Đồng nghĩa của fetch up


To arrive somewhere, especially unexpectedly
arrive appear land materialise materialize beach turn up show up pop up pitch up end up finish up wind up find itself wash up blow in roll up roll in put in an appearance come find oneself land up present oneself emerge show loom get to hit enter check in get as far as come to end up at breeze in set foot on make it to make an appearance wind up at walk in land oneself go fetch up at reach stop land up at pull up bob up draw up ride up surface unfold come into sight show itself become visible come out present itself show oneself come into view reveal itself reveal oneself come to light attend fall in get through be present get in punch the clock arrive on the scene get here drop in clock in pop in present turn out punch in make the scene show your face come forth make pull in ring in report fall by get there visit break through crop up arise transpire be revealed become apparent come up come on the scene issue come along be discovered become known be uncovered leak out expose itself take shape approach make it manifest develop be along be disclosed sign in get out happen be made public occur spring up become evident be seen be within view come about emanate rise get spring become common knowledge be reported be divulged debut manifest itself pop be released reappear reveal stand out stick out leak be visible hove into view heave into view enter into the picture sky in prove to be the case reach one's destination rise up be unearthed clock on become public occur suddenly occur abruptly appear suddenly appear unexpectedly appear abruptly rear its head break pop out come in weigh in punch the time clock hover dismount alight disembark figure bust in barge in draw near buzz in hit town drop anchor be conspicuous come on appear indistinctly put in appearance catch your eye be presented enter society evolve close in make one's debut in society pass result spring in buzz through burst through eventuate ensue spread proceed rematerialize be apparent dawn flash be evident break out be in view erupt resurface expose feature shoot up catch the eye blossom be obvious be publicized circulate take place fall out be announced be promulgated get around slip out be made known pan out go down come out in the wash come to the fore be brought out enter the picture be exposed come to pass be issued come out in the open be published be noised about be noised abroad manifest oneself make appearance heave in sight


