Đồng nghĩa của hold over

Alternative for hold over


To save or delay for a later date
delay defer postpone adjourn remit shelve suspend save keep hold up put off lay over put over hold off on prorogue table put on ice reschedule put on the back burner put back hold off mothball stay pigeonhole take a rain check on put in cold storage respite put on hold lay on the table continue stall hold in abeyance hold interrupt retard put on back burner intermit put aside carry over keep in abeyance protract prolong detain procrastinate stand over hang fire break off hold back discontinue arrest set aside terminate dissolve withhold bring to an end call a halt to halt pause stop impede hinder extend slow lay aside slow up give rain check cease disband cut short recess prorogate waive break up put on the shelf give a rain check file curb block restrain obstruct dally put in abeyance bar check dismiss do later sideline set back hang up put off the evil day stave off put off the evil hour slow down put something off park get across put across hold something in abeyance reserve reprieve temporise temporize take a raincheck retain suppress hang freeze put to one side tie up put on the bank burner put on one side cool contain take offline quit pink-slip omit inactivate can lengthen put an end to rule out push back lay off count out put a stop to dawdle tarry linger dillydally loiter lag poke leave to another time drag one's feet end suspend proceedings knock off take a break finish let up encumber hamper trammel choke choke off clog hog-tie put a brake on interfere with throw a spanner in the works of take down restrict stand in the way of bring to screeching halt crimp cramp hamstring close off make late inhibit throw a monkey wrench in the works of hobble confine foil deter brake frustrate fetter handcuff stymie shut off get in the way of repress prevent shut down retardate cripple thwart back off cumber shackle bog down keep back derail come to an end take a recess take five take a breather call it a day take a rain check call a halt forestay cool it break desist wind up conclude drop leave off bring to a close rest close lapse elapse expire pass determine die take ten dead-end cut off wink out rise hesitate wait waver shake take a breath cancel complete call time take time out bring to a halt bring to a standstill go finish off ease off ease up close out wrap up round out round off pull the plug on have a breather wind down leave be suspended be put on hold put something on hold hold something over cut sever drop it abort axe do less nip in the bud bring to a stop have a break come to a standstill take time off rearrange belay immobilize stem turn back take a breather from scratch ax eliminate run out wrap extinguish ultimate scrub abolish bring to a conclusion annul bring to an untimely end deactivate immobilise put the kibosh on relax slacken release abate relent put on a back burner consummate culminate cap refrain avoid change the date keep from clear falter deliberate be over cut loose sew up fold up button up call off button down be put to bed put a lid on draw to a close relax one's efforts reflect mark time pull up hang back disrupt stop briefly desist from cut out pack in give over pack up dither vacillate haver think twice swither goldbrick stop what you're doing come to standstill catch one's breath break it up drag dilly-dally kick the can down the road put off doing something use delaying tactics postpone action drag your feet defer action be undecided play for time play a waiting game suspend action let slide shilly-shally drag one's heels be dilatory be indecisive hum and haw


To stay in the same place, position or level that one is presently occupying
remain stay tarry wait linger rest sojourn stop abide bide dwell delay hang reside squat bivouac bunk cling hover inhabit live lodge nest perch roost hang around stay put stick around hang about hang out hang round keep on make camp stay behind stay on wait around be left hang on hold on sit tight stay over hold the fort loiter continue be present endure dally be there stay out last attend pause persist stand be make a night of it stop out keep out be in attendance turn up prevail dawdle be out settle lie lag stick hold dillydally haunt stall exist kick around pass time lie around establish yourself establish oneself kick your heels put down roots board park room locate put up stop over live in have your home take up residence hold the phone be domiciled in be housed dwell in stay still be located are carry on keep going kick about perdure await halt hang back outstay be situated sweat it out hold up run on keep up occur crash holiday vacation visit vacay remain behind roam have rooms be billeted be quartered happen lie in wait watch for hang in sweat it spend time waste time footle loll bum chill drone loaf lazy laze lounge idle be found stay close wait about stay nearby wait nearby be in existence goof off hack around veg out kick back be existent be the case be latent be real be met with frequent occupy inhere people tenant house procrastinate be settled in hang out in be a resident of hang one's hat in lodge in stay in have taken up residence in have established oneself in bide in sojourn in have one's home in lallygag creep drag mope lollygag diddle shilly-shally crawl poke keep house take up residence in be settled have one's residence be established in reside in have your home in put down roots in be an inhabitant of set up home be domiciled emigrate to hang up one's hat go to live in make one's home in become domiciled in go to live set up housekeeping in move to take root set up house have one's home make your home in have as your home set up home in temporise tail trail hesitate temporize filibuster tool put off goof around drag your feet lose time take your time take one's time warm a chair drag one's feet get no place fast


