Đồng nghĩa của crimp

Alternative for crimp

crimp /krimp/
  • danh từ
    • sự dụ dỗ đi lính; người dụ dỗ đi làm tàu
    • to put a crimp in (into)
      • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (từ lóng) ngăn cản, thọc gậy bánh xe
  • ngoại động từ
    • dụ dỗ (ai) đi lính; dụ dỗ (ai) đi làm tàu
    • gấp nếp (tờ giấy), ép thành nếp; uốn quăn, uốn làn sóng (tóc, miếng tôn, , ,)
      • to crimp the hair: uốn tóc
    • rạch khía (lên miếng thịt tươi hay miếng cá tươi)


To hamper or hinder the progress or work of
hinder hamper curb constrain interfere keep in check obstruct impede check stymie thwart prevent block foil stop cramp inhibit baulk restrain trammel balk defeat frustrate derail baffle forestall scupper circumvent counter cripple hold back scotch fetter arrest hamstring restrict bar interfere with hold up beat spoil snooker retard encumber halt hobble oppose dash handicap nullify clog ruin stall prohibit outwit put paid to crab counteract put a stop to do for put the kibosh on take down hang up disappoint shackle discomfit checkmate upset handcuff hog-tie bilk stand in the way of stump slow down foul up stonewall upset the applecart throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of delay smash deter nobble repress interrupt stave off root manacle embarrass short-circuit neutralize cumber slow set back put the stopper on tie up louse up choke take wind out of shut out put the mockers on neutralise cramp one's style put a spoke in someone's wheel give the slip choke off put a brake on throw a spanner in the works detain evade postpone cross quash circumnavigate brake defer snafu stifle sidestep skirt interdict traverse ward off retardate preclude forbid slow up defend against head off steer clear of disrupt avert avoid negate put back keep back shelve put an end to ditch hold off juke contravene cancel cook someone's goose bring to screeching halt close off queer someone's pitch spike someone's guns screw up shut off shut down back off bog down nip in the bud play off give the run around annul cut off dissuade from get out of escape bypass offset buck entrammel put a crimp in decelerate overturn puzzle deflect limit confound mystify nonplus crash keep lid on wreck unsettle crush flummox confront slacken put on hold dead-end pigeonhole throw a monkey wrench into put on back burner corner hang fire stay elude crool banjax queer render null and void overcome lick obviate conquer dash one's hope put the lid on lessen down decrease hesitate let up loaf falter mire reduce dawdle flag loiter poke bog promote halt in its tracks dodge duck run circles around rattle throw monkey wrench in throw a monkey wrench in the works shake off shuffle off give the run-around faze mess up skip run rings around shake disconcert buffalo bollix withhold pause protract remit prorogue intermit confine hold prolong put off make late get in the way of hold off on hold over curtail bottleneck muzzle burden debar bork resist box in be a hindrance to throw a spoke in the wheel of get in the way confuse skin stultify take the wind out of your sails bridle suppress control fend off straiten keep contain regulate tie intercept smother rein in freeze rule out catch anticipate bind hold down moderate govern tie down stem forfend suspend circumscribe hem in constrict subdue ban tame dam discourage still bottle up squash entangle delimit divert gag squelch help weigh down ward proscribe measure rule kill cramp someone's style cork pull up choke back hold in disallow pull in keep at bay inconvenience outlaw enjoin throw cold water on discontinue pour cold water on keep within bounds disadvantage preempt sabotage chain throttle pre-empt muffle leash strangle procrastinate rein nix draw up withstand fix diminish put an stop to fetch up staunch stamp out lock up cool give a hard time saddle with stem the flow of bring to a standstill shut in pick off keep under control put a damper on keep the lid on exclude cut short dissuade cap incommode sandbag discommode repel estop let keep waiting damp down stunt end quell obscure taboo quelch swallow extinguish capture quiet silence bound damp bit embog bring up overload deprive deny spike parry make illegal make impossible second-guess charge dampen imprison attack peg interpose embargo commandeer put at a disadvantage adjourn terminate turn aside keep in drag your feet jail gaol get ahead of get in before stanch talk out of turn off