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transpires, transpired, transpiring

Đồng nghĩa: transpirate,


(of a secret or something unknown) To come to be known
emerge come out get out materialise materialize become apparent become known be disclosed be discovered be revealed break leak be uncovered leak out turn out come to light be made public appear surface turn up show up prove to be the case crop up arise unfold be reported become common knowledge be divulged be released be unearthed pop up become public be publicized be noised about be noised abroad show debut be presented make one's debut in society enter society evolve pass develop result manifest ensue spread eventuate circulate take shape become evident come to pass take place come about pan out go down slip out enter the picture get around be issued come out in the wash come to the fore be brought out fall out be announced be made known come out in the open be published be exposed be promulgated loom rise arrive be seen come into view come into sight blow in become visible spring up enter into the picture put in an appearance present oneself come up manifest itself make an appearance reveal itself be present reach attend enter reappear occur present itself issue be within view show itself expose itself pop in stand out shoot up show oneself bob up be visible spring stick out reveal oneself come forth proceed emanate hove into view heave into view arrive on the scene make appearance make the scene show one's face manifest oneself come on the scene manifest yourself heave in sight wind up at grow upspring come into existence sprout up come into being appear unexpectedly appear suddenly head form rematerialize be apparent dawn flash feature be evident break out reveal be in view erupt present resurface catch the eye blossom be obvious expose punch in come in roll in weigh in fetch up pitch up go up float up stand up exist recur rise up come to the surface broach ascend come to the top break the surface get roll up put in appearance catch your eye be conspicuous show your face


To come into being or have its starting point at a certain time or place
begin start appear arise commence emerge develop eventuate occur originate actualize dawn emanate form happen materialise materialize result surface erupt set unfold catalyse catalyze crystallise crystallize manifest precipitate incite initiate spark spawn enkindle foster invoke kickoff actuate engender establish institute activate occasion rise trigger arrive sprout be born become apparent become established be created come out come to pass kick in kick-start set in set off start up trigger off come into being come into existence spring up evolve come about take shape turn up crop up take form issue take place come forth come up spring proceed flow stem ensue break derive pop up follow befall loom launch burst out grow be set in motion flourish come to light progress chance kick off upspring be caused by be produced by be brought about by be realized present itself break out come off germinate exist become manifest come from betide first see the light of day start off mature be established bear fruit fall out go make an appearance enter into the picture bob up eventualize culminate propagate uprise foment be forged advance metamorphose be brought to pass be brought about be brought into existence be brought into being flow from birth come accrue forthcome issue from spring from emanate from come along spurt hail from gush arise from stem from result from show up arise out of be developed arrive on the scene come to the fore fall enter the picture come on the scene unravel come forth suddenly be a direct result shoot up pick up happen suddenly be the result of attend supervene accompany originate in have one's foundations flare up head turn out supervene on be consequent on pan out fare begin life occur suddenly broaden deepen manifest itself perform merge pace naturalize leak out come into view come into sight become visible get along show become known come together naturalise change go off increase come after be a consequence of be a result of inaugurate constitute create instigate found effect plant introduce pioneer innovate produce make lead enact assemble open build construct organize elaborate unroll expand blossom open up bring about set up put together untangle organise express incorporate embody externalize instantiate epitomize personify body substantiate incarnate personalize work out evidence demonstrate evince coalesce exteriorize come true symbolise typify objectify realise pragmatize personalise make real realize entify hypostatize epitomise visualise shape up symbolize personize become visual be incarnate externalise visualize reify become real reveal yourself corporealize become concrete substantialize descend derive from exude spread vent extend ooze have its origin be bred be caused be generated pour out show itself hatch hail conceive incubate pass glimmer live in originate from be from take root have roots in grew up in appear suddenly sprout up appear unexpectedly have its origin in be taken be due to be brought on by be had be got have one's origin ejaculate end up acquire solidify cultivate settle crystalize jell accumulate condense harden reveal itself turn out from fall into place take on character become a reality well spread out pour forth be transmitted seep gush forth be emitted seep out pour ooze out seep forth flow out gush out flow forth ooze forth radiate emit exhale discharge overflow well up trickle give out send out throw out expire expel shoot release cast irradiate disgorge distil give off exit egress send forth distill


