Đồng nghĩa của omit

Alternative for omit

omits, omitted, omitting

Đồng nghĩa: bar, exclude, leave out, miss, neglect, skip,


To fail to include
drop exclude except miss cut bypass disregard elide preclude bar dismiss overleap overpass pretermit skip prohibit reject repudiate slight withhold leave out count out cut out dispense with factor out leave off pass by take out let slide miss out pass over shut out skip over cast aside fail to include fail to mention not bother give something a miss overlook ignore eliminate ban get rid of forgo debar rule out expel suspend bate discount freeze out waive disallow interdict oust disclude close out eject brush aside evict do without set aside throw out inveigh taboo exempt underlook not include weed out turn a blind eye to mark off leave out of account discard discharge delete erase slur forget relinquish renounce eschew give up let go throw out on your ear give the bum's rush kick out chuck out turf out boot out send packing neglect avoid cancel do away with abolish render needless abstain from put a stop to dispose of shake off give a miss skim over steer clear of pass up put an end to knock something on the head embargo ostracize blackball keep out refuse veto forbid boycott bounce proscribe disbar black banish remove block estop occlude stop sideline blacklist deny access to obviate ostracise prevent not count refuse to admit send to Coventry prevent from entering put out lock out put an embargo on ward off refuse admittance force out drive out shut the door on leave out in the cold close one's doors to disentitle deny disqualify shut off declare ineligible enjoin inhibit outlaw restrict prevent the occurrence of check thwart disfellowship override circumvent limit exile recant forestall forfend avert revoke deprive say no to shut out of deter refuse admission to stand in the way of give the cold shoulder to refuse entrance to not consider stave off put paid to forget about unfit incapacitate disable invalidate nix not make the cut disfranchise eighty-six disenable paralyze impair paralyse weaken cover conceal hide mask veil shroud seclude close obstruct discontinue screen beleaguer blockade block out fence off keep off keep at arm's length


To erase or strike out
erase delete expunge eliminate void cancel chop cut edit remove snip discard trim cross out edit out rub out strike out X-out knock off blue-pencil drop exclude scrub scrap cut out x out leave out efface excise dele obliterate kill elide blot out take out scratch out ink out stroke out wipe out put a line through rub scratch dismiss discharge annul squelch set aside squash score out ignore white out block out rule out black out expurgate unpublish eradicate disqualify waive reject score destroy decontaminate terminate sterilize strike sanitize bleep clean run together merge neglect pass over suppress disregard sterilise sanitise Tippex out pass up clean up throw out shut the door on cut back miss out subtract shed get rid of revoke recall rescind countermand reverse abrogate obviate null quash renege recant repudiate nix disclaim take back overrule override call abandon negate retract vacate nullify abort purge renounce undo avoid withdraw deny lift disannul abjure counterorder black dismantle censor make void backpedal disown abolish repeal render invalid forswear invalidate call back cry off render null and void strike down sweep away call off put an end to stamp out declare invalid X out declare null and void back out of blank out snuff out cancel out roll back blue pencil cast aside root out exterminate annihilate liquidate extirpate axe ax gut zap do away with wipe off dissolve bowdlerize trash redact stop end bowdlerise launder abate vitiate give something the chop scrub out cross through raze forget conceal extract fade erode declare dispatch blank blot scrape off amputate exsect exscind slash pull torpedo total cover over get off the hook rub something out sink smash off smooth away rub away wear away put out of your mind remove all traces of cut up lop off scissor out take away finish off do in budge break off wash out extinguish overturn ditch junk overthrow shift loosen jettison rid clear discontinue subvert dispense with dump empty get off strip deracinate inhibit supersede finish disestablish prohibit scour clear out cleanse close down put kibosh on shake out weed out dispose of rout out unload clean out rid of knock something on the head put the kibosh on bring to an end