chill place at a disadvantage fence in close in table repulse provide against steal a march on reschedule lose speed put the brakes on cut back hold in check mothball continue fight back cool off respite put over beat someone to it extend beat someone to the punch beat someone to the draw lay on the table take a rain check on set aside play for time put on the back burner put on ice box up keep a tight rein on keep a lid on put in cold storage bite back take away give rain check head off at pass hold in abeyance contract abort straitjacket tie-up constipate impair act against inc cause to wait cause to stay tie someone's hands finish finish off debilitate net enmesh ensnare oppress bother snag entrap sideline affect disturb tie one's hands tether clobber dish boycott blacklist make difficult influence tamper suffocate vitiate impose limits on set limits on prevent from making progress forbid to hold captive clip someone's wings jam trouble conflict rebuff give disadvantage take out screen hang on hold the fort resist attack complicate save throw a curve ostracize discipline put straitjacket on remove disqualify eliminate bring an end to hit invalidate scuttle stave keep off forefend disadvise scare make an end of bring to a close cork up get bogged down slacken pace put the damper on temper put the brakes on take out of play put out of commission sidetrack scrub drop brace can undo stand in the way put a limit on not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of foreclose intervene slam on the brakes ease up keep from happening stand fence quit cease deaden pocket submerge destroy sink harness bury blank counterplot monkey with cool down button up keep tight rein on lag abate ostracise demarcate temporise temporize act in advance of prepare for be one step ahead of dally give a rain check be early take a raincheck keep in abeyance knock off veto make it impossible for make it impracticable for indispose quench mute overpower impound rein back direct hogtie guide take wind out of sails get the better of beat down cause setback put end to qualify reef scare off get round make unnecessary act like a wet blanket wrong keep down pin down pull back keep in line bring under control have on a tight leash sit on put away crack down garrote garrotte shush bring to an end put on brakes stand still come to a standstill stand off peter out not move make impracticable block out slap down put out put down gain control over clamp down on crack down on gain mastery over snuff out back-water cut down lose steam wind down anchor it incarcerate intern criminalize do away with get rid of treat harshly waste time specify demark prescribe set hit the brakes let down flaps treat unfairly be unfair to define delimitate girdle caution against censor do a disservice to tell against give a disadvantage to put in an unfavourable position treat unfavourably inflict a handicap on lock in coop up necessitate immure concuss shotgun buy time filibuster declare taboo criminalise seize warn against render useless cancel out hold the line place a limit on refrain from keep within limits draw the line on mark off declare illegal say no take kick the can down the road employ delaying tactics monopolize foresee predict forecast envision preoccupy project expect expropriate grab snatch carry over enclose monopolise encircle give the thumbs down to put the chill on give the red light to put half nelson on waive lengthen lay over ambush challenge surround encompass appropriate interlope shortstop accost hijack tackle waylay buttonhole load ring withhold from stay away from refuse deny oneself make up for break the habit of skip out on kick get around steer clear shrink from abstain renounce keep from desist eschew shirk shun desist from stay away forbear give up abstain from restrain from counterbalance do without shy from leave off forgo forbear from compass pounce on take on gird corral overwhelm saddle kettle swoop down on cut in make off with hurdle strain laden weight lumber rail in pen in mew up hedge in pen up lade pile freight yoke dump on snow under bear down on snow overburden make heavy


Cause the downfall or ruin of
