Đồng nghĩa của pictorial

Alternative for pictorial


Đồng nghĩa: graphic, lifelike, pictural, vivid,

Tính từ

Giving clear and vividly explicit details
graphic vivid picturesque delineated visual graphical illustrated striking expressive representational scenic blocked-out clear depicted descriptive diagrammatic engraved etched iconographic illustrational lifelike marked-out outlined painted pictographic pictoric pictured portrayed realistic seen sketched symbolic traced illustrative photographic colourful colorful drawn detailed eloquent moving artistic evocative decorative powerful lively stirring imaginative telling rich strong arresting imaginal delineative dramatic stimulating filmic explicit faithful representative concrete precise forceful hieroglyphic revealing lucid beautiful intense memorable impressive emotional aesthetic pleasing distinct true to life pleasant forcible definite true-to-life photogenic highly coloured attractive esthetic tabular representa schematic painterly imagistic depictive visible written accurate minute pictorical chocolate-box in writing exact cinematic affecting retentive natural naturalistic unforgettable haunting authentic scintillating sharp camera-friendly acute definitive emotive fascinating interesting active theatrical fresh fine narrative sharply-etched crystal clear lovely stylish elegant ornamental exquisite graceful tasteful creative idyllic cultivated poignant breathtaking charming aesthetically pleasing subtle enchanting meaningful suggestive passionate uninhibited lush cultured sublime grand musical harmonious refined ideal rhythmical significant startling cogent shocking punchy lurid paradisiacal unsoiled paradisiac luscious majestic paradisal quaint paradisaical pretty as pretty as a picture paradisaic meaning charged ardent indicative sympathetic energetic pregnant revelatory well-drawn effective well drawn perspicuous full well delineated compelling well expressed comprehensible figurative convincing unequivocal well defined incisive intelligible allusive inspired visionary indicating emotion indicating feeling demonstrative deeply felt emphatic understanding pointed pathetic full of emotion thoughtful representing open warm ingenious easy-to-read full of feeling spirited brilliant mobile communicative sensitive animated alive indicating tender touching masterly showy silver-tongued articulate responsive signifying leaving nothing to the imagination redolent speaking deep inspiring fervent fiery impassioned telltale touchy-feely impactful effusive feeling profound loving heartfelt mournful reminiscent unreserved sad intriguing evocatory gushing unrestrained resonant fervid remindful weighty affectionate vehement sentimental enthusiastic exciting sincere thrilling original approachable forthcoming cuddly friendly symptomatic inventive doleful stirred expansive uplifting soulful significative consequential unconstrained candid warmhearted vibrant poetic influential persuasive hot-blooded perceptive inspirational lovey-dovey zealous giving an inkling feverish vigorous flaming fanatical melodramatic sententious important heated burning torrid impelling authoritative passional inspiriting glowing blazing upsetting heart-warming perfervid incandescent superheated religious heartbreaking irresistible red-hot warm-blooded heart-rending rousing heartrending soul-stirring tragic tear-jerking high-powered hard-hitting evoking noticeable sophisticated discerning connotative fluent loaded arty resonating impressionistic warming tactual tactile cheering cheerful gladdening resonant with remindful of seminal arousing anthemic encouraging calling up momentous fecund insinuative insinuatory tragicomic emotion-charged eager excited committed assiduous earnest dedicated steadfast allegiant insinuating heartening instigative elevating enriching inspirative improving stunning gripping breathless provoking affective fierce wild frenzied provoking doubt messianic violent raging tumultuous uncontrollable consuming elevated flowery sly enigmatic cunning hip impulsive impetuous ungovernable steamed up high-pressure stimulated precipitate headlong hotblooded quickened impish arch wise teasing mischievous playful efficient capable insightful able coherent knowing motivational authoritarian pivotal motivating swayful alluring masterful efficacious sonorous mellow mellifluous rational reasoned pertinent sufficient successful dynamic temperamental plausible on the ball aggressive logical material mighty histrionical trenchant well-founded relevant well reasoned imposing satisfying credible puissant reasonable unanswerable direct theatric sound well founded performant powerhouse ringing purposeful bitter painful distressing excitable susceptible full-bodied melodious storming flamboyant exuberant quick piteous pitiful dulcet fruity booming mellifluent pitiable disturbing saddening sorrowful heartwarming overcharged tempestuous roused effervescent vivacious zestful far-reaching harrowing wretched tearful miserable sentient verklempt ecstatic phat canorous bright rotund silvery zesty animate peppy vital blithe agonizing plaintive gut-wrenching perturbing agonising agitating nostalgic buoyant zippy bouncy high-spirited sparky

Trái nghĩa của pictorial

pictorial Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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