Đồng nghĩa của seductive

Alternative for seductive

seductive /si'dʌktiv/
  • tính từ
    • có sức quyến rũ, có sức cám dỗ, làm say đắm
      • a seductive smile: nụ cười quyến rũ

Tính từ

Very attractive or tempting
alluring bewitching captivating tempting sexy fascinating ravishing attractive provocative come-hither flirtatious enticing erotic immodest inviting irresistible sensuous shameless siren suggestive tantalising tantalizing amorous appealing beguiling charismatic charming come-to-bed coquettish elfin enchanting engaging entrancing fetching glamorous glamourous hot luring magnetic passionate raunchy sexually arousing sexually exciting slinky steamy sultry tarty attracting desirable drawing specious lovely beautiful gorgeous cute delightful sensual winning pretty beddable foxy luscious arousing taking fair intriguing comely winsome stunning voluptuous pleasing sexually attractive bootylicious adorable fanciable good-looking handsome fit lush enthralling bonny smashing titillating nubile beauteous striking knockout prepossessing divine sightly sweet lovesome spunky heavenly shapely tasty drop-dead gorgeous dreamy drop-dead eye-catching bodacious seemly likeable likable dazzling easy on the eye elegant sexual delectable interesting arresting aesthetic esthetic likely bonnie adorbs pulchritudinous good pleasant mesmerizing dishy agreeable lovable spellbinding goodly provoking well-favored mesmerising magical exciting exquisite nice naughty nice-looking racy graceful mesmeric saucy curvaceous kissable endearing sensational babelicious as pretty as a picture hypnotic fine teasing disarming delicate toothsome persuasive buxom scrumptious risqué riveting well favoured out of this world darling radiant stylish stimulating sublime compelling dainty personable indecent busty salacious juicy easy on the eyes cuddly delicious hypnotizing intoxicating fabulous beckoning becoming wonderful dear hunky inveigling congenial amiable hypnotising coy arch flirty fine-looking aphrodisiacal very beautiful rapturous pornographic aphrodisiac bedroom witching lurid mouthwatering on fleek feline spicy well-favoured dallying kittenish appetizing flighty indelicate opulent frisky playful kinky idyllic engrossing appetising yummy dashing curvy cheeky glorious libidinous lewd enchanted fantastic heady vampish skittish philandering gamy magnificent smart dreamlike wholesome blooming fashionable orphic sirenic classy superb fairylike precious splendid enamoring angelic genial debonair absorbing affable fairy-tale larger than life a ten well favored gripping thrilling illecebrous phat rousing sexually stimulating eligible demure adult entertaining diverting admirable studly devastating flirting erotogenic erogenous erotical amatory cutesy beaut amazing incredible fab terrific flamboyant ample skin fruity piquant beseeching Orphean infatuating full-figured full-bosomed ingratiating insinuating loveable vixenish mature trim dreamboat eyeful bijou strong invincible powerful unconquerable inevitable indomitable uncontainable overriding ineluctable magnetizing magnetising electrifying choice horny clean-cut Junoesque Rubensesque grateful delightsome blessed dulcet savoury blest jolly felicitous satisfying welcome gratifying pleasurable palatable enjoyable savory picture-perfect encouraging X-rated seducing extremely attractive fleshly carnal influential mysterious exotic as nice as pie grand physically attractive strong in character full of personality chic glitzy gainly well-stacked well-proportioned well formed entranced charmed bewitched resplendent statuesque aesthetically pleasing aesthetically appealing glam mind-blowing cherished warm-hearted simpatico sympathique affectionate ritzy well dressed dollish dapper symmetrical telegenic ideal well-formed showstopping willowy camera-friendly refined photogenic presentable prettyish sheen fiendish conjuring trendy righteous flashy prestigious nifty sympatisch cunning cherishable friendly fantastical marvellous marvelous colourful quixotic nostalgic well turned prizable nurturable appreciatable peng too good to be true romantic adventurous colorful chivalrous looking like a million blue come-on strange outlandish bizarro bawdy improper smutty ribald unseemly sportive cultured polite conciliatory placating pacifying mollifying sophisticated witty suave prurient spoony cultivated conciliating pacific appeasing propitiatory peacemaking placatory vulgar rude dirty worldly civilized salty off off-color off-colored gamey coarse propitiating civilised well bred worldly-wise near the knuckle shady wicked obscene broad off colour insinuative saccharine deferential silky ingratiatory convincing silken

