Đồng nghĩa của deep dyed

Tính từ

To an absolute degree
downright absolute complete total utter out-and-out outright categorical positive thorough thoroughgoing unqualified perfect all-out pure rank sheer simple unequivocal unmitigated arrant consummate unadulterated unalloyed unconditional clear dyed-in-the-wool explicit plain blank blatant blooming bodacious categoric clean cotton-picking crashing dead deadly definite dreadful fair flat flat-out plumb profound real regular stark stone straight-out veritable very proper right undisguised certain emphatic gross indubitable point-blank sure unquestionable whole entire unreserved undiluted extreme unlimited full-bore full unrestricted right-down undivided solid in every respect ultimate unambiguous through and through overt surpassing wholesale wholehearted comprehensive unstinting exhaustive inveterate without reservations full-scale no catch straight out prize direct apodictic infinite limitless unmodified infernal blessed confounded blasted obvious unvarnished undiminished express firm flagrant brazen uncompromising unabridged glaring naked unbroken barefaced plenary clear-cut without reservation no ifs ands or buts full-on true-blue undeniable true blue unblemished everlasting double-dyed staring transparent all decided egregious terminal undisputed overarching all-fired uninterrupted inclusive totalitarian sweeping unregenerate monstrous atrocious notorious vile infamous genuine shameless full-blown resounding forthright definitive effusive gushing in-depth conclusive decisive maximum final assured no joke enduring steady steadfast abiding unfaltering never-failing unrestrained austere relentless unconstrained open unmistakable specific through-and-through supreme rigid unabated rightly so called stone-cold actual determinate wide unquestioning severe untempered unmollified unbending intense unmoderated utmost paramount top nth max uttermost oppressive matchless conspicuous persistent unmixed unsoftened unalleviated harsh grim unrelieved all out no strings no strings attached no fine print one hundred per cent no holds barred no kicker flawless excellent impeccable unsurpassable errant perfected chronic ideal finished peerless inimitable transcendent in every way straightforward blunt frank straight candid honest patent fixed bald upfront constant sincere straight from the shoulder outspoken unwavering true resolute plain-spoken determined incontrovertible incontestable evident palpable unremitting indisputable manifest unswerving dedicated exact staunch precise set truthful unbounded matter-of-fact brutal valid unexaggerated irrefutable authentic unrelenting resolved unshakeable unconcealed convincing no-nonsense reliable unflagging unveiled committed unshakable unshaken unadorned accurate concentrated plainspoken bluff undoubted forthcoming unyielding distinct undeviating openhearted ardent realistic consistent uninhibited undiplomatic immovable tactless freehearted inexorable point blank established intent confirmed overwhelming single-minded dependable free-spoken warts and all devoted true to life dead set on unfailing untiring loyal unchanging unvarying faithful unflinching apparent assertive insistent serious pat unfluctuating unhesitating indefatigable tireless detailed unembellished last stalwart unvacillating adamant unguarded out and out bona fide authoritative bare fast dogged sustained unflappable verifiable literal persevering straight-from-the-shoulder hard stubborn minute bound up-front out-front straight to the point crystal clear stable open and shut straight-talking straight-shooting speaking as one finds not afraid to call a spade a spade sovereign undoubting undisputable black-and-white guaranteed omnipotent mere earnest most unchangeable uncontestable doubtless confident changeless cut-and-dried abrupt exclusive deep pronounced tangible secure beyond question peremptory artless strict demonstrable maximal sound settled inflexible devout major capital even uniform black and white good unerring outrageous rigorous foursquare whole-hearted unsurpassed proven as sure as eggs is eggs enormous univocal lucid invariant rude pious perspicuous ringing trenchant certified sure-enough certifiable tenacious stanch well defined solemn understandable significant obdurate unalterable down-the-line factual brick-wall raw concrete grievous inexpugnable