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Alternative for IOU

iou /'aiou'ju:/
  • danh từ
    • (viết tắt) của I owe you, văn tự, giấy nợ


An informal promissory note that is not a negotiable instrument
bill debt chit debenture check invoice account tab tally charges reckoning damage amount due statement score receipt balance arrears liability liabilities obligation arrearage due costs expense request for payment list of charges dues debit commitment indebtedness duty debts fee rate debits charge capital bad news voucher sum unpaid claim credit cuff itemized account outstandings red ink amount outstanding financial obligation money owing balance due note baggage albatross encumbrance amount overdue mortgage responsibility bite statement of indebtedness outstanding payment deficit promissory note manifest note of charge price tag price statement of charges checking account book sum inventory total ledger amount itemization computation bill of sale register demand shot obligations bills arrearages scores invoices deficits IOUs tabs debentures accounts reckonings checks tallies fees mortgages chits receipts claims statements deficiency price tags bites tolls payment levies loans assessments expenditure vouchers manifests encumbrances cuffs promissory notes accounts payable amenableness lay-bys accountability onus bonds subjection amounts tariffs tax blame sums trust culpabilities prices compulsion rates totals accountableness amenabilities back payments outstanding payments shots back payment unpaid bill hock ledgers inventories bills of sale books itemizations checking accounts registers advances extension installment plans imposition taxation imposts susceptibleness vulnerability exposure burdens openness vulnerableness susceptibilities collectibles subtraction withdrawal payouts entry records deductions investments spendings premiums surcharges outlay budgets figures disbursement bottom line accounts receivable receivables thanks loss appreciation losings depletions sacrifice working capital principal money gratitude faults blameworthiness rap answerability incriminations guilt contributions collections customs protection subscription antes kickback pay


A person or thing whose presence or behaviour is likely to put one at a disadvantage
liability disadvantage drawback handicap burden drag encumbrance hindrance impediment inconvenience minus nuisance disbenefit albatross obstacle problem shortcoming weakness cross debit downside incommodity negative strike cumber millstone account Achilles heel arrear baggage balance bite chit contingency contract damage due indebtment involvement jinx lease loan misfortune mortgage pledge possibility remainder stumbling block tab weak point weak spot cross to bear bad news disaster area fly in the ointment millstone round one's neck trouble flaw detriment difficulty defect limitation fault snag weight worry catch deficiency complication affliction imperfection pitfall load hitch strain stress hiccup demerit harm obligation responsibility hurdle obstruction impairment failing lack ill disability disservice penalty pressure prejudice spanner in the works monkey wrench in the works tax loss duty restriction constraint trammel trial anxiety drain charge task onus con issue grievance hardship punishment deadweight thorn in one's side oppression bad flip side incubus curb deterrent barrier damper discouragement check evil injury hurt negative aspect excess baggage other side of the coin mantle disfavor sorrow tribulation unwanted responsibility concern accountability chain dead weight blame shackle privation crimp cramp fetter imposition afterdeal hangup mischief embarrassment ball and chain mental weight wrong deprivation spoiling marring illfare disfavour despite aggravation vexation troublesomeness disturbance upset awkwardness incommodiousness exasperation fuss untimeliness bothersomeness unsuitableness unhandiness annoyance disruption uneasiness unfitness unwieldiness cumbersomeness pain stew discomfort consequence downfall vulnerability fragility frailty foible lapse debility impotence enervation invalidity feebleness instability irresolution decrepitude infirmity blemish vice vitiation languor powerlessness gap faintness inconstancy soft spot sore point weakest link chink in armor chink in somebody's armor bar block hazard stop holdback balk restraint setback baulk clog interference manacle inhibition shackles let catch-22 facer sin glitch want uphill hassle cost inadequacy headache dereliction dilemma delay joker hamper holdup blockage rub price failure predicament monkey wrench booby trap stoppage brake pickle impedance bug barricade sticking point hang-up toll road block consequences expense bother adversity interruption quandary hampering fallibility gotcha hold-up gimmick gridlock retardation blockade undesirable consequence wall blind spot land mine bane suffering torment sacrifice incapacity complaint prevention unpleasantness botheration prob cumbrance irritation straitjacket error bugbear inability plight crunch scrape frustration ramification disorder distress preventive lock puzzler mishap disablement blocking mess dispute bottleneck jam-up can of worms disputed point retardment prohibition stricture point at issue circumvention feet of clay roadblock tight spot stone in one's path unsoundness millstone around your neck undesirable consequences adverse effects bond rein fetters bonds stumbling stone pinch pale bump weak link vulnerable point weak area weak side fatal flaw chink in one's armor result incapability reservation qualification disincentive psychological baggage occlusion congestion lack of comfort idiosyncrasy quirk forfeit snafu tangle discontinuance millstone round someone's neck miscarriage forfeiture mountain jam checkmate chink in one's armour tie inability to hack it defectiveness faultiness fix spot cropper knot unseen problem entanglement factor web development mountain to climb scarcity shortage saddle debt guilt traverse adverse effect red tape incompleteness blank wall hole Achilles' heel kink chink in your armour deformity monkey on one's back suppression bridling curbing checking repression the rub trap shackling fettering holding back baulking cramping stifling smothering arrest discredit trick mix-up hot potato thorn in one's flesh vexed question question mark gremlin source of difficulty hornets' nest source of trouble muddle difficult situation condition halting thwarting stopping quashing foiling snare question perplexity mark against one bad mark loss of credit loss of points conundrum ploy puzzle dodge wile problems interdict ailment dysfunction impasse blow blunder worriment habit count squeeze doubt disagreement irk irritant thorn peeve harassment pest disquiet aggro ruffle unease balking embargo sublimation defeat slip illness disease malady hot water nuisance value agitation bummer reversal knock inefficacy box teething trouble incommode hair shirt tiresomeness inopportuneness miscalculation mistake disappointment whammy mischance bafflement putting an end to putting an stop to nipping in the bud abnormality body blow unpleasant aspect joker in the pack sabotage intervention incompetence incompetency disqualification inexperience learning difficulties learning disability ill health special needs bitter pill put out foot dragging stroke of bad luck knock-back piece of bad luck reversal of fortune one in the eye bit of trouble kick in the teeth

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