Đồng nghĩa của looked for


To have made a request, or demand, of someone
asked requested demanded required appealed bade bid implored ordered petitioned proposed urged begged pleaded pled requisitioned stipulated beseeched besought challenged directed entreated exhorted pestered solicited sought commanded craved enjoined expected importuned insisted prayed sued supplicated told appealed to applied to called for called on insisted on pleaded with put in for counted on filed for asked for exacted appealed for impetrated wished wanted imposed summoned suggested obliged obligated needed called pressed for necessitated that pleaded for made a condition of invited hoped for bid for relied on relied upon sued for decreed that bade for pressed forced compelled pushed pressured put the screws on pressurized coerced dragooned goaded adjured pressurised encouraged railroaded impelled strong-armed prodded conjured put pressure on besieged constrained nagged pleaded to hounded charged bulldozed spurred hustled obsecrated prompted prevailed on made browbeat badgered invoked egged on driven drove leaned on put the squeeze on called upon harassed influenced persuaded advocated bullied necessitated blackjacked impressed muscled sandbagged nudged used pressure on press-ganged advised counseled counselled beset admonished thrust harried incited lobbied propelled bludgeoned steamrollered induced obtested bounced prayed to tried to persuade pushed for put up to put the heat on put under an obligation put the arm on recommended intimidated coaxed warned promoted dictated browbeaten hassled foisted obtruded applied squeezed enforced stimulated prescribed quested concussed fast-talked twisted someone's arm asked earnestly twisted one's arm brought pressure to bear on inflicted claimed plagued campaigned cautioned clamoured bothered thrusted brainwashed desired bugged terrorized menaced inspired braced clamored bound wheedled canvassed moved worked on shotgunned put the screws to dragooned into browbeat into pushed around requested earnestly strongly recommended used strong-arm tactics on cracked down clamored for advanced put screws to railroaded into bulldozed into hit up put the chill on fired up put squeeze on campaigned for lumbered someone with forced upon saddled with stipulated for put your foot down hit on asked brusquely turned on the heat asked authoritatively terrorised put the bite on crusaded expedited instructed referred inspanned motivated cajoled mithered unloaded preached pursued overcome pricked bayed cried threatened mandated decreed ordained championed barked canvased spieled extorted coerced into commandeered pressurized into caused steamrolled forewarned instigated manoeuvred sanctioned maneuvered submitted blandished propositioned repressed suppressed hindered cowed restricted speeded up keyed up sped up bludgeoned into bullied into occasioned beckoned tasked browbeaten into contracted bossed around called to countenanced whipped touted asked urgently poured it on pleaded in favour of psyched up breathed down someone's neck exerted influence on whistled for worked over inquired made an urgent request clamoured for sold burdened someone with invocated requested urgently laid claim to made an offer they can't refuse called the shots blackmailed held out for tightened the screws on made an earnest request cried for made a plea to went on bended knee to tempted laid down the law petitioned for made a plea sold one on craved of asked forcefully drummed up support prayed for wooed commended authorised argued in favour of used force on rationalized steamrollered into pestered for wrested used duress on lobbied for intimidated into pinned down exerted restrained drummed up left someone no option but to turned on brought pressure to bear upon worried come at arrogated urged by force ruled politicked badgered for forcefully suggested exerted force on gone on bended knee to subpoenaed recommended forcefully nagged for made necessary contested inquired about authorized recited rationalised bayed for made a claim dunned conscripted terrorized into abjured jogged drummed enquired appointed addressed made compulsory choked imposed on said burdened high pressured overcame acted on spoke spoken spake came at resorted to thrown your weight around threw your weight around begged for applied for bore down borne down beared hard on bore down on went to town on borne down on gone to town on gone on bended knee went on bended knee gave the order to given the order to given orders to gave orders to given the command to gave orders given orders gave the command to gave directions given directions spoke in favour of spoken in favour of


Past tense for to anticipate or expect something
anticipated awaited expected hoped for watched for contemplated counted on envisaged reckoned on prepared for looked forward to forecast planned on imagined forecasted predicted envisioned prophesied visualized suspected foretold divined apprehended gathered sensed visualised banked on had a hunch of prognosticated contemplated the possibility of read felt figured pre-empted itched waited for foreshadowed counted upon allowed provided foresaw foreseen bargained on bargained for reckoned with made provision for made allowance for hypothesized thought called foreboded considered had sneaking suspicion come to the conclusion portended previsioned thought it likely psyched out conjectured daresaid seen something coming deemed deduced speculated adumbrated auspicated daresayed determined reckoned ascertained assumed allowed for concluded planned believed called it looked ahead to had in prospect fancied theorised trusted vaticinated had a hunch discerned understood presumed presaged forefelt saw in the cards figured on theorized presupposed calculated soothsaid hazarded a guess judged perceived guessed supposed hypothesised foreknew forewarned postulated seen in the cards reasoned spaed counted chickens doped out projected saw something coming foreknown gauged said foretasted espied premised estimated augured entertained regarded as likely prevised gaged posited planned for surmised thought likely took into account aimed for taken into account got the idea seen it coming saw it coming drawn the inference taken it as given seen took it took it as given came to the conclusion taken it taken for granted saw gotten the idea took for granted drew the inference sayed readen saw coming seen coming inferred accepted predicated gleaned opined found weened suspicioned founden fand taken as read fell for took as read fallen for


