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Tính từ

Easily recognizable
obvious clear evident apparent manifest transparent blatant conspicuous glaring palpable plain unmistakable distinct barefaced downright flagrant unequivocal self-evident unconcealed definite discernible open overt visible bald bald-faced bright-line broad clear-cut decided egregious gross lucid luculent luminous nonambiguous open-and-shut pellucid perspicuous pronounced rank ringing straightforward striking unambiguous unambivalent undisguised indisputable undeniable unquestionable arrant controlled crystal clear exclusive glaringly obvious out-and-out prominent open and shut noticeable explicit observable perceptible certain marked incontrovertible recognizable indubitable bold positive sure perceivable recognisable incontestable detectable irrefutable conclusive distinguishable categorical absolute beyond question beyond doubt salient tangible undoubted brazen proven as plain as a pikestaff understandable sensible demonstrable naked comprehensible definitive appreciable stark inescapable direct emphatic writ large inarguable standing out a mile shameless true outstanding sticking out like a sore thumb frank plain to see unassailable express unarguable sticking out a mile cut-and-dried intelligible real standing out like a sore thumb accurate outright recognized irrefragable unqualified unsubtle unanswerable confirmed unchallengeable final genuine acknowledged recognised unhidden outrageous arresting signal obtrusive accepted pointed decisive accomplished verifiable revealed blunt axiomatic audacious firm complete seeable self-explanatory discoverable nailed-on significant notorious watertight not in doubt specific as plain as day undisputed compelling staring someone in the face staring one in the face utter beyond dispute sheer notable under one's nose univocal apprehensible written all over someone assured avowed visual known beyond a shadow of a doubt black-and-white undebatable authentic well defined sharp as plain as the nose on your face as clear as day audible precise easily seen settled apodictic guaranteed candid capital established out in the open hard convincing confirmable authoritative big as life well-defined undisputable limpid unquestioned unchallenged uncontested shocking public sure thing remarkable dreadful clear cut unmitigated dramatic scandalous atrocious exposed heinous showy crying seen ocular distinctive sound provable honest unfeigned as clear as crystal macroscopic measurable actual upfront in view in sight viewable terrible concrete graspable monstrous extreme forthright straight cognizable shameful unreserved not hidden perspicacious unimpeachable brass-necked uncontroversial to be seen graphic bare-faced set unblurred well-grounded beyond a doubt lucent easily understood establishable unexaggerated blinding in the bag black and white no ifs ands or buts cut and dried clearly expressed noted discernable pure flaunting unrestrained awful doubtless ostentatious wholehearted unashamed infamous protrusive without doubt thoroughgoing substantial not in question identifiable enormous convinced simple kenspeckle bodacious flamboyant brilliant noisy grabby commanding splashy eye-catching catchy ultimate written all over one fathomable deliberate inordinate articulate flawless outspoken excessive demonstrative unvarnished flat plainly seen veritable as plain as the nose on one's face clear as a bell knowable matter-of-fact reprehensible disgraceful solid verified cold on show wicked clinching full uninhibited particular brutal much in evidence infallible iniquitous villainous well-known surefire in plain sight published plain as day determinate vivid reliable airtight crystalline veridical ascertained clean-cut unerring double-checked factual transpicuous uncontestable noteworthy for sure certified fixed valid publicized severe safe crisp minute supreme no mistake down pat for certain bona fide stated on the nose crystal on ice out and out plain as the nose on your face publicised hard and fast having down pat crystal-clear no holds barred as sure as eggs is eggs as plain as daylight flat-out plain-spoken widely known straight from the shoulder point-blank manifestly unveiled evinced divulged disclosed unmissable traceable comprehendible above board translucent percipient corporeal observant sensitive trenchant cognitive cognoscible appercipient knowing evidenced dinkum cogent prima facie standing out clearly visible resolved satisfied preposterous unshakable understood extravagant plausible believable colorable credible ostensible seeming immodest joined-up runaway unequivocable enunciated patently true telltale exact unadulterated artless considerable sensational spectacular arrestive noncontroversial stunning coherent unique flagitious attestable evincible on view on display inimitable detailed cinched unalterable flagitous unfailing nailed down digestible impregnable invincible irresistible in evidence obligatory necessary binding compulsory staring you in the face sharply defined