To give little or no attention to
disregard ignore overlook discount brush aside forget neglect pass over dismiss overpass bypass excuse forgive pardon remit shrug off slur over whitewash blank contemn unheed connive miss unmind gloss over cold-shoulder laugh off let go let pass live with paper over set aside tune out write off blink at brush away brush off pay no attention to pay no heed to pay no mind take no notice of turn a deaf ear turn a deaf ear to gloze over leave be let off easy shut eyes to turn a blind eye turn a blind eye to wink at leave out of account look the other way make light of send to Coventry take no account of skip slight fail reject pass by condone leave undone abandon overleap avoid discard evade turn your back on let ride leave out skip over cushion leave close the eyes to not choose blink pass misheed disbelieve not take into consideration connive at exclude minimize push aside never mind dispel undersell be oblivious to look through dispense with minimise doubt let it go take no notice pay no mind to turn deaf ear fail to notice turn back on turn blind eye shut your eyes to close your eyes to not take into account close one's eyes to play down bury one's head in sand pooh-pooh lay aside avoid considering not dwell on give no credence to take with a pinch of salt shirk forsake pretermit desert defer scant underestimate elide depreciate postpone procrastinate be lax about not attend to skimp on not care for lose sight of let slide fail to look after think little of procrastinate over leave alone not care pass up pay little attention to be remiss about trifle with fail to care for fail to remember be irresponsible not remember keep one's distance turn one's back on be remiss have nothing to do with keep at arm's length be derelict be indifferent be negligent throw to the winds be careless fail to provide for not trouble oneself be remiss in deliberately ignore spare make allowances for let someone off with wipe slate clean let something ride wink dissimulate palliate indulge deodorise deodorize plead ignorance let off give absolution suspend charges discharge grant a pardon to bury the hatchet grant amnesty tolerate sink bury put up with grin and bear it look past let bygones be bygones stand for turn blind eye to roll with punches bear with stomach swim with the tide take go along with play past