undo ruin undermine defeat destroy mar overturn quash subvert wreck shatter spoil sabotage scotch scupper topple upset annihilate cripple crush devastate harm impair neutralise neutralize smash squelch eradicate mess up obliterate put at risk thwart blow botch cancel out foil frustrate hamper hinder obstruct put an end to make a mess of play havoc with render ineffective foul up abate abolish break cramp craze decimate demolish do for have impoverish injure louse up muck up offset outfox outmanoeuvre outmaneuver outsmart overreach overthrow queer raze skin stymie unbuild vitiate wrack balls up put the kibosh on blow a hole in bring down make waves screw up work against bring to naught throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of rain on someone's parade dash disrupt blight do in damage banjax dish cruel extinguish nix euchre put paid to pull down total torpedo pulverize waste desolate vaporize end nuke cream quell tear down nullify put the lid on prevent pulverise vaporise rub out blast suppress level make a hash of put a stop to wipe out threaten eliminate baffle balk kill remove erase check baulk disappoint ravage poison expunge flatten bring to an end extirpate invalidate beat trash efface squash knock down wreak havoc on wipe off the map take out wipe off the face of the earth terminate unsettle interfere with oust destabilize weaken depose unseat impede circumvent crool supplant dethrone stain cloud taint block exterminate hold up disestablish dissolve confound discomfit muller disfigure liquidate bulldoze put a damper on sink undercut break up destabilise bodge break down scuttle overwhelm finish off zap stop capsize dilapidate blow up checkmate outwit reduce snuff out wipe from the face of the earth blot out lay waste upset the applecart raze to the ground throw down bring about the downfall of obscure interrupt attack dispatch incapacitate disturb disarrange disorganize disorder disable annul convulse delay slow retard countermove darken negate turn upside-down derange slow down bollix cause confusion in cause turmoil in throw into disorder throw into disarray throw into confusion cook someone's goose abort do away with put down take away endanger dismantle hurt imperil jeopardize tarnish blemish touch intrude on cast a shadow over cast a pall over prejudice disassemble contradict sap take the edge off take the shine off be detrimental to compromise ruinate desecrate bust take the enjoyment out of take the pleasure out of displace despoil ravish mangle crack wolf wipe off map blow to pieces trounce reduce to ruins blow to bits wax tear to pieces take apart put in toilet gobble up excise jeopardise deface scourge defile debilitate mutilate deplete maim fell delete defenestrate be prejudicial to be disadvantageous to reduce to rubble reduce to nothing bring to nothing bring to ruin wreak havoc upon leave in ruins clean out lay in ruins leave desolate lessen minimize minimise detract demean belittle diminish remove from power remove from office bilk be deleterious to crash dynamite blow down bomb spill knock to pieces cast down strike out batter tear up scatter mow down scratch out unmake scar queer someone's pitch chip away triumph conquer corner gain vanquish throw out give someone the boot dampen decay afflict chill explode forestall discredit contravene debar obviate snooker derail glitch up pop refute burst disprove bar halt repel repress deter wreak havoc with supersede invert depress rebel tumble reverse burst bubble repulse curb rattle parry nobble restrain blank counter counterplot cross bury prove wrong put the stopper on put a spoke in someone's wheel cause setback get the better of put end to stand in the way of put the mockers on nip in the bud beat down take wind out of sails drive a coach and horses through blow sky-high give the lie to shoot full of holes blow out of the water cancel slaughter massacre benothing stamp out root out clean up black out sweep away gut pillage disintegrate devour depredate pull to pieces consume spoliate fragment take down sack destruct fracture shiver get rid of separate plunder lay waste to bust up vandalize burn vandalise splinter split finish rive ransack tear apart take to bits take to pieces write off maraud strip prang snap blow away sever smash up pull apart smash to smithereens wrack up pull to bits make mincemeat of weed out loot rob rupture havoc overcome incinerate exhaust smite raid rape fleece clobber splinterize fragmentalize fragmentize scrunch crunch rend rifle dismember butcher scratch scrub off uproot divide blow out axe break into pieces ax part crush to smithereens blow apart crack up damage beyond repair wash out make hash of dash to pieces put out of