Đồng nghĩa của tectonic

Alternative for tectonic

tectonic /tek'tɔnik/
  • tính từ
    • xây dựng
    • (địa lý,địa chất) kiến tạo


Of great consequence, importance, or significance
significant important consequential momentous major weighty historic material substantial eventful meaningful big monumental much earthshaking earth-shattering considerable memorable serious of significance of consequence critical crucial grave decisive far-reaching remarkable of moment notable extraordinary outstanding fateful vital epoch-making key heavy heavyweight of great import life-and-death unforgettable pivotal headline exceptional portentous landmark great urgent appreciable life-changing earth-shaking of importance valuable principal high-priority all-important no joke no laughing matter meaty famous celebrated red-letter groundbreaking renowned famed active ground-breaking lively full busy noteworthy exciting tremendous apocalyptic well-known stunning earthshattering devastating epochal distinguished lasting dramatic enduring immortal event-filled strenuous abiding world-shattering world-shaking action-packed hectic signal major league strategic leading prime tough eminent sober sizable prominent influential fundamental sombre big-time powerful heavy-duty earnest main hefty difficult mammoth paramount solemn super colossal somber big league hard super sizeable solid real worthwhile sturdy firm strong respectable sound marked substantive grand extensive massive good ample useful durable healthy big-deal superabundant abundant vast steady major-league acute profound exigent no-nonsense of great importance life and death of great consequence big deal essential pressing illustrious severe central large-scale telling conspicuous pronounced cardinal high-level sedate staid striking special integral prestigious impressive distinctive preeminent pre-eminent impactful humourless humorless noble intense large dominant core determining primary ponderous deep superior foremost high-ranking forceful noted prodigious imposing indispensable well known arresting dire especial intrinsic authoritative sensational top-level overriding capital noticeable top-ranking dynamic glorious instrumental salient burning underlined uncomic front-page notorious honoured newsworthy mighty acclaimed bright potent imperative honourable honorable rare honored big-league of note emphatic well thought of of high standing top effectual effective relevant senior indelible haunting sweeping catchy commanding affecting focal seminal tidy vivid pertinent premier head elevated purposeful immense respected reputable uppermost enormous efficacious stimulating requisite huge brilliant esteemed high milestone obvious treasured redoubtable wonderful almighty astronomic astronomical conclusive top-notch astral star luminous of great moment resonant not to be forgotten never to be forgotten determinative high-profile radical necessary uncommon unusual exalted goodly invaluable titanic venerable responsible high profile high-powered highly regarded skookum out of this world of repute high-up of mark worthy of attention vitally important in the public eye something else out of the ordinary of distinction top-drawer executive trusted page-one unmissable overwhelming interesting utmost needed valid of import breakthrough drastic topical recognized egregious germane glum deciding buzzworthy eye-catching colossal reasonable fair arch stern big time puissant pioneering gloomy dour grim decision-making iconic dignified pithy indicative measurable detectable perceptible visible austere innovatory innovative revolutionary stiff quiet downbeat sad ill-fated doomful unlucky direful inauspicious ominous resultful sententious cold sober historical formidable recognised public arrestive of substance exceeding ultra whopping of vital importance life-saving now or never extremely important life-or-death life or death whopping great matter of life and death immediate top-priority pointed steep biggish chief upper ranking surprising unexpected exorbitant gargantuan gratifying of influence overshadowing dangerous grievous of concern inordinate whacking productive impactive presiding ruling high-grade lofty lead kenspeckle celebrious giant immeasurable profuse whacking great humongous voluminous gigantic triumphant august fulfilling monstrous dynamite solid gold super-duper much touted to the max something unreal mondo highly rated fab fat well received doozie first supereminent heroic uplifting proud priceless precious resplendent magnificent marvellous satisfying splendid marvelous heart-warming rewarding pleasing comprehensive inestimable cherished broad cheering shining sublime pleasurable irreplaceable widespread wide extreme unfading timeless blanket helpful choice persuasive expansive extended perpetual everlasting undying eternal wholesale serviceable carrying a lot of weight ponderable imperishable enthralling superlative spectacular observable supreme dazzling thrilling pervasive overarching compelling inspiring inspirational convincing rangy motivating standout rememberable surpassing remembered glaring extremely helpful beyond price extremely useful worth its weight in gold of the utmost importance moving stirring rousing touching fixed in the mind preponderant keynote quantum generous unordinary climacteric particular competent provocative vigorous swaying capable enticing contributory encouraging operative motivational energetic robust able inducing impelling animating hard-hitting swayful formative guiding cogent successful controlling alluring masterful efficient seductive forcible ambitious mind-blowing stamped on your memory wide-ranging far-ranging far-flung in-depth all-embracing across-the-board across the board most important


Related to, or caused by an earthquake or other vibration of the Earth

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