To keep away or abstain from
forbear avoid refrain abstain eschew forego forgo withhold abjure desist cease decline restrain shun belay bridle curb escape evade keep stop inhibit sacrifice keep from give up lay off abstain from hold back leave off refrain from restrain oneself stop oneself withhold from restrain yourself steer clear of fight shy of give over go easy jack in resist the temptation to swear off give a wide berth to break off decline to renounce refuse relinquish kick quit desist from resist discontinue yield forsake forswear abandon drop check do without resign reject surrender abdicate repudiate halt pass up pack in finish suspend cede conclude pass spurn knock off go without restrain oneself from stop oneself from leave alone cut out turn down sit out forbear from concede end deny dispense with hand over waive have done with disavow skip shy from not do lay aside constrain repeal pass on arrest pack up steer clear withdraw opt out take the cure take the pledge part with prevent oneself from prevent yourself from not give in to terminate hold back from surcease pause starve fast fence-sit buck bring to an end jack something in check oneself stay neutral call a halt to call a stop to not touch interrupt not take sides give sit on one's hands give the go by unsay foreswear retract recant disallow renege pass by give something a miss leave out say goodbye to have nothing to do with avoid doing be temperate offer provide abnegate cancel extend volunteer submit wash one's hands of turn one's back on cast aside go on the wagon proffer allow release rescind gift abrogate revoke dismiss rebuff free snub set aside remit repulse disapprove dodge avert prevent demur reprobate lay down deliver turn over render stay away stay away from sidestep circumvent get around shrink from preclude bypass shake off restrain from withstand shirk skip out on skirt say no to knock back baulk at demur at brush aside fend off get out of ward off break the habit of help neutralise hold off balk at break retain back down cut loose let go of desert ditch drop out kiss good-bye discard cast off sign away cast take the oath cough up let pass stand down shed quit cold turkey let go by give away turn in dump drop like hot potato not accept can hinder interfere with head off stave off negate make up for deny yourself nullify obviate neutralize block impede counterbalance prohibit shake counteract anticipate refuse to take advantage of look down one's nose at opt out of hide reserve send one's regrets shake one's head conceal give the thumbs down give the red light kick the habit quit cold lay off of let up keep off cease to indulge in kick over call it quits hold suppress keep secret detain sit on spike deduct keep back kill keep yourself keep to oneself refuse to give keep under wraps hold out on fail to disclose dummy up clam up keep hold of keep under one's hat stop yourself hold on to hold down hold out ignore disregard forfeit disclaim lose leave deliver up overlook neglect pass over break up miss step down from step aside from put a stop to disown scrap grant axe withgo ax call it a day get off cut off turn your back on let go withdraw from put an end to resign from devote jettison dedicate transfer chuck betray deny oneself discount stand down from junk scrub exclude do away with eliminate vacate demit fail to take advantage of manage without remove renege on rein in quitclaim shut off spare nix offer up shelve negative lose out on dispose of pull out of bag it bail out escape from finish with cry off eighty-six throw in the towel be deprived of be stripped of throw in the sponge pack it in wind up throw out throw up retire from pay with bring to a halt come off give something up waste squander pledge consecrate endure dispense turn aside from keep away from immolate disinherit disgorge cut blow deselect forlet miss out on pay for abolish cut short bring to a close manage not to stop trying put the kibosh on back off from check out from go cold turkey botch fritter away expend not heed put aside postpone defer abort get by without get along without kibosh surcease from call it quits on render needless elude nip something in the bud scratch pass something up delay table stay prorogue prostitute give a miss skim over carve isolate extirpate usurp delete exsect sever marginalize extract oust excise give the thumbs down to not take advantage of commit divorce jilt fail to grasp let slip fail to take drop the ball bequeath hold up put off get rid of knock something on the head disdain duck back out separate oneself from divorce oneself from sign off wash hands of back out of bring to a stop pull the plug on close gainsay shy disaffirm finesse scape dust off call off break with write off part from wipe out forget about determine retreat fold communicate capitulate abalienate accord remise vouchsafe make over elapse leave behind sacrifice something kiss goodbye kiss goodbye to take out marginalise cut dead take away yield up retire wrap up dead-end sew up cut it out wink out not continue get on the wagon hang it up give way sign over fork over come across with give in stay clear of let well enough alone weasel out of have no truck with shy away from keep clear of shuffle out of give notice sell out step down leave in the lurch leave holding the bag leave high and dry stop using allocate spend turn a blind eye to stop having toss exorcize exorcise cashier bin pitch unload shuck off throw off fling sluff off fling away lay by deep-six wash your hands of fling off away slough off throw away


