Đồng nghĩa của disgorge

Alternative for disgorge

disgorges, disgorged, disgorging

Đồng nghĩa: barf, be sick, cast, cat, chuck, honk, puke, purge, regorge, regurgitate, retch, shed, sick, spew, spill, spue, throw up, upchuck, vomit, vomit up,


To emit or spurt out
eject expel discharge empty emit spout spew erupt evacuate jet spurt vent belch eruct regorge upchuck blow lunch send forth pour out send out spew out spit out throw out belch forth issue gush exude shoot emanate release pour stream vomit excrete squirt spill give out give off cast out flow ejaculate exhale spray disembogue extrude void cast rush ooze surge radiate burst pump swoosh diffuse shed expire leak irradiate evolve spit well course spring fountain spritz hurl explode sloosh transmit secrete pass expend effuse yield output reek give vent to purge shoot out irrupt clear eructate exudate cough up throw up exhaust hiccup dump force out extravasate drain spew forth roll belch out unload beam outsend drip speak breathe perspire expectorate cascade breathe out pour forth flow out let off clear out burp produce emerge splur squeeze loose spurt out squirt out spread distil let out eliminate drive out dislodge rupture burst out boil be ejected birth exit egress initiate distill rise burst forth give forth go bang touch off go off ventilate gulp repeat posset throw off breathe forth flush out drop jettison tip vacate dissipate deplete tap unburden unpack empty out disburden bleed extract remove spend withdraw milk unlade gut decant sap put off off-load tip out leave draw off make vacant consume the contents of siphon off pump out run out rush out make void remove the contents of use up consume draw suck dry finish go through run through burn waste siphon syphon squander draw down absorb devour use impoverish get through deprive play out draft eat up diminish fritter away disencumber take out draw out deflate draught suck reduce bleed dry offload bankrupt utilize blow lighten wash up run down pour off utilise get rid of finish up finish off frivol away swallow up collapse transfer weaken flatten decrease fleece deposit let down strain unship attenuate dry slash express fritter employ dry up dig into divert bring out wear out burn up take last of burn through ease the load of drain out blow through get out dispose of make use of clean out run up throw away open defecate move enervate filter dispatch pay out mine suck out egest be emptied of the contents of contract break bust erase have recourse to put to use avail oneself of drive force strip devolve distribute abandon delegate collect disperse eat dispel throw transport catheterize oust rid shrink run off draw on draw liquid from draw forth pump off exhaust one's supply of debark burn out evict frivol leave empty free up wanton unbox uncrate undo relieve bail out zero free from get last drop take up filter off unstow clear away do away with pass on trifle fiddle abstract go down remove cargo take off take away carry away lavish air voice utter misuse misspend verbalize reveal communicate broadcast assert articulate dispense pull out proclaim splurge lose puncture verbalise escape declare put fiddle away misapply pour down the drain throw around like confetti misemploy run dry waste away spend like water gamble away be wasteful with trifle away ebb fish out spend recklessly come out with make public give free rein to give voice to bring into the open exploit find an outlet for give expression to find expression for take out on provide escape lessen deliver send lower break out wring let the air out empty the air out of abuse cash in on work pimp leverage pare down slim down undermine blackmail cut back extort press impose upon capitalize on benefit take advantage of evoke elicit play on make the most of take advantage evince play upon impose on profit