grody flaming predestined trustworthy determined destined clear as day inevitable legitimate anywhere to be seen truthful fundamental user friendly user-friendly easily grasped well grounded well-proven well founded foolproof irrevocable comprehensive exhaustive easily distinguishable material legit certifiable no two ways about it salted away unfabled unrestricted strong great unembellished unstinting unsparing make no bones substantive objective resolute right under your nose can't miss it in full view crystalling harsh realistic telling irrebuttable overwhelming forceful ironclad odds-on apodeictic inexpugnable stable frozen sealed hard-and-fast proper stick out like sore thumb secure guileless upright unadorned supportable sustainable checkable empirical empiric easily understandable hanging out no catch well constructed quantifiable confident serious literal inerrant questionless failsafe unimaginative no strings attached no fine print straight out that's a fact unabashed plainspoken heartless forthcoming total unguarded natural grievous honest-to-goodness well documented well-marked undubitable silhouetted incisive no ifs ands or buts about it impudent unblushing shared broadcast deducible ascertainable inferable exorbitant major nof ifs ands or buts can bet on it no ifs and or buts bare unembarrassed brash insolent immoderate fail-safe sure-fire can't-miss in circulation freely available public knowledge in the public domain in the open right under one's nose clearly defined not vague unrepentant there are no two ways about it all sewn up over-literal lacking subtlety lacking nuance free-spoken up-front no-nonsense celebrated true to life snazzy without shame meretricious gaudy glitzy flashy screaming overbold loud brassy garish warts and all famous renowned familiar declared popular admitted confessed faultless perfect dependable pat well-founded superior undoubtable sure-enough proclaimed common identified proverbial well known self-confessed received branded publicly known generally known beyond a shadow of doubt strict steadfast inflexible unwavering rigid defined uncompromising implicit meticulous correct unhesitating constant faithful unconditional invariable good right unyielding agreed rigorous unfaltering unchangeable veracious practical stubborn spot-on unbending entire immutable obstinate contained undoubting cast-iron close constructive inarticulate virtual implicative inferential unuttered arranged thorough regular attested unshakeable implied unsaid bound unquestioning undeclared tacit latent unexpressed unspoken unchanging taken for granted inferred unswerving intransigent effective cocksure peremptory error-free on the money on the button immovable adamant stringent specified unvarying deciding rooted inveterate dead-on on-target pinpoint bang on punctilious careful irreversible entrenched existent assertive impeccable unshaken undeviating intent committed hardened single-minded errorless obdurate insistent prearranged lifelike set in stone approved persuaded imperious fair enduring spot on scrupulous changeless determining last arbitrary very just dogmatic judicious earnest sanguine settling imperative predetermined skillful skilful methodical finished stalwart domineering fanatical ingrained steady staunch lively free from doubt unrelenting abiding persistent authoritarian automatic undoubtful tenacious colourful painstaking stiff deep-rooted deep-seated verbatim hard-line official colorful appropriate usual writ in stone dead on locked in on the mark corroborated planned unavoidable accustomed documented given authorized tough substantiated individual unalloyed surgical diehard dictatorial tried reasonable ineluctable discriminating discriminative ultraprecise deft systematic punctual scientific overbearing self-confident proved tyrannous bright high-handed wordless unflinching stipulated determinative suitable seasoned affirmed dedicated arrogant impressive picturesque preset sincere elaborate consummate trustable powerful relentless purposeful validated indelible vehement de facto calculable unmovable persevering delicate hardheaded rich implacable in depth expressive formal tyrannical stirring in no doubt forcible pictorial consistent litmus test loyal conscientious blow-by-blow despotic moving magisterial refined fine intolerant lurid ensured kosher delineated devoted ardent in earnest zealous inexorable spelled out tried-and-true finicky copper-bottomed canonical hairline pigheaded never-failing eloquent authorised nice highly coloured strong-willed inch-perfect on the nail sure enough hell-bent on on the beam bent on bent upon decided upon dead set on bullheaded well-set insured word for word do-or-die meaning business on target dyed-in-the-wool hell-bent upon stiff-necked monosemous swift prompt rapid resounding shallow simplistic res ipsa loquitur cut and dry quantified limited determinable jejune naive glib describable safe to say well focused self-assured self-conceited independent contracted granted tested freely admitted not disputed deadly uncanny