To discover through studying or searching
turn up descry detect discover find learn ascertain determine dig up get locate rummage track down catch dig out disclose dredge up encounter espy expose ferret out find out meet nose out reveal root out rout out run down scare up scout up see spot track uncover unearth become known be found come across crop up hit upon meet with pop up bring to light come to light come to pass hit on hunt down hunt up identify sniff out discern smoke out recognize hunt out acquire obtain come to know stumble on recognise light upon pick up on realize run to earth perceive figure out suss out get on to realise chance on tumble to get wind of come up with produce elicit notice strike manifest unveil stumble across pin down trace work out lay bare catch on to happen upon come by distinguish get wise to observe fathom out smell out wise up to pick up verify pinpoint exhibit show unmask fix confirm settle uncloak search out sight stumble upon achieve attain gain trip over make certain get to know rumble hear read unlock fish out ferret light on twig come upon make out dope out dig get wind of the fact get at have an aha moment get wise to the fact think of look up catch on glimpse conceive bring into the open show up edge out bring to notice retrieve secure procure learn of tumble into trace back bump into luck into chance upon extricate grub out disinter run to ground buy purchase bring something to light seek lay hands on get possession of strike on search for or out look for sense debunk explore delve spark spotlight extract root uproot pose create cause comprehend look-see appreciate savvy get down pat grasp latch on to get a fix on size up cognize see the light suss diagnose become aware of register get the hang of double-check check take in check up on deduce root up make certain of take the wraps off make sure decide divine peg fathom wise up understand cotton on to intuit tell check out establish get down cold localise hook localize eye slang view catch sight of mark pick out place regard behold look at point out clock spy note remark catch a glimpse of witness lay your hands on lay one's hands on zero in on throw up indicate display bespeak bare demonstrate unclose betray evince unbosom flash give away allow to be seen put on display expose to view put on view unclothe put on show be evidence of make clear make plain blow wide open know apprehend assimilate separate judge get the picture ensure differentiate discriminate substantiate gather finger name validate tag corroborate become conscious of diagnosticate become cognizant of glean get the message tell between difference secern tell apart follow take care become aware see to it label select analyze describe compass estimate grok single out make sense of remember get it demarcate be in no doubt determinate cotton to flag isolate analyse digest certify decide on ID tab settle on button down set apart contrast put your finger on put one's finger on decipher absorb be aware of apperceive decode seize decide between make a distinction between tell the difference between interpret make construe get the idea be informed of puzzle out get the point of get the drift of list mention figure assure yourself add up contrive have a hunch penetrate keep up with clinch be sure evaluate measure characterize collate divide specify singularize sift qualify categorize signalize individuate classify part conclude see through calculate appraise gauge assess take notice of pierce tell which is which be certain infer get the idea of get one's head around conceive of make a distinction become acquainted with rate quantify gage tell from set off mark off sort out catch on to the fact get the point scent be on to set at variance know for certain decry smell compute count be conscious of get the message about get the picture about taste reckon assure take calibrate individualise characterise categorise signalise individualize image vision envisage visualize think imagine visualise fancy feature envision prove eyeball render control for check up be cognizant of be aware of the fact that be conscious of the fact that become conscious of the fact that become aware of the fact that piece together get across see daylight become conscious get to the bottom of figure something out make head or tail of affirm guarantee be sure to insure recollect recall get clued up about satisfy oneself have knowledge of do not forget to gain an understanding of familiarize oneself with get through one's head know again put a name to know by sight mark out put the finger on call to mind formal receive ask make up your mind on key out key card have tumble be told be informed inquire get word be advised be told of be made aware get wind be notified of be made aware of find out about be given to understand hear tell be led to believe have on good authority query draw a distinction between discern a difference between enquire clarify question investigate probe canvass


