Đồng nghĩa của as sure as eggs is eggs

Tính từ

Conclusive or definitive
positive conclusive definitive dependable irrefragable undisputable reliable undoubted undoubting unquestioned convincing guaranteed unchallengeable undisputed categorical clear-cut complete definite exhaustive fixed incontestable incontrovertible indisputable indubitable irrefutable unambiguous uncontested undeniable unquestionable valid exact precise pure sheer accomplished fair persuasive right tangible total unalloyed unanswerable unarguable uncontradicted unqualified veritable secure hands-down beyond a doubt beyond question unequivocal unmistakable clear sure certain palpable true obvious patent manifest absolute recognized confirmed authoritative genuine firm determinate transparent confirmable real verifiable demonstrable safe recognised assured unfailing infallible inevitable decisive irrevocable unerring concrete foolproof surefire resolute doubtless accurate solid questionless inerrant failsafe can't-miss fail-safe in the bag sure-fire plain evident ascertained known inarguable settled frozen beyond doubt flat set inexpugnable unchallenged hard-and-fast sealed accepted final acknowledged hard stable nailed-on not in question not in doubt supreme provable establishable sure thing having down pat there are no two ways about it all sewn up unassailable decided proven actual watertight self-evident emphatic straightforward sound authentic express beyond dispute distinct pronounced trustworthy factual explicit determined apparent apodictic undebatable unimpeachable marked ultimate striking observable compelling beyond a shadow of a doubt airtight established bona fide clinching unconditional noticeable crystal clear verified certified substantial downright on ice ringing broad open-and-shut sensible telling predestined destined open and shut open material demonstrative flawless conspicuous honest perceptible significant uncontroversial legit unambivalent nonambiguous existent lucid effective pellucid perspicuous bald barefaced salted away legitimate as plain as a pikestaff bald-faced staring one in the face well defined direct bright-line candid proper no ifs ands or buts discernible confident convinced steady veridical perfect univocal straight impressive kosher outright substantive visible luculent last deciding uncompromising black and white no mistake well-grounded glaring luminous objective authenticated correct for real flat-out straight out unshakable earnest frank blunt pat out-and-out powerful forceful steadfast faultless constant good prominent strong unwavering appreciable documented specific righteous forthright satisfied sincere double-checked resounding uncontestable particular distinctive undoubtable dogmatic detectable perceivable bold comprehensible cogent attested plausible credible physical intelligible unreserved unswerving impeccable realistic essential black-and-white certifiable corporeal substantiated cut-and-dried blatant distinguishable for sure determining remarkable arresting sure-enough nailed down point-blank dinkum inerrable for certain as plain as daylight validated settling existing unimaginary straight from the shoulder inescapable tried and true de facto official as plain as the nose on your face believable honest-to-goodness tried and tested rightful inalienable immutable very specified runaway tyrannous admitted arbitrary defined quantified shallow simplistic unequivocable limited cinched unalterable obligatory necessary binding compulsory abrupt corroborated freely admitted not disputed unbreakable straight-from-the-shoulder authenticating naive glib jejune impregnable invincible irresistible considerable telltale well-founded cold superior unique obtrusive intent validating inimitable fundamental invulnerable implicit peremptory well grounded well-proven well founded no two ways about it irrebuttable overwhelming ironclad odds-on apodeictic beyond the shadow of a doubt tacit enduring unshaken abiding changeless never-failing unchanging unchangeable free from doubt for a fact unfaltering unvarying unquestioning persuaded down pat without doubt without loopholes no ifs and or buts attestable evincible virtual implied stone cold notable recognizable resolved unsubtle determinative determinant revealing resolving irrefrangible unacknowledged self-explanatory non-spiritual measurable beyond a shadow of doubt real-life real-world literal demonstrated completing concluding state-of-the-art finishing closing limiting terminating ending terminal quantifiable litmus test all out what you see is what you get can bet on it twenty-four-carat honest-to-god sure enough phenomenal nof ifs ands or buts axiomatic unconcealed overt plain to see flagrant blinding discernable undisguised apprehensible easy heartfelt unpretentious unfeigned undesigning artless unpretended unaffected natural well-established simple hearty vigorous energetic unbeatable efficacious supportable sustainable checkable empirical empiric stark writ large gross salient vehement colorable sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb recognisable as clear as day ostensible seeming written all over someone standing out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb assertive insistent forcible deducible ascertainable inferable handy agreeable effectual acceptable useful always effective satisfying satisfactory helpful undeceivable efficient omniscient never failing honest-to-God sure-thing on the level for-sure no buts about it real stuff on the up-and-up really-truly wholehearted well documented error-free non-fictitious non-fictional intrinsic ardent storming kenspeckle bodacious flamboyant brilliant momentous noisy grabby commanding splashy eye-catching dramatic catchy showy crisp well-defined severe well-marked undubitable sharp minute silhouetted graphic full vivid stated clean-cut incisive noteworthy audible aggressive violent full-blooded muscular strenuous dynamic historical living current unimagined bodily uncanny deadly meticulous scrupulous authorized unmannered hard and fast thumping thundering unfabled live present corporal embodied incarnate approved sanctioned clearly defined not vague cut and dried trenchant pointed sober accented potent stressed important solemn errorless dead just unmistaken spot-on invariable one hundred per cent endorsed licensed accredited formal staunch faithful trusty that's a fact responsible unblurred for a face devoted understandable spot on lucent crystal limpid loyal conscientious warranted up front no catch legal signed lawful ratified predictable committed dedicated decent upright trustable calculable no ifs ands or buts about it crystal-clear honourable truthful honorable reputable respectable high-principled allowed signed and sealed licenced ordered straight from the horse's mouth cleared suitable customary cathedral canonical authorised ex cathedra okay and delivered orthodox ex officio fitting true-blue careful incorrupt true-hearted veracious easily understood no holds barred no strings attached no fine print clearly expressed