preeminent inerrant abundant uncontrolled endless extraordinary allegiant stated in the bag bent on eternal up front set in stone perpetual call a spade a spade unmovable not beating around the bush without limit hard-and-fast from the hip like it is clearly expressed plenipotentiary neat nonblended strong full-strength incessant bloody continuous telling free from doubt persuaded convinced satisfied for a fact quite single altogether grand unfettered all-encompassing fundamental shallow simplistic drastic unstinted faultless optimum forward royal overall unconditioned jejune naive glib huge crass very great uncorrupted wholesome cold unimpaired systematic trusty without qualification without reserve no beating around the bush unblended no lie open-ended unornamented plain vanilla undecorated with no strings horrible easily understandable on the nose infallible untarnished untouched unaltered habitual undying hellacious quintessential superlative predominant patchy threadbare worn inevitable liege immobile tried-and-true trustworthy pigheaded mulish stiff-necked pre-eminent unbound tyrannical all-powerful boundless forceful beyond doubt compelling unassailable highest foolproof irrevocable right royal great acute almighty tremendous shocking deciding clinching intrinsic fervent zealous enthusiastic hearty for real biggest supportive durable topmost recognized surefire confirmable energetic vigorous free natural unevasive audacious heinous establishable inarguable radical preposterous greatest vehement guileless ingenuous farthest forcible scandalous disgraceful inordinate shameful striking terrible reprehensible heartfelt unfeigned warm fail-safe sure-fire can't-miss recognised questionless safe failsafe going all the way meaning business bound and determined thundering uber authenticated especial effective substantiated de facto legitimate perceptible inescapable demonstrated verified existent saying what one thinks calling spade a spade lay it on the line aboveboard bare-faced laying it on the line farthermost exorbitant villainous excessive iniquitous wicked concluding state-of-the-art settling limiting terminating determining completing finishing closing ending impassioned passionate fullhearted unambivalent immoderate outermost furthermost irrefragable nonambiguous greatest amount of greatest possible unquestioned furthest luculent brusque personal immediate obstinate intransigent brass-necked spot-on agreed pellucid unblurred hard-line implacable dominant in earnest purposeful unmalleable unchallengeable aggressive violent full-blooded strenuous muscular dynamic remotest prevailing hardened domineering seasoned bold round arranged preset comprehensible luminous intelligible short curt unceremonious dinkum nailed down intricate meticulous experienced uncontested going bent predetermined allotted specified prearranged outmost limpid broad lucent crystal hell-bent on strong-willed bent upon hang tough stand pat do-or-die hell-bent upon hundred percent whole-souled focused undistracted collective pukka on-target echt dead-on so satisfactory pucka defined decreed prescribed dogmatic stressed important impressive pointed sober cogent accented potent intensive extensive endmost aftermost unshared engrossed sharp indelicate terse gruff unarguable persuasive uncontradicted accomplished unanswerable planned inalterable frozen incommutable immutable invariable bald-faced plain-speaking admissible caustic crisp united absorbed focussed unblinking irreversible open-and-shut crystal-clear penetrating firsthand short-spoken brusk snippy crusty hard-hitting to the point impolite easily understood self-evident bright-line nailed-on no mistake for a face veridical unmistaken undistorted watertight immaculate amen bang on unanimous scrupulous attentive continued concerted unmodifiable hard and fast not subject to change cast-iron writ in stone stipulated still unpolished uncivil discourteous ultra chief too much furthest away last straw out of bounds farthest away too-too worst case deliberate circumspect diligent vigilant encyclopedic particular essential elemental elaborate snappy brief hands-down pulling no punches right on beyond a doubt special encyclopaedic intimate first-hand not mincing one's words speaking one's mind calling a spade a spade not beating about the bush lock stock and barrel most extreme most distant