Past tense for search by groping or feeling for something concealed
fished searched delved groped grope ferreted fumbled hunted looked rummaged scrabbled felt sought cast about cast around fossicked cast round ferreted about ferreted around probed rooted about rooted around rummaged about rummaged around scouted rummaged round dug around nosed about nosed around looked high and low scoured foraged ransacked hunted around cast about for rootled around beat searched out cast around for scratched around explored scavenged pursued looked round looked about raided looked around plundered sifted quested examined traced scrounged rootled dragged winnowed grubbed rootled about chased down sought out searched around foraged around nosed round foraged about pilfered groped around scoured around fine-tooth-combed ferreted out looked all over hell searched high heaven fished for raked ravaged looked up combed fished about shopped for tracked down fished around foraged for tried to find scrounged around scratched about beaten went after gone after dalf dolven rooted grabbled poked rifled fossicked through fingered floundered manipulated handled pried felt blindly dredged fiddled searched through fished around in dug through turned inside out scrabbled around in ferreted around in turned upside down rifled through fished about in scrabbled about in rooted around in ferreted about in rooted about in touched scratched rousted around scraped poled dug clawed pawed scrambled clutched hunted through rousted trolled ferreted in went through gone through been through sifted through beat the bushes poked around in tost sorted through mixed up looked through turned over disarrayed scraped around rousted around in delved in messed up rootled around in tossed jumbled spied disrupted disturbed dug in disarranged disorganized grubbed about in disordered left no stone unturned poked around grubbed about shaken beaten the bushes shaken down shook shook down


Past tense for to wash gravel in a pan to separate out (gold)


Likely to happen at a future date
prospective future likely possible potential approaching coming forthcoming intended destined eventual probable soon-to-be expected imminent anticipated aspiring awaited hoped-for intending looked-for -to-be would-be designate presumptive upcoming considered impending latent planned promised proposed in the making on the cards to be to come about to be nearing in the offing proximate pending oncoming near promising in the cards in the wind foreseeable next fated close looming budding immediate on the way developing close at hand at hand about to happen embryonic conceivable advancing assumed hypothetical supposed up and coming gathering inevitable odds-on predestined predictable presumable threatening presumed incipient verisimilar assumptive ostensible in the air contemplated onrushing short-term arriving emergent growing burgeoning suppositive fast-approaching nascent hopeful happening soon on tap on hand chosen taken for granted wannabe to-be appointed plausible elected implicit imaginable foreordained predetermined ultimate preordained credible could-be dormant designed doomed inherent believable elect unrealized just around the corner in the course of time believed understood reasonable creditable undeveloped unfolding inferred fetal convincing apparent presumptuous circumstantial in utero foetal unborn liable predicted sure disposed resulting inescapable supplied predisposed inclined inferable natural prone seeming supposable on the horizon in the pipeline true a pound to a penny distinctly possible ten to one in the habit of within the bounds of possibility having a tendency to on the verge of given to on to be expected in store in preparation on us in prospect coming up brewing subsequent following ensuing on the agenda later menacing downstream succeeding just round the corner coming soon upon us in the wings nigh consequent overhanging in view latter down the pike down the road down the line likely to happen underway handwriting-on-the-wall under discussion looming large successive near-at-hand near at hand on the go see it coming scheduled unavoidable ineluctable subsequential consecutive in the stars drawing near yet to come coming after next off directly after coming next convergent approximating being prepared under way in production hovering portending awaiting ominous hereafter waiting to looking to moving closer round the corner emerging in sight nearly on us in the near future appearing rising due extended long-term converging progressing over the long term near-term around the corner up-and-coming en route almost on one getting near gaining upon after successional fast approaching posterior succedent sequential resultant consequential postliminary pursuing running inevasible unescapable expectant later on in line following after late next up sequent supervenient on the trot serial on its way on the verge ordained certain bound meant foredoomed guaranteed assured that is to be settled que sera sera predesigned compelled condemned closed nailed on sealed very likely way the ball bounces directed hanging over stated written in the cards instant that will be inexorable compulsory

Trái nghĩa của looked for

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