To surrender or relinquish unwillingly
yield cede relinquish resign surrender renounce abandon give up hand over turn over part with abnegate abjure disown waive forgo forsake reject repudiate forego spurn drop refuse disinherit shirk avoid desert leave vacate disclaim forswear quitclaim abdicate bag it opt out deliver up step down from cast off bail out step aside from cast aside turn one's back on turn down withdraw from sacrifice quit sign away ditch eschew chuck disavow turn your back on dispense with dump lay down turn in resign from deny let go of forbear concede decline renege discard withdraw kick do without pack in cough up maroon refrain from leave behind abstain from break with wash hands of kiss goodbye walk out on set aside jack in deliver retract render abstain strand lose shed depart from refrain betray jilt give away jettison stand down from pull out of lay aside give swear off leave high and dry run out on leave in the lurch bin off forfeit put aside submit shun recant allow retire from scrap demit junk bow out of axe cast defer give in desist from dispose of renege on ax divorce oneself from back down cut loose drop out leave stranded throw over pass up walk away wash one's hands of have done with steer clear of say goodbye to back out of leave hanging give someone the big E separate oneself from walk away from let go take the oath break up with hang out to dry go without give someone the push throw something up bequeath offer provide terminate run away run away from transfer convey extend volunteer leave flat yield up make over give over sign off take your leave of go away from change one's tune give someone the air drift away show the door rat on give the elbow proffer release withgo spare prostitute unsay foreswear disallow repeal scrub gift walk out of stop using skip sacrifice something pay with be deprived of be stripped of kiss goodbye to disregard stop having do away with free remit postpone revoke elude resist neglect delay stay remove grant shelve table suspend prorogue reserve contravene escape dodge disdain duck evade gainsay shy disaffirm finesse scape shake put off hold up hold off sit out withhold from pass by give something a miss pass on leave out keep from cut out leave alone refuse to acknowledge turn back on refuse to accept stay clear of fight shy of not touch have nothing to do with let well enough alone weasel out of get around have no truck with shy away from shuffle out of keep clear of give a wide berth to split kiss good-bye let pass stand down throw out throw away take the pledge quit cold turkey let go by drop like hot potato unload separate disaffiliate get rid of toss expel eighty-six fling bin pitch slough off exorcize exorcise toss out cashier deep-six retire apostatize chuck out eject heave trash shrug off retreat throw overboard shuck off hurl fling off get shot of throw on the scrapheap fling away slough get shut of chuck away lay by secede orphan break from disaffiliate from split with become independent defect from split from split off from pull out sever relations with drop out of break away break away from form a splinter group have nothing more to do with separate from screw give up the ship flake out cop out let someone stew in their own juice leg it storm out fly the coop opt out of chicken out take a powder take a walk bow out capitulate bow relent succumb break fold buckle budge indulge give oneself over fall victim lay down arms fold up give way admit defeat be conquered suffer defeat be beaten accept defeat be overwhelmed throw in the towel cry quits climb down lay down your arms give up the struggle knuckle under throw in the sponge show the white flag come to terms cave in be overcome raise the white flag resign yourself concede defeat call it quits


To pour from, or as from, a container, especially by accident
spill pour flow discharge leak run trickle overflow well dribble drip shed splash drop fall slop slosh scatter brim escape splatter overbrim splosh empty spatter lose overfill overrun spill out spill over well over run over run out tip out throw off stream gush cascade spurt spout issue jet squirt spew surge exude seep ooze roll rush emit flood course drizzle tumble pour out deluge sluice ripple well forth swell sputter emanate drain glide bleed slide spray pour forth well up teem gurgle percolate burst regurgitate disembogue sprinkle brim over emerge decant dash tip erupt swash let flow spring inundate purl irrupt proceed whirl sweep go spread rain sloosh stream forth shower leak out gush out seep out ooze out drench pour down rain down shoot rise break egress spring up plunge steam glug circumfuse pitch stem let run over seethe excrete drift slip swirl water release secrete move break out flow out drain away arise pass descend gush forth swoosh eject spurt out drool bucket dispense transfer lash rill sheet crawl creep distill distil send forth give off filter weep trill chuck it down hail mizzle downpour patter come down in buckets sleet storm spit dust mist babble exudate abound pullulate leach sweat strain transude filtrate extravasate fall in drops plop permeate penetrate osmose perspire give out soak snow precipitate lixiviate extract separate effuse be discharged well out transpire run off leave dry taper off filter off overflow with wash away emit liquid evacuate expel project convey send out spritz come out of pervade filter through impregnate saturate bubble charge infect transfuse pass through seep into get into result come out follow spread out upspring birth come be transmitted seep forth appear eventuate vent derive from be emitted originate flow forth ooze forth come forth

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