Đồng nghĩa của when push comes to shove

Danh từ

Critical juncture
turning point climacteric watershed landmark climax corner crisis crossroads milepost milestone axis change contingency critical moment crossing crunch crux culmination cusp decisive moment development emergency exigency hinge juncture nexus pass peak peripeteia pinch pivot shift strait transition twist critical mass critical period critical point crucial moment crucial occurrence crucial period defining moment high noon kairotic moment moment of truth pivotal moment rising action zero hour race against time point of no return turn of the tide charged moment fated moment pregnant moment fateful moment kairos extremity clutch head boiling point tinderbox crunch time threshold flash point when it came to it Rubicon breaking point conjuncture terminus match point Dunkirk rubicon decisive point knife-edge critical stage tipping point crucial point pivotal point critical juncture stage crisis point predicament crossroad do or die time hour of decision impasse state condition event plight sink or swim time watershed moment circumstance occasion flashpoint loaded moment crossway traffic circle decision junction intersection roundabout connection combination conclusion end acme concurrence the Rubicon irreversible momentum height seminal moment stalemate deadlock confrontation coming to a head hot spot standstill time moment point divide waypost major achievement historic event phase period moment in time quandary interval status instant posture choice point in time position situation signpost marker indicator sign mark achievement fix jam state of affairs state of things straits breakthrough record goal major event discovery high point highlight D-day deadline vital moment appointed time countdown A-day H-hour appointed hour target start time point of decision target day jumping-off point moment of decision the time

Trái nghĩa của when push comes to shove

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