Đồng nghĩa của wont

Alternative for wont

wonts, wonted, wonting

Đồng nghĩa: habit, use,


According to the customs or usual practices associated with a particular society, place, or set of circumstances
customary usual conventional traditional accepted common familiar normal established ordinary everyday prevailing routine stock confirmed general classical current fixed going popular prescriptive prevalent set standard acknowledged time-honoured characteristic chronic expected fashionable frequent household long-established orthodox recognised recognized regulation sop stipulated time-honored typical understood universal well worn same old according to Hoyle by the numbers in a rut in the groove playing it safe standard operating procedure regular habitual commonplace accustomed average run-of-the-mill wonted mainstream widespread ubiquitous unremarkable quotidian prosaic garden-variety unexceptional workaday natural plain standard-issue vanilla common or garden bog-standard settled cut-and-dried received humdrum predictable cut-and-dry prescribed classic rife predominant day-to-day daily dull mundane sanctioned garden variety official stereotyped undistinguished stereotypical approved authorized rampant public pedestrian pervasive formal authorised staple generic banal representative well-known uninteresting canonical uneventful boring overall proverbial standardized ruling middle-of-the-road shared proper archetypal hackneyed correct simple basic unexciting archetypical bland a dime a dozen standardised typic majority ritual admitted plain vanilla mediocre unoriginal trite garden well established indifferent methodical so-so formulaic unmemorable true stale in circulation matter-of-course regulated widely held agreed endemic characterless colourless preponderant tried and true tried and tested acceptable colorless old hat authoritative conformist obligatory monotonous no great shakes not up to much proven nothing to write home about endorsed existing systematic derivative uninspired doctrinal old dreary unvaried forgettable hacky overused legitimate lacklustre lackluster legal constant lawful nondescript valid allowed middling broad terrestrial comprehensive sweeping organized in vogue ornery OK agreed upon across the board half-pie par for the course ten a penny nothing to get excited about nothing special adopted tedious required scheduled in force traditionary tiresome known compulsory renowned wearisome appropriate decided conservative mandatory institutional rooted unquestioned ceremonial collective systematized repetitious platitudinous obvious dominant preferred tired unvarying congruous domestic ritualistic chosen extensive overworked regnant fitting repetitive immemorial unprogressive structured recognizable influential steady boilerplate corny plastic global passed white-bread de rigueur sound certified old-fashioned documented orderly unpretentious unimaginative mechanical recognisable heavy banausic validated native right vulgar well known societal organised catholic all-embracing systematised worldwide ecumenical jejune traditionalist homespun worn out ratified clichéd rigid undisputed nitty-gritty uninspiring modest worn-out tame widely used kosher humble lowly epidemic drab bona fide rightful insignificant second-rate bush-league unnoteworthy homely dime-a-dozen not so hot not much cop total middle of the road favoured diurnal in effect in thing periodic OB acquired honored pervading present discreet inconspicuous regimented derived favourite favorite ongoing legendary famous famed notorious gut default repeated seasonal tralatitious honoured numerous abiding undoubted uncontested statutory canonic acquainted given used habituated mimetic time-worn overdone unexceptionable enduring immortal ageless touted mutual unsophisticated one-size-fits-all in use favored the order of the day great mimic anodyne median in established usage self-evident axiomatic unopposed legit okayed recurring school imitative unimpressive lasting timeless circulating prototypical family casual informal entrenched long-standing plain-Jane unextraordinary off-the-shelf cornball dime-store past trivial run-of-the-mine passable medium run-of-mine second-class fair apish arranged specified serious highbrow embraced united like quintessential played out starch plebeian next whitebread reputed infamous predetermined believed superior signature mass wide grind staid determined appointed intermediate fair to middling no-frills symphonic concert heavyweight declared identified perceived slavish memorable unforgettable undying deathless familiar tune boiler plate prearranged model ideal presentational prototypal afoot intermutual regularized commutual of choice in the habit of realized remembered inherent symptomatic consistent epigonic epigonous permitted supported legalized backed certain affirmed OK'd blank expressionless deadpan common variety matter-of-fact unadventurous national blanket communal overarching joint outright bureaucratic procedural ceremonious anticipated foreseeable indicative foreseen reliable emblematic about conforming old school commonest realised professed defined canned ho-hum arrived at distinctive likely unsurprising idiosyncratic distinguishing predominating indistinctive featureless neutral faceless noncommittal workday bruited about making the rounds doing the rounds in general use going around in the air talked of planned establishment stated old line nationwide wholesale individualistic cliched emulative legalised neither one thing nor the other operative main preponderating principal persistent assigned stable recommended in keeping in character broad-spectrum across-the-board broad-brush all-round all-around on everyone's lips mind-numbing methodic automatic earlier generation in style fundamental businesslike ready ready-made true to form to be expected taken for granted licensed accredited authentic backward-looking in fashion made official vouched for stupid numbing wearying jading drudging arid dry stodgy dusty tiring slow weary leaden monochromatic ponderous flat stuffy commonly accepted generally accepted coherent widely recognized traditionalistic ultraconservative reactionary unheretical button-down buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line old-school standpat die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative true to type authenticated tried and trusted only to be expected on the cards … all over treadmill dim bromidic toneless insipid blah monotone prosy lifeless plodding institutionalized regularised institutionalised well-established warranted verified readily available widely available straight pious religious punctilious square cosmic multinational unlimited planetary pandemic cosmopolitan celestial diffuse all all-over all-inclusive empyrean worldly unrestricted omnipresent stellar whole astronomical signed sealed amateurish amateur bien pensant done straight arrow in line signed and sealed licenced ordered straight from the horse's mouth cleared suitable decisive cathedral positive real conclusive ex cathedra definite okay precise and delivered ex officio nowhere jake comme il faut necessary according to the book not very good run of the mill socially obligatory a must called for au fait conforming to accepted standards most common most usual most frequent