Tính từ

Having significantly interesting qualities
appealing attractive inviting tempting winning alluring beguiling engaging enticing irresistible captivating fascinating enchanting entrancing bewitching intriguing enthralling compelling arresting magnetic gripping engrossing charming spellbinding interesting riveting hypnotic tantalizing absorbing mesmerizing compulsive exciting consuming tantalising mesmeric immersing involving thrilling unputdownable mesmerising charismatic delightful magical provocative elfin fetching glamourous glamorous luring pleasing ravishing preoccupying prepossessing transfixing seducing hypnotizing stimulating entertaining diverting very interesting amusing curious hypnotising exhilarating thought-provoking magic drawing pulling overwhelming monopolizing welcoming warm monopolising very exciting mouthwatering pleasant agreeable mouth-watering appetizing cordial encouraging open persuasive winsome appetising striking impressive memorable moving meaty vibrant exceptional breathtaking wonderful astonishing eventful attention-grabbing unique newsworthy newsy portentous inspiring action-packed intoxicating stirring splashy relatable noteworthy envigorating trenchant marvellous galvanising marvelous electrifying fabulous topical eye-opening amazing invigorating fine showy remarkable unboring piquant wondrous affecting emphatic vivid racy out of the ordinary galvanizing electric buzzworthy pleasurable rousing refreshing worthy of note spectacular fresh enrapturing titillating delectable dazzling provoking