To stop or come to a standstill
stop halt arrest check stay stall still catch hold up draw up bring up pull up impede obstruct curb block hamper interrupt pause hold back inhibit hinder thwart limit retard restrain frustrate stem freeze interfere with brake bring to a standstill put a brake on come to a standstill nip in the bud slow down delay end restrict slow hold bar prevent suppress baulk bridle come to a stop knock off staunch come to a halt pull in bring to an end drop cut short shut down stand still terminate stand in the way of suspend balk can trammel stymie fetter forestall encumber park shackle put off not move shelve sabotage stand hamstring bork stand off stonewall peter out derail fence draw to a halt arrive haul up reach a standstill get there control foil rein neutralize stifle govern repulse discourage bottle up moderate choke put a spoke in someone's wheel contain circumvent keep under control slacken pace fight back repress keep a lid on tame keep back regulate play for time bottleneck reduce bite back hold in rebuff muffle squelch hold down smother choke back swallow withhold rein in neutralise constrain counteract checkmate keep in check stem the flow of cease discontinue stumble be abandoned break off dead-end wiggle-waggle come to an end waver pass desist from expire teeter close immobilize come to a close be suspended close down leave off blow the whistle on quit wink out die hobble dither put a sock in finish scruple hesitate shut off draw to a stand let up put a stop to be over go falter balance belay hang back wabble call it a day conclude lapse put an end to stagger cut out vacillate be broken off break pack in bring to a stop shilly-shally hold at bay whiffle elapse lay off put a cork in stem the flow cut off immobilise bring to standstill pull the plug on come to rest break up wobble limp give over wind up determine put the kibosh on pack up draw to a close fix scrub sidetrack brace desist give up abandon cancel call a halt to prohibit complete wrap up kill call a halt bring to a close forgo avoid bring to a halt avert dissolve refrain from adjourn quash curtail preclude head off axe cut forbid close out scotch obviate debar extinguish ward off stave off deter defeat hold off shut out counter nullify abort kick baffle ax cramp hang up ruin renounce subdue call off quell dam intercept call it quits oppose finish off interdict abstain from lessen forfend round off cripple lay off of withdraw put paid to deactivate relinquish put the lid on surcease clog resist forsake dash scrap annul destroy round out do without diminish fend off scupper crimp dispense with postpone squash rule out decrease fade dwindle outlaw turn off do for culminate crush abolish recess eschew scratch prorogue abate exclude take a break enjoin settle remit rest repeal pack it in rescind revoke fade away proscribe abstain disappear run out crack down on cool vanish refrain consummate ban veto defer wane forbear disconnect ebb disallow eliminate handcuff intermit keep spoil forbear from shun slacken disappoint cumber ultimate sink beat sew up nix snooker cry off turn aside wind down discomfit switch off defend against embargo pass up die down put back hog-tie steer clear of swear off criminalize die away stamp out taboo tie up plug put down make illegal have done with die out melt away clamp down on criminalise put out keep off set back upset the applecart stanch handicap disable subside decline close off manacle occlude embarrass congest interfere wrap not continue take five mothball skip stuff top off decelerate overturn jam shake bite the dust divert silence have a breather dodge stop dead crab negate get done take a breather weaken stop up short-circuit get off end up prorogate give the chop fizzle out knock something on the head contravene hold over ditch withhold from ease up close up remove ward run its course ease off outwit put a lid on lay aside dissuade spike jack in get in the way of run down put on ice plug up choke off slap down snuff out slow up foul up put in cold storage place an embargo on screw up throw a spanner in the works of tail off put the stopper on stop trying flick off call wait recall fail stop work pull over draw in sever power down unplug evaporate estop shut save disrupt forego ignore evade crown intervene wilt detain invalidate evanish screen offset disengage repel sidestep pigeonhole obscure skirt finalize refuse recede wither sandbag help conquer put out of action stop short clot restrain from abjure leave throttle deflect reject table parry pass on throw in the towel throw in the sponge deteriorate droop decay stay away from degenerate smash back off shy from pre-empt bung block out fill up clog up fill lower keep from happening have a break go without waive take ten set aside keep from censor cut it out nobble chill jam up bung up cease to exist muzzle finalise become invalid pull out of get out of protract disconcert duck hold in abeyance relax put on hold get in the way bury rattle skip out on become void become obsolete not touch pass away blow over taper off crumble bottle queer dull cross faze bring to a conclusion trail off stump bog down leave alone stopper bring to naught cool it overcome lay on the table put a period to bring to an untimely end cramp one's style quit cold throw monkey wrench in take a rain check on keep at bay lock up put on the back burner give a rest keep in box in withdraw from fall away pour cold water on turn out put the mockers on beat down declare illegal kick the habit bilk finish with mess up throw a monkey wrench in the works of throw a spanner in the works keep lid on bring to screeching halt throw up retire from not do be a hindrance to wipe out take the cure gum up cork throw cold water on buck kick over louse up eradicate stop working put a stop to something bring to end withstand kill off turn back cinch bring decommission disturb abrogate close shop finish work finish working clock off surrender despair lose heart capitulate admit defeat be beaten give in concede defeat deny oneself jack it in redline censure cap yield resign circumnavigate achieve succeed retardate depart shutdown withcall switch something off clear forlet collapse stop in your tracks leave out back out of leave work phase out accomplish discharge confront quit cold turkey bit render powerless crash land be at an end be no longer valid stave anticipate draw to close put to bed get on the wagon hang it up disjoin interpose disunite part do away with dissever get rid of separate pick off wreck shatter down tools confine prolong take a breather from put on a back burner polish off bring down curtain crool banjax call a stop to put on brakes put an stop to forswear say goodbye to lose speed cut into slam on the brakes break into spell burden stop midstream detach ease put the brakes on take out of play give up hope abandon hope render null and void give the run around dash one's hope lick back out renege bag it blow off clinch shutter overpower fold up be put to bed button up cut loose button down take down hold off on make late stop oneself transpire reschedule put a stopper in put half nelson on put chill on put a lock on zing gridlock dish fold extirpate snub exsect marginalize oust carve isolate usurp delete extract overlook excise simmer down compose collect put the brakes on shirk retreat drop out knock it off tie up loose ends liquidate clean up come to the end do be through with finish up take time out take time off elude disband bypass barricade seal caulk be the end of sweep aside black come to a conclusion round up resolve give notice throw a spoke in the wheel of back off from break the habit of shrink from check out from root traverse scuttle put aside damp carry out fight shy of resist the temptation to take the pledge give a wide berth to go on the wagon sit out avoid doing something be temperate have nothing to do with banish boycott blockade kibosh surcease from escape from call it quits on constrict stop doing lie by halt in its tracks give the slip shake off give the run-around buffalo promote shuffle off juke run circles around run rings around bollix throw a monkey wrench in the works relent drop off confound upset carry through bring to fruition clobber vanquish overthrow sunder push back procrastinate inactivate hang fire omit put on back burner count out put in abeyance file pink-slip keep in abeyance lay over put on the shelf let look away turn turn from veer shunt shove aside blackball disqualify complicate cut dead take out marginalise take away choke up pack block up undo set the seal on obturate quench cow put out of business bring someone to their knees finish the working day continue respite put over suspend proceedings forfeit dampen disadvise scare bulwark defend guard declare ineligible pass by illegalize ice out curse officially forbid blank counterplot be no more fly by taper de-escalate pall shrink drop away fall divorce sacrifice jilt triumph over throw a curve block off deprive deny stunt slip away dam up gibbet gunge up wring noose squeeze drown silt up escape dispose of overwhelm dominate annihilate clamp shush trample take a recess attenuate pull off the road declare taboo gag take wind out of sails get the better of cause setback put end to unaccustom strangle at birth pull the plug evanesce cover fend put lid on keep inside put kibosh on drive underground trample on sit on go by deliberate weigh down slack phase down coast cool off drain away become weaker chill out unlax ratchet down monkey with give the thumbs down to put the chill on give the red light to say no resign from eighty-six dust off part from forget about turn your back on part with break with write off retrograde bate take a rain check deaden get shut of talk out of molder dilapidate moulder put a damper on act like a wet blanket dumb languish flag get shot of clam safeguard against secure against protect against shield against run low go downhill fade out wear away go down grow less go dead mark time linger sideline take a breath reflect tarry stand up for guard against skirt round defend oneself against fight off keep at arm's length keep down say nothing wean stop briefly lag emaciate tire shrivel sag break short stop cold think twice call time stop in full flow trip counterbalance bring to a premature end leave unfinished douse break it up come to standstill catch one's breath minimize totter faint lose spirit impoverish debase minimise give way depress grow dim waste away wear off grow faint thin out fall off relapse vitiate lose tremble grow weaker stop what you're doing counterpoise negative countervail cancel out log off hit the switch correct remedy compensate for prevent oneself from cease to indulge in restrain oneself from not give in to stop oneself from equilibrize make up for counterweigh balance out even out countercheck respond rectify stabilise redress right go against stabilize counterwork


