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  • phó từ
    • chắc chắn, thuyết phục

Phó từ

With no qualification, restriction, or limitation
absolutely completely entirely fully perfectly positively surely totally categorically comprehensively decisively thoroughly unquestionably utterly wholly outright downright unconditionally unequivocally unreservedly altogether extensively purely soundly truly consummately effectively exhaustively manifestly roundly unqualifiedly clean dead exactly heartily infallibly precisely solidly sweepingly unambiguously undividedly unmitigatedly flat-out all over in full through and through a hundred per cent all out all the way in all respects in every respect in every way to the core to the end to the limit to the max to the maximum extent to the nth degree en masse every inch from beginning to end inside out lock, stock and barrel on all counts straight out to the hilt without exception without reservation come hell or high water down to the ground from top to bottom no ifs ands or buts no strings attached to the fullest extent without omission one hundred per cent from A to Z definitely certainly clearly irrefutably undeniably incontrovertibly indisputably unmistakably finally incontestably definitively indubitably plainly convincingly undoubtedly emphatically compellingly obviously evidently firmly decidedly unarguably inarguably patently strongly forcefully unanswerably unassailably assuredly authoritatively truely tellingly really ultimately validly demonstrably persuasively undisputedly cogently reliably genuinely explicitly irrefragably fixedly palpably unchallengeably transparently accurately distinctly powerfully provenly influentially lastly plausibly weightily doubtlessly self-evidently verifiably markedly impressively directly determinatively unerringly determinately potently satisfyingly expressly credibly efficaciously confirmedly hardly actually resolutely apparently straightforwardly undisputably outrightly confirmably terminally significantly trustworthily rightly irrevocably supremely concludingly conspicuously doubtless downrightly pronouncedly factually airtightly crucially easily flatly provably determinedly unimpeachably specifically confidently apodictically safely lucidly dependably undebatably forcibly flawlessly clinchingly quite without question reasonably strikingly rationally bindingly concretely critically well extremely without a doubt undoubtably goodly importantly latestly peremptorily plumb resoundingly faultlessly noticeably acceptedly momentously irresistibly demonstratively thoroughgoingly beyond any doubt detailedly pivotally observably authentically substantially deadly without doubt beyond question effectually overtly principally glaringly securely openly beyond doubt convincedly correctly hands down latterly acknowledgedly sheerly inexpugnably stably simply unalloyedly logically empirically eventually majorly heavily faithfully systematically regularly veritably fairly implicitly sure materially rankly uncontroversially blatantly unambivalently verily cocksurely perspicuously urgently bodaciously trustily primely unalterably of course with certainty foolproofly without fail pertinently barefacedly cleanly for a fact irreversibly all right uncontestedly prominently plain unwaveringly believably all errorlessly probably constructively frozenly imperatively tangibly unadulteratedly starkly perceptibly consequentially flat profoundly permanently inevitably sustainably necessarily efficiently distinctively greatly coherently discernibly veraciously supportably eloquently undoubtingly compulsorily straightly arrantly coercively no doubt alright so indeed minutely paramountly axiomatically forsooth wholy in entirety incisively broadly properly meaningfully beyond a doubt relevantly chiefly trenchantly pellucidly for certain unrestrictedly assertively sanguinely acceptably mightily fatefully realistically for sure workably undisguisedly satisfactorily puissantly legitimately completedly dreadfully bloomingly beyond a shadow of a doubt blankly as sure as eggs is eggs undoubtfully boldly productively utmostly likelily immutably grandly impregnably unchallengedly obligatorily enough usefully saliently unfalteringly commandingly adamantly wholeheartedly just mandatorily visibly especially unbreakably remarkably attestably evincibly helpfully unchangeably irremediably successfully attestedly invariably vehemently specially unfailingly soberly notably far and away portentously fruitfully sharply overwhelmingly unhesitatingly seriously univocally historically valuably ulteriorly beneficially strictly considerably meticulously possibly officially actively sensibly vitally unshakably in fact coldly suasively verisimilarly changelessly compulsively requisitely all of insistently self-confidently unquestioningly justifiedly luculently plenarily justly practically capably in all needless to say consistently admittedly advantageously particularly operatively consequently baldly intelligently analytically soly lastingly indelibly antipodally climactically seemingly ringingly luminously serviceably veridically by all odds by all means heart and soul hook line and sinker distinguishably right on adequately up and down in toto there are no two ways about it responsibly no ifs ands or buts about it hopefully capitally matter-of-factly questionlessly intensely essentially eventfully deeply beyond the shadow of a doubt sure as can be invincibly full round staunchly canonically supportedly fatedly limitedly pointedly uncontestably irretrievably dogmatically arbitrarily tyrannously unshakenly self-assuredly unimpairedly maximally by a mile full on sustainedly unstintingly forthrightly superiorly patly there's no denying it affirmatively unshakeably fitly irreparably invulnerably very much totes dramatically unlimitedly deducibly comprehensibly ascertainably intuitively formidably insightfully ingeniously intently by definition showily steadily calculably overpoweringly foundationally creatively formatively developmentally seminally virtuously qualifiedly practicably brilliantly unbendingly exactingly undubitably constantly uncompromisingly posteriorly perceivably cert flamboyantly posolutely splashily detectably painstakingly catchily steadfastly all in all recognizably imperiously unconstrainedly noisily creditably root and branch hook, line and sinker pithily violently inexorably intensively unanxiously carefreely ably amen without qualification causally evaluatively to be sure unavoidably widely undilutedly presumptively from the ground up in and out at length from stem to stern in detail stringently gutsily punchily virilely elementally electrically titanically beyond any shadow of a doubt nothing else but for real beyond shadow of doubt rain or shine come what may drastically energetically aggressively methodically articulately elaborately objectively maturely justifiably blindingly indissolubly inescapably in no uncertain terms legitly defensibly groundedly congruently viably prudently conceivably imaginably crisply fatally the ticket to a tee on the money no holds barred no catch really truly no kicker on the nose bigly frankly astutely sanely perceptively deductively defendably informedly commonsensically arguably vigorously militantly appositely inducingly fittingly aptly flagrantly with clarity in particular unsubtly germanely discerningly pragmatically levelheadedly sizably noteworthily fundamentally supposably tenably thinkably publically understandably exposedly corporeally commonsensibly ripely thunderingly recognisably revealingly irrefrangibly thumpingly kosherly intellectually colorably honestly sincerely unblemishedly extraordinarily heftily largely appreciably monumentally exceptionally apocalyptically once and for all audibly intelligibly clear colourably integrally functionally standardly appropriately scrupulously newsworthily quantumly resonantly signally burningly memorably generously unforgettably uncommonly preponderantly rarely outstandingly unusually impactfully sensationally pressingly earthshakingly gravely severely gloriously cardinally earnestly imposingly maximumly movingly presumably inclusively competently suitably compleatly grossly ostensibly naturally righteously okayly truthfully impeccably unmistakenly rigorously equitably subsequently ensuingly unbrokenly aggregately uninterruptedly in truth acutely doomfully boundenly inauspiciously unluckily ill-fatedly ominously direfully from all appearances sure enough in reality no question beyond shadow of a doubt to all intents and purposes it goes without saying very well no two ways about it obvs resultingly

