Đồng nghĩa của needed

Alternative for needed

needs, needed, needing

Đồng nghĩa: lack, require, want,


Being required or essential for a given objective
necessary required essential desired requisite critical integral lacking vital wanted compulsory imperative indispensable mandatory necessitous obligatory all-important lacked needful called for must-have of the essence important crucial key prerequisite fundamental paramount pivotal significant consequential pre-eminent urgent central high-priority compelling pressing of great consequence of the utmost importance vitally important basic burning life-and-death acute principal cardinal chief intrinsic quintessential constitutive core momentous de rigueur demanded substantive incumbent prime elementary primary all important decisive focal appropriate stipulated specified preferred foremost nonelective forced peremptory proper involuntary compulsatory rudimentary inherent exigent main staple leading preeminent innate capital meaningful major meat-and-potatoes very important right recommended chosen expected correct intended suitable anticipated selected structural basal unavoidable binding elemental bottom-line foundational underlying expedient rightful rudimental nitty-gritty called-for salient radical deciding influential constitutional commanding heavy inescapable determinative earth-shattering life-or-death serious top dominant much needed big outstanding far-reaching prescribed king statutory telling set enforced number one right-hand bread-and-butter everything root beginning fitting climacteric ingrained introductory strategic fixed irremissible particular mission-critical business-critical underlined fatal accurate express exact characteristic of vital importance world-shaking name-of-the-game profound natural determining a matter of life and death constituent coal-and-ice looked-for connected component overruling primal premier overriding predominant weighty climactic grand supreme great ruling master at the heart of sought after incumbent on name of game prominent seminal powerful considerable distinguished indicated quantified listed reputable noted noteworthy trusted celebrated conspicuous illustrious major league high profile high-up highly regarded notable honourable honoured high-level big-time puissant heavy-duty earnest well known monumental major-league superior eminent high-ranking mighty skookum top-drawer top-notch of high standing big time noble honored big-league big league top-ranking high-powered honorable just of choice grave portentous substantial fateful historic material dire imperious severe solemn of moment clamant importunate somber emergent sombre of great import heavyweight crying sober conclusive of consequence of significance of great importance sedate staid arch remarkable final eventful life and death humourless humorless no laughing matter no joke first settling definitive no-nonsense forceful epoch-making big deal instant uppermost highest greatest sovereign overbearing overmastering sovran impressive uncomic earthshaking numero uno absolute relevant apocalyptic desperate signal striking special immediate earth-shaking memorable sensational prior appreciable exceptional much tectonic world-shattering defining controlling now or never front-page hefty operative newsworthy ultimate certain arresting pronounced demanding noticeable pertinent head clamorous large exacting insistent high unlucky responsible drastic marked exciting invaluable sizable large-scale obvious maximum authoritative landmark extensive especial prevailing lead extreme moving persuasive formative valuable tough difficult extraordinary unforgettable intense utmost headline impelling topmost instrumental of great moment hard keynote rare arch- impactful imposing inspiring inspirational number-one strong potent emphatic last clear shaping causal evaluative coercive egregious elevated applicable active best predestined foreordained inevitable doomed destined interesting lively busy full super axial intrusive projecting protruding famous arrestive jutting obtrusive ill-fated doomful direful inauspicious ominous resultful apposite germane topical worthwhile super colossal mammoth demanding attention dramatic high priority apropos apt glum strongest definite constraining event-filled strenuous presiding supereminent buzzworthy stern gloomy dour grim trenchant indicative hectic action-packed austere emergency sore page-one prodigious unmissable ponderous tremendous life-saving quiet downbeat sad decided incisive terrible driving parlous clamouring hurry-up clamoring requiring obliging heat-on irresistible claiming distressing forcing unyielding actual cold sober life or death second-to-none out of the ordinary of note of substance crisp settled of import matter of life and death epochal star stellar No. 1 extremely important milestone litmus test transcendental empyrean empyreal sublime categorical carrying a lot of weight ponderable priceless top-priority precious obstinate tireless unremitting intransigent tenacious stubborn indefatigable distinctive deep uncommon glaring unusual life-changing very great inestimable preponderant resonant worthy of attention quantum generous unordinary glorious testing irreplaceable persistent unrelenting aggressive dogged obdurate persevering entreating nagging pertinacious of importance trying searching helpful choice creative original psychological serviceable treasured avid disturbing high-pressure annoying troublesome suppliant overeager solicitous pushy harassing innovative extremely helpful beyond price extremely useful worth its weight in gold imaginative groundbreaking touchy showdown climatic effective convincing pioneering productive ground-breaking competent stirring effectual provocative vigorous useful swaying capable enticing contributory encouraging motivational energetic robust able inducing stimulating purposeful animating motivating hard-hitting swayful guiding dynamic cogent successful rousing alluring masterful touching efficient seductive forcible efficacious affecting overly solicitous touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice germinal generative most important most prominent most influential