One's customary behaviour
habit custom practice way use fashion habitude pattern practise ritual rule trick convention routine predilection preference second nature tendency procedure praxis manner usage mode tradition policy method form system groove matter of course modus operandi style characteristic observance consuetude norm grind tikanga mores propensity disposition daily grind process proneness rite behaviour drill formality ceremony institution behavior proprieties formula addiction hang-up idiosyncrasy beaten path mannerism trait peculiarity conduct modus vivendi oddity proclivity penchant protocol etiquette bent law tack ceremonial convenance proceeding rut precedent shot into rote regulation thing course standard of living lifestyle way of life swim personality nature usefulness utility usance attribute usual procedure tenet temperament familiarity regime ordinance character aptness quirk attitude moeurs acquired behavior habit pattern treatment currency acceptance management control asylum fact phenomenon way of doing things conventionalism design force of habit notion idea home madhouse bedlam eccentricity foible crotchet prison concept hostel fixture quip tic individualism quiddity erraticism curiosity kink twist singularity normality barometer order benchmark treadmill normalcy rubric heritage prescription condition yardstick guideline residential care home standard par lockstep repetition rules manners order of things lore folklore decency how solemnity approach social practice propriety decorum tactics recipe technique regimen strategy methodology assuetude legend legendry belief pace circle routine job dead end assembly line same old round circuit boring routine humdrum existence performance round humdrum principle myth doctrine culture set birthright customs ethics wisdom fable mythology ethic mythos precept canon channels setup ropes right practice set formula established practice done thing fixed attitude by the book by the numbers kawa conventionality plan punctilio mould prescript mold accepted behaviour mechanism type unwritten law dictate average normal criterion rulebook model past history background code expectations assumptions historical convention blueprint oral history principles covenance percept medicine preparation drug bureaucracy precepts dictates remedy gesture paperwork folkways shibboleth customariness vogue formulation theorem specifications description credo creed maxim direction equation observation formal gesture stereotype solemnness official procedure red tape service officialism liturgy academism requirement rituality state vein means cure dose mixture kaupapa sacred cow quality tone phraseology locution established way unwritten rule matter of form medicament medication genre situation posture wise book modus status kind sort nuts and bolts physic medicinal nostrum edict decree forescript


