Đồng nghĩa của plausible

Alternative for plausible

Đồng nghĩa: believable, logical, reasonable, sensible, sound,

Trái nghĩa: actual, genuine,

Tính từ

Worthy of being believed or accepted as true
believable credible likely probable reasonable persuasive possible conceivable smooth tenable glib acceptable convincing feasible imaginable logical smooth-talking smooth-tongued sound cogent colourable creditable presumptive rational specious thinkable verisimilar fair-spoken presumable supposable valid like enough very likely within the bounds of possibility apparent seeming presumed ostensible supposed assumed anticipated realistic illusory potential expected predictable foreseeable outward cogitable alleged satisfying superficial professed trusty reputed colorable putative evident earthly ostensive perceived semblant prima facie comprehensible compelling conclusive understandable odds-on awaited sensible suasive conjecturable impressive tried straight aboveboard mortal assuasive reliable trustworthy authentic believeable avowed solid satisfactory pretended purported surface so-called up front illusive claimed declared to be expected feigned able to hold water suppositious on the cards admissible implicit exterior honest sincere probably determinative telling under the sun powerful forceful strong incontrovertible calculable apprehensible comprehendible quite possible honest to God exhibited manifest reasonable to think ten to one potent truthlike a good bet in the cards a reasonable bet a fair bet notable demonstrative quasi credential unquestionable honest-to-god fiduciary incontestable unanswerable unassailable irresistible decisive effective moving true-to-life influential hopeful faithful dependable carrying conviction swaying well founded within the realms of possibility true to life predicted believed understood prospective with a ring of truth forecast normal foreseen inferred hypothetical inevitable not unexpected obvious assumptive presumptuous circumstantial unsurprising external only to be expected what one would expect par for the course most likely

Tính từ

Excessive in obsequious praise or flattery
unctuous sycophantic fawning obsequious ingratiating flattering oily smarmy grovelling toadying servile cringing smooth bootlicking suave crawling oleaginous slick soapy fulsome glib humble subservient gushing adulatory slimy urbane greasy gushy saccharine sucky hagiographic hagiographical insincere effusive cloying cajoling nauseating hypocritical buttery sickening wheedling slippery groveling saponaceous phony phoney creamy pinguid smug creepy silver-tongued smooth-tongued brown-nosing arse-licking self-abasing smooth-talking apple-polishing smooth-spoken honey-tongued forelock-tugging ass-kissing Uriah Heepish deferential mealy-mouthed bland insinuating coaxing compliant supple slavish fatty sebaceous abject blubbery toadyish lardaceous adipose lardy fat fatlike creeping submissive enthusiastic suety complimentary sugary suckholing truckling honeyed kowtowing extravagant laudatory lavish rhapsodic encomiastic sycophantish craven OTT rich lardlike unguinous reptilian praising prostrate over the top excessively deferential appreciative menial glowing reverential arse-kissing brownnosing parasitic sniveling spineless excessive overdone parasitical acclamatory eulogistic timeserving beggarly obeisant encomiastical snivelling unrestrained ebullient expansive unreserved lyrical exuberant over-effusive bowing and scraping mushy sentimental emotional over-enthusiastic hyped up laid on with a trowel lipid sleek self-effacing conniving commending applauding admiring favourable worshipping winsome winning endearing disarming flannelling blarneying crouching enslaved stipendiary sneaking subordinate complacent respectful subject compliable commendatory blandishing worshipful sweet-talking soft-soaping gratifying soft serving insinuative charming silken lionizing sycophant bowing scraping cowering all over someone highly favourable sophisticated favorable base rave polished assured lionising worshiping low mean cringey inordinate media-savvy self-assured maudlin obedient unresisting despicable passive ignoble adipocerous tubby obese overweight plump chunky chubby podgy overemotional mawkish nostalgic immoderate profuse extensive liberal ample generous overacted bathetic icky corny affectionate moonstruck jejune inane demonstrative languishing overenthusiastic impressionable affected dreamy idealistic insipid eating crow over-appreciative hammy voluble dewy-eyed lovey-dovey loving eating humble pie rapturous gross magniloquent bombastic grandiloquent canting coarse overgenerous sanctimonious