Phó từ

In a way that is clearly seen or understood
evidently obviously plainly clearly manifestly patently unmistakably indisputably undoubtedly discernibly incontrovertibly perceptibly visibly blatantly distinctly doubtless markedly palpably transparently undeniably doubtlessly incontestably officially professedly without question without doubt to all appearances absolutely decidedly positively easily unquestionably definitely certainly assuredly indubitably unequivocally inarguably unarguably beyond question all right far and away hands down without a doubt beyond the shadow of a doubt by a mile surely undisputedly irrefutably conclusively truly noticeably really alright so indeed sure beyond doubt forsooth of course for a fact without fail by all odds by far categorically undoubtably substantially significantly emphatically appreciably immeasurably demonstrably unimpeachably materially no doubt exactly beyond a doubt for certain for sure with certainty beyond any doubt by all means needless to say by a great amount come hell or high water beyond a shadow of a doubt much no ifs ands or buts about it there are no two ways about it by a long way by a good deal by a long shot by a long chalk admittedly cert posolutely right on naturally ostensibly to the highest degree by a great deal head and shoulders by half far and wide unambiguously unreservedly precisely apparently overtly openly seemingly in truth from all appearances in reality in fact it goes without saying no question to all intents and purposes obvs very well one hundred per cent a hundred per cent sure enough in every way in every respect no ifs ands or buts beyond shadow of a doubt sure as can be no two ways about it straight out downright there's no denying it simply probably actually almost certainly conspicuously observably perceivably recognizably strikingly tangibly recognisably detectably prominently pronouncedly saliently boldly sensibly distinguishably glaringly barefacedly undisguisedly concretely inescapably outstandingly self-evidently unambivalently corporeally visually lucidly solidly physically ringingly straightforwardly perspicuously flagrantly pellucidly baldly viewably tactilely ocularly explicitly signally luminously luculently genuinely touchably comprehensibly truely factually remarkably pointedly broadly discoverably macroscopically obtrusively intelligibly verifiably cognizably notably optically carnally measurably dramatically tactually showily expressly frankly legitimately axiomatically confirmedly understandably validly objectively starkly unsubtly phenomenally sensitively temporally identifiably authentically distinctively sensationally brazenly apprehensibly extraordinarily veridically fleshlily flamboyantly brilliantly bodaciously noisily splashily commandingly catchily veritably blindingly intrinsically ascertainably secularly certifiably substantively empirically stunningly firmly provenly noteworthily singularly quantifiably effectively audibly exposedly visionally sharply worldlily provably shamelessly coherently downrightly mundanely acutely avowedly attestably evincibly terrestrially notoriously nakedly completely utterly discernably wholeheartedly sheerly purely cognitively trenchantly translucently perspicaciously knowingly percipiently observantly arrantly freshly grossly externally outerly supportably confirmably sustainably credibly plausibly believably colorably unfeignedly thoroughgoingly exteriorly in plain sight verily authoritatively especially unqualifiedly literally intrusively protuberantly comprehensively deducibly spectacularly chromatically knowably luridly loudly gaudily flashily garishly superficially historically livingly currently materialistically extrinsically specifically rightfully presently lively corporally soundly hardly individually astonishingly determinably legitly sensorially honestly sensuously differently outwardly overly wonderfully strongly impressively properly familiarly distinguishingly originally exceedingly amazingly incredibly dazzlingly memorably uncommonly astoundingly surprisingly rarely staggeringly explicably jaw-droppingly forcibly subjectively dissimilarly refreshingly idiomatically uniquely intimately privately privily independently compellingly startlingly distinguishedly unusually fascinatingly jazzily cogently charmingly bizarrely loftily wondrously powerfully tellingly electrifyingly forcefully publically definably receptively animally gustatorily auricularly auditorily neurally sonically neurologically audiovisually afferently acoustically lingually sensorily aurally phonically sensually

Trái nghĩa của as sure as eggs is eggs

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