To pass through a pore, membrane or interstice
transude ooze seep bleed percolate exude weep sweat strain filter leak trickle drip leach discharge issue drain dribble flow well escape perspire spurt drop overflow filtrate extravasate permeate excrete exudate emit release secrete give out give off soak run suppurate fester gush leech eject empty shed haemorrhage hemorrhage spout emanate exude pus emerge penetrate pour forth overflow with pervade emit liquid come out of impregnate transfuse saturate bubble charge infect project pass evacuate expel convey send out send forth pass through get into seep into well forth filter through flow out throw off pour stream spill flood cascade pour out squirt drizzle suffuse imbue spew roll jet steep drench spread infuse distill distil surge trill splash glide go inundate infiltrate well up enter diffuse seep out ooze out gush out drain away ripple swell souse seep through deluge fall in drops gurgle teem sop sputter sluice brim sweep slide regurgitate spring disembogue drown osmose sodden rush fill tumble course macerate outflow discharge pus rise plop lose inform spread through diffuse through percolate through seep away flow away flow rapidly lixiviate extract burst separate sprinkle brim over leak out spill out sloosh effuse spring up fall spurt out drool creep crawl wash away snow precipitate well out be disseminated rain hail soak into get in run off leave dry taper off filter off be discharged douse waterlog run out ret move spread throughout drouk wet interpenetrate perfuse riddle marinate bathe overwhelm wash wet through immerse douche diffuse throughout go through pierce invade ingrain stab be disseminated through percolate into flow through soak through run through stalk extend throughout interfuse seep in flow into work into filter in result come out follow gather maturate appear vent stem arise birth originate rot come forth derive from decay putrefy matter putresce imbrue seethe swell up form pus spread out be transmitted eventuate gush forth be emitted upspring come seep forth flow forth ooze forth come to a head purl babble abound pullulate


To make known, especially confidential information and in a discrete manner
leak divulge disclose reveal tell betray break blab broadcast communicate expose impart out release unveil publish admit confess pass relate slip uncover trickle bring to light come out let on make known blow wide open bring into the open get out give away make public pass on spill the beans take the lid off blow the gaff let slip blurt out let the cat out of the bag spill let out declare proclaim discover announce bare unmask report unbosom let drop publicize air circulate let on about tattle give the game away publicise come out with unfold disseminate lay bare spread blow the lid off squeal babble promulgate uncloak inform post acknowledge display give out go public with sing blurt snitch spill the beans about vouchsafe bring out into the open mouth trumpet enunciate cough show bring to public attention talk manifest bring to public notice avow utter squeal about evince open up fess up herald advertise advertize distribute let the cat out of the bag about transmit blazon issue flash blare annunciate placard blaze sound put out exhibit tell tales gossip concede blow demonstrate affirm get off your chest cough up confide narrate tell on own up cry spill your guts about tell all about come out of the closet come clean mention propagandize let fall bespeak splash describe present spotlight propagandise own profess state bewray allow agree tip off go public on come clean about grant crack break the news fink blow the gaff on unearth take the wraps off grass confirm prove clue in show up own up to spill one's guts make a clean breast blow the whistle on smoke out let cat out of the bag make a clean breast of 'fess up spill your guts tell all cop to rat on spread rumors talk out of turn exclaim ejaculate celebrate jabber spout open unfurl overshare let something slip splatter flourish renown give up gazette inscribe depict boast break out get around be revealed have printed run off at the mouth cry out call out burst out let the cat ouf of the bag burst out with utter suddenly open up on blow something wide open shout from the rooftops put in print intimate spring open one's mouth let