Tính từ

Justifiable by argument
defensible justifiable tenable defendable sound reasonable acceptable maintainable permissible sensible supportable sustainable valid arguable excusable legitimate pardonable logical rational right vindicable warrantable condonable satisfactory fit proper strong understandable well founded rock-solid well-founded able to hold water cast-iron credible cogent convincing compelling telling coherent effective reasoned persuasive lucid weighty justified viable powerful just forceful commonsensical influential believable conclusive efficacious pertinent fair authoritative legit analytical analytic well-grounded solid impressive good relevant workable reliable levelheaded satisfying admissible potent intelligent clear consistent commonsense informed eloquent commonsensible sober firm forcible well reasoned congruent allowable consequent realistic discerning judicious prudent holding water forgivable unanswerable warranted conceivable imaginable explainable clear-cut puissant well-advised well grounded correct probable perceptive perspicuous wise feasible practical kosher grounded true deductive proven irresistible sharp efficient decisive intellectual thoughtful coercive accurate articulate urgent ratiocinative effectual stringent mighty energetic venial impregnable well-reasoned well thought out trenchant remissible rightful germane sincere secure inferential deducible trustworthy pragmatic obvious discriminating holding together explicable passable hard confirmed bona fide objective substantiated moderate temperate accepted unmistakable reflective sane faultless thinking circumspect infallible cerebral moving inducing indubitable incisive impeccable knowing suasive convictive likely cognitive exact precise categorical assured meaningful significant advisable aggressive well advised well-thought-out well-defined vehement punchy material together definitive unequivocal cool emphatic powerhouse assertable lawful extensional juridicious subtle well-organized necessary legal licit suitable appropriate genuine authentic factual verifiable dinkum pukka real acknowledged based on hard data based on hard facts salient expected predictable inevitable equitable inductive foreseeable normal natural minor slight decent joined-up syllogistic unsurprising active violent armed remittable well-established impartial sapient accountable capable recognized all there watertight profound holding up responsible holding up in wash got it together unassailable flawless right-thinking recognised standing up established orthodox right-minded percipient restrained conservative controlled unprejudiced exculpatory vindicatory specious reprievable trivial okay incontestable unambiguous intuitive evident decided undisputed formidable ingenious insightful great crystalline distinct drastic compulsory impactful striking able pithy thought-out unexcessive level-headed evenhanded based on good sense full of common sense fair-minded open to reason in one's right mind making sense unbiased standing to reason politic unextreme thinkable sufficient successful constraining virile elemental take-over steamroller coming on strong titanic take-charge ball of fire punch gutsy electric vigorous assertive intense militant all right within limits on the ball exciting grand charming histrionical imposing high-powered enthusiastic hard-hitting vivid dramatic direct theatric graceful expressive important acute performant compulsive orderly systematic methodical to be expected anticipated not too bad par for the course apposite momentous apt consequential fitting on the cards winning attainable possible manageable achievable well organized doable tolerable glib smooth-tongued impelling silky slick touching silver-tongued smooth-talking enlightened sagacious veridical synthetic philosophic trustable reasoning collected unquestionable certain perspicacious veracious inveigling suasory swaying enticing actuating assuasive stimulating luring wheedling pointed inspiring unctuous alluring seductive smooth bearable practicable endurable errorless sure corroborated colorable meticulous rigorous truthful shrewd inerrant validated verified not taking no for an answer affordable sufferable brookable certified careful empirical open definite calculable explicit empiric dead-on on-target letter-perfect spot-on substantial balanced irrefutable astute determinative stable uncorrupted attested tested down-to-earth clear-headed matter-of-fact most likely

Tính từ

Of, characterized by, or consisting of (incontrovertible) facts
solid conclusive compelling factual reliable definitive irrefutable undeniable categorical clear sound demonstrative forceful indisputable strong credible unconditional valid cogent faithful hard sober unequivocal dependable incontrovertible unarguable authoritative convincing definite trusty incontestable irrefragable weighty absolute emphatic persuasive unassailable unmistakable authentic certain decisive resounding logical real serious unambiguous unquestionable beyond dispute beyond doubt beyond question well founded well grounded one hundred per cent powerful telling effective potent influential efficacious impressive effectual material rational reasonable reasoned airtight positive watertight irresistible satisfying authenticating substantial unanswerable compulsive insistent validating final well reasoned manifest obvious true patent sure indubitable genuine evident undoubted palpable clear-cut settled decided proven well-grounded concrete veritable demonstrable firm observable tangible inarguable self-evident unimpeachable unchallengeable accurate bona fide well-founded undisputable actual discernible legitimate perceptible distinct veridical confirmed certified appreciable legit verifiable verified certifiable objective honest substantive flawless faultless apparent nailed-on perfect accomplished striking proper intelligible measurable downright flat established undoubtable sure-enough pat cold superior quantifiable perceivable sensible detectable for certain no ifs ands or buts without doubt down pat beyond a shadow of doubt well defined attested well documented honest-to-goodness good plain transparent trustworthy copper-bottomed undebatable beyond a shadow of a doubt well-proven uncontroversial open and shut not in doubt from the horse's mouth stable explicit guaranteed univocal express black-and-white specific assured convinced confident cut-and-dried straightforward cut and dried recognized black and white crisp well-marked undubitable silhouetted stated ringing forthright clean-cut known clearly defined distinguishable graphic well-defined incisive noteworthy sharp crystal clear severe audible pronounced visible bold significant as plain as the nose on your face not vague full vivid recognised hard and fast minute as plain as daylight

