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Alternative for occlude

occlude /'ɔklu:d/
  • ngoại động từ
    • đút nút, bít (lỗ chân lông, lỗ hổng...)
    • (hoá học) hút giữ


To obstruct, cover, or otherwise block (an opening, a portion of an image, etc.
block clog choke obstruct dam plug stuff congest jam close stop clot stopper fill seal cork shut stem hinder impede curb prevent obscure throttle stop up clog up block up bung up plug up close out gum up cut off shut off block off block out close off cut out lock out bung pack dam up fill up gunge up obturate bar barricade blockade check halt suppress silt up caulk close up seal up retard restrict slow hold back stall restrain inhibit stopple seal off repress control make airtight make watertight hamper overfill foul crowd overcrowd glut leash entrammel tie burden overburden cover secure cap clutter up shut up confine staunch cumber constrict hedge contain arrest curtail stifle brake gibbet kill stunt die drown squeeze noose wring stymie intercept stay jam up bridle hold off choke up stanch brim heap cram hold in choke off shut out interfere with bottle limit stonewall muzzle gag thwart charge load stand in the way of get in the way of ram top jam-pack lade stick gum waterproof plaster paste enclose ram in top off stick down delay hold up slow down trammel fetter interrupt set back keep back handicap detain still foil encumber postpone quiet squelch frustrate hamstring reduce retardate crimp bottle up shut down bog down put a brake on throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of silence decelerate hush quieten shush defer cramp squash slacken hobble pause constrain cripple shackle muffle baulk neutralize slow up deter withhold bottleneck put back moderate handcuff lessen decrease mire regulate hold counteract baffle bring to screeching halt back off hog-tie take down rein in loiter neutralise balk fill in cloy derail protract remit shelve prorogue intermit put off stave off make late hold off on prolong hold over temper stuff up abate lag diminish reef put the brakes on lose steam let down flaps cut down wind down cut back back-water qualify keep waiting hit the brakes lose speed procrastinate embog anchor it rein cut short catch terminate smother swallow govern fight back repulse discourage put a spoke in someone's wheel pull in circumvent keep under control slacken pace bring to a standstill pull up keep a lid on draw up tame play for time bite back rebuff hold down choke back nip in the bud checkmate keep in check fetch up stem the flow of forestall oppose prohibit manacle embarrass box in contravene debar short-circuit crab be a hindrance to bork throw a spoke in the wheel of throw a spanner in the works resist tie up get in the way louse up interfere censor mute quell extinguish settle dumb press wedge compress force thrust ice tongue-tie be quiet quit chattering quieten down shut it keep trap shut can it hold tongue fall silent put a sock in it stop talking soft-pedal be silent shoehorn crush sandwich clamp down on dry up crack down on dummy up crash drive tamp compact scrunch strangle squish hang up down hesitate let up loaf falter dawdle flag poke bog