To speak or act in a deliberately vague way to gain more time to deal with something
stall delay hesitate procrastinate dither temporise temporize tarry equivocate hedge defer stonewall filibuster prevaricate postpone distract divert hang back hold back hang fire play for time use delaying tactics gain time buy time drag one's feet take one's time avoid the issue beat about the bush beat around the bush kick the can down the road vacillate shilly-shally hum and haw tergiversate waver dilly-dally dally pussyfoot around be indecisive haver pause put off fluctuate sit on the fence waffle dawdle linger flannel falter wait evade blow hot and cold halt be non-committal dodge swither loiter dodge the issue stagger parry questions be evasive be undecided quibble oscillate pussyfoot waste time think twice lag hang around hem and haw evade the issue scruple palter stop avoid teeter hang about drag your feet be irresolute take your time wobble fudge wabble fudge the issue dillydally sidestep duck the question poke balance drag be vague hold off play a waiting game yo-yo shuffle fence cavil weasel shillyshally duck falsify stay get cold feet deliberate obstruct trifle be unsure diddle creep mope lollygag crawl lallygag kill time sidestep the issue mark time cop out stall for time hang on duck the issue stay put balk lie idle hold on misrepresent baulk parry shift potter sit tight remain fib be ambiguous tremble jive con be uncertain sway tergiverse mince words while away time shuck plod be doubtful trail flip-flop be slow potter around potter about beg the question drag your heels potter round wait around warm a chair hang round put off doing something hang out pass the buck mince one's words cop a plea let the grass grow under one's feet get no place fast rest see-saw refuse rebuff resist discontinue cease skirt be ambivalent fake penelopize deceive be in two minds faff about mess around um and ah bide prevent block shift ground about fabricate flicker tumble use dilatory tactics vary hinder invent distort misstate dissemble garble belie exaggerate misspeak bobble lurch reel roll quaver escape elude eschew adumbrate double-talk quiver avoid committing oneself put something on the back burner trim shudder change loaf shuffle about goof around tail hold the phone stop over tool lose time lodge use Fabian tactics avoid making a decision run around cover up straddle the fence be unable to decide whiffle waffle be unable to make up your mind run hot and cold phony up stretch the truth put on toddle diddle-daddle saunter employ delaying tactics tell white lie cloud the issue give run around adopt Fabian tactics change one's mind give a false colour to stick around stay behind adjourn retard prolong protract fritter time away move slowly straggle baffle maneuver manoeuvre feint shirk foil contest outwit blather goldbrick cool amble shlep along sit around fritter away fool around scrounge around sit on one's butt bum around blarney blandish beguile totter putter fight off defer action take a raincheck let slide be dilatory use flattery talk blarney butter up fast-talk have a breather call time take a break goof off horse around not keep pace lag behind fall behind postpone action suspend action drag one's heels take ten hold your horses take a breather hold your fire take five stop briefly hedge one's bets be noncommittal shuffle around give the run around alternate demur hover seesaw stumble doubt boggle flounder ponder hang mammer debate weigh be hesitant shy away be reluctant be unwilling pull back think about sit on fence chop and change mess about faff around have doubts rock swing keep changing your mind go from one extreme to the other wobble about be on the fence will and will not fence-straddle straddle whiffle change mind loll slouch be on the horns of a dilemma have misgivings second-guessing oneself doubt yourself become unsteady doubt oneself be long be tardy shy jib keep changing one's mind express misgivings express reluctance express reservations stay back shrink back stay in the background be reluctant to come forward dance around euphemize tapdance be tentative be divided dodder feel uncertain wonder about wait and see be cagey second-guessing yourself fudge and mudge back and fill think something unlikely be dubious lack conviction be sceptical have reservations about have doubts about harbour suspicions about have hesitations about express suspicions about express reservations about entertain doubts about harbour reservations about have suspicions about fluctuate on have one's doubts about feel uneasy about shamble careen waddle hobble trip zigzag topple walk unsteadily slide slip shimmy blunder wheel weave

Trái nghĩa của hold over

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