Tính từ

Seemingly well-reasoned, plausible or true, but actually fallacious
specious deceptive fallacious misleading casuistic false sophistic unsound beguiling deceitful deceiving deluding delusive delusory sophistical apparent baseless bogus captious colorable credible empty erroneous flattering hollow idle illogical inaccurate incorrect insincere likely meretricious nugatory ostensible ostentatious phoney phony presumable presumptive pretentious probable seeming sham sophisticated spurious unfounded untrue vain wrong seemingly correct apparently right plausible but wrong invalid fabricated mistaken flawed fake illusory mock unreal unreliable inexact fraudulent misguided distorted counterfeit faulty unsubstantiated fictitious pseudo untruthful groundless artificial imaginary unsupported imprecise without foundation off flimsy invented defective weak unreasonable manufactured factitious trumped-up ersatz pretend ill-founded faked concocted trumped up iffy shaky imitation simulated questionable in error unproven ungrounded unjustifiable dodgy unjustified chimerical unwarranted counterfactual implausible illusive foundationless uncorroborated synthetic irrational apocryphal untenable wide of the mark forged plastic without basis contrived out made up substitute feigned pretended tenuous off beam full of holes fishy fanciful unnatural falsified dummy way off glib indefensible insupportable unconvincing superficial dubious off target imagined dishonest fallible fictional mythical suspect unconfirmed misrepresentative made-up visionary fantastic misinformed fabulous improper not genuine reasonless put-on nonvalid untrustworthy dicey uncalled-for gratuitous bottomless ambiguous economical with the truth off-target off-base not exact not accurate unsustainable unwarrantable off base way out doubtful disingenuous make-believe illusionary inexcusable unforgivable assumed untested unverified unattested unpardonable chancy rocky disreputable risky strained forced mechanical affected conjectural notional chimeric imperfect mad faux lying undependable unreasoned truthless uncertain speculative ideal discrepant colored absurd unauthentic inexpiable snide queer inauthentic coloured faithless cod imitative man-made unacceptable senseless preposterous cooked-up flakey unstable flaky adulterine reproduction mimic mythological ungenuine without justification abroad replica supposititious open to doubt askew way off beam falsie all wet open to question off-beam not backed up by evidence hyped up wide way off-beam deluded unarguable undefendable refutable inadmissible cooked up hallucinatory chemical cast unprovoked fakey confusing unfitting impostrous evasive unfactual nonfactual unauthorized delusional misconceived without substantiation without merit off the mark contrary to fact amiss manmade tricky nonrational illegitimate unreasoning fancied non-existent insubstantial quixotic copy pirated casuistical not trustworthy so-called nonnatural shallow duplicate quasi unstraightforward unbacked inconsequent inconsequential uncalled for not backed up causeless unfaithful careless wild non-natural facsimile pat awry cunning devious cheating pretending copycat copied unsubstantial incongruous Barmecidal Barmecide whimsical fictive semblant suppositious float adrift mendacious engineered unassured unsure without cause unauthorised without reason counterfeited hypocritical equivocal garbled unoriginal crooked dud pinchbeck erratic cynical without explanation way-out not true way-off doesn't wash not right perplexing bewildering mistakable demagogic catchy distracting confounding puzzling erring wrong number all off devised fantasied phantom mythic phantasmal fantastical imaginal phantasmic arbitrary fluffed blue sky pipe dream dissimulating dissembling not precise out of line astray on the wrong track not working out of commission at fault misfigured goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated treacherous insignificant prepared bad double-dealing hollow-hearted devoid of validity two-faced slick framed bum pirate bent laboured labored mannered pseud quasi- stilted put on overdone stiff worthless model studied trick exaggerated actorly toy improvised wooden not kosher hokey self-conscious phony-baloney professed purported overripe fantasy Hollywood plant brummagem crock fantasized dream duplicitous pseudo- knock-off dreamed-up adopted won't fly soft shell avowed alleged theatrical supposed underhand pseudonymous overworked ham hammy crafty guileful shady sharp unspontaneous quack virtual hoax play-play shifty unscrupulous illegal imposturous imitated constrained unprincipled would-be fast underhanded rogue fantasised representative phoney-baloney bootlegged rehearsed legendary unauthenticated unqualified repro surface uncanonical campy miniature derivative overblown elaborate planned debatable wannabe self-styled made makeshift constructed apish not what it is cracked up to be low-grade low-quality poor-quality shoddy inferior ostensive semi- nominal allonymous experimental unsatisfactory substandard adulterated mealymouthed posed near reported not real not legit terminologically inexact voulu manipulated far-fetched fixed recherche staged lookalike gingerbread posey as it were mock-up conceited melodramatic affectated awkward playacting fraud charlatan bluffing shammed masked in name only covered concealed dissimulated not the case knock off to all intents and purposes sly sneaky scheming null stagy overly planned perfidious Machiavellian rigid inflexible bound begrudging coercive grudging binding conscripted slave stringent forcible null and void void nonbinding inoperative subtle slippery foxy wreck uptight taut farfetched wired put unglued tight choked slim not binding uncollectible double-faced Punic false-hearted in a state hard put nervous wreck strung out at end of rope insidious rascal roguish designing serpentine oblique astucious indirect wily acted swindling criminal corrupt illicit dishonourable unlawful Janus-faced defrauding unfair dirty unjust unethical shonky knavish bamboozling dishonorable against the law

