Đồng nghĩa của congest

Alternative for congest

congests, congested, congesting

Đồng nghĩa: back up, choke, choke off, clog, clog up, foul,


To hinder or block the passage of something moving
block clog jam obstruct occlude dam overfill pack stuff choke clot crowd overcrowd fill overburden plug clog up gum up plug up stop up close cram bung up stopper throng stop bung fill up seal dam up block up squeeze gunge up obturate shut off hinder impede bar barricade blockade cut off overrun fill to overflowing block off close off cork pile stem crush swarm overflow check curb mob silt up halt mass close out flock squash suppress pile up occupy all of block out close up shut load heap congregate brim surge squish ram retard restrict stall hold back prevent slow clutter up restrain stopple cram into seal off inhibit repress control caulk jam-pack crowd into congregate in press into squash into squeeze into bunch inside seal up pack into pack like sardines foul hamper pervade glut leash entrammel tie burden wedge into stuff into constrict shut up make airtight make watertight gibbet kill stunt die drown noose wring confine staunch cover cumber contain hedge secure cap brake arrest curtail stifle stymie choke off shut out intercept interfere with bottle stay jam up bridle limit hold off choke up stonewall muzzle gag thwart stanch stand in the way of get in the way of hold in charge wedge compress compact stick force thrust chock swamp bear shoehorn pound sandwich cluster elbow push deluge stream bundle shove sardine huddle gather bunch troop muster justle press pack 'em in top off jam into throttle obscure pack in pack it in pile into cram full flock to flock into cut out lock out occupy delay hold up slow down trammel fetter interrupt set back keep back handicap detain still foil encumber postpone quiet squelch frustrate hamstring reduce retardate crimp bottle up shut down bog down put a brake on throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of silence decelerate hush quieten shush defer cramp slacken hobble pause constrain cripple shackle muffle baulk neutralize slow up deter withhold bottleneck put back moderate handcuff lessen decrease mire regulate hold counteract baffle bring to screeching halt back off hog-tie take down rein in loiter neutralise balk fill in cloy derail protract remit shelve prorogue intermit put off stave off make late hold off on prolong hold over temper lade top plaster paste enclose gum waterproof stuff up abate lag diminish reef put the brakes on lose steam let down flaps cut down wind down cut back back-water qualify keep waiting hit the brakes lose speed procrastinate embog anchor it ram in rein cut short catch terminate smother swallow govern fight back repulse discourage put a spoke in someone's wheel pull in circumvent keep under control slacken pace bring to a standstill pull up keep a lid on draw up tame play for time bite back rebuff hold down choke back nip in the bud checkmate keep in check fetch up stem the flow of forestall oppose stick down prohibit manacle embarrass box in contravene debar short-circuit crab be a hindrance to bork throw a spoke in the wheel of throw a spanner in the works resist tie up get in the way louse up interfere censor mute quell extinguish settle dumb ice tongue-tie be quiet keep your trap shut quit chattering quieten down shut it can it hold your tongue fall silent put a sock in it stop talking soft-pedal be silent clamp down on dry up crack down on dummy up crash drive tamp scrunch strangle hang up down hesitate let up loaf falter dawdle flag poke bog


To group together into a single mass or body
concentrate gather amass converge cluster collect assemble accumulate consolidate accrete center centre coalesce constellate convene corral foregather forgather group lump meet unify unite agglomerate aggregate bunch centralise centralize combine compact concenter concentre conglomerate crowd focalize heap integrate localise localize mass pile build up draw together pile up bulk up heap up round up stack up come together zero in congregate garner merge join bring together stockpile focus bunch up cumulate amalgamate marshal associate marshall rally accrue pick up amound fuse blend herd mingle pool mix muster compile conjoin connect organize pack organise mobilize join together mobilise get together gather together incorporate rendezvous condense snowball press marry synthesize deposit huddle bind band synthesise flock convoke link line up heap together compound throw concatenate meld affiliate put bundle array parcel package batch agglutinate drive roll up scare up bundle up gather up concur touch encounter lump together group together intensify bring to a focus medialize consider together raise call together scrape together bring in close with draw in cram rack up streamline form a group crowd together enter in hoard swell store dump rationalize rationalise stack pour in meet up harmonise hive harmonize pull gather round hang out consort band together gang up collate throng brigade gang around teem form swarm aggroup fill up store up stock up bring under one roof couple conjugate federate interfuse wed link up become one weld together summon call up recruit conscript draft draught call to arms stash away lay in save enlist levy put away put by treasure lay up lay by deploy reserve tot up set aside stash stow away run up squirrel away enroll enrol get up cache stow salt away keep in reserve put aside put down summon up harvest get hold of lay away pull together stock sign up keep load up on draw up whip up conjure up hold husband glean preserve clean up conscribe induct list engage form an alliance join forces league flock together throw in one's lot cooperate form an association club together pool resources ally work together team up collaborate go into league go into partnership act together cull put together call congress enter sign on join up


To consume food hungrily or in a gluttonous manner
gorge bolt gobble devour gulp wolf cram guzzle raven scoff binge-eat demolish inhale scarf stuff down eat greedily eat hungrily gormandise gormandize gulp down ingurgitate murder nosh overeat glut gollop gorb pack away polish off put away shift slop snarf swallow swallow hurriedly tuck into gluttonize gourmandize scarf down scoff down shovel down stuff down binge cloy consume eat feed Hoover jade jam pack scarf up snarf down snarf up pig out blimp out eat voraciously eat like a horse make a pig of oneself wolf down gobble up pig oneself on overindulge swill hoover gorge oneself on englut stuff oneself with pig out on sink gorge on eat up stuff your face slosh imbibe partake feast on engorge satiate get outside of cram in drink quaff ingest take sup gobble down neck tuck away fill feed on chow down toss down sate dine surfeit banquet dispatch swig feast munch cram down belt regale finish off stuff oneself sip dispose of chomp snack make short work of eat to excess wine and dine partake of lap up drink up get one's laughing gear round tuck in toss off snack on stuff one's face with pig put choke devour greedily gorge oneself gorge oneself with pig oneself dive in pork out load up on scarf out hork nibble swallow whole suck up manducate eat quickly bolt down eat heartily shovel it in stuff oneself to the gills guzzle down graze on mow down put down meal on finish chugalug dispose drop gourmandize on cram oneself with clean out wash up lap hoist fare victual choke down delight in drink in refresh indulge chug slurp toss slug down pound down belt down raise a few knock back junket take in graze indulge in eat sumptuously dine on eat your fill drink milk consume food partake of food have a meal take nourishment devour food eat one's fill of binge on fare sumptuously eat to your heart's content make a pig of oneself on overindulge in champ chew masticate bite get stuck into absorb ruminate gnaw taste lunch grind breakfast crunch get down have chumble chaw digest have dinner feast upon munch on chomp on have supper chow kill beat assimilate chow on destroy engulf chew noisily attack gasp feed one's face dig in take over swallow up swill down slug pour peck at pork out on wash down drain one's glass supper bevvy bib bevy break bread fall to eat out do lunch subsist have breakfast have tea lunch on have lunch breakfast on tuck on pick at eat between meals fare on subsist on exist on prey on rely on for nourishment take as nourishment live on sustain oneself of triturate tear gnaw on crunch on crush rip rend scrunch gum chavel squash bite on chew up


(Ireland, Scotland, agriculture, historical) A farmer whose lands do not support him adequately

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congest Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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