it be known nail debunk undress go public bring out whisper tip one's hand lay open let hair down blow the whistle unclothe breathe brandish squeak detail recount express relay articulate convey let cat out of bag tell of spill the beans on put on view nake denude trot out find out make manifest make obvious catch out pull the plug on hint buzz suggest insinuate unburden voice explain stool tip grass on inform on somebody split on split turn in document recite chronicle unload on spill to crack to notify talk about accept accede recognize represent open your heart lay the gaff lay it on bend an ear let in on share a confidence give the show away dish the dirt assert become known realize assent appreciate attest aver admit guilt acquiesce concur indicate realise recognise yield accept responsibility self-declare chirp dump on self-respond self-disclose humble oneself vent make clean breast of weasel sound off level with unload tell the truth accept blame unbosom oneself tip hand finger get something off your chest plead guilty make a clean breast of things be completely honest self-report open one's heart self-divulge spit out make a clean breast of it provide details keep posted set forth share give details of fill in give the low-down go into details get something off one's chest bring out into open put cards on table get out of system give the facts give an account of let somebody in on squawk reveal everything blow somebody's cover tell a secret advance bill immortalise headline extol soft-sell skywrite immortalize spot press-agent drum billboard expose information hard sell write up play up make a pitch for put on the map elucidate expound clarify decipher delineate spell out enlighten unriddle demystify explicate clear up give make clear propose illuminate unravel set out produce illustrate portray say rehearse get across resolve interpret chart advise specify simplify raise market signify pronounce bring forward decode pitch construe define apprise itemize acquaint verbalize enumerate offer translate give notice of verbalise point out itemise sort out solve promote shed light on hype speak plug disburden imply tout put on the table propound puff peddle ballyhoo outline list spruik push endorse flog flaunt discuss sell boost paint note teach flack characterize spin catalogue sponsor brief retail spill all confide in cite huckster circularize particularize figure out dope out characterise untangle merchandise spread around analyse analyze circularise catalog break down throw light on put across particularise hype up put into words bang the drum for get to the bottom of give publicity to cast light on give insight straighten out give a plug to give insight into give a puff to call attention to get off one's chest speak about lay out beat the drum for submit transfer highlight moot elaborate denote preconize formulate transfuse tweet conduct work out settle summarize purvey wire cable render write give notice repeat noise abroad instruct put forward picture print praise trail trailer suss blazon abroad answer summarise educate defog puzzle out blurb alert clear make out give voice to illumine make plain go into detail name account for suss out wise up reel off run with get on soapbox for make clean breast shed light give the details of spread abroad make a pitch clear the air comment on run through put in plain English build up make head or tail of out with it go along with run over soft sell beat the drum testify to crack up flesh out shout out trust entrust pinpoint propagate ferret out ventilate unshroud introduce put the spotlight on lay something bare signal establish unburden oneself hand on feed unjumble declare one's preferences unroll bring into view cue telephone radio debrief debate cop to make clear put ring up get through allow to be valid hold up to view address remark crystallize crystallise crack wide open decrypt descant expatiate discourse voice-over testify cover deliver launch evoke give vent to edify package explicitize vocalize sketch out send word let know pass out give expression to let it all hang out package as understand conjure up put in circulation bruit about send out bruit abroad churn out explicitise charge familiarize give utterance to put forth allude to touch on remark on refer to bring up give a account of inform of advise of give a description of paint a word picture of provide details of paint in words give the facts on give a rundown of put in words recap give details on adumbrate have one's say hold forth tell a story give a report of paraphrase rationalize read draw a picture of clear the air about make simple get something straight make perfectly clear rationalise reword be an indication of sketch familiarise level vocalise verse weave bring word communicate information give details bring word on frame tabulate deduce twig gloss rephrase stipulate numerate catch up give an account put in the picture make explicit fathom designate cipher make sense of cypher encipher