Đồng nghĩa của lip

Alternative for lip


Đồng nghĩa: back talk, backtalk, brim, mouth, rim, sass, sassing,


The opening of the mouth, or a part of the body that resembles it


The edge of an object or area
edge rim brim margin border brink verge boundary flange mouth perimeter fringe periphery bound skirt circumference extremity limits limit borderline bounds end hem skirting edging compass marge bourn side confines frame frontier threshold outline bank outskirt terminus confine outer limit selvage fringes termination outskirts line tip trimming sideline point flank spout nozzle hand precipice sides top ridge contour extremities approach extreme term embankment ring curb butt outermost edge circuit ambit fine line opening extent tail end furthermost part outside boundary line bounding line partition line outside limit demarcation line outer limits limitation pale barrier circumscription cap cut-off point dividing line march ceiling demarcation divide radius precinct terminal borderland outer edge divider horizon restriction fence edges borders margins trim marches parameter restraint line of demarcation end point surround enclosure range partition reach purlieus scope orbit crossover division mark cusp constraint confinement state line levee farthest point boundaries watershed distinction apex skirts foot head ledge band strip marchland mount mantle covering ring-fence environs outer reaches outer regions connection crossing point depth finality absolute conclusion end of the line outer fringe restrictions limitations link sweep purlieu farthest reach furthest bound interface maximum stretch realm sphere purview check control regulation curtailment perspective outlook ken trammel restrainer containment bridle damper rein brake constrainment fetter constriction inhibition prospect perception cramp hindrance repression stricture cutoff point upper limit range of experience tops


Insolent or impertinent talk
impertinence insolence cheek effrontery impudence rudeness sauce audacity backchat brazenness disrespect mouth presumptuousness temerity gall guff jaw sass sauciness brass neck back talk cheekiness nerve boldness sassiness presumption incivility pertness brass impoliteness brashness face chutzpah discourtesy malapertness shamelessness nerviness cockiness neck disrespectfulness unmannerliness bad manners contumely audaciousness flippancy crust brassiness forwardness snash chutzpa smart mouth discourteousness irreverence ungraciousness backtalk procacity freshness impertinency inconsiderateness diss dis inconsideration front assumption insubordination contempt talking back answering back hide derision arrogance hardihood familiarity assurance retort attitude insult overfamiliarity disdain abuse churlishness sacrilege impiety nasty reply ill manners offensiveness lack of respect lack of civility wisecrack hardiness stuff moxie gutsiness defiance overconfidence impudency guts pushiness spunk insouciance ill-manneredness rejoinder comeback return uptake riposte self-assurance self-confidence insults rude retorts bad-mouthing contemptuousness smart talk verbal impudence rebuttal answer uncivility disregard confidence mockery short answer back answer rude answer lese-majesty come-back dishonor insolency misrespect coarseness unrespect dishonour insolentness scorn disparagement lack of consideration ridicule blasphemy defilement profanation desecration sharpness tactlessness bluntness boorishness brusqueness abusiveness crassness curtness profanity sinfulness heresy sin uncouthness lack of manners ill-breeding larrup barbarity lack of tact unkindness offhandedness misbehaviour asperity unladylike behaviour acrimony irritability intrusiveness ungentlemanly behaviour harshness officiousness misbehavior lack of diplomacy immodesty bumptiousness ill breeding mouthiness daring fearlessness pluck rashness heedlessness recklessness carelessness thoughtlessness venturesomeness intrepidity adventurousness courageousness courage balls bravery grit assertiveness impulsiveness foolhardiness daringness negligence valor dauntlessness hutzpah imprudence spirit valour aggression indiscretion braveness impetuosity forcefulness adventuresomeness valiance daredevilry hastiness daredeviltry precipitation precipitancy precipitateness salt determination venturousness barefacedness vulgarity temerariousness neglect inattention oversight barefaced cheek hutzpa perkiness unthoughtfulness bottle backbone breeziness spine heroism jauntiness impropriety mettle chirpiness doughtiness heart intrepidness insistence gallantry greatheartedness prowess pecker virtue stoutness incautiousness impishness mischief sand cojones overoptimism bullishness pride intestinal fortitude glibness belittlement offhandness egotism liberties bravado outdaciousness hardheartedness lack of remorse impenitence forehead flagrancy indelicacy incorrectness unsuitability goof barbarism inelegance gaucherie unseemliness indecorum gaffe faux pas slip solecism vulgarism incongruity indecency blunder over-assertiveness liveliness bald-facedness haughtiness overbearance self-importance conceit pomposity abruptness liberty aggressiveness inurbanity loutishness vigor ardor ardour vigour crust cynicism being a wise guy forthrightness directness overfriendliness informality valorousness lese majesty vivacity inhospitality inhospitableness ballsiness enterprise dynamism a smart mouth laxness overweening nature remissness derring-do disagreeableness obnoxiousness objectionableness lack of politeness slackness inappropriateness coolness incaution neglectfulness dereliction lack of refinement lack of social grace unwariness insensitivity selfishness credulity gullibility unguardedness fortitude resolution strength firmness potency strength of character moral fiber moral fibre will


