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Danh từ

The prevailing fashion or style at a particular time
vogue fashion mode craze style trend fad rage enthusiasm fashionableness popularity currency fancy modishness passion prevalence taste buzz chic fascination fashionability favor favour flavor flavour go hotness infatuation latest mania obsession sensation thing tonne ton voguishness coolness dernier cri snazziness trendiness custom hot ticket passing fancy practice stylishness the thing usage use way last word the rage in thing latest thing hip hipness look hipsterism cool furor furore fixation preoccupation approval newest wrinkle kick cry novelty love compulsion fetish whim weakness now in acceptance latest wrinkle circulation traction interest convention innovation hobby caprice current style wrinkle conceit vagary cult general tendency latest style latest taste in-thing the last word new look flair panache classiness elegance jag mainstream hit craving desire appetite fondness impact buzzword yen cacoethes happening in-spot freak crotchet flash wonder genre form design exposure the latest fad the newest fashion the latest cry hot spot monomania fever penchant affectation inclination predilection idea concept hip thing whimsy eccentricity humor kink amusement quirk frivolity sport preference humour fantasy talking point dissemination publicity recreation pastime pursuit impulse freshness ritual entertainment bug hobbyhorse wont bandwagon practise trick latest word cultus cultism habitude habit meme contemporaneity fool notion acclaim regard commonness frequency predominance adoration faddism contemporaneousness modernness modernism newness leisure pursuit leisure activity fashionable popular in fashion prevailing taste admiration demand esteem idolization fame lionization with it trendy in vogue big all the rage avant-gardism innovativeness recentness welcome celebrity reputation saleability marketability commerciality recognition le dernier cri movement renown repute adulation heyday lionisation following status attractiveness modernity hang-up crush keenness urge prepossession idée fixe addiction fetich zeal distraction partiality drive affection complex relaxation diversion madness sideline avocation neurosis game divertissement bee preoccupation with fun mash case mania for obsession with play hobby horse liking propensity bias proclivity prejudice leaning bug in ear ax to grind tiger by the tail something on the brain prominent thing important thing thirst hunger ache lust excitement fanaticism ardour pleasure activity leisure air du temps fixedness paranoia relish notion soft spot affinity susceptibility ardor fun and games big thing strong interest megrim foible maggot phobia stimulant sexual fixation engrossment luck vagrancy crank whimsey tiger grabber craziness disorder sudden notion bent whim-wham ruling passion thought vision disposition dream golden calf fixed idea must phantom delusion monkey consuming passion attraction bee in bonnet sudden idea passing thought one-track mind pet subject concrete idea bee in your bonnet specialty bag art quest shot occupation craft schtick amateur interest leisure interest speciality favourite occupation favorite occupation pleasurable pastime labor of love pet topic pash adoration of folly enchantment rapture devotion to foolishness penchant for regard for fondness for feeling for love for desire for passion for captivation fixation with puppy love thing about hang-up about craze for addiction to crush on calf love