commission shoot down strip down pull something down tear something down detonate lower avenge torment kick in depopulate purge wipe bankrupt cool strike bruise let down empty make desolate rip down maul powder chasten chastise take mangulate burn away pull something apart clear shipwreck take something apart reave forage be the ruination of spend squish exsect execute spray paint take care of burn out sunder rift put out of action lay low engulf put the skids under break to pieces drive propel force thrust tear be the ruin of seal the doom of drain absorb envelop expend commit genocide break to smithereens cut a swath through kill off cut down cut out implode perforate puncture play merry hell with run onto the rocks prostrate trample overrun pile up draw down use up play out fall to pieces fall to bits cover cut wreak havoc smatter scorch torch go through ink out knock out cross out blank out X-out wipe off face of earth blue pencil KO mark out score out knock off block out remove all traces of destroy root and branch rub off dismiss suspend bring to nought combust scald disband discontinue cremate carbonise carbonize adjourn cease disannul rescind avoid void null repeal vacate abrogate conclude prorogue burn to the ground burn down destroy by fire burn up reduce to ashes burn to a crisp scrap wind up disunite strike down split up close close down fade out discharge loose resolve into postpone collapse render void shoot roll back wind down


Make notches in
notch cut mark nick score scratch gash incise indent carve dent engrave gouge slit slot snick furrow groove chisel cleave crenelate jag mill scallop make an indentation in scrape chip etch slash pierce puncture damage slice lance pit perforate pink scar graze deface pockmark imprint disfigure serrate abrade inscribe print lacerate prick wound dint stab deboss depress insculp grave scotch jab spear injure rip mar skewer spike cut in chase blemish gore impale impress penetrate pick stick peck transfix transpierce spit harpoon hollow rut rabbet scoop cut open hack run through crack hole tear rend split pothole seam scribe crosshatch cross-hatch make nicks in make notches in bash shear line hurt maim tear apart ingrain make holes in make a notch in make a notches in nip engrain hollow out cave in stave in make hollows in mark off make a grooves in brand infix stamp saw stain make a groove in smudge blot blotch smear emboss saber sickle skive rive sliver guillotine scarify scythe fell amputate behead separate sabre scissor flitch raze discolour dirty streak smirch splotch excavate tarnish soil besmear bruise sully taint lay open splodge dot blaze check chalk discolor ink stroke channel burrow dig X trench gorge ditch shovel tunnel bore gouge out scoop out cut out corrugate dig out carve out dish stick into cut into slice open slice into mutilate mangle knife drill chop skin break mangulate strip flay punch bark harm bayonet thrust sever rasp riddle disable peel chafe excoriate incapacitate spoil claw total open up batter butcher shred drill through bore through drive hew probe make a hole in maul scuff plough ream crush shell husk hull shuck cripple impair pare ruin distort plow rub raw make an incision in bore into savage ribbon deform sink destroy clip shank wreck split open shave rind smash cut to ribbons tap enter contort exuviate desquamate remove decorticate slough shed cut to pieces cut up weaken bare scale hack up flaw traumatize traumatise pinch break through lay bare pull off cut off burst bulldoze tatter fray frazzle log be torn be rent jigsaw disfeature slit open ram plunge prong permeate breach crack open intrude thrust through break in break the skin of pervade affect beat make a flesh wound in rupture mine grind lame pin needle dismember crumple trash grate scour scrub make a wound in pass through intrude upon punch through snap wing hit punch holes in press put holes in rub zap blast irritate plug create make shiv kill adulterate expurgate censor bowdlerize ding ouch contuse scrabble slay mash cut about hash twist bite file bowdlerise ravage open chop up triturate thin sand flake sandpaper rough up put chop down tear limb from limb mess up hash up take a chunk out of fracture cut through stick in shatter make a mark on drill hole bore a hole in pound vitiate bloody compromise crab endamage pulverize knacker crool scathe grieve foul up torture pique draw blood shake up pain wax aggrieve cross up torment foul do mischief to distress prejudice sting do in burn bang up put out cause pain to work over pummelled cause injury to pulverise pummel slap slug whack lash spank punish belt flog flail whip pommel