affirmative unfluctuating demonstrated explicable standard universal expected vested typical mainstream conventional unmistaken inerrable dead tidy goodly sizeable uniform checked undiluted absolutist secured obedient unthinking unescapable permanent unappealable from the horse's mouth without error unrefuted bossy autocratic in focus stern unimaginary existing jelled hidebound unflappable nonnegotiable definable supported upheld legible good-sized large sizable healthy estimable ineludible iron-clad concluding state-of-the-art limiting terminating terminal completing finishing closing ending biased physical veristic verisimilar instantly recognizable determinant resolving revealing irrefrangible identical irremediable unreversible solid as a rock preconceived sustained clinched intrinsic hidden embedded word-perfect telling it like it is fact-based as it really happened crucial believing lasting unrectifiable unrepealable concluded a dead cert a sure thing austere all out critical influential brusque exacting brassbound stone cold unshaken in one's belief easy in one's mind secure in one's belief having no questions about so non-fictional made certain absolutely certain racked sewed up nailed on incompliant static ramrod unpermissive unadaptable heartfelt impassioned serious-minded fervid meaning what one says hell-bent for real honest to God real live non-variable non-relative abrupt imperial summary brisk momentous important fated plotted ordained written trite mathematical bull's-eye tough nut to crack heavy-handed right on unmoving strait-laced dead set on the numbers designated evocative affecting what you see is what you get having no doubt opinionated autocratical wilful tyrannic masterful willful lordly overweening responsible trusty unanxious able carefree hopeful stimulating reserved earmarked select pivotal key required essential in black and white see-through liquid unforgettable memorable haunting shoo-in easy a lock for a fact holding the unwavering view recommended scintillating custom-built purpose-built tailor-made sanctioned tried and true tried and tested locked on doctrinaire suggested absolutely right exactly correct by the book very accurate dead-center to the point emotive diaphanous thin filmy paramount chief fateful principal prime vital similar resembling allotted hard-nosed radical endorsed licensed accredited interesting graphical fascinating dogged pontifical decreed prescribed unpreventable true-to-life active theatrical fresh sharply-etched mettlesome spirited steely indefatigable perseverant pertinacious undaunted inalterable incommutable exhibitionistic glittery ultra-fine subtle exquisite fine-drawn finicking orderly fastidious dainty finical hairsplitting incorrupted finespun persnickety winning nuanced nifty authenticated special gritty indomitable vigorous plucky intrepid valiant particularized unblinking rational logical purposive brave indurate unflagging courageous gutsy fatal unmodifiable still chronic habitual persuasive uncontradicted ruled circumstantial itemized all-inclusive warranted hardline mandatory routine self-opinionated narrow-minded opinionative opinioned strenuous persisting spunky unbendable manful stout deep in the cards done and dusted sorted out old hat legal signed lawful ratified enlightened justifiable sagacious reasoned circumspect intellectual thoughtful philosophic reflective commonsense collected analytic analytical deductive thinking synthetic intelligent discerning ratiocinative reasoning cerebral well marked small-minded perennial lifelong intrenched devout bulldog out illustrative descriptive fervent incorrigible all-embracing extensive commonsensical shrewd levelheaded commonsensible informed strong-minded tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on rock-ribbed intent upon four-square intent on set on determined to committed to the idea of stout-hearted hell bent on fascistic high and mighty bigoted wrong-headed prejudiced one-sided egotistical dictative punchy startling allowed signed and sealed ordered cleared cathedral ex cathedra okay orthodox fitting licenced straight from the horse's mouth customary and delivered rightful ex officio repeated robot-like unvacillating hands-down not subject to change torrid impenitent unapologetic fiery irredeemable unreformable compulsive ineradicable obsessive longtime encyclopedic developed defensible maintainable defendable prudent tenable incurable inured habituated staid photographic well-drawn encyclopaedic particularised seriatim itemised elaborated enumerated sicker well drawn figurative well delineated well expressed leaving nothing to the imagination whole-hearted hard-core well established red-hot long-standing long-established die-hard through and through bred-in-the-bone deep-set hard-shell all-consuming firmly established card-carrying deep-dyed well-established point-by-point dominant unmalleable well-advised letter-perfect well-thought-out well-reasoned prevailing at length going bent hang tough through-and-through stand pat clear in your mind