The state of being intractable
intractableness recalcitrance rebelliousness refractoriness intractability obstreperousness obstinacy insubordination contrariness contumacy rebellion disorderliness wildness opposition recalcitrancy perversity confrontation contempt provocation fractiousness insolence audacity boldness bravado challenge temerity affront brazenness call cartel command dare effrontery gas guts impudence insurgence insurgency muster order revolt sass spite stump summons obstinateness unmanageability defy enjoinder factiousness impugnment untowardness ungovernableness uncontrollableness uncontrollability indocility back talk big talk hot air throwing of the gauntlet defiance unruliness disobedience waywardness frowardness balkiness willfulness despite resistance stubbornness obduracy noncooperation mutiny awkwardness indiscipline disregard pig-headedness cantankerousness ungovernability incorrigibility perverseness uncooperativeness mulishness mutinousness dissent non-compliance subversiveness subversion scorn daring aggression pigheadedness recidivism truculence violation cheekiness cheek revolution sedition insurrection noncompliance riot uprising nonconformity infraction infringement rising nonobservance troublemaking naughtiness recklessness delinquency impulsiveness heresy imprudence heedlessness dereliction strike transgression schism apostasy neglect outbreak non-observance misconduct misbehaviour wilfulness disruptiveness contravention roguery bad behaviour impishness mischief mischievousness carryings-on acting-up sabotage lack of cooperation misbehavior breach orneriness assertiveness lawlessness impetuousness flouting trespass breaking carelessness recusancy insubmission breaking the rules upheaval nonconformance unconformity unrest agitation rabble-rousing struggle civil disobedience incitement fomentation coup anarchy protest putsch rioting inflaming treason disorder abuse riotousness rashness impetuosity foolhardiness rowdiness boisterousness delict dissension exceeding overstepping disloyalty failure to observe betrayal barratry non-compliance with refusal to obey orders refusal to obey incitement to riot fomentation of discontent madness frenzy riskiness incitement to rebellion civil disorder injudiciousness desperation defying disobeying ignoring break rebelling against lack of compliance with taking no notice of paying no heed to flying in the face of


The lower central petal of a flower (especially an orchid), usually developed to be showy and attract pollinators


Any action that has an influence due to a past event


Something that protrudes
protrusion projection protuberance bulge jut lump bump overhang swelling hump knob outgrowth prominence bunch convexity eminence excrescence growth ledge ridge shelf swell carbuncle intumescence process tumefaction tumescence extension flange outcrop overlap nodule tumour tumor node spur knot sill wart step edge jutting gibbosity enlargement eruption boil outthrust mound neoplasm knurl excrescency rim bar niche berm strip bracket foothold offset tier crag blister mass inflammation snag wen distension hunch bulla contusion dilation corn distention pustule promontory pimple outlier boulder bluff reef rocky outcrop boss nub sprout outcropping ball shoot bellying bulk gnarl layer knop umbo rock jag eaves blot mountainside saddle rock shelf puffiness bunion welt cancerous growth malignant growth hook prolongation point accretion spine sticking-out bit malignancy cancer injury sty abscess weal bruise pock puff sore engorgement increase wale kyphosis convexedness knap bunching salience excess appendage bagginess blob sagging superfluity sac salient nodulation tuberosity cyst polyp swollen object carcinoma sarcoma rise height elevation cliff hill pinnacle hummock headland tor hillock upland altitudes highland crest peak rising ground conspicuity markedness conspicuousness arête high point spot blemish plook burl papule vesication bleb ganglion furuncle callus hard skin bulb verruca knar gall knuckle hole bud whitlow canker Cancer benign tumor malignant tumor anemone hydra coral hydroid coelenterate concentration infection stones verruga mole bubble irregularity clot melanoma myeloma lymphoma zit sticky-out bit metastasis teratoma meningioma fibroadenoma neurofibroma hollow void cavity whelk blackhead acne fester whitehead hickey vesicle papula blain comedo caruncle bag pouch saccule beauty spot hydatid oocyst steatoma


