester excoriate flame plague peck at ride dog needle keep on at vex put down arraign rave spout diss bluster reprobate huff go on at heavy carp at keep after revolt denunciate tear into egg urge moan at importune tease heckle bait harp on at disturb grumble at goad distress eat nudge prod provoke hector rebel menace intimidate moan on at keep complaining to bend someone's ear be on your back take it out on breathe down someone's neck get on someone's back give a hard time work on vociferate about animadvert upon take up the cudgels thumbs down say no to back-talk be against express opposition cry out be displeased by say no voice disapproval swear at rant and rave regret boohoo hurt shed tears grieve for weep over wail for sing the blues rue bleed repent cry over express regret about snuffle agonize girn anguish suffer weep for ache pine wail about agonise cry a river eat one's heart out break down express sorrow express sorrow about be sad beat one's breast sorrow over wail over take it hard shed tears over keen over gurn niggle about pettifog grunt rag dwell on repeat keep on kick up a rumpus be picky be hypercritical cry fretfully be sorry hate cut up drip harp upon dwell upon let it out let go burst into tears beat one's breast about cry over spilt milk moan over cry over spilled milk sniff cry convulsively tears turn on waterworks cry eyes out wear black miss languish yearn wring hands long for be brokenhearted turn on the waterworks harp on shed tears for sing pine for despair kick self cry for eat heart out be miserable eat your heart out be heavy of heart be dejected be despondent feel sad be wretched express woe for wring one's hands over express sorrow for


To penalize someone for wrongdoing
punish discipline penalise penalize chastise chasten correct castigate abuse beat cane get lash mistreat murder scalp sentence thump wallop whip batter flog harm hurt injure misuse oppress scourge manhandle recompense visit admonish blacklist cuff debar defrock dismiss drop on execute exile expel fine immure incarcerate lecture mete out punishment to paddle rebuke reprimand reprove skin skin alive spank switch tear down train bring to book come down on make an example of slap someone's wrist attend to beat up do in give it to someone give someone what for rap knuckles rap someone's knuckles slap wrist give a going-over give a lesson to give someone the works knock about rough up teach a lesson give a going over throw the book at come down on like a ton of bricks punish severely have someone's guts for garters fix someone's wagon reprehend scapegoat ground deal with tan someone's hide whip someone's hide thrash belt hammer strike whale hide tan birch baste lick pummel lambaste pound bash drub buffet hit maul pummelled pommel whup leather flagellate lambast lather slate bludgeon thresh work over slog whop tromp whap scold curry chide flail bung up flay mess up belabor horsewhip strap pelt belabour club give someone a hiding bat lace slash fib do upbraid berate take to task punch out smack attack clout clobber whack censure lay into beat the living daylights out of objurgate reproach cowhide rawhide excoriate punch slam cudgel slap condemn tell off call down criticize carpet knock trounce dress down trash bruise tongue-lash larrup tick off smash give someone a dressing-down criticise afflict amerce lace into have a go at rake over the coals paste rag destroy crush thwack assail keelhaul rate assault score jaw rap break rap over the knuckles give someone a roasting scorch pulverize sock trim slug lam rant at give a rocket bawl out whomp shellac smother bang rail at give someone a good hiding chew out rain blows on ream out pitch into haul over the coals rail against maltreat read the riot act box let someone have it pulverise sanction curse torment dock overwhelm rout mulct torture denounce remonstrate with blast impose defeat judge bullwhip revile terrorize harass slaughter annihilate diss deck bollock vituperate smite scathe best quirt flame terrorise hit with exact a penalty from slap with wreck marmalize cream bury fulminate against put on the mat massacre worst flatten smoke demolish disable blister roll crucify tank tonk biff welt bop drum pan lacerate ram swat skunk bomb dust own plug give someone a drubbing defeat utterly give someone a telling-off slag off blow away take a stick to be victorious over put down snow under give someone a bollocking blow out rip into walk all over make mincemeat of tan one's hide lay one on walk over knock around bring someone to their knees run rings around maim beat hollow triumph over blow out of the water blow up at do over give a talking-to give someone an earful mutilate wipe the floor with get the better of mash jump down one's throat mangle take to the cleaners win a resounding victory over take a strap to tear off a strip kill give someone a rollicking knock into the middle of next week turn inside out tear into sort out crack chin yerk flop flutter flap ferule harangue tap fill in paddlewhack dust someone's britches warm someone's seat wax yell at have words rap across the knuckles severely reprimand thong stripe discipline someone for repress soften exprobate try suppress subjugate smear deride call over the coals roast lash into have your knife in strafe wound damage slipper disfigure contuse cripple lame deface brutalize dash against aim blows at brutalise tear a strip off have someone on the carpet impair incapacitate gash graze scud skelp scratch put out cause pain to total cut bang up pinch scrape cause injury to give someone a hot bottom put over one's knee give someone a licking put someone over your knee blip flax give somebody a hiding warm someone's bottom take disciplinary action against handicap blame inflict plague put on the carpet imprison decry reprobate wreak befall lay down the law devastate disparage deplore deprecate trouble harrow impose penalty inflict a penalty on impose a sentence on inflict handicap slag dis dispraise anathematize execrate disapprove inveigh against fault bump ruin ravage impact bother arraign find fault with award a penalty against impose a penalty on put at disadvantage jerk shake whisk send up point finger at frame pronounce hang something on depreciate belittle denunciate blow whistle on proscribe give something a bad press send up the river thumbs down on pin it on name put away give someone a bad press lay at one's door adjudge descend on avenge descend upon force upon pain bring down on wear out beset burden bedevil charge levy put exact cause suffering to sting assess sconce impose a fine on pay through the nose throw book at make pay confiscate extort punish by fining seize tax sequestrate monster savage wig row rail potshot ream scarify pull up give someone a caning give someone a mouthful give someone a wigging send someone away with a flea in their ear slap on the wrist give someone hell criticize severely give someone some stick jump on rap someone the knuckles drag over the coals slap down give someone a row lay out give someone a rating lean on

Trái nghĩa của crack down on

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