Phó từ

In a successful manner
successfully effectively efficiently proficiently triumphantly adequately capably competently efficaciously favourably opportunely productively satisfactorily satisfyingly well agreeably auspiciously comprehensively famously favorably flourishingly fortuitously fortunately perfectly properly propitiously soundly sufficiently swimmingly victoriously ably effectually expertly skilfully strongly totally altogether aptly profitably prosperously thrivingly in triumph through and through with flying colours all the way decisively usefully practically beneficially remuneratively sustainingly gainfully advantageously luckily happily providentially mercifully thankfully by good luck seasonably thank the stars thank God thank goodness as luck would have it in the nick of time thank heavens by good fortune by happy chance in good time by a happy chance potently fruitfully helpfully operatively powerfully valuably constructively serviceably rewardingly excellently expediently actively dynamically energetically goodly functionally advisably timelily invaluably positively strategically sensibly meritoriously importantly validly tellingly economically forcibly virtuously determinatively workably suitably handily reliably resourcefully instrumentally outstandingly unfailingly forcefully requisitely practicably qualifiedly facilitatively commodiously talentedly intoxicatingly vigorously creatively prolifically sovereignly rightly correctly appropriately robustly majorly splendidly earthshakingly ultimately stupendously stiffly headily hardly operationally worthily judiciously wisely rationally prudently acceptably pragmatically meaningfully justifiably lively desirably fittingly logically usably runningly compellingly applicably clearly fitly conveniently presentably sagaciously seemlily necessarily definitively purposefully movingly substantially significantly livingly estimably exemplarily pricelessly lucratively involvedly engagedly progressively movably flowingly pushingly stirringly influentially puissantly

Phó từ

In the end
ultimately eventually finally in the end someday sometime yet at length sooner or later at last climactically hereafter in time one day some day after some time at long last in the long run in conclusion in consummation in the final analysis in the future after a while as a conclusion at the close by and by in the sequel when all is said and done when push comes to shove in due time in the fullness of time at the end of the day in due course subsequently at a future time one of these days at a future date in time to come after a bit at the end one fine day one of these fine days at some time in the future at some point in the future lastly at a later date in a while at the last latterly when all was said and done one time or another at some time or other sometime or other in a time to come at a later time when the time is ripe later later on anytime somewhen not now at some stage as time goes on as time goes by one time with time on a day belatedly tardily occasional periodically late former once quondam erstwhile previous intermittently formerly concludingly despite delay at some time at some point terminally beyond this slowly but surely in the course of time after a period of time at some future time in spite of all in the eleventh hour after a long time at the last moment ensuingly decisively towards the end consequently resultingly latestly next afterwards after that afterward then thereafter following this following that thereupon next off before long soon after followed by after infra thenceforth behind thence duly from then on the next day after this and then next day after the event after while at a subsequent time from there on down the line in the aftermath down the road thenceforwards next time on the next day thenceforward

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