Rumour, gossip, or speculation
talk gossip hearsay rumor rumour speculation whispers allusion innuendo insinuation bunk goss grapevine hint jive scuttlebutt tattle tittle-tattle muckraking nonsense racket reports rubbish rumble trash yarn fake news hot air conspiracy theory word of mouth second-hand information secondhand information word report buzz scandal news dish noise story dirt whisper tidings bruit intelligence information tale chitchat on dit idle talk slander canard shu-shu suggestion bavardage skinder gen account chatter latest notice advice cry calumny furphy dispatch intimation back-fence talk labrish Kaffeeklatsch dirty linen prattle communication message unconfirmed report info word on the street defamation stories earful dirty laundry libel tales leak comment titbits small talk allegation dope chat storeys lowdown low-down blather meddling babble clothesline rumormongering bulletin conversation wire rumours whispering campaign malicious talk dirty wash fame advices announcement rumourmongering aspersion canards communiqué breeze item data claim talk of the town rumors idle chatter piece of gossip the latest malicious gossip the word on the street smear campaign prate injury chronicle telling tales gossipry blether poop facts clue titbit chit-chat hubbub assertion bush telegraph cue talebearing secret revelations smear grapevine report heads up revelation statement wind warning inkling notification disclosure intimate intelligence juicy morsel falsehood fabrication hoax belief opinion fiction lie repute supposition notoriety invention knowledge update summary belittlement scandalmongering disparagement status enlightenment discovery description backstabbing aspersions mud backbiting the goods status update eye-opener greetings uncos murmur mud-slinging whispering prating malicious rumour malicious rumours hash speech idle rumor piece of hearsay blow by blow mere talk common talk unsubstantiated information