Tính từ

Characteristic of a particular person or thing
individual characteristic distinctive distinct idiosyncratic innate particular respective peculiar personal unique specific disparate distinguishing original signature singular categorical intrinsic representative special typical emblematic especial essential exclusive individualistic inherent inimitable own personalised personalized proper separate different exceptional inborn inbred individualised individualized notable patented privy recognisable recognizable subjective unmistakable private idiomatic identifying discriminating classic symptomatic diagnostic diagnostical indicative express independent differentiating identifiable symbolic intimate particularized particularised appropriate customized extraordinary customised one-to-one restricted discriminative endemic marked individualising individualizing one-on-one precise set remarkable concrete regular select distinguished diacritic demonstrative noteworthy uncommon conspicuous discrete local reserved suggestive standard archetypal quintessential prototypical direct peculiar to particular to found only in usual single monogrammed tailor-made sole impressionistic determining unusual internal claimed several relevant corresponding various resident fixed natural privately owned privately-owned very own each selflike in character exclusive to typical of native characteristic of ingrained warning signalling exceeding offbeat striking prominent distinguishable outstanding familiar salient custom indicatory denotive indicating associated evidential designative denotative significant dissimilar perceptible specialised refreshing unofficial face-to-face head-to-head signaling specialized informal archetypical definitive true nonconformist noticeable detectable decipherable pointing to copybook illustrative model vintage paradigmatic textbook classical exemplary stock ideal stereotypical non-official prime stereotyped prototypic prototypal archetypic stereotypic patterned typic perfect non-public hands-on in the trenches in the front line in amongst it at the coal face most typical

Tính từ

To an absolute degree
sheer absolute complete total utter downright out-and-out pure rank thoroughgoing unadulterated unqualified perfect unalloyed unmitigated arrant consummate simple thorough stark fair surpassing unmixed all-out blank blooming bodacious categoric categorical clean cotton-picking crashing dead deadly definite dreadful flat flat-out outright plain plumb profound regular stone straight-out unconditional veritable very mere proper right-down altogether blasted blessed confounded gross infernal quite single through and through undiluted palpable unrestricted ultimate full unreserved unrestrained utmost unbounded positive unequivocal undeniable entire flagrant blatant glaring deep-dyed real right unlimited whole overt in every respect full-bore comprehensive undivided wholehearted exhaustive inveterate unambiguous unstinting brazen uncompromising naked barefaced extreme full-scale dyed-in-the-wool without reservations prize unbroken undisputed infinite overarching limitless egregious inclusive uninterrupted totalitarian sweeping unvarnished nothing other than unregenerate undisguised solid monstrous notorious vile infamous atrocious full-blown in-depth gushing effusive undiminished without reservation obvious shameless emphatic explicit express genuine true-blue through-and-through firm resounding direct forthright wholesale definitive clear decisive conclusive sure unquestionable indubitable final assured unconstrained certain open apodictic unmistakable specific plenary actual determinate unquestioning wide point-blank clear-cut straight out no strings no strings attached no holds barred no fine print no catch one hundred per cent no ifs ands or buts all out no kicker