spell retell sling track leave word put before give facts call upon shop circumstantiate identify epitomize embellish recapitulate instance penetrate work convert find the key find the answer to find the key to offer for sale spit it out give evidence of be evidence of quote epitomise individuate individualize individualise specialise break a story spin a yarn give the word lay it on the line run down clue one in let one's hair down shoot the breeze restate recast draw up get down to brass tacks fly speck quote chapter and verse be specific about specialize report on sweat details tick off rat dish make available riddle out incriminate oneself put your hand up to something acknowledge information admit to one's sins admit to one's actions admit to one's crimes confess all implicate oneself put on the market put on sale reveal all speak up speak out find an answer to get straight see tell the facts give it up reveal information divulge information metaphrase transpose perceive cognize know advocate issue a statement about call blast bow to agree to approve of accede to acquiesce in cooperate with certify concur with be aware of be conscious of do into state in layman's language champion defer to attest to popularize read out recommend back take on board take an oath be wise to encourage supply pass the word come out of closet cop a plea get off chest subscribe to posit run off at mouth shout something from the rooftops aggrandize annotate disentangle paint a picture unscramble diagram make intelligible express in words spell it out set the scene put in plain words guide give an explanation of traffic in campaign for set down get behind deal in popularise cry up puff up talk up


To draw to a close
go end finish pass cease disappear discontinue elapse halt conclude expire lapse stop terminate vanish close quit evanish evaporate determine die be over cease to exist come to an end dead-end run its course wind up blow over break off break up fade away leave off let up pass away be no more fly by melt away wink out slip away drop suspend pack in desist desist from cut off give over lay off bring to an end can break knock off belay cut out shut off give up run out pack up put an end to fade pause dwindle dissolve surcease close out cut short close down put a stop to pull the plug on ebb interrupt wane complete refrain axe stay cancel shut down abolish wrap up adjourn intermit recess refrain from become invalid ax scrub round out round off bring to a halt become obsolete become void bring to a stop bring to a close die out peter out bite the dust come to a close die down call it a day call it quits draw to a close abstain depart fail disrupt be at an end be no longer valid culminate finalise do liquidate settle finalize cut it out back off quit cold turkey abort finish up end up clean up tie up loose ends come to the end be through with scratch eliminate wrap extinguish ultimate prorogue prorogate annul bring to a conclusion go by trail off tail off abandon wind down bring to an untimely end withdraw kick cut lay off of scrap sink decline dispense with phase out wither subside wilt get rid of do away with intervene separate interpose disunite call a halt to disconnect disjoin dissever kill part moderate weaken abate decay lessen decrease recede diminish bag it give something the chop knock something on the head blow off evanesce slacken degenerate deteriorate retrograde crumble bate droop dilapidate molder moulder die away run low fall away fade out ease off go down grow less go dead go downhill wear away check arrest block curb impede obstruct frustrate stall bar hamper still catch hobble stem freeze staunch hesitate falter waver immobilize teeter dither scruple balance wabble stagger vacillate wobble limp stumble whiffle immobilise hold back hold up be abandoned come to a stop wiggle-waggle come to a halt be suspended blow the whistle on put a sock in bring to a standstill draw to a stand pull up draw up hang back stand still come to a standstill nip in the bud be broken off shilly-shally hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill come to rest bring up fetch up put the kibosh on forgo renounce avoid call a halt abstain from relinquish eschew rescind repeal forsake revoke finish off postpone delay ditch forswear shelve call off swear off remove restrain quash inhibit withhold reject dump forbear from jack in run down do without forbear shun nullify discard void recall abjure leave steer clear of defer put on ice have done with cry off take a break put off invalidate withdraw from countermand refuse sever resign from abrogate keep prevent vacate disannul null consummate hold off take away pull out of get out of set aside strike down take a breather roll back wipe out sew up retire from keep from pigeonhole pack it in disband hold over hinder withhold from call table give a wide berth to junk retract repudiate reverse delete negate resist mothball rest annihilate desert suppress retard waive put