Characterized by a lack of sincerity
insincere hypocritical phoney fake pretended feigned artificial phony backhanded unctuous counterfeit mealy mealymouthed double jive Pecksniffian two-faced double-dealing double-faced phoney-baloney phony-baloney Janus-faced left-handed false duplicitous dissembling deceptive deceitful lying faithless dishonest fraudulent untruthful treacherous hollow perfidious disingenuous mendacious snide disloyal specious canting spurious untrustworthy jivey unnatural glib affected unreliable feigning oily pharisaical deceiving pharisaic deluding smooth shifty pretend sly smooth-spoken knavish smooth-tongued back-stabbing dual double-crossing hypocritic Tartuffian Pharisaic Pharisaical indirect cunning underhanded guileful artful crafty beguiling backstabbing sneaky misleading foxy tricky devious ironic double dealing evasive ambiguous dubious dissimulating untrue equivocal paradoxical cryptic enigmatic sardonic unfaithful uncertain exaggerated overdone double-meaning double-edged underhand cynical not candid lacking sincerity put-on not frank slick pseud pretentious ambidextrous slippery with tongue in cheek pietistic sanctimonious captious moralistic caviling bland fishy pious assuming cavilling self-righteous sham mock bogus contrived simulated pseudo assumed forced plastic factitious mechanical strained crooked unscrupulous imitation shady cheating ersatz two-timing faked wily stilted laboured designing dishonourable mannered false-hearted unprincipled delusive truthless hollow-hearted fabricated bent dishonorable put on corrupt labored forged fallacious synthetic stiff dodgy subtle traitorous unsound sharp manufactured scheming delusory cod fictitious wrong fakey undependable recreant man-made dummy unconvincing insidious substitute roguish goody-goody defrauding so-called faux imaginary make-believe meretricious slim holier-than-thou fickle self-conscious not genuine calculating actorly inauthentic imitative mimic reproduction unfair incorrect immoral ostensible unreal invalid theatrical inaccurate perjured erroneous wooden superficial Machiavellian rascally fast rogue conniving studied unfounded seeming unethical furtive oblique casuistic sophistical questionable overripe shonky posed not to be depended on fair-weather not dependable fly-by-night not to be trusted overworked professed swindling shrewd ham hammy pi campy unveracious churchy concocted inexact avowed inconstant disreputable apparent hoodwinking quasi- Punic religiose distorted clandestine imitated faulty mealy-mouthed astucious flawed dirty plausible replica illegal constrained stagy economical with the truth facsimile mistaken imprecise snaky imposturous treasonable apocryphal adulterous forsworn prevaricating fibbing equivocating counterfactual sneaking improper off wicked misrepresentative colored bluffing invented formal villainous coloured cooked-up to keep up appearances mala fide rehearsed uncandid overblown illusory improvised intentionally misleading unfrank not entirely truthful terminologically inexact flimsy smart manmade derivative surface unjust model toy trick pretending rascal bum serpentine catchy amoral unlawful criminal purported insignificant weak unauthentic chemical cast nonnatural posey fly exploitative imagined not trustworthy malfeasant unspontaneous conceited melodramatic affectated awkward counterfeited playacting fraud for form's sake canny clever of bad faith alleged rigid inflexible bound begrudging coercive grudging binding conscripted slave stringent forcible made hokey makeshift constructed backbiting elusive sinister illusive fanciful off the mark made up trumped up contrary to fact misrepresenting inventing misstating committing perjury falsifying sophistic paltering untrusty virtual wannabe would-be self-styled pirate quasi devoid of validity irresponsible fink iffy trustless falsified supposed quack charlatan shammed masked impostrous in name only covered concealed dissimulated salty ornery hostile illicit unsafe as it were not real not legit to all intents and purposes not kosher base unsporting surreptitious unsportsmanlike reticent doubtful afraid mincing hesitant euphemistic elaborate arty-farty precious scoundrelly falsehearted foul malevolent venal malicious mythomaniac apostate renegade mean empty ostentatious likely colorable vain presumable credible probable sophisticated baseless flattering illogical presumptive nugatory idle wreck uptight taut farfetched wired put unglued tight choked secret secretive smug priggish covert back-alley hugger-mugger below the belt shrouded cloak-and-dagger hidden veiled hole-and-corner in a state hard put nervous wreck strung out at end of rope simpering apish genteel highfaluting airish conscious artsy camp chichi seemingly correct murky backstairs snidey conspiratorial cagy cute cagey low-down moralizing diffident overdelicate restrained prim plausible but wrong apparently right self-satisfied superior errant obliquitous erring gimmicky faking one out under the table playing politics playing games not straightforward stuck up gone Hollywood pompous preachy censorious bigoted stuffy moralising astute stealthy too good to be true trumped-up