Tính từ

Needing very little effort
easy effortless simple straightforward painless unchallenging uncomplicated unproblematic breezy elementary obvious quick rudimental attainable facile mindless smooth uninvolved untroublesome basic cheap fluid perspicuous undemanding downhill evident light palpable piece of cake unambiguous unmistakable weightless workable a bludge a breeze accessible a cinch a doddle a piece of cake a piece of old tackle a pushover as easy as ABC as easy as falling off a log a snap a snip cinch clear clear-cut distinct duck soup easy as pie easy-breezy easy-peasy idiot-proof kids' stuff money for jam money for old rope not difficult ready slight snap transparent trivial trouble-free unequivocal user friendly user-friendly apparent bed of roses hands-down idiotproof no muss no fuss open-and-shut child's play easily done inconsiderable little manageable manifest mere no bother no problem no sweat not burdensome nothing to it no trouble paltry picnic plain plain sailing pushover royal simple as ABC wieldy yielding soft unexacting fluent as easy as pie natural comfortable cushy intuitive routine a cakewalk practical a five-finger exercise easygoing flowing rudimentary graceful stress-free comprehensible a doss handy easy to use a snack convenient intelligible casual untroubled useful feasible fundamental essential elegant elemental introductory underlying free-flowing uninterrupted unbroken continuous beginning abecedarian easily operated easy to understand nothing rhythmic regular meat-and-potatoes not hard initial foolproof basal manipulable ergonomic adaptable straight short without a hitch carefree direct easeful unsophisticated fast parsimonious efficient liquid articulate necessary basilar lowest lax unburdensome simplistic leisurely relaxed uninhibited well-ordered down-to-earth unfussy safe spontaneous instinctive easy-going laid-back cursive unforced running offhand unlabored uneventful easy going smooth sailing easy progress straight sailing easy ride a picnic a gift a walk in the park easily accomplished feline sinuous well ordered able to speak or write untaxing moderate easily understood easily grasped easy as ABC bearable tolerable endurable low impact lazy cool minimal superficial cavalier benign mellow soothing bland tender nonabrasive balmy middle-of-the-road ordinary precise non-complex specific runaway functional usable practicable applicable working easily won useable applicative serviceable applied actionable ultrapractical exploitable breeze primary foundational primitive preliminary original ABCs primo prefatory substratal uncomplex simplest simplified simplex meat and potatoes

Tính từ

That cannot be avoided
inescapable certain inevitable unavoidable ineluctable ineludible sure inexorable ineliminable necessary assured fated predestined predetermined preordained unescapable unpreventable compulsory destined doomed imminent mandatory manifest obvious required bound to happen in the bag in the cards sure to happen foreordained impending predictable inevasible automatic guaranteed obligatory definite prescribed natural ordained undeniable impreventable unalterable clear for sure meant settled intended to be anticipated to be expected open and shut determinist set locked up deterministic returnless infallible inerrant prophesied prophesized predicted doubtless undoubted routine meant to be out of one's hands nailed-on robot-like regular repeated usual all sewn up mapped out in advance prejudged pre-elected decided by fate in the stars inextricable expected foreseeable fixed decreed reliable fateful unfailing decided irrevocable effective binding determined dependable irresistible impossible to escape from bound without recourse all locked up for certain no ifs ands or buts foredoomed designed certain to happen threatening that is to be near at hand to come hanging over que sera sera in the air in the wind stated written in the cards predesigned in store overhanging instant compelled that will be condemned closed looming menacing nailed on sealed forthcoming in prospect brewing very likely way the ball bounces directed coming predestinated planned prearranged appointed next likely to be prospective anticipated ultimate future up and coming just around the corner in the course of time in the offing unfolding agreed preset pre-agreed pre-planned pre-decided preplanned pre-established cut and dried set up programmed encoded established in advance premeditated calculated foredestined proposed arranged in advance precogitated forethought decided beforehand scheduled arranged deliberate