Tính từ

Clear in meaning without uncertainty or ambiguity
palpable obvious apparent clear evident patent plain unmistakable visible manifest perceptible appreciable detectable discernible perceivable transparent distinct noticeable observable tangible conspicuous notable recognisable recognizable self-evident incontestable incontrovertible indisputable open striking undeniable blatant marked pronounced barefaced apprehensible bald bald-faced blinding bright-line broad clear-cut decided discernable distinguishable flagrant glaring inescapable lucid luculent luminous nonambiguous open-and-shut overt pellucid perspicuous plain to see ringing sensible straightforward unambiguous unambivalent unconcealed undisguised unequivocal beyond doubt beyond question gross salient stark writ large arresting believable certain colorable credible crystal clear definite demonstrable ostensible positive remarkable seeming sure as plain as a pikestaff standing out a mile sticking out a mile written all over someone as clear as day staring one in the face standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb unquestionable explicit bold indubitable prominent categorical absolute irrefutable understandable conclusive significant comprehensible out-and-out undoubted naked definitive brazen intelligible outright proven complete open and shut downright cut-and-dried true unqualified arrant utter self-explanatory emphatic measurable final genuine shameless express signal real sheer rank outstanding decisive pointed substantial verifiable unarguable frank axiomatic confirmed considerable unsubtle concrete unhidden unmitigated seeable simple direct discoverable irrefragable inarguable obtrusive unanswerable unchallengeable accurate under one's nose staring someone in the face authentic factual black-and-white egregious well defined audacious visual audible as plain as the nose on your face revealed unassailable sharp thoroughgoing accepted dreadful accomplished pure recognized convincing not in doubt beyond dispute firm out in the open verified actual big as life limpid outrageous recognised well-defined univocal easily understood clear cut flat-out material distinctive total ultimate dramatic cognizable undebatable seen ocular unadulterated unfeigned macroscopic showy graspable precise confirmable unreserved blunt fair assured in view in sight viewable acknowledged apodictic perspicacious easily seen undisputed guaranteed uncontroversial not hidden candid bodacious flat watertight full settled specific to be seen compelling veritable graphic authoritative hard brass-necked unblurred nailed-on bare-faced honest established corporeal easy to follow beyond a shadow of a doubt legitimate lucent beyond a doubt certified certifiable as plain as day clearly expressed black and white bona fide cut and dried provable unrestrained ponderable perfect thorough flaunting shocking wholehearted consummate reasonable ostentatious unashamed ascertainable fathomable heinous enormous scandalous atrocious easy to understand notorious identifiable demonstrative categoric solid glaringly obvious unchallenged uncontested user friendly user-friendly crying knowable kenspeckle flamboyant brilliant noisy grabby commanding splashy eye-catching catchy unalloyed profound unconditional as plain as the nose on one's face written all over one clear as a bell clinching surefire determinate deliberate well-marked on view on display unique terrible reprehensible disgraceful set much in evidence empirical straight airtight dead stone plumb regular clean as clear as crystal crystalline monstrous wicked shameful unquestioned veridical double-checked deadly iniquitous villainous uncontestable plain as day vivid safe forthright blank known matter-of-fact blooming unimpeachable in plain sight particular capital in evidence noteworthy valid sure thing no mistake clean-cut undisputable infernal crystal severe de facto objective crisp very literal all-out straight-out out and out plain as the nose on your face authenticated in the bag crystal-clear real-life as sure as eggs is eggs no ifs ands or buts effective substantiated as plain as daylight cotton-picking hard and fast well-grounded demonstrated realistic existent without doubt traceable avowed comprehendible easily noticed translucent percipient observant sensitive trenchant cognitive cognoscible appercipient knowing dinkum well-known manifestly evinced divulged disclosed moderate unrestricted evidenced unexaggerated understood exclusive controlled cogent exposed public utmost right under one's nose unshakable prima facie unveiled mere unbounded sensational spectacular arrestive noncontroversial enunciated joined-up accessible unproblematic telltale runaway serious unequivocable noted articulate coherent stunning attestable evincible inordinate grievous goodly tidy sizeable patently true transpicuous inimitable exorbitant extreme excessive major clear as day digestible special divergent discrete individual readily comprehensible well grounded well-proven