Đồng nghĩa của chargeable

Alternative for chargeable

chargeable /'tʃɑ:dʤəbl/
  • tính từ
    • lấy vào, ăn vào, tính vào
      • sum chargeable to a reserve: món tiền lấy vào khoảng dự trữ
      • this is chargeable to the account of...: món này tính vào khoản...
    • phải chịu, phải chịu phí tổn; phải nuôi nấng
      • repairs chargeable on the owner: tiền sửa do chủ phải chịu
    • bắt phải chịu (một thứ thuế)
    • có thể bắt tội, có thể buộc tội; có thể tố cáo được


Legally obliged or responsible
actionable criminal indictable liable punishable serious answerable imputable responsible accountable subject amenable culpable obligated bound illegal blameworthy felonious unlawful prosecutable guilty obliged to blame compelled blamable subject to blame constrained supervised by blamed managed by illegitimate on the hook charged with held responsible under obligation duty-bound fraudulent dishonest unsanctioned banned penal outlawed unauthorized convictable prohibited barred proscribed forbidden interdicted unauthorised condemned faulty legally responsible censurable tied at fault illicit unlicensed wrong unwarranted sinful dirty out of line smoking gun off base unaccredited uncertified unapproved reprehensible found wanting reproachable in the wrong blameable reprovable caught unholy impeachable amiss demeritorious blameful hung up caught in flagrante caught in the act caught red-handed lawless unethical corrupt villainous nefarious crooked wicked disorderly clandestine iniquitous unsavory contraband furtive anarchic wrongful delinquent lawbreaking terrorist impermissible immoral dark bent black unruly shady bad insurrectionary vile insubordinate dodgy seditious improper against the law anarchical mutinous rebellious disruptive unofficial unacceptable mutinying insurgent noncompliant peccant nonconformist verboten sly adulterous malfeasant vicious taboo revolting evil savage anarchistic unrighteous barbarous bootleg ungoverned uncivilised racketeering disobedient heavy miscreant excessive rotten recusant uncultivated violating unsavoury turbulent warlike infringing violent unregulated flagitious unpeaceful wildcat contumacious piratical criminogenic uncivilized transgressing nihilistic disordered traitorous tapu haram off limits under-the-counter in violation of law black-market under the table not permitted without law and order ruled out against the rules not allowed under the counter not acceptable under-the-table contrary to law

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