Something that encumbers progress or movement
obstacle hindrance impediment obstruction block handicap encumbrance bar hurdle deterrent trammel inhibition cramp stop drag fetter manacle interference chain holdback baulk balk shackles embarrassment clog let stumbling block barrier snag restriction hitch drawback difficulty restraint curb limitation check disadvantage catch problem hazard complication hiccup fly in the ointment spanner in the works burden impedance setback inconvenience monkey wrench in the works constraint shackle cumber hamper blockage catch-22 delay brake holdup millstone barricade discouragement ball and chain monkey wrench hampering retardation facer issue albatross glitch rub blockade detriment wall road block prevention stoppage blocking trouble cumbrance pitfall interruption weakness defect baggage joker gridlock stricture hardship hangup hang-up booby trap checking arrest disincentive rein uphill shortcoming nuisance downside traverse lock straitjacket minus flaw preventive bottleneck retardment disbenefit circumvention jam-up fault roadblock prohibition load sticking point hold-up impairment dead weight millstone around your neck bond fetters bonds headache deadweight circumscription confinement opposition barring choking predicament hobble yoke occlusion congestion railing fence dilemma bump injury dissuasion damper mountain jam checkmate stumbling stone tie disablement disorder weary load blank wall determent mountain to climb psychological baggage millstone round someone's neck saddle debt duty guilt cross red tape defence defense leash preventative bridle limit suppression liability stone in one's path defensive measures thorn in one's side monkey on back bridling curbing repression frustration shackling baulking cramping fettering holding back stifling smothering gotcha gimmick deficiency penalty stopping halting thwarting quashing foiling lack negative failing debit incommodity strike disability interdict privation affliction imperfection fix pickle bug tight spot puzzler knot crunch unseen problem spot the rub scrape cropper land mine afterdeal con balking embargo sublimation weak point weak spot downfall adversity putting an end to putting an stop to nipping in the bud impasse misfortune upset blow blunder defeat slip knock bummer mishap reversal inefficacy error miscalculation mischance mistake disappointment bafflement whammy one in the eye body blow piece of bad luck kick in the teeth stroke of bad luck knock-back bit of trouble reversal of fortune bitter pill sabotage intervention excess baggage foot dragging deterrence control halt condition forestalling preclusion safeguard hassle obviation snafu bother avoidance annoyance vexation aggravation interception inhibitor disturbance fuss trial concern forestallment deterence discontinuance closure pain precaution caution disruption awkwardness unwieldiness unfitness exasperation distress untimeliness unsuitableness cumbersomeness troublesomeness uneasiness stew cross to bear curtailment protection rebuff unhandiness bothersomeness constriction woe close cutoff shutdown captivity anxiety worry stress disqualification security ban bind stalling precautionary measure discomfort tie-up obligation reverse remedy boycott reduction snarl-up intimidation warning grief ill snarl logjam preventive measure protective measure incommodiousness struggle manacles chains detention lapse clampdown clot problems bondage ceiling taboo irritation bad news disquiet restrainer unease weight constrainment agitation wet blanket unpleasantness traffic jam puzzle task timewasting filibustering obstructionism strain elimination down layoff abeyance immobilization sit-down deduction walkout lockout downtime standstill bone of contention commitment misery disgrace anticipation averting precluding slowing complaint wait buttress pale preemption albatross around one's neck evil prophylaxis deadlock break exclusion detainment remonstrance expostulation persuasion bad flip side deterring factor handicapping tailback chill quandary put down damp holding pattern depressant cloud proscription harness narrowing backup queue tribulation immobilisation negative aspect tangle gloom pall stint issues bulwark pinch prob demerit