well founded cinched unalterable immoderate especial intrinsic sure-enough nailed down anywhere to be seen staring you in the face unfailing infallible blessed confounded for certain good-sized large sizable healthy estimable easily grasped impregnable invincible irresistible sharply defined convinced confident for sure on ice artless implicit inevitable easily distinguishable right under your nose can't miss it in full view sound weighty heavy massive undubitable minute silhouetted clearly defined not vague stated incisive strong great legit crystalling no two ways about it foolproof irrevocable unerring make no bones tacit flawless substantive supportable sustainable checkable empiric resolute doubtless virtual implied well constructed telling irrebuttable overwhelming forceful ironclad odds-on apodeictic without explanation clearly explained proper no catch ascertained secure essential no holds barred no strings attached no fine print unacknowledged straight from the shoulder point-blank straight out quantifiable awful inexpugnable stable frozen sealed fixed hard-and-fast deducible inferable inerrant questionless failsafe honest-to-goodness well documented infamous not in question unvarnished unembellished unstinting unsparing immodest establishable supreme nof ifs ands or buts can bet on it upfront guileless upright outspoken unadorned uninhibited flagitious fail-safe sure-fire can't-miss plainspoken heartless forthcoming unguarded natural real-world attested validated having down pat flagitous there are no two ways about it all sewn up brutal grody flaming practical physical non-fictional everyday corporal unabashed impudent unblushing free-spoken up-front no-nonsense plain-spoken unfabled unembarrassed brash insolent hanging out stick out like sore thumb surpassing unrepentant crashing entire blasted snazzy without shame protrusive meretricious gaudy glitzy flashy screaming overbold loud brassy garish through and through that's a fact no ifs ands or buts about it exact strict detailed steadfast inflexible unwavering rigid defined determined uncompromising meticulous correct reliable unhesitating constant faithful invariable good faultless right unyielding agreed rigorous unfaltering unchangeable veracious dependable stubborn spot-on unbending immutable obstinate contained undoubting cast-iron close constructive inarticulate implicative inferential unuttered arranged resolved unshakeable satisfied unsaid bound unquestioning undeclared latent unexpressed unspoken unchanging taken for granted inferred unswerving intransigent cocksure peremptory error-free on the money on the nose on the button immovable adamant stringent specified unvarying deciding rooted inveterate dead-on on-target pinpoint truthful bang on punctilious careful irreversible entrenched assertive impeccable unshaken undeviating intent committed hardened trustworthy single-minded errorless obdurate insistent prearranged lifelike exhaustive set in stone approved persuaded undoubtable imperious enduring spot on comprehensive scrupulous changeless determining last arbitrary just dogmatic judicious earnest sanguine cold settling binding imperative predetermined skillful skilful methodical finished stalwart domineering fanatical ingrained steady staunch lively free from doubt unrelenting well-founded abiding persistent authoritarian automatic undoubtful tenacious colourful painstaking stiff deep-rooted familiar deep-seated verbatim hard-line official colorful appropriate usual writ in stone dead on locked in on the mark corroborated planned pat unavoidable necessary accustomed documented given authorized tough surgical diehard dictatorial tried ineluctable discriminating discriminative ultraprecise deft systematic punctual scientific overbearing self-confident proved destined tyrannous bright high-handed wordless unflinching stipulated determinative suitable seasoned superior affirmed dedicated arrogant impressive picturesque preset sincere elaborate trustable powerful relentless purposeful indelible vehement calculable unmovable persevering delicate hardheaded rich implacable in depth expressive formal tyrannical stirring in no doubt forcible pictorial consistent litmus test loyal conscientious blow-by-blow despotic moving magisterial refined fine intolerant lurid ensured kosher delineated devoted ardent in earnest zealous inexorable spelled out tried-and-true finicky copper-bottomed canonical hairline pigheaded never-failing eloquent authorised nice highly coloured strong-willed inch-perfect on the nail sure enough hell-bent on on the beam true to life bent on bent upon decided upon dead set on bullheaded well-set insured word for word do-or-die meaning business on target dyed-in-the-wool hell-bent upon stiff-necked monosemous swift prompt rapid resounding shallow simplistic res ipsa loquitur cut and dry quantified limited admitted determinable jejune naive glib describable safe to say well focused self-assured self-conceited independent contracted granted tested freely admitted not