Tính từ

Pleasant and satisfactory
good excellent exceptional appealing delightful enjoyable great likeable likable marvellous marvelous nice pleasant positive satisfactory satisfying superb wonderful acceptable affable agreeable amiable beautiful clear comfortable comforting elegant enchanting engaging enviable euphoric exhilarating fair fascinating favourable favorable fine flashy glamorous gorgeous hunky joyous lovely lovesome mild photogenic pleasing pleasurable precious presentable pretty ravishing sound splendid stunning sublime sunny super tasteful tempting valuable worthy A1 ace admirable aesthetic amusing arresting attractive beauteous blessed boss capital cheery choice comely commendable cunning cute dainty delicate dishy dollish drop-dead exquisite eye-catching fetching flamboyant foxy fun glad glamourous glossy good-looking heavenly honorable honourable hospitable hunky-dory in order intoxicating knockout neat not bad OK prettyish prime pulchritudinous rad radiant rapturous relief reputable resplendent showstopping showy sightly slick snazzy soothing spanking splashy statuesque sterling superior taking unspoilt welcome well-favored zingy alluring blest calming charming congenial copacetic copasetic darling delightsome deluxe dulcet ecstatic elating esthetic first-class first-rate genial gnarly grateful gratifying paradisaic paradisaical paradisal paradisiac paradisiacal passable recherche recreative relishable savoury savory select shipshape splendorous stupendous supercalifragilisticexpialidocious super-eminent super-excellent telegenic irie delectable sweet jolly luscious delicious felicitous dreamy tasty palatable handsome bonny goodly seemly likely bonnie captivating divine adorable desirable winning glorious smashing entertaining magnificent fabulous prepossessing enticing bewitching fantastic beguiling striking terrific irresistible charismatic tantalizing fanciable easy on the eye winsome fit grand refreshing nice-looking sexy tantalising out of this world sultry hot nubile sensational graceful as pretty as a picture sensual lush arousing bootylicious adorbs entrancing brilliant luring spunky rewarding magical cheering exciting drop-dead gorgeous well favoured inviting sexual fab peachy sensuous thrilling magic heartening scrumptious stylish cheerful diverting amazing easy on the eyes come-hither happy bodacious cool babelicious beaut swell beddable well-favoured shapely erotic dazzling intriguing to one's liking come-to-bed sexually attractive cordial awesome heartwarming personable magnetic interesting pleasureful fine and dandy brill spiffing enthralling provocative mesmeric topping wizard bonzer groovy beckoning top-hole becoming buxom blooming on fleek very beautiful to one's taste fine-looking promising bright encouraging blissful outstanding propitious opportune fulfilling timely appreciated gladdening decorative suitable ducky festive heaven-sent much needed superlative champion ripping cracking corking dandy beezer frabjous lovable lekker mooi joyful perfect gladly received to your liking teasing wholesome very agreeable very nice a ten well favored very pleasant titillating ok friendly alright silvery compelling soft golden sympathetic extremely enjoyable extremely pleasant artistic consoling sapid convivial balmy relaxing snug suited welcoming wanted extremely attractive powerful highest ornamental jovial adapted appropriate studly enhancing fancy stellar restful renewing rejuvenating restorative solacing merry dear easy to take matchless peerless tremendous angelic well suited clean-cut incredible easygoing good-natured sweet-natured preferable beautifying goodlooking noble immaculate supreme restoring couthy trim dreamboat eyeful bijou ambrosial ineffable yummy gay gladsome celebratory distracting clubbable rare par excellence spiffy peach ready pussycat classy symmetrical ideal well-formed refined picture-perfect very attractive greatly to one's liking very pleasurable just fine flawless constructive productive worthwhile wicked splendiferous beneficial to your taste long-awaited longed-for desired contenting sustaining sufficient substantial nourishing satiating adequate happiness-inducing replayable in good taste way-out tip-top out of sight top-notch very good heart-warming light-hearted hitting the spot optimistic glowing aglow rosy hopeful beaming auspicious elfin drawing attention mesmerizing endearing mesmerising spellbinding disarming riveting hypnotic gripping absorbing picturesque loveable engrossing curvaceous siren hypnotizing compulsive cutesy scenic persuasive quaint hypnotising voluptuous cuddly impressive appetizing attracting fashionable smart drawing mouthwatering appetising stimulating twee breathtaking well-rounded spectacular consuming immersing involving ingratiating insinuating chocolate-box chic idyllic provoking romantic stirring cherubic curious regular unputdownable warm inveigling thought-provoking ritzy simpatico sympathique glitzy curvy panoramic sirenic toothsome witching sympatisch mouth-watering enrapturing enamoring innocent transfixing opulent orphic decent rounded specious kissable seducing strong well-proportioned okay cherubical rousing racy electrifying memorable fairy-tale all right vivid pretty as a picture illecebrous marriageable ripe fetcjomg young youthful beseeching pulling phat flirtatious flattering infatuating imposing young-looking Orphean transporting readable magnetizing magnetising picture-postcard cherished warm-hearted affectionate well-shaped well-built open top juicy stately dignified cherishable jaw-dropping as nice as pie eligible prizable nurturable appreciatable puzzling suave aesthetically pleasing canny kawaii raunchy risqué charged salacious edgy influential sexually mature virile dapper seraphic strong in character robust sharp athletic spruce smooth sweetheart aces sociable gregarious white-hat pretty-pretty full of personality good looking invincible unconquerable inevitable indomitable uncontainable overriding ineluctable tidy prim spotless clean heady larger than life camera-friendly camera-ready dramatic entranced charmed enchanted bewitched glam very interesting well-dressed mind-blowing fairylike well dressed plump toytown old-fashioned old-world high-quality expensive colorful childlike well-chosen fiendish dreamlike conjuring trendy righteous prestigious nifty good egg all heart photographic pictographic cuddlesome huggable amorous attention-grabbing affecting lurid vixenish upmarket coffee-table sophisticated luxurious pictorial majestic symbolic unsoiled colourful orderly swank noteworthy slight petite arty-crafty olde too good to be true X-rated looking like a million moving meaty astonishing eventful invigorating piquant worthy of note fresh preoccupying portentous envigorating trenchant galvanising topical unboring buzzworthy vibrant unique newsy inspiring relatable eye-opening remarkable out of the ordinary newsworthy action-packed wondrous emphatic galvanizing electric slim doll face swanky swish schmick arty clean-limbed respectable airy subtle dinky nuanced curvacious full-figured pneumatic Junoesque full-bosomed well-turned tolerable pleasantly old-fashioned fluffy embraceable snuggly caressible zaftig well produced proper uplifting gainly balanced proportioned sylphlike well shaped well formed built lacy well-made deft frail tender diaphanous thin ethereal light fragile feeble conciliatory placating pacifying mollifying average O.K. conciliating pacific appeasing propitiatory peacemaking placatory fairly good reasonable good enough moderately good prepared not too bad olde worlde comfy homelike well turned propitiating insinuative saccharine deferential silky ingratiatory convincing silken home-like of good cheer