(with object) To say something in order to convey information or to express a feeling
speak say talk articulate state tell utter enunciate mention pronounce voice announce cite exclaim express proclaim verbalise verbalize vocalise vocalize affirm air claim declare profess relate allege assert asseverate attest broadcast convey detail disclose divulge intimate note opine press promulgate recite relay remark report vent word address admit advertise advertize argue aver avouch blurt chatter communicate contend cry deliver denote enounce explain impart maintain mouth mumble mutter offer orate outline phrase plead predicate present propose protest publicise publicize purport repeat reveal shout sound spill spout testify vouch blab chirp clarify confess declaim drawl emphasise emphasize evince expose gab gas indicate intone jaw modulate murmur narrate pass perorate pipe quote read recount regurgitate rehearse retell signal soliloquize specify spiel stress suggest summarise summarize swear translate whisper yak yammer bring out make public pop off give away make known put forth put into words speak about talk about come out with get across give utterance to give voice to put across put forward spell out throw out reel off sound out get off make clear pipe up with breathe publish chime chin go ejaculate give expression to respond give words to reply add break silence flap give voice answer comment observe rejoin rap blabber burst out formulate put couch set forth frame raise render give clothe give out ventilate expound acknowledge let out release blurt out yell propound avow circulate disseminate point out herald trumpet designate broach let on post moot advance betray cry out burst out with describe pass on call out let on about comment on let slip sound off blazon submit unveil emit annunciate show perform display introduce blare discuss inform exhibit allow flash leak drop interject interpose give vent to weigh in chime in mouth off refer to come clean touch on own intonate own up utter suddenly table let drop style roar parrot call blaze spill the beans reflect unfold say aloud preach bellow placard debate bare holler blat put over get over do vociferate bespeak spread bolt read aloud name editorialize expatiate speak of talk of notify editorialise discourse repeat from memory chant babble bring up give forth bring into the open go into tell of lay open hold forth lay down phonate remark on enumerate chronicle unbosom define itemize unmask uncover uncloak cantillate portray chart import shriek represent make croon groan delineate particularize elucidate look get one's tongue round rant connote insinuate hint signify concede interpret testify to instance vouchsafe discover sermonize advocate serve read out notice asservate open up give an account of reassert allegate reaffirm harangue particularise itemise pontificate cough speechify commentate wisecrack put in words break the news sing out produce pass comment go public with animadvert tell the truth pour out advert to shout out lay bare blow the lid off blow the gaff blow wide open let the cat out of the bag make out give the show away touch upon make plain come clean about let anyone know of speak out illustrate bring forward give testimony give the game away take the wraps off bring out into the open breathe a word of get off your chest sermonise allude to bear witness accent bespout daven term set reference pose jabber chip in explicate mime identify postulate return insist ring out reproduce certify moan warble canary yodel provide throw in put in two cents contribute dress up systematize spell intend say insincerely have one's say demonstrate paraphrase hold confirm run off at the mouth let the cat ouf of the bag inform of adduce advert register lodge inflect converse chat warrant vow witness guarantee move crack pass comment on say something about have a say list say parrot-fashion codify systematise make reference to say for form's sake woo depose examine administer let it be known sing validate stand for point to lay out restate sift scrutinize hand down bring in confide add up to attest to belt out let fall give a recitation say out loud read out loud deliberate scrutinise free talk over give form to open one's mouth prove establish bawl bring out into open let cat out of the bag bring to public attention put cards on table dish the dirt get out of system take the lid off give the low-down bring to public notice go public on give utterance give expression shout from the rooftops showcase show and tell parade manifest let it all hang out sport strut exteriorize wave around recapitulate tell information give an airing to blaze abroad thresh out take up ostend stump blast evidence shout from the housetops decree get on a soapbox spread it around pass the word shout something from the rooftops blazon abroad state publicly mark shoot off mouth grant gasp bay numerate put out purvey get out print send out issue bruit abroad put in circulation bruit about churn out recognize thunder howl out speak coherently speak clearly accept spotlight elicit highlight sigh halloo scream screech coo dramatize enlarge count give a report number rattle off give an account picture dramatise speak publicly give verbal account enact run through tick off do your party piece account for unfurl squeal overshare squeal about snitch open hum cant drone hollo accede assent agree interview compose dictate transmit clamor ululate figure yawp lecture depict heave recognise cop spill your guts about come out of the closet spill the beans about let the cat out of the bag about charge enlighten apprise advise brief familiarize acquaint clamour posit fulminate rave bluster huff fess up make clean breast allow to be valid go along with draw out show up spin paint call attention to let someone know of show off hint at retail level sketch gossip familiarise verse clear weave go on call aloud say loudly utter wearily set out pitch set down catch up fill in clue in talk forcefully brag ramble vapour vapor ramble on talk at length boast rabbit on spellbind shoot off one's mouth draft correspondence give account prepare draft rend the air descant moralize give rundown be specific about give blow-by-blow leave word call upon tell on keep posted put before give facts wise up confess to admit to admit guilt bring to the surface bring to light preachify let in on spit it out soapbox talk big make an oration give a talk give an address denounce moralise bloviate give a lecture pile it on blow hot air make a speech deliver a sermon give a sermon accept blame acknowledge that accept responsibility plead guilty tell all give evidence of be evidence of tell the truth about carry the can make a clean breast of it

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