disputed uncanny affirmative unfluctuating explicable standard universal expected vested typical mainstream conventional unmistaken inerrable uniform checked undiluted absolutist secured obedient unthinking unescapable permanent unappealable from the horse's mouth without error unrefuted bossy autocratic in focus stern unimaginary existing jelled hidebound unflappable nonnegotiable definable supported upheld legible bare ineludible iron-clad concluding state-of-the-art limiting terminating terminal completing finishing closing ending biased plainly seen veristic verisimilar instantly recognizable determinant resolving revealing irrefrangible identical irremediable unreversible solid as a rock preconceived harsh sustained clinched down pat hidden embedded word-perfect telling it like it is fact-based as it really happened crucial believing lasting unrectifiable unrepealable concluded a dead cert a sure thing austere all out above board critical influential brusque exacting brassbound stone cold unshaken in one's belief easy in one's mind secure in one's belief having no questions about easily understandable so made certain absolutely certain racked sewed up nailed on incompliant static ramrod unpermissive unadaptable heartfelt impassioned serious-minded fervid meaning what one says hell-bent for real honest to God real live non-variable non-relative abrupt imperial summary brisk momentous important fated plotted ordained written trite mathematical beyond a shadow of doubt bull's-eye tough nut to crack heavy-handed right on unmoving strait-laced dead set on the numbers designated evocative affecting what you see is what you get having no doubt opinionated autocratical wilful tyrannic masterful willful lordly overweening responsible trusty unanxious able carefree hopeful stimulating reserved earmarked select pivotal key required fundamental in black and white see-through liquid unforgettable memorable haunting shoo-in easy a lock for a fact holding the unwavering view recommended scintillating custom-built purpose-built tailor-made sanctioned tried and true tried and tested locked on doctrinaire suggested absolutely right exactly correct by the book very accurate dead-center to the point emotive diaphanous thin filmy paramount chief fateful principal prime vital similar resembling allotted hard-nosed radical endorsed licensed accredited interesting graphical fascinating dogged pontifical decreed prescribed unpreventable true-to-life active theatrical fresh sharply-etched mettlesome spirited steely indefatigable perseverant pertinacious undaunted inalterable incommutable exhibitionistic glittery ultra-fine subtle exquisite fine-drawn finicking orderly fastidious dainty finical hairsplitting incorrupted finespun persnickety winning nuanced nifty gritty indomitable vigorous plucky intrepid valiant particularized unblinking rational logical purposive brave indurate unflagging courageous gutsy fatal unmodifiable still chronic habitual persuasive uncontradicted ruled circumstantial itemized all-inclusive warranted hardline mandatory routine compulsory self-opinionated narrow-minded opinionative opinioned strenuous persisting spunky unbendable manful stout deep in the cards done and dusted sorted out old hat legal signed lawful ratified enlightened justifiable sagacious reasoned circumspect intellectual thoughtful philosophic reflective commonsense collected analytic analytical deductive thinking synthetic intelligent discerning ratiocinative reasoning cerebral well marked small-minded perennial lifelong intrenched devout bulldog out illustrative descriptive fervent incorrigible all-embracing extensive commonsensical shrewd levelheaded commonsensible informed strong-minded tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on rock-ribbed intent upon four-square intent on set on determined to committed to the idea of stout-hearted hell bent on fascistic high and mighty bigoted wrong-headed prejudiced one-sided egotistical dictative punchy startling allowed signed and sealed ordered cleared cathedral ex cathedra okay orthodox fitting licenced straight from the horse's mouth customary and delivered rightful ex officio repeated robot-like unvacillating hands-down not subject to change torrid impenitent unapologetic fiery irredeemable unreformable compulsive ineradicable obsessive longtime encyclopedic developed defensible maintainable defendable prudent tenable incurable inured habituated staid photographic well-drawn encyclopaedic particularised seriatim itemised elaborated enumerated sicker well drawn figurative well delineated well expressed leaving nothing to the imagination whole-hearted hard-core well established red-hot long-standing long-established die-hard bred-in-the-bone deep-set hard-shell all-consuming firmly established card-carrying deep-dyed well-established point-by-point dominant unmalleable well-advised letter-perfect well-thought-out well-reasoned prevailing at length going bent hang tough through-and-through stand pat clear in your mind