To increase the amount, level, or strength of
raise increase escalate inflate augment reinforce advance aggrandize boost enhance extend heighten hike intensify multiply strengthen up aggravate compound enlarge exaggerate expand lift stoke swell amplify better magnify accelerate hype mushroom snowball supersize push up build up add to hike up pump up put up bump up mark up step up jack up run up goose up jump up shoot up send through the roof grow elevate beef up mount improve build deepen develop proliferate rise increment upgrade burgeon climb accumulate exacerbate crank up spread supplement appreciate wax balloon consolidate further boom accentuate bourgeon make greater gain redouble make larger make bigger top up double maximize widen amp up broaden roll up pad maximise progress worsen triple make worse ameliorate inflame cultivate make better add sharpen scale up pump amass enrich parlay accrue dilate promote spike fortify ratchet up exalt blow up spiral mount up jack distend protract foster upscale uplift soar slap on surge skyrocket rocket go up optimize boost up lengthen concentrate fuel bolster upraise annex thicken prolong reenforce optimise teem swarm rouse pullulate buttress nurture emphasize tack on uprise annexe refine stress support upsurge perfect flourish flesh out emphasise intensate become larger renew turn up bump puff up polish increase in size sweeten pyramid increase in scope become more numerous pick up jump send up add fuel to the flames ascend add fuel to the fire soup up leap up adjust elongate follow up collect hasten diversify breed fill revalue become bigger gather thrive bloom propagate sprout diffuse forward pile leap manifold aggregate uprate open branch out puff out advertise revitalize advertize well grow stronger underline push tend increase exponentially arise deteriorate scale complicate become greater rally revitalise outspread confound confuse enforce cumulate move up complement speed up ramp up get bigger peak put salt on the wound fan the flames buck up stock up get stronger grow in become louder get higher grow louder crescendo meliorate amend help broaden one's horizons extend operations uptick rub salt in the wound go from bad to worse make intricate make complex endow quicken gain strength add insult to injury shore up keep burning stir mend poke rekindle feed add fuel to lighten darken brighten whet point accent grow quickly increase slightly make richer hop up add value jazz up improve on set off add fuel pile on heat up tone up heap on piggyback shift upward tick upward fluctuate upward grow greater grow larger pour it on stoke up reaffirm secure assure establish touch up prosper build on fine-tune update smarten work up shape up straighten out fast-track brush up smarten up reassert reiterate put fuel on restate tag on make headway make strides move forward make progress restore cement substantiate corroborate justify sustain work out forge ahead fix empower uphold authenticate embolden inspirit endorse underpin settle make firm firm up back up lend more weight to give weight to confirm

Trái nghĩa của fetch up

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