To reduce (something) in extent or quantity
retrench reduce decrease cut lessen diminish trim curtail lower prune shrink abridge shorten truncate slash limit pare ax axe minimise minimize confine delete eliminate remove cut back cut down pare down salami-slice slim down bring down cut back on whittle away whittle down make cutbacks in make reductions in take off downsize abbreviate contract dock rationalize mark down restrict syncopate elide curb rationalise clip economize on scale down drop downscale abate crop chop lop cut short deplete ease restrain dwindle dent rein in check boil down hold back roll back economize economise de-escalate knock down mark off moderate weaken discount slenderize constrict narrow blunt put down shave reduce greatly cut down on erode undermine sap condense compress disempower synopsize precis make weaker make shorter ease up on get shorter make a long story short edit telescope take up turn up cut to the bone put in a nutshell bob excerpt blue pencil snip tighten up cramp inhibit halt minify control deduct break off roll down budget cut trim away phase out scale back step down phase down tune down rein back put a restriction on put the brakes on put a limit on get to meat put in nutshell lighten quell summarize abstract taper attenuate depreciate depress temper epitomize summarise ebb decrement mitigate wind down digest epitomise alleviate tone down tail off cut off encapsulate wane soften decline shear devaluate précis sink abort subside dilute impair peter out detach drop off modify make less dial down take the edge off lop off ease off deaden terminate stop degrade dampen allay end dull slacken relax assuage wear away wear down tighten shrivel top pollard let up fall off capsulize capsule mow taper off chop off stop short hack off slump fade settle waste dry up slow down sever outline cheapen wither palliate evaporate discontinue summate make smaller leave unfinished run low die down narrow down suspend damp finish sum downgrade nip poll inventory couch cushion stifle mollify devalue sum up mute undervalue detruncate subdue hew excise take down trim back trim down round down amputate recede skive run down deflate freeze take the bite out take the sting out turn down write down constringe damp down scrimp write off ratchet down cut shorter become smaller stop dead call a halt grow smaller fall away bring to an end put a stop to grow less drain quiet decay droop degenerate rebate ration concentrate minimalize muffle tame hack scale something down sketch soothe calm down deteriorate crumble lose edge slack off tail away consolidate conflate slice shelve adjust remit fall saw relent recap expurgate bowdlerize commute plummet plunge make fewer recapitulate give an abstract of give a summary of take out cut out break retrench on reprise brief give a precis of give a digest of give a synopsis of give an outline of do away with get rid of bowdlerise decapitate skim cut something short shape neaten demote get to the meat peter die out become less die away slacken off keep down keep to a minimum keep at a minimum tidy up even up ream reduce punishment swing shift play stress accent cut in price lower in price cream cause to fall bring to a premature end undersell lower the price of make cheaper put on sale make a résumé of wrap up make a outline of offer at a giveaway price reduce the price of subtract render worthless shave off file off scrape off bring to an untimely end disgrade demerit drive down separate collapse compact squeeze smother suppress cleave relieve still take in lose ground get smaller tranquilize barber calm cool abscise dissever dismember remove surgically disconnect part placate fleece tranquillize tonsure disengage shear off hew off saw off slice off put the lid on make less intense put a damper on put damper on soft-pedal interrupt cut away quit cut into a bob postpone stop cold break short stop in full flow extenuate amortise cast down qualify amortize


To formally bring to an end (at least temporarily)
suspend adjourn arrest delay postpone defer interrupt shelve cease prorogue discontinue intermit pigeonhole break off put off reschedule table disband dissolve prorogate recess terminate withhold hold over mothball put aside bar can check cut short file halt hold hold in abeyance inactivate keep in abeyance pink-slip procrastinate protract put in abeyance put on ice quit retard stay stop waive break up bring to an end call a halt to count out hang fire hang up hold off hold up lay off lay over push back put back rule out stave off lay aside put in cold storage put on hold lay on the table put an end to put a stop to put on back burner put on the back burner put on the shelf take a rain check on remit put over respite hold off on continue carry over stall prolong detain extend hold back end sideline pause stand over set aside suspend proceedings take five knock off take a break take a breather retain suppress set back give rain check curb cut off restrain break keep slow rise hinder impede dismiss take a recess dally give a rain check slow up do later put off the evil day put off the evil hour park reserve hold something in abeyance rearrange reorganize put something on hold hang hold something over cool forestay reprieve be suspended contain be put on hold deny constrain take offline temporise temporize cool it save inhibit keep back cut block lengthen obstruct cancel sever refuse bridle keep hold of repress stifle leave off refuse to pay put on the bank burner put on one side finish let up take a raincheck slow down come to an end reorganise bring to a halt bring to a close bring to a standstill shake drop slow pedal take a rain check call a halt take a breather from call it a day put on a back burner take time out drop it call time take ten freeze dawdle tarry leave to another time linger dillydally loiter lag poke drag one's feet shut up put out of commission pack away decommission put into storage put to one side tie up avoid perpetuate drag out sustain draw out stretch out spin out string out carry on extend the duration of keep something going go on with elongate stretch outstretch pad wire-draw keep going keep up make longer get across put across put something off neglect leave renounce prolongate draw expand drag on repel deflect run on increase the length of refrain keep from fend off ward off change the date keep at bay persist increase let it ride

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