Tính từ

Dishonest, deceptive, and not to be trusted
deceptive fraudulent dishonest underhand deceitful duplicitous treacherous crafty disingenuous guileful bogus cheating counterfeit crooked cunning scheming sham sly sneaky untrustworthy bent dissembling false insincere lying Machiavellian perfidious shady sharp deceiving foxy hypocritical mendacious slippery subtle tricky unprincipled unscrupulous untruthful double-dealing fast hollow-hearted rogue shifty slim two-faced underhanded double-faced false-hearted Punic truthless astucious bum catchy designing devious fake fishy imposturous indirect insidious mock oblique off phoney phony pretended rascal roguish seeming serpentine slick snide spurious unreliable wily Janus-faced artful dodgy misleading dishonourable artificial feigned dishonorable faithless corrupt shrewd affected unethical smooth imitation pseudo untrue beguiling disreputable left-handed unctuous put-on calculating double delusive forged specious shonky two-timing cagey astute conniving unfaithful backhanded traitorous pretentious Pecksniffian sneaking disloyal knavish dubious assumed ersatz furtive dirty double-crossing canny hollow unnatural pretend immoral illegal unfair phony-baloney wrong phoney-baloney cute stealthy inauthentic delusory clever evasive fly simulated cagy faked mealymouthed jive unlawful defrauding glib nefarious cod queer base mean criminal fictitious dissimulating swindling unauthentic carny deluding rascally smart mealy not genuine perjured recreant intriguing lip captious canting pirate ingenious skilful skillful iffy plastic despicable undependable arch fallacious questionable dummy contemptible unjust jivey oily feigning ignoble secretive villainous contrived pharisaical low sharp-witted faux wicked trick manipulative bluffing deep pawky elusive pharisaic factitious fibbing secret equivocating vulpine framed forced strained smooth-spoken mechanical inconstant smooth-tongued not kosher scurvy mischievous pietistic sanctimonious impish make-believe knowing doubtful copied back-stabbing ambidextrous amoral clandestine unsound illusory forsworn surreptitious self-righteous suspect moralistic bland pious caviling assuming fiendish discreditable malfeasant venal Hollywood plant brummagem crock shabby intelligent sordid depraved vile resourceful streetwise cavilling shameful wretched pseud suppositious uncertain fickle illicit won't fly soft shell malicious detestable prevaricating deplorable dirty-dealing cheap ignominious quasi- equivocal abject substitute unstable scummy slimy fly-by-night dicey puckish unconvincing implausible devilish scoundrelly inaccurate hoodwinking supposititious nasty waggish unsavoury flimsy fallible weak corruptible suspicious unsporting contriving grafting buyable sinister rotten tenuous perjurious greasy pixieish tricksy scampish pixie leprechaunish pixy prankish elvish synthetic execrable unsportsmanlike snidey abhorrent reprehensible unsupported chancy shaky risky unsubstantiated rocky treasonable inventive disgraceful shameless malevolent imaginative dexterous adroit unpleasant dangerous snaky covert dud savvy vulgar incorrect mistaken defective erroneous abominable degenerate frolicsome sleazy unsavory foul misrepresenting inventing misstating falsifying renegade plotting treasonous lame lousy apostate dextrous grubby odious falsified virtual worthless invalid below the belt ratty scabby indecent crass graceless flakey flaky sorry would-be crazy like a fox wide of the mark off-target meretricious committing perjury unloyal betraying low-minded no-good so-called open to question snake in the grass open to doubt goody-goody formal holier-than-thou exploitative bribable overdone exaggerated lawless intentionally misleading cynical mala fide acute hypocritic pretending wry witted keen not candid lacking sincerity not frank deft alert Pharisaic Tartuffian Pharisaical unqualified masterly adept irresponsible appalling thoughtless unpredictable backbiting bootleg bamboozling against the law unveracious salty ornery hostile proficient politic experienced backstabbing deviant sub-rosa undercover hush-hush concealed playful perilous ensnaring wormlike knock-off pirated despisable disagreeable paltering collusive unhonest leading with tongue in cheek invented concocted cheeky economical with the truth pseudonymous adopted improvised under the counter nifty iniquitous ruthless evil suborned