Danh từ

A government authority or licence conferring a right or title for a set period, especially the sole right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention
copyright franchise licence right charter privilege permit concession control legal protection license limitation performing right protection registered trademark document warrant grant bond deed indenture warranty contract prerogative conveyance pact agreement allotment endowment settlement commission approval treaty pass authorization passport certification visa voucher certificate ticket carnet firman laissez-passer triptyque green light liberty leave sufferance go-ahead allowance toleration consent empowering badge authority card favour sanction authorisation legalization indulgence permission legalisation admittance favor safe-conduct credentials papers coupon documentation ID diploma token docket paper travel document identity card slip testimonial stub chit check identification travel permit documents chitty official document references proof accreditation pasteboard bona fides identity papers ID card identification papers ducat comp attestation note endorsement credential record receipt testimony proof of qualifications letter of introduction proof of identity letter of recommendation complimentary ticket safeguard imprimatur green card form seal of approval debenture notice I.D. guarantee verification instrument authentication travel papers testification testament affirmation shingle sheepskin affidavit IOU counterfoil apanage honour appanage honor boon photocard rover raincheck invite board entitlement cataloging classification classifying detection tag apperception description cataloguing bracelet assimilation concern enterprise business electronic signature rain check season ticket clearance title letters of introduction dog tag identity bracelet missive exeat admission recommendation refreshment stand order furlough character safe conduct letters of credence free ticket free admission free ride letter of credence

Danh từ

Something held, owned exclusively
monopoly cartel control domination holding ownership something held trust consortium copyright corner oligopoly pool proprietorship syndicate possessorship combine outfit corporation conglomerate group crew organization combination association organisation league mob gang institution alliance crowd firm ring union bunch business megacorp company concern chain federation body establishment confederation society coalition party coterie circle faction band network house operation confederacy clique team agency industry multinational set cooperative troupe set-up multinational organization enterprise venture club partnership shop undertaking gathering practice franchise office bureau guild order sodality institute movement board council interest transnational mill shoestring operation Mom and Pop store family business fly-by-night operation market private corporation factory setup congress fraternity congregation brotherhood chamber fellowship college profession machine concord affiliation squad sorority gild trade lodge cabal cell pack junta clan racket klatch coven fold lot klatsch conspiracy camp knot community junto bloc troop push Mafia in-group lobby plunderbund holding company interest group axis block merger sisterhood consociation hookup multiple unit corporate body compact conglomeration committee cabinet collective synergy unification professional association trade union camarilla cooperation multiple store multiple shop collaboration octopus shell jungle zoo relationship liaison connection relation companionship legal entity large company business organization linkup copartnership department friendship strategic partnership co-partnership togetherness tie-up participation conjunction cahoots joint venture chumminess empire grouping zaibatsu branch outlet dealing wing ministry activity commission microenterprise dealer administration business matter subdivision division contract matter affair station assignment merged businesses merged companies joint concern merged firms parent company class collection cluster amalgamation formation posse assemblage combo kinship batch tribe family troops confraternity rat pack tie-in private club