Recommended or appropriate as being in one's best interests
indicated recommended advisable appropriate best desired preferable prudent sensible suggested suitable wise advantageous beneficial commonsensical effective gainful helpful necessary profitable useful valuable desirable essential required called for called-for expedient significant important invaluable favorable constructive vital favourable crucial practical pivotal worthwhile good instrumental paramount critical indispensable imperative rewarding strategic fruitful handy meritorious opportune serviceable beneficent admired in demand exigent propitious relevant commodious appreciated fundamental worthy key auspicious conducive behooveful requisite productive timely respected of assistance esteemed loved of the essence held dear of use worthful of benefit worth its weight in gold of help hot property hot of value estimable central worth it of service scarce efficacious convenient positive effectual operative efficient benignant benefic kindly potent win-win lucrative encouraging fit salutary remunerative powerful functional successful friendly applicable sound gratifying practicable facilitative workable economic informative usable fitting promising meaningful capable excellent valid adequate exploitable contributive employable to one's advantage satisfying enriching subservient paying formative utile fulfilling priceless substantial illuminating seemly apt judicious politic contributory precious proper supportive active recommendable working fortuitous tactical competent prosperous accessory treasured telling forcible accessible available utilizable conclusive decisive determinative operational functioning current running strong virtuous operable applicative applied actionable ultrapractical well spent viable in one's interests expendable unused wieldy consumable open exhaustible adaptable ready utilisable for the best to your advantage at hand in working order at disposal in order justifiable purposeful wholesome plus industrious generative agreeable benevolent good for one instructive toward nice exemplary money-making worth the effort good for you in one's interest reliable edifying pleasing well-spent influential puissant energetic uplifting inspiring benign accomplishing achieving effecting qualified furthersome lucky useable unfailing outstanding in one's best interests durable comforting cheering gladdening heartening heartwarming hard-wearing utilitarian dependable sure-fire aiding assistive sturdy stout subordinate providential sovereign disposable ancillary moneymaking felicitous well secondary feasible forceful operating in running order ready for use up and running available for use fit for use at your disposal welcome inestimable cherished subsidiary favoured favored happy golden bright integral consequential irreplaceable jammy rosy seasonable paid fat juicy money-spinning rare choice fortunate of substance going well-paying sweet rich fructuous lush generous auxiliary logical sagacious commendable counselable enough born with a silver spoon in your mouth heaven-sent well-off all-important financially rewarding well paid dear productive of good for aid helpful to facilitate favour favor extremely helpful supplemental bush-league appurtenant collateral adjuvant minor flunky going concern paid off very productive beyond price extremely useful leading benefit tending assist promotive encourage help useful for instrumental in of great consequence red-letter of the utmost importance vitally important in the black calculated to produce lead to contribute to make for tend to promote contributing to