Tính từ

Habitual, firmly established, and unlikely to change
dyed-in-the-wool confirmed entrenched inveterate complete established deep-rooted long-established absolute diehard long-standing thorough thoroughgoing utter committed dedicated out-and-out devoted faithful firm incorrigible loyal staunch steadfast unshakeable bred-in-the-bone chronic die-hard full-bore habitual incurable true blue unapologetic unashamed unfaltering unrepentant unswerving unwavering arrant card-carrying right-down through and through through-and-through congenital deep-down deep-seated fixed full-fledged genuine hardened infixed ingrained instilled true unchangeable uncompromising well-established mad keen deeply ingrained keen as mustard out and out to the core hard-core unyielding obstinate intransigent hard-line resolute rooted settled deep rigid persistent ineradicable hopeless immovable indelible inflexible intrenched adamant addicted irredeemable explicit determined beyond hope stubborn unshakable unreformable impenitent compulsive obsessive irremovable set immutable inexorable well established deep-set extreme irrepressible eternal undying radical obscene pornographic X-rated dyed-in-the wool unwaivering embedded dug in set firm fortified obsessional pathological hooked seasoned perennial lifelong devout enduring ardent proved fervent earnest vehement wholehearted stalwart fiery torrid longtime supreme zealous fanatical sicker red-hot all-consuming hard-shell firmly established accustomed definite staid inured bona fide habituated reactionary conservative traditionalist constant unassailable ultra-conservative unprogressive sure indomitable unchanging intractable certain secure well-founded irreformable blimpish unremitting decided unflagging unflinching unrelenting indefatigable dogged relentless tireless unvacillating iron unredeemable irretrievable irrecoverable unrecoverable unreformed uncontrite irremediable cast-iron bad abandoned uncorrectable beastly beyond redemption irreparable useless impossible loser wicked recidivous fogyish stick-in-the-mud conformist unbending tenacious obdurate strong-willed pertinacious single-minded implacable persevering willful resolved spirited steady indurate hard strong bullheaded mulish headstrong strong-minded vigorous purposeful steely adamantine pigheaded stiff-necked untiring wilful self-willed perverse pat tough unshaken opinionated hard-nosed unhesitating hardheaded ossified inconvincible undeviating self-opinionated undaunted rock-ribbed insistent intent bound solid dead set on forceful iron-willed valiant stiff unmalleable mettlesome stout dead set bold set in stone unpersuadable abiding gritty lionhearted assiduous strict doughty invincible bloody-minded plucky decisive rigorous unconquerable courageous stable strenuous enthusiastic perseverant grim fast invulnerable ruthless unalterable stout-hearted purposive bull-headed unbendable unstoppable brave unbeatable driven harsh safe deliberate stringent industrious energetic gutsy uncooperative refractory sturdy unappeasable spunky diligent bent on bent upon unvarying intense unflappable impregnable remorseless undefeatable bent bulldog severe hard-and-fast hard and fast manful hardline keen locked in dynamic anchored do-or-die secured exacting patient bound and determined unsparing assertive hell-bent on hell-bent upon high-spirited invariable unfailing full of determination unadaptable unfluctuating moored sedulous positive serious unmovable active tight sustained unqualified out never-failing meaning business hanging tough brick-wall stern unwearied insuperable emphatic merciless inexhaustible ambitious powerful braced cemented recalcitrant bulletproof insurmountable riveted contrary motivated weariless balky contumacious nailed enterprising jammed four-square focused unswervable eager assured impassable static immobile consistent fastened unmoving focussed stubborn as a mule hell bent on indestructible unsurpassable cruel inbred draconian Herculean profound basic fundamental taut pitiless authoritarian incessant fearless sound bolshie built-in inbuilt stationary motionless intrepid unforgiving confident cussed hungry restive importunate incommutable inalterable unwearying inviolable avid cantankerous tied permanent subconscious lingering inherent innate long-lasting dauntless brassbound thirsty desirous undeterred convinced inspired feisty perky jumping grind hyper never-tiring froward even uniform unpermissive ironclad unattackable fierce aspiring unswayable pushy uncompliant undismayed defiant iron-fisted changeless untouchable militant unmodifiable invariant irreversible persisting regular unabated cocksure incompliant heavy-handed cross-grained hell-bent hard-driving go-getting self-starting mean business not giving an inch eager beaver stand pat goal-oriented self-assertive tough nut to crack intent on self-driven set on determined to committed to the idea of pig-headed on one's mettle insistent on solid as a rock stop at nothing clinging self-disciplined implanted unaccommodating direct firmly-based unfading unshrinking unbudgeable independent dour oppressive endemic straight trusty reliable forbidding disciplinary illiberal ornery immoveable unblinking gut instinctive intrinsic dependable uptight picky balanced narrow-minded resistant unquestioning awkward unintimidated impassive undiscouraged impenetrable cohesive stiffened stabile still puritanical unsinkable painstaking unstinting hard-working stony-hearted unimpressionable standing pat pounding mortal hard-headed coherent renitent unmanageable unshaking quiescent austere insusceptible stuffy possessive unforgetful immalleable durable unreasonable driven in unsurmountable going all the way exact concrete difficult stroppy iron-jawed telelogical calculated impervious immune insensitive ramrod unmoved unbreakable dogmatic heady opinionative no-nonsense on the go ball of fire be out for blood playing hard ball nose to the grindstone not put off not discouraged tough nut contrarious stony nose to grindstone tall in the saddle intent upon clear-sighted all out stick to guns flat-out set in concrete straight out heroic untameable unceasing unimpressible fixed firmly writ in stone cut-and-dried strait-laced decided upon set in one's ways uncompassionate impertinent hardhearted bullhead unemotional mean irresistible with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in deaf to reason wrong-headed done up buttoned down continuing plugging go-go unstinted fireball continued plodding aggressive competitive cold fish proof against persuasion persuaded proof against satisfied clear cutthroat ferocious unplacatable unmollifiable inescapable iron-handed unpacifiable progressive bloodthirsty pioneering safe and sound nailed down set fast immobilized unmoveable immobilised stuck down consumed compelled obsessed warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy conclusive doubtless possessed striving whole-hearted ineluctable self-asserting sanguine implicit galvanized monomaniacal impelled in earnest determinate dominant hang-tough full-blooded intensely competitive high-pressure go for broke in-your-face self-seeking self-assured can-do fiercely competitive power-loving gung ho get up and go high-reaching power-hungry having killer instinct self-possessed self-confident cut-throat dog-eat-dog necessary compulsory prevailing inexpugnable domineering fixated induced going in no doubt clear in your mind free from doubt impulsive besetting pushed steered galvanised guided inborn longstanding hang tough perpetual no going back like death and taxes urged on sacrosanct ageless deep down deeply felt lasting unvaried unchanged lodged in one's brain robust rugged categorical fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians wedged snug lusty welded bombproof mounted bolted screwed frozen substantial tightened lodged soldered stuck