moratorium veto stopping up strife deal-breaker depression trap other side of the coin interdiction encirclement turmoil deep trouble dire straits mess danger torment hot water trick inadequacy reservation circumspection injunction modification definition qualification can of worms disputed point row sorrow onus infarct snare embolus cordon infarction rahui conundrum ploy dodge wile regression flip-flop unfortunate development slowdown backset comedown regress bath about-face foil bottom point at issue cold water cinchers anchor binders retarding device interference with reverse of fortune double whammy joker in the pack restricted access maximum palladium fail-safe protective shield responsibility charge grievance mental weight blame punishment unwanted responsibility accountability drawing board hold moderation cap line of defense spoiling whole new ballgame retardant neutralizer prophylactic irk irritant thorn bugbear peeve harassment botheration pest aggro ruffle threshold rope order instruction deprivation pinions decrease string abridgment abridgement command nuisance value failure countering bound regulation demarcation bounds restraining order irons handcuffs cuffs scotching derailment dashing crushing incommode hair shirt tiresomeness inopportuneness extent containment border perimeter boundary crippling hindering foundering collapse snookering baffling put out consequence bilboes tethers trammels ropes restraints tops line of demarcation cutoff point margin confine cut-off point upper limit line nonfulfillment scuppering nonfulfilment contravention unfulfillment anticipatory measure arrestment finish discontinuation expiration end surcease closedown stay cessation termination shutoff conclusion cease offset ending involvement lease chit indebtment loan bite pledge balance arrear possibility due contingency remainder contract damage Achilles heel mortgage jinx tab IOU account nonsuccess lack of success non-success bracelets gyves darbies disaster area staying restraining suspension millstone round one's neck leg irons


A long, narrow cut or depression in a hard material
groove channel cut indentation furrow hollow trench gutter rut score canal cutting gouge rebate trough flute rabbet fissure seam corrugation crease depression ditch fluting incision notch pucker scallop scratch slit valley gash mark nick conduit drain culvert line flume gully duct snick scrape watercourse chip cavity dent ridge sewer hole slash sluice dike spillway indenture pipe cleft tube crater dint scar laceration race outlet dip chute scoop track kerf wrinkle pit fold abrasion concavity scotch dimple indent crinkle blemish recess hack graze arroyo excavation chamber sheugh fosse foss runnel cup niche mill spout rip rent wound scarification moat nip carving dissection scuff pothole sink pattern marking slot crack nock chase crevasse gap plica rivel crow's-foot undulation rimple ruck wheel track crow's foot sluiceway drainpipe waterspout rainspout wheel mark pleat leader penstock passage prick injury shave puncture snip main cave funnel eaves sulcation eaves trough cavern flow conductor pipeline cable lead-out lead-in striation basin dish bowl den nook cranny tear opening fossa lacuna curve sinkage vacuity sinkhole void bottom gulf sag socket pocket impression pockmark jag defect flaw damage knock cleavage pierce stab waterway course aqueduct racecourse raceway canyon pass runway artery vein tideway tunnel stream gorge ravine brook river creek estuary seaway rivulet corridor rill dyke chasm run gill gulch kloof sea route shaft sea lane shipping lane sap defile inlet beck couloir earthwork streamlet burn bourn wadi gulley clough storm sewer coulee storm drain drainage system rille slide valve entrenchment shipping canal ramp borehole incline slope bore-hole well dugout drill foxhole causeway brooklet bourne wall burrow racetrack bridge waterworks viaduct fall runlet tributary gullet stadium circuit hippodrome speedway cove firth bottleneck water enclosure palisade dam barrier water passage bore fleet ha-ha inland waterway ship canal saddle defence defense linn dale vale freshet mine col choke point heugh bunny thrutch chine abyss cleuch rillet billabong antrum donga sloot running track glen branch strath dingle dene dell deep narrow valley mouth bed combe slade rift nullah sinus cwm vega coomb bay pool lagoon swale lowland plain delta

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