Useful or functional for a particular purpose
good effective helpful advantageous beneficial constructive productive profitable suitable acceptable appropriate convenient decent desirable favourable favorable fitting fruitful healthy proper respectable satisfying usable utilisable utilizable approving brave comestible common consumable edible fit fit for human consumption fit to be eaten meet right safe to eat versatile all right ample apt auspicious becoming benefic benignant commendatory commending conformable congruous favouring favoring healthful hygienic opportune propitious protean salubrious salutary seemly serviceable tolerable toward unobjectionable wholesome useful applicable felicitous happy befitting expedient timely fitted fortunate lucky relevant beneficent pertinent kindly apposite friendly seasonable providential just benign suited valuable worthwhile pretty apropos correct germane well-timed functional practical ideal rightful promising adequate encouraging of use satisfactory heaven-sent fair well timed rewarding to the point fortuitous gainful qualified handy worthy comme il faut due golden conducive win-win ripe in keeping welcome perfect lucrative deserved of service equitable economic successful moneymaking nice decorous employable valid benevolent ready significant requisite to the purpose paying remunerative pat of benefit material related condign useable capable practicable reasonable well-suited exploitable fat juicy money-spinning adapted feasible operative available going sufficient pleasing tailor-made kosher right on on the nose on the button justified charitable informative well-chosen able flukey fluky connected prosperous bright efficacious thriving serendipitous generous prepared profit-making pleasant behooveful deserving equipped powerful furthersome conforming workable accessible compatible correspondent well-paying merited commodious telling running current just right sweet equal competent operable appurtenant preferable of assistance enough ad rem financially rewarding well paid expendable unused wieldy exhaustible adaptable utile open instrumental subservient spot on good enough made to order legit excellent cut out for in the black at hand at disposal in order healing hopeful timeous fairy-tale well disposed harmonious sensible blessed moderate warm clement conformed reconciled accommodated agreeable accommodating commercial illuminating enriching cheering pleasureful flattering gratifying pleasurable reassuring workaday good for one belonging judicious for-profit renumerative inspired comfortable good for you merciful dexter smiling ordinary utilitarian everyday neat choice well suited matched working just what was ordered that's the ticket obligatory warranted gentle casual incidental enviable accidental well chosen well spent done utility cut out strategic joyous well put well expressed convincing high-income right and proper bounden effectual comely best of value operational disposable functioning potent behooving beseeming relative linked applicatory associable congruent correlated consistent salient money-making well-paid great well judged full of promise applied ultrapractical applicative actionable contributive user friendly fit for purpose up to standard swell in character up to snuff advisable righteous right up someone's street in keeping with politic okay copacetic presentable altruistic to your advantage for the best humanitarian in one's interests kind bankable cost-effective high-paying facilitative apropos of on target having direct bearing on having to do with viable optimal just the thing big-hearted booming flourishing fatness in running order up and running at your disposal operating ready for use available for use fit for use in working order invaluable just what the doctor ordered the very thing just what one needs wonderful just the job active efficient what the doctor ordered according to Hoyle set disposed cost effective of help forceful decisive determinative conclusive sound forcible crying out meaningful meritorious -worthy instructive paid rich lush substantial fructuous going concern paid off very productive dominant superior commanding important favoured dominating privileged preferred favored fine more desirable most desirable


Lacking in a required or necessary quality
wanting deficient inadequate disappointing insufficient lacking defective faulty imperfect inferior poor substandard unsound patchy sketchy incomplete unacceptable unsatisfying flawed impaired pathetic short shy absent limited low missing not good enough restricted scarce second-rate shabby shoddy unfinished bodger needing not acceptable not up to standard unpolished unrefined away bankrupt bereft cooked deprived destitute devoid empty failing gone half-baked less omitted scant scanty unfulfilled below par burned out cut off in default not up to par out of gas not much cop not up to expectations not up to scratch too little too late leaving much to be desired incommensurate meagre minimal meager slight measly sparse insubstantial small lean piddling finite drained paltry coming up short not hacking it in short supply not making it too small too little too few not enough damaged broken malfunctioning inoperative not working not functioning kaput busted on the blink out of order duff knackered in disrepair down non-functioning broken-down conked out bust blemished out of commission done for acting up not in working order injured marred bad amiss dud out of kilter gone phut playing up gone haywire on its last legs weak wonky warped on the fritz scratched finished cracked unusable shot deformed torn unsatisfactory out of whack unfit unreliable sick fallible run-down hurt spoiled inoperable incorrect useless distorted broken down buckled out ruined disabled screwed up out of action in need of repair buggy inexact botched had it spoilt worn out gone wrong lemon frail worn-out tainted conked-out up the spout old chipped done in inconsistent dilapidated crippled slipshod off rumpty dented smashed nonfunctional unavailable clapped out debilitated harmed unfunctional unserviceable incapacitated inactive scrappy unproductive unavailing crashed dinged totaled snafued bent flubbed sunk abnormal seconds unhealthy on the bum subnormal skimpy unsuitable exiguous unworthy gone kaput given up the ghost stopped working out of service packed up gone bust out of use non-functional dysfunctional scrap bootless abortive unassembled infrequent unequal rare underprovided undersupplied doesn't work second string second fiddle outta gas found wanting third string beat-up loused up messed up glitched in smithereens in poor condition fouled up mucked up wounded no go not make it spent wracked not cut out for gone to pieces fallen apart in the shop haywire coming unstuck exhausted on the shelf coming unglued gone to pot feeble failed inaccurate fallacious invalid imprecise wrong erroneous worthless valueless ineffective no good debased rank unretentive contradictory adulterated awry false malformed blamable leaky confused maimed incoherent lame unsellable unsaleable partial crummy tenth-rate below standard immature lousy undeveloped rubbish ropy rudimentary disfigured in a state of disrepair minus junk vicious garbage not up to snuff faultful schlocky few bugs two-bit bottom-of-barrel


Past tense for expressing a necessity or obligation for an outcome

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