Tính từ

Able to persuade
persuasive cogent compelling convincing effective forceful telling credible eloquent impressive influential plausible sound strong valid weighty winning conclusive decisive effectual efficacious glib impelling inducing logical moving potent powerful satisfying silky silver-tongued slick smooth-talking smooth-tongued touching actuating alluring assuasive believable convictive efficient energetic enticing forcible inspiring inveigling luring pointed smooth stimulating stringent suasive suasory swaying unctuous wheedling not taking no for an answer crucial inspirational pivotal motivating instrumental meaningful stirring rousing guiding masterful affecting motivational provocative swayful authoritative momentous operative far-reaching formative contributory controlling consequential central impactful encouraging fateful critical dynamic monumental competent hard-hitting vigorous capable considerable responsible successful imposing robust animating able striking useful emphatic purposeful material reasonable rational well founded articulate irresistible lucid coherent fluent solid clear acceptable unanswerable reasoned expressive reliable smooth-spoken exciting incontestable incontrovertible vocal arousing provoking irrefutable satisfactory puissant well-spoken pertinent significant unassailable likely probable possible voluble well-founded tenable vivid trenchant stimulative authentic well reasoned realistic mighty relevant triggering undeniable suave fast-talking verisimilar colourable inspiriting spirited uplifting imaginable conceivable incisive emotional facile definitive loquacious enlivening passionate trusty feasible affective creditable categorical quick unmistakable urgent talkative garrulous enthusiastic coercive presumable grandiloquent suggestive refreshing justified aggressive unequivocal punchy inciting unquestionable trustworthy pithy dramatic powerhouse electric thinkable firm thought-provoking assured soul-stirring revealing within the bounds of possibility faithful able to hold water hard to resist easy ready definite dependable indisputable compulsive urbane insincere important challenging flip graphic slippery energizing artful graceful certain invigorating exhilarating demonstrative smooth operator vocative hot-air substantial animated communicative galvanizing believeable sensible sober impassioned charged justifiable consistent sharp just instigative instigating good electrifying great sustainable presumptive poignant magniloquent defensible illuminating well-expressed well-grounded constraining elemental gutsy indubitable flattering supportable understandable awakening direct congruent legit viable grounded true workable analytic intelligent supposable clear-cut envigorating galvanising piquing energising pragmatic real vehement unambiguous analytical well grounded disputatious bona fide legitimate coming on strong ball of fire well-defined interesting marked reassuring orderly systematic methodical vivacious zestful cogitable devastating conspicuous ingratiating sycophantic apposite apt fitting insistent obsequious smarmy well organized conjecturable intelligible salient watertight positive airtight active violent armed fawning in-your-face zappy admissible drastic compulsory authenticating driving succinct terse oratorical sufficient factual sincere well-established comprehensible assertive intense militant pat final validating evident formidable crystalline nicely spoken appropriate correct warrantable genuine warranted proper fair heartening emotive neat on the ball unconditional gripping riveting memorable breathtaking intoxicating disingenuous specious honest-to-god straight tried colorable aboveboard fiduciary credential verifiable dinkum rightful accepted hard grand high-powered theatric lively exhilarative galvanic thrilling unarguable shallow superficial oversimplified flippant simplistic fair-spoken kicky anthemic exalting obvious intuitive decided undisputed infallible ingenious insightful distinct propelling pukka acknowledged charming acute sweet-talking virile take-over steamroller titanic take-charge punch vibrant hearty irrefragable true to life up front with a ring of truth evocative absolute with the gift of the gab having kissed the Blarney Stone effortless well-versed natural authoritarian resounding mind-blowing mind-bending emotion-charged uncompromising tough histrionical performant like enough very likely serious mind-boggling rip-roaring heart-stopping hair-raising rallying beyond doubt beyond question beyond dispute true-to-life carrying conviction hopeful honest frank blunt forthright unsparing one hundred per cent wordy effusive prompt copious chatty confident verbose self-assured running mellifluous cursive mellifluent declamatory straight-talking condemnatory rationalistic pregnant strongly worded dominant commanding upfront dynamical bullish argumentative dialectical no holds barred all out pulling no punches revelatory meaning not beating about the bush straight from the shoulder indicative right rhetorical fervid fervent well spoken ardent outspoken well expressed sententious facund prudent proven balanced perceptive sane perspicuous deductive commonsensical accurate maintainable defendable confirmed informed arguable astute practical germane determinative levelheaded discerning commonsense contentious polemical vindicable stable consequent commonsensible uncorrupted intellectual kosher attested tested well-reasoned well-advised well thought out well advised dialectic controversial down-to-earth holding water matter-of-fact clear-headed

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