Danh từ

A piece of information that is unsupported by firm evidence
report word news rumor rumour talk gossip hearsay information scuttlebutt tidings dish intelligence noise tattle whisper advices buzz goss intimation murmur advice announcement bruit canard chat chatter chitchat comment dirt earful grapevine prating rumble scandal whispering conversation cry hash speech piece of gossip piece of hearsay small talk blow by blow on dit info notice communication facts account communiqué dispatch message data bulletin story gen item dope heads up low-down lowdown note letter scoop memorandum latest missive memo statement line epistle knowledge leak uncos enlightenment inside story correspondence notification instruction guidance disclosure written communication description details directive particulars counsel direction documentation revelation documents text summary score email advisement postcard release briefing inside information discovery eye-opener document exposé the goods reports tittle-tattle statistics skinny figures tip material poop findings card deets mail detail dossier acknowledgment consultation e-mail ideas exposition acknowledgement directions whole story piece of information kite materials observation written message reportage scratch thank-you file blurb commentary word to the wise greetings telling headlines telecast broadcast copy cable greeting front-page news news flash cognizance specification itemization recognition recital telegram particularization narration rundown tiding a briefing a brief posting piece wire mention article testimonial papers testimony break answer reply facts and figures update feature tale promulgation literature documentary drum publication tidbit titbit status post billet fact admission avowal column flash headline newscast brief notelet paragraph tweet SMS expose confession status update thank you junk mail insight encyclical invite tab cannonball FYI get-well surprising fact surprise fact feedback specifics write-up notes numbers results records wisdom conclusions instructions clues erudition background files essentials input caution learning illumination recommendation suggestion love letter poison pen billet doux evidence ammo picture writing minute clue fax phone call goods warning excerpt pipeline jotting reminder chapter and verse brass tacks what's what inside dope bottom line tip-off hot tip like it is record journal annotation calendar diary scrawl marginalia definition mark agenda scribble inscription obiter dictum entry datum remark gloss inside book bumf help counselling developments pointers lessons recommendations tips guidelines hints proposals views suggestions teachings prescriptions propositions advising tip-offs advocacy exhortation constructive criticism judgement counseling persuasions judgment telltales rede two cents' worth opinions

Tính từ

Current or up to date
relevant current recent latest modern new contemporary fresh novel today up-to-date just out present-day topical up to date hot neoteric happening modernistic contempo newborn up to the minute occurring recently appearing recently of late hot off the fire hot off the press late newfangled latter young latter-day advanced far ahead well ahead later far along well along state-of-the-art up-to-the-minute new-fashioned present red-hot mod leading-edge ultramodern space-age brand-new contemporaneous designer newest avant-garde cutting-edge new age innovative trendy now voguish fashionable in vogue newfound progressive modish brand new extant groundbreaking innovatory in fashion ultra-modern a la mode present-time ongoing popular brand spanking new modern-day spanking new existent pioneering cutting edge with it au courant stylish trendsetting revolutionary twenty-first-century unique leading newly arrived new-found immediate modernized flash modernised snazzy instant nifty ingenious innovational forward-looking ground-breaking hot off press in forward concurrent original higher coincident just completed just done just finished sophisticated developed chic evolved different radical existing unusual complex cool inventive creative prevailing unorthodox unprecedented unconventional hip imaginative coeval improved recently discovered futuristic unfamiliar refined trailblazing updated uncommon breakthrough faddish in the news untried originative live leading edge up abreast nouvelle high-tech hi-tech unknown strange offbeat atypical unaccustomed just released out-of-the-box out of the ordinary de nos jours newly discovered recently developed never-before-seen unheard-of left-field bang up to date today's gimmicky last supermodern afresh future synchronous coexistent just issued concomitant with-it prevalent simultaneous coexisting dewy quite recent last-ditch sexy popularized popularised coincidental in style coetaneous all the rage pristine actual living high coterminous culty smart raw last word alive burning coextensive du jour unreleased twenty- first century synchronic singular rare newsworthy unpublished virgin virginal nowadays started prompt being begun commenced already swinging in the mainstream on front burner immature common knowledge untested visionary surprising experimental exotic previously unreleased newly published newly released natty undeveloped developing span-new mint untouched intact perfect go-ahead inspired inspiring special refreshing just now even now in duration going on in process under consideration ad hoc kicking kicky tony off-centre distinctive artistic disruptive funky peculiar far cry breaking new ground seminal odd fly at this moment spiffy vital timely pressing important sassy stylin' for the time being in-thing unripe plugged-in buzzworthy foremost in the making in its infancy prime ahead intricate supreme avant garde nominal thematic subjective interesting unwonted alternative à la mode avant complicated elaborate pre-eminent excellent extreme precocious paramount exceptional principal out of the common forward-thinking highly developed ahead of the times high-end this season's new-fangled more recent

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