loathsome meanspirited disrespectful pseudo- actorly quack unconscionable double dealing fabricated manufactured trumped-up sketchy seedy superficial mannered fugitive naughty subversive seditious lubricious loaded under the table scandalous irregular distasteful rebellious slipshod shoddy cruddy disdainable malignant not to be trusted adulterine adulterous murky inglorious ludic teasing coquettish mutinous made-up falsehearted mythomaniac wannabe self-styled quasi supposed ostensible apocryphal ungenuine unreal breakaway heads-up back-alley cloak-and-dagger unsafe unsteady insecure hard to pin down changeable mutable variable like a snake in the grass on the QT under wraps on the quiet sportive rakish raffish apparent commiting perjury swearing falsely bearing false witness sagacious unregenerate reprobate street-smart street smart sly like a fox not real not legit espiègle good-for-naught meritless good-for-nothing no-count no-account dual alleged ostensive semi- purported nominal of dubious character potentially illegal as it were to all intents and purposes reticent afraid mincing hesitant euphemistic bad near fakey reported beggarly cowardly squalid ungentlemanly low-down disgusting tawdry low-life beastly paltry illegitimate inequitable unsportsmanly diffident overdelicate restrained prim currish scungy dastardly arrant not cricket off-color ill-gotten against the rules out of order mealy-mouthed imitative mimic hoax man-made not what it is cracked up to be sinful improper conscienceless corrupted cutthroat dark vicious unrighteous not dependable trustless unprofessional conspiratorial dissolute wanton wayward mercenary perverted untrusty fair-weather conspiring not to be depended on incorrigible unpatriotic heinous infamous flighty debauched licentious unworthy profligate doubting unconscientious undutiful errant ungodly unbelieving mean-spirited warped vitiated self-seeking petty wrongful felonious objectionable cruel fast and loose colluding suspected disbelieved uncandid caballing Byzantine stinky funny mysterious unfrank tortuous wrongdoing opportunist not entirely truthful terminologically inexact dissident extramarital opportunistic observant heedful rudderless expedient backstabby fink cowboy casuistic selfish degrading degraded left- handed untrusted dissipated discreet complicitous strategic chary craft involved flagitious perverse repugnant not trustworthy of bad faith crazy like fox adulterate unchaste extracurricular unrespectable hugger-mugger shrouded hidden veiled hole-and-corner undesirable macabre chameleon-like mercentary praetorian stop-at-nothing abandoned backstairs fornicating moonlighting speedy profiteering black unseemly impure shy louche notorious opprobrious insignificant negligent extortionate open scurrilous obliquitous erring gimmicky complicit flimflam scam unconverted sceptical skeptical wavering capricious changeful fluctuating playing politics put on playing games on the take devoid of validity not to be relied upon gone to the dogs beyond contempt under-the-table faking one out not straightforward biased prejudiced discriminatory brutal merciless debased inhumane callous hateful inhuman partisan unfeeling unkind delinquent forbidding bloodthirsty heartless pernicious savage tyrannical barbarous brutish defiled bestial sadistic inexorable spiteful opprobious miscreant putrid offensive blackguardly discriminating prejudicial partial unequal bigoted sacrilegious monstrous pitiless rancorous self-indulgent disparaging hard-hearted libertine wrathful demonic scrofulous black-hearted evil-minded vengeful contemptuous grisly cold-blooded scornful morally wrong maleficent decadent despiteful harsh virulent vindictive gruesome disdainful irreverent profane blasphemous weighted distorted unwarranted intolerant coloured slanted preferential unholy godless undue unbalanced uneven arbitrary irreligious blameworthy culpable one-sided grievous unrightful non-objective inexcusable injurious uncalled-for colored non-believing heathen pagan non-theistic agnostic atheistic disobedient defiling pietistical hardened desecrative contrary satanic diabolic unhallowed nullifidian unsanctified recusant iconoclastic disbelieving desecrating impious not religious

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plausible Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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