An urgent need or demand
exigency crisis emergency difficulty demand necessity need hardship constraint extremity fix jam juncture pass pinch pressure requirement stress urgency acuteness clutch conjuncture crossroads crunch demandingness distress Dunkirk head pickle plight predicament scrape strait tinderbox want criticalness essential imperativeness needfulness pressingness quandary requisite boiling point breaking point contingency crossroad crunch time dilemma duress exigence flash point vicissitude zero hour panic stations turning point moment of truth point of no return trouble circumstance impasse critical moment climax crux corner condition deadlock decisive moment hot water deep water hole bind drag asperity defining moment critical point imbroglio crisis point pivotal moment climacteric stage high noon hour of decision Rubicon state mess watershed culmination crucial moment box catch-22 hang-up crucial point rigor bad news critical period rigour crucial period pivotal point turn of the tide do or die time demands strain tension threshold market adversity situation hot spot landmark peak pain crossing struggle muddle hassle cusp quagmire tight spot misfortune pivot change nexus posture position frustration dire straits labor labour misery weight grievance anxiety perplexity painfulness when push comes to shove tipping point puzzle embarrassment critical stage critical juncture critical mass watershed moment decisive point l Dutch trouble spot a hole a fix a jam a scrape knife-edge connection combination concurrence conclusion end acme flashpoint straits test problem time deadline vital moment countdown appointed hour target D-day appointed time A-day H-hour needs exigencies requirements rubicon milepost milestone moment point terminus tight squeeze state of affairs state of things shift peripeteia transition hinge axis development twist target day jumping-off point the time start time moment of decision uphill battle gap critical situation trying time danger level high point brink overextension breakpoint edge limit overstrain lack rising action crucial occurrence kairotic moment when it came to it match point occasion race against time point of decision phase period desire uphill inferiority interval status instant choice point in time pretty call extreme tension snapping point loss tribulation verge of collapse spreading too thin pretty kettle of fish a bad situation bewilderment mystification squeeze bottleneck a plight a mess choke point fine kettle of fish a predicament a tight corner a sorry condition a bind a difficult situation oppression wish claim spot desperate straits moment in time imposition knot hazard exertion burden load height dependency dependence heat barricade discouragement stew sweat hardness depression stalemate sine qua non woe wretchedness confrontation standstill a spot a stew harassment hard times dead end a pickle how-do-you-do issue pains awkwardness problems drain laboriousness strenuousness arduousness aggravation struggling strife swamp rattrap jackpot mire awkward situation difficult situation affliction setback bother worry ado toil tight corner lot problematic situation soup albatross dolour hangup travails sticky situation sticky wicket kettle of fish rabbit hole sink or swim time coming to a head annoyance trials and tribulations irritation mental burden to-do inconvenience bafflement pressure cooker large order rough go


A popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behavior
fashion trend style fad vogue craze custom look mode rage mania sensation convention flavor flavour thing practice buzz chic go ritual taste way bandwagon enthusiasm fancy furore furor practise trick cultism cultus habit habitude latest current style hot ticket dernier cri general tendency latest thing faddism in thing passing fancy latest style latest taste prevailing taste newest wrinkle last word ton tonne praxis manner passion pattern rule second nature obsession form usage routine modishness procedure tradition matter of course popularity characteristic consuetude fixation groove fashionableness preoccupation use fascination hang-up system voguishness policy hotness observance precedent grind beaten path daily grind fashionability infatuation fetish method cry compulsion favor kick love into modus operandi favour stylishness weakness whim now prevalence approval in proprieties institution norm penchant latest wrinkle customariness addiction tendency idea concept coolness trendiness craving desire novelty rite interest crotchet cult design quirk formality in-thing hip etiquette caprice process conceit vagary yen cacoethes wrinkle law shot predilection eccentricity rubric heritage prescription hobby canon preference monomania fever kink movement mores propensity proclivity the last word drill bent disposition cool proneness tikanga precept bug new look p normality normalcy ordinariness buzzword mainstream panache classiness elegance prominent thing important thing habitualness jag flair hit genre swim appetite hipsterism hipness fondness air du temps usance meme impact happening in-spot freak the latest fad the newest fashion the latest cry inclination flash wonder currency affectation repetition whimsy innovation humor amusement frivolity sport peculiarity mannerism hot spot hip thing big thing recreation pastime pursuit asylum fact phenomenon snazziness code humour fantasy idiosyncrasy assuetude impulse the thing the latest notion home madhouse bedlam propriety protocol talking point set rut entertainment hobbyhorse latest word fool notion the rage trait prison hostel fixture leisure pursuit leisure activity familiarity foible punctilio conventionality fixed attitude oddity quip tic individualism quiddity erraticism curiosity twist singularity acquired behavior habit pattern kawa ceremonial moeurs urge prepossession fetich partiality idée fixe accepted behaviour covenance principle percept force of habit bug in ear tiger grabber fixed idea craziness bee tiger by the tail bee in bonnet ax to grind something on the brain disorder residential care home fashionable popular in fashion convenance proceeding usefulness utility with it trendy in vogue big all the rage usual procedure campaign ceremony drive ordinance crusade dictates conventionalism le dernier cri push folkways shibboleth mould character attitude mold type observation cause kaupapa sacred cow juggernaut unwritten rule unwritten law established way way of doing things blitz lobby


