Đồng nghĩa của encyclopedic

Alternative for encyclopedic

Đồng nghĩa: encyclopaedic,

Tính từ

Concerning all subjects, having comprehensive information or knowledge
complete comprehensive full exhaustive in-depth thorough universal all-embracing all-inclusive vast wide-ranging all-encompassing compendious thoroughgoing all-in broad-based broad-gauge broad-gauged broad-ranging cover-all cross-disciplinary cyclopedic embracive global inclusive interdisciplinary multidisciplinary omnibus panoramic broad catholic discursive encyclopaedical encyclopedical extensive general thorough-going wall-to-wall widespread across the board sweeping total far-reaching blanket detailed overall wide expansive umbrella across-the-board overarching whole deep grand entire all-out absolute intensive profound ample all-around meticulous in depth unlimited all-round full-scale careful minute extended painstaking elaborate out-and-out specific particular wholesale worldwide rigorous large-scale broad-brush unrestricted clean lock stock and barrel eclectic radical rangy common generic intact perfect ubiquitous exact integral plenary nationwide countrywide collective international compleat copious broad-spectrum coast-to-coast infinite itemized far-flung full-blown ecumenical bird's-eye itemised blow-by-blow panoptic large immense significant unbounded encyclopædic panned definitive encompassing scopic whole-hog full-dress full-spectrum mass unabridged scrupulous indiscriminate nonspecific outright the word searching catchall unconfined limitless no stone unturned sedulous all in aggregate integrated far-ranging diligent extensively considered thoroughly abundant plentiful plenteous adequate endless efficient from A to Z wholistic replete maximal long choate uncut largest systematic omnipresent company-wide taken as a whole rounded in toto catch-all all together with everything included ball-of-wax without exception all-together utter holistic personal immediate drastic major most pervasive full-on big picture leaving no stone unturned desperate severe serious forceful stringent pandemic pervading prevalent intricate experienced encircling containing comprising synoptic permeating cosmopolitan violent draconian particularized exclusive rampant inescapable revolutionary the works circumstantial unanimous multinational mundane worldly regular astronomical diffuse accepted firsthand direct penetrating the whole shebang the big picture of great scope accurate precise essential elemental technical concentrated definite explicit one-size-fits-all all-over developed consummate intimate special categorical unqualified particularised elaborated seriatim enumerated finicky functional dedicated expert focused first-hand point-by-point at length focussed specialised specialized specially designed encyclopaedic unmitigated unconditional pure sheer conscientious downright assiduous dreadful straight-out categoric methodical extreme proper rank arrant unadulterated stark unalloyed plumb flat simple fair very close bodacious blooming right strenuous punctilious flat-out cotton-picking emphatic unrestrained strict uncompromising real stone dead clocklike intense deadly crashing blank vigorous determined resolute deep-dyed vehement resounding unambiguous heavy-duty overwhelming studious important attentive undivided veritable fastidious fussy boundless positive considerable correct huge great final overt nice big sizable obvious ultimate massive humongous pernickety perfectionist religious substantial persnickety hefty undiminished unequivocal surpassing ultra unreserved through and through dyed-in-the-wool full-bore right-down soup to nuts tough all the way royal plenty slam-bang faultless thoroughpaced life-changing earnest conclusive rich profuse lavish full-out one-to-one life-size unimpaired liberal sufficient rife epidemic meaningful prize unbroken undisputed stage by stage step by step prevailing predominant non-selective generalised overdrawn generalized unselective exaggerated overstated satisfying totalitarian uninterrupted outspread preponderate popular excessive expanded lengthy in detail advanced iconoclastic protracted purposeful on a large scale all over the place fine delicate mathematical concerted scopious inveterate blatant pedantic finical nitpicking pinpoint brazen unexclusive demanding all-absorbing overnice hairline refined barefaced naked flagrant glaring undiluted shameless wall to wall root-and-branch top-to-bottom explosive excruciating vicious exquisite fearsome hard ghastly high-pressure fierce heavy terrible frightful hellacious blistering furious keen acute ferocious almighty fearful authoritative hair-splitting ultra-careful spot-on true-blue in every respect through-and-through persistent accelerated fast insistent speeded-up farthest farthermost express outermost furthermost maximum clear straightforward plain furthest scholarly well researched supreme unstinted remotest last uttermost distinct critical optimum unremitting blunt outmost aggressive committed muscular energetic assertive wholehearted dynamic univocal manifest wide-reaching endmost aftermost unmistakable patent certain deliberate all out hard-hitting uncontrolled unbridled perspicuous lucid well reasoned well informed well argued terminal judicious orderly heedful industrious provident sure understandable stated faithful circumspect thoughtful cautious laborious leading spacious bulky roomy good strapping enormous packed husky walloping capacious bull oversize whopper mammoth commodious chock-full burly whopping thundering jumbo hulking prodigious stuffed monster intercontinental mondo heavyweight healthy awash fat ponderous colossal voluminous tremendous gigantic brimming crowded last straw utmost preeminent out of bounds chief too much farthest away too-too worst case furthest away on the nose easily understandable clear-cut crystal clear clearly expressed strong virile full-blooded hardy robust powerful unmixed vital sound hearty solid observant regardful concerned exacting prim selfdisciplined loving discreet picky chary out and out pulling no punches super colossal a whale of a by the numbers by the book going to great lengths most distant

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