Danh từ

Protected property created by original thought

Động từ

To create or initiate (something)
originate create invent produce design develop devise form initiate conceive evolve formulate generate introduce launch contrive institute pioneer coin concoct discover imagine inaugurate set up engender found establish improvise mastermind think up beget be the inventor of bring about dream up cause compose hatch innovate instigate make parent procreate put in place spark spawn give birth to set in motion open up put in motion start off usher in be the father of be the mother of break the ice come up with begin start construct forge fabricate make up constitute fashion craft put together cook up bring into being plant commence build organize plan open frame organise draw up kick off manufacture throw together assemble install enact prepare machinate turn out get going brainstorm instal scheme knock off author mould plot start up mold bring into existence spearhead whip up break new ground trump up lay the foundations of induct get under way father blaze a trail conceive of shape work out cast put up knock together start the ball rolling engineer catalyze draft excogitate activate give rise to set a trend come out with actualize lead the way catalyse bring on knock up draught hit on think of embark on erect lay the first stone of breed break through set off brew effectuate bring to pass project render do vamp work map out dope out get off the ground incorporate enter into drum up envision cogitate synthesize trigger float propagate base throw up confect take the initiative invest bring in execute get underway ad-lib synthesise kick-start hammer out knock out get things rolling set down secure conjure up arrange spitball bear lay the cornerstone of show the way sow the seeds of set about sire set the ball rolling get off piece take up cultivate revolutionize reproduce multiply ordain issue fire up start out yield trailblaze prompt take the lead ring in mint lay actuate bow authorize cause to be find dream legislate instate bring out kick something off churn out proliferate trigger off run up structure inculcate revolutionise intro map codify lay the first stone decree place effect blaze realise realize model lead off authorise get something going impregnate mother make the first move break in vamp up head trip set lay foundation make a start on get something moving get something working fall to strike into get going on raise get the ball rolling enter upon start ball rolling get ball rolling set going bring get ready take the lead in rig embark upon get cracking on go out in front compound get show on road get the show on the road jump into pave the way lead the way for get ahead forge ahead incite ponder conceptualize modernize modernise kickoff jumps-tart initiate things break ground promote process conceptualise commission kindle visualize visualise feature necessitate lay the foundation pilot chart intrigue blueprint bring forth uncover moot stumble upon bring up the curtain on harvest procure counterfeit arrange for draw sketch paint affect materialize materialise detect make happen spark off inspire be the cause of draw on invoke mass-produce get something functioning get something off the ground make a start take the first step prepare the way fake it pass empower rear light the way germinate exercise enter unveil play it by ear fix together make up off the top of one's head ready charter delegate designate set an example be the first be in the vanguard herald admit wing improve jam fake fangle advance choreograph translate into determine comprise outline diagram decide carve out lay out debut provide bring forward phase in order depute implement complete knock down ratify corroborate set forth implant lodge domiciliate predicate fix up build up moor station prefab stir up envisage mix up slap together ad lib batch mature write emerge give birth lay eggs occasion work up give forth get up induce break open provoke come out come upon toss off precede preface put in conceit ideate piece together patch together whip out fit together rustle up cobble up sculpture eke out cobble together rig up increase commence on start on roll out usher set out break the seal get going with burst into break into elaborate purpose take action on lay down get feet wet set the ball rolling on break the ice on pen indite launch into go about enter on endow self-seed self-sow get down to business embark settle up come into existence come into being hit the ground running get down to scratch the surface ring up the curtain on go ahead get weaving on get cracking get weaving get one's feet wet tear into get stuck into open the door fecundate fertilise make pregnant fertilize inseminate sing verse rhyme colonise colonize explore score poetize script scribble compile ghostwrite clef time comp ghost orchestrate progenerate get produce offspring lay the groundwork on show the way on lay the groundwork for take the initiative in prepare the way for take the lead on push the envelope fudge together put down set type bang out push pencil note down sire offspring beget offspring bring young into the world father offspring lead put pen to paper coin a phrase head fix front settle boss captain command rev be in the van quarterback be in the vanguard of lead the way in motivate trail-blaze be in the forefront of spur persuade be in the front line of blaze the trail helm run things guide be in the van of direct be the driving force behind influence get the jump on shepherd move get in operation get functioning get working put into operation

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