back go without eradicate undo obviate take five lay aside take back put the lid on get done top off put in cold storage stop dead put on hold take a rain check on put on the back burner interfere with drop out of have nothing to do with reschedule avert wait put aside overturn procrastinate chuck pull the plug jettison deactivate extirpate thwart ignore destroy exclude curtail handicap suspend proceedings nip something in the bud pass up preclude excise exit throw out obliterate get off foil overthrow detain erase get shut of check out from encumber hamstring remit vitiate escape from shake restrain oneself from stop oneself from disestablish hold in abeyance forget about crown resist the temptation to chop get shot of subvert put paid to bail prohibit discharge renege hang fire dismantle exterminate deracinate stifle nix supersede declare null and void not do trammel keep back collapse dispose of break with cumber take off lift stop oneself have a breather hold move from head off stop short lay on the table put a lid on not continue fizzle out have a break leave alone take ten rule out do in bow out of step aside from put on back burner put on the shelf finish with hang up stave off forfend back out of say goodbye to quit cold ward off give a rest depart from kick the habit go away from throw up take the cure kick over close off bin put a stop to something stand down from hold back from relax yield resign bring to end spurn dissociate bring hold something in abeyance give something up forget come off disturb subdue quell turn back forlet jack something in be put on hold cap achieve succeed raise dismiss snub exsect marginalize oust carve isolate usurp extract overlook cinch clear call a stop to do for restrict draw to a halt expunge hold on stop midstream withcall ease up down tools stop work shed stamp out rise back out steer clear cool it stop in one's tracks reach a standstill take a breather from accomplish stop trying resolve knock it off retreat drop out trash throw in the towel throw in the sponge stop doing lie by spell stand fight shy of not touch cut into break into cut dead take out marginalise put on a back burner bring down curtain draw to close put to bed put a period to fold up be put to bed button up cut loose button down remove gradually withdraw gradually replace gradually eliminate gradually stop using sunder take time out take time off override put the stopper on shorten abbreviate clip abridge clinch shutter get on the wagon hang it up sit tight hang about hang around efface blot out sweep away black out rub out root out snuff out decelerate give notice forego overrule fold retain deny constrain take the pledge go on the wagon avoid doing sit out be temperate come to a conclusion carry through set the seal on carry out bring to fruition round up veto zap squelch intercept wind something up switch off clog wreck split up loose wrack decimate shoot shatter disorganize unmake destruct ruin demolish inactivate omit put in abeyance file pink-slip keep in abeyance protract stonewall recant put kibosh on deliberate adopt Fabian tactics backtrack on renege on disaffirm bridle repress hold off on keep hold of step down from defend against shut out save turn aside fend off keep from happening slay blow away murder put to death assassinate put a brake on throw a spanner in the works of slaughter throw a monkey wrench in the works of bump off torpedo call back disclaim go back on push back count out lay over break short leave unfinished stop cold stop in full flow resolve into render void bag secede from debar prevent oneself from cease to indulge in prevent yourself from not give in to keep off forfeit refuse to pay mark time linger sideline take a breath reflect tarry divorce sacrifice jilt phase something out knock out escape sever relations with break away from split with delink from stop briefly disqualify interdict stymie shirk skip think twice call time dissociate oneself from disaffiliate oneself from stay away from bypass estop forestall forbid cramp back off from break the habit of dodge shrink from rein in sidestep restrain from shy from continue respite put over part from part with skip out on kibosh skirt surcease from call it quits on be gone from be done with break free from take leave from have nothing more to do with break it up come to standstill catch one's breath make it impossible for make impossible ward make it impracticable for deter make impracticable shackle derail dust off eighty-six turn your back on write off take a recess brush off walk out of walk out on disappear from run along from take off from abscond from exit from absent oneself from bail from break off with clear out from cast aside cast off set out from handcuff get rid of by stages slow stop what you're doing take a rain check cripple scupper slow down get in the way of stand in the way of disallow render invalid render null and void pull back draw back

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