Tính từ

Totally committed to a cause or belief
devout devoted dedicated earnest faithful genuine sincere staunch loyal ardent committed intense passionate steadfast zealous fervent deep enthusiastic firm keen resolute serious unwavering wholehearted active card-carrying constant down-the-line fast good pious pledged profound stanch steady sworn true true-blue vehement dinkum heartfelt red-hot adherent adoring fervid goody-goody heart-and-soul pietistic revering venerating worshipping worshiping mad keen true blue goody two-shoes dutiful dyed-in-the-wool driven diligent stalwart assiduous unswerving studious hard-working motivated bound intent attached engagé eager fanatical through and through purposeful single-minded out-and-out true to the end as keen as mustard single-hearted given over to old faithful confirmed trusty orthodox dependable reliable uncompromising unfaltering tried honest tried-and-true incorruptible sure allegiant upright hard-core patriotic honourable die-hard trustworthy truthful honorable tried and true behind one tried and tested in good faith impassioned perfervid avid spirited excited religious energetic warm strong fierce fiery vigorous enthused interested wild hearty passional animated conscientious enduring immovable emotional reverent heated trusted flaming burning raring keen as mustard determined true-hearted willing hungry unqualified feverish stable athirst forceful crazy ambitious voracious solicitous desirous antsy torrid demonstrative hot-blooded charged holy authentic incandescent superheated unfailing emphatic complete warm-blooded prayerful hundred percent bona fide practising gung ho godly solid violent ebullient total full exuberant lively yearning thorough pumped longing anxious agog supportive rabid zestful hot impatient warmblooded nuts obsessed thirsty glowing blazing appetent ready practicing official listed never-failing paid-up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed unconditional obedient pure believing cardholding saintly unflinching itching stout vivacious exhilarated God-fearing thoroughgoing industrious obdurate sprightly churchgoing entire absolute unreserved stoked inexorable thrilled unmitigated persistent engaged strict pleased animate unquestioning titillated positive unequivocal unadulterated unalloyed dynamic abiding undivided concerned consuming unchanging juiced geeked messianic unfeigned sound afire engrossed hopped-up absorbed attentive responsible hepped up true to life righteous infallible liege high-spirited great go-ahead scrupulous keyed up ready and willing craving circumspect trustable calculable raw rigid fixed raring to go chomping at the bit greedy wishing hopeful dying convinced fundamentalist traditional conservative desiring heightened formal intent on conformist admiring consecrated big doting contentious forcible on one's side persevering solemn feeling redoubtable bosom deep-seated conforming law-abiding unhesitating adamant unmovable changeless stubborn established immobile unbending militant unmistakable effective tested certain boon unflappable ecstatic inflexible tough stiff secure diehard unshakable deeply felt fond pushy tender warmhearted responsive perfectionistic principled habitual zealotic fired frenetic fanatic possessed wild-eyed obsessive itchy ripe extreme fireball self-starting gung-ho observant confiding straight correct believable loving affectionate gotta have hopped up dying to hot for impervious whole sainted predictable decent unambiguous real unstinting unshakeable categorical god-fearing decisive reputable impeccable respectable unimpeachable high-principled amenable breathless restless inclined restive hung up hankering disposed happy unreluctant pining game glad covetous unlimited unrestricted concentrated on the level string along with coming on strong careful incorrupt veracious angelic charismatic superhuman virtuous celestial transcendent saintlike born-again deific utter close exclusive idealistic hardened strenuous undiluted outright unbroken focused undistracted collective fullhearted unshared consistent frenzied participating united unflagging consummate focussed busy registered unanimous continued concerted resounding aggressive muscular assertive sweeping unrestrained whole-hearted occupied deliberate all minute detailed vigilant subscribed raging tumultuous uncontrollable lock stock and barrel all-embracing all out hard-hitting uncontrolled exhaustive unbridled influential contributing activist whole-souled certified impulsive impetuous ungovernable detail oriented employed working involved moving eloquent stirring poignant high-pressure stimulated precipitate headlong high-powered inspiring hotblooded expressive thrilling affecting quickened without reservations virile full-blooded hardy robust powerful unmixed vital hopping forward immersed bustling enrolled commissioned financial inducted enlisted installed steamed up paid up out and out tied-up go-getting pulling no punches two-fisted fascinated rhapsodic aflame nutty wacky tantalized tantalised bugged zesty gaga turnt gone on hot to trot full of beans champing at the bit

Trái nghĩa của deep dyed

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