To prohibit or interdict the participation or inclusion of
exclude bar ban reject debar eliminate embargo prohibit ostracise ostracize blackball except keep out omit shut out boycott forbid refuse veto banish black bounce disallow disbar expel ignore oust proscribe remove repudiate eject evict freeze out interdict preclude bate blacklist block close out deny access to disclude discount dismiss disregard estop obviate prevent rule out sideline stop suspend count out cut out leave out miss out not count refuse to admit lock out prevent from entering put an embargo on put out refuse admittance send to Coventry set aside throw out ward off drive out force out pass over get rid of shut the door on leave out in the cold outlaw exile snub spurn drum out cancel kick out cast out drop boot out inhibit discharge shun taboo rebuff turf out enjoin excommunicate avoid deny restrain coldshoulder turn out send packing delete out cut rout chase halt criminalize slang kill make illegal disown cold-shoulder criminalise deport disqualify erase discard run off place an embargo on disfellowship give someone the boot revoke nix forfend cashier renounce recant deprive cross out push out thrust out disclaim abjure expulse take out obstruct put an end to put a stop to give someone the push give the cold shoulder give the bum's rush show the door discontinue relegate efface excise forestall check restrict expunge blank obliterate scrub scrap suppress shut off reverse blue-pencil displace cut off strike out censor take back elide disavow leave off quash annul rub out lay off say no to countermand invalidate retract block out chuck out expatriate close one's doors to ink out refuse entrance to put down pass up throw out on your ear hinder interrupt quit cease overlook impede vote against rusticate limit oppose rub negative condemn withdraw scratch curse rescind deter isolate dele edit recall declare ineligible negate abolish freeze spike stymie transport forgo sack repeal blot out edit out overrule shoot down hold up lock up declare illegal nullify dispossess renege fling out purge backpedal override dislodge squash forswear keep off cut dead refrain from drive off give the thumbs down to bin off strike destroy abnegate give the cold shoulder to score out keep at arm's length steer clear of x out stroke out wipe out white out drive away give the elbow let go do away with declare null and void pass on back out of ice out give someone the bullet keep back black out zing call off put a line through hand someone the frozen mitt not buy give a wide berth to cast aside pass by have nothing to do with give someone the big E squeeze out give someone the air give someone their marching orders disacknowledge look straight through deny admittance to turn on attaint foreclose rule something out exempt inveigh unchurch lock someone out counteract waive denounce anathematize prohibit from entering give somebody the cold shoulder takfir overturn disentitle turn against thwart weed out censure down circumvent downgrade demote throw turn down avert put a price on someone's head deny entry illegalize shut out of ward give one the gate consider undesirable mark off defenestrate make it impossible for make it impracticable for make impossible factor out refuse admission to close down close up officially forbid sling out leave in the cold thumbs down hit list refuse to employ leave out of account fordrive bust fire heave out not include fail to include turn your back on brush off stay away from hold aloof from abstain from wash one's hands of impose sanctions withhold patronage refuse to take part in repatriate extradite ask to leave stand in the way of put on hit list make impracticable forget slur extrude extradict sequester stave off put paid to not consider forget about throw out on ear give the hook give walking papers show you the door axe end break can cover conceal hide mask ax give the sack to give someone their P45 eighty-six ditch unloose force to leave give the chop bump give the heave-ho irrupt dump throw overboard give the old heave-ho toss kiss goodbye send off throw someone out on their ear give someone their cards show the gate to chase away send away veil give something a miss shake off see the back of shroud hang up put a lock on put a stopper in bottle up keep lid on box in bring to screeching halt put half nelson on gridlock jam up pour cold water on put chill on cool cork throw cold water on tie up seclude break off carve desist from extirpate usurp break up knock off exsect sever marginalize extract give over close blockade screen beleaguer void abrogate null unsay contradict undo call abandon vacate abort unpublish eradicate gainsay give up marginalise do without take away disannul make void dismantle lift counterorder render invalid press out express gouge out desert jilt scorn cry off call back refute repulse disdain repel eschew forsake despise burn unfollow unfriend strike down declare invalid blank out cancel out blue pencil stamp out render null and void roll back root out sweep away X out snuff out score trim X-out snip scratch out bleep decontaminate terminate squelch sterilize sanitize clean fence off give someone the brush-off give someone the go-by scoff at break with swear off kick in the teeth have nothing more to do with foreswear rebut disprove shed subtract pack up pack in sanitise sterilise explode disaffirm debunk contest discredit challenge withhold renege on back down reel in have change of heart retrograde welsh fall back retreat take in back off eat your words change one's mind recede eat one's words forget it apologise nig go back on change one's tune back out do a U-turn on apologize retrocede draw back row back on withcall backtrack on do an about-turn on declare untrue controvert counter disconfirm dissent from clean up Tippex out declare taboo disagree with confute shut down say no contravene begrudge disbelieve shoot full of holes withsay curb take exception to call on enjoin from shoot down in flames doubt disagree turn thumbs down stand in the way hold back sacrifice put the chill on give the red light to put the kibosh on bundle off remove by force pack off give the 1-2-3

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