To impart information or knowledge
familiarize acquaint instruct accustom habituate advise apprise brief clear coach enlighten hip inform make conversant make familiar prime school season tell train verse accustom to coach in educate in habituate to instruct in inure teach in train in adapt adjust case catch up clue in condition drill explain fill in indoctrinate in initiate into introduce to mix naturalise naturalize popularise popularize post prime in school in use wise up clue in on clue up on gen up on get up to date keep up to date put wise to awaken to check out fill in on gain friendship get in get together let know make clear tip off become adept in become aware of break the ice bring into common use bring into use come to know get lowdown on get to know get to know about get with it give a rundown of give the gen about give the low-down on let down hair let next to put in the picture about put on to get lay of land keep up to speed with make used to acclimatize acclimate notify acclimatise make aware update warn harden let in on prepare keep posted make familiar with teach educate initiate put in the picture get used to acquaint with introduce discipline clue edify attune familiarize with make aware of acculturate alert make conversant with tutor reveal disclose ground indoctrinate counsel give information about announce to accommodate clue up about run by put wise send word to bring up-to-date keep someone posted give the lowdown toughen become accustomed to become accustomed communicate climatize conform guide inform of advise of divulge apprise of orientate orient ground in make known to break in direct make used inculcate upskill caution forewarn tip impart to communicate to leak to give notice clue up report to level with send word give the word show the ropes give the gen find your feet settle in get a feel for grow used to get into the habit relate to fill-in base make knowledgeable impart strengthen fortify predicate rest intimate steel sensitize sensitise indurate hang appraise announce temper establish domesticate affect haunt frequent visit inform about give the latest pass on keep informed desensitize prime on desensitise endure confirm devote addict tolerate relate let know one keep posted one keep abreast make cognizant tailor case-harden brief as to intro shape present illuminate lesson tout fit resort to hang at give details to open someone's eyes explain the situation to explain to open up bring up to date explain the circumstances to give information to describe the state of affairs to bring up to speed keep up to speed wise tattle leak fashion tell about update on notify of teach about knock down fix up bring out lecture give lessons to pilot engineer steer lead level brainwash take to suit keep in the loop give a pointer blow the whistle on sneak on give two cents give the low-down to give a tip give someone to understand grass up communicate knowledge fill someone in tutor in come out with doctor give rundown give a rundown become established drill in grow wild break someone in grow naturally edit expose present with din something into drum into put someone through their paces give lessons in break it to give lessons give instructions give the rundown on show the lay of the land gen up give the gen on bring up to date on put make acquainted with acculture bring into contact with wake give intelligence knowledgeable about familiar with instructed in skilled in proficient in informed about acquainted with conversant with declare to lay it out update about point out put on the line keep up to date with enlighten as to give the low-down offer information make known put wise about give the rundown at home with abreast of well informed about apprised of au courant with plugged into in touch with no stranger to well up on genned up on au fait with assimilate clued in on in the know about clued up on up to date with switched on to reconcile resign come to terms with become resigned blend in fit in come to accept learn to live with become acquainted with familiarise remind hint signal indicate suggest put someone on notice tip the wink alert to imply prompt insinuate disclose to reveal to keep in the picture infer allude give warning give someone the latest information connote break the news to raise the alarm sound the alarm give fair warning to give a warning to give an inkling get at put on guard give orders keep briefed share report send word of apprive refresh give the high sign give fair warning put on the alert keep someone briefed prep let into give information groom give the skinny on wise to give a sitrep to say to state to express to confess to mention to proclaim to flag up speak about to utter to mention something to disillusion disabuse supply with facts give somebody the lowdown get off your chest correct disenchant answer write in fill out complete sign write out insert undeceive mention whisper be honest with mean make a reference to the fact cue tip one's hand drop give a clue drive at foreshadow refer to put flea in ear jog memory let out of bag touch on angle allude to coax adumbrate give someone to believe solicit refer to the fact broach allude to the fact say in passing bring up let it be known

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