Đồng nghĩa của defined

Alternative for defined

defines, defined, defining

Đồng nghĩa: clarify, describe, establish, explain, fix, outline, set,

Tính từ

Having a clear definition or value
clear definitive categorical definite distinct comprehensive detailed explicit specific stark unambiguous unequivocal evident exact indubitable manifest nonambiguous precise sharp unambivalent understandable unmistakable lucid transparent unblurred clear-cut spelled out well-defined black-and-white crystal clear cut-and-dried open-and-shut sharply defined black and white clearly expressed hard and fast cut and dried crisp obvious marked pronounced visible in focus well defined audible well focused straightforward plain decided perspicuous apparent patent palpable luculent ringing broad bald pellucid barefaced luminous bald-faced bright-line graphic vivid comprehensible intelligible striking perceptible noticeable simple direct bold limpid transpicuous clean-cut lucent graspable well-marked clear as day focused focussed cogent glaring understood legible joined-up knowable crystalline coherent crystal bright liquid pure see-through sharply delineated translucent crystal-clear thin filmy sheer diaphanous clearly delineated certain sure positive conclusive settled unquestionable absolute final firm decisive unarguable guaranteed concrete univocal proven express assured convinced confident recognized undubitable well-grounded silhouetted stated forthright known clearly defined distinguishable incisive noteworthy severe significant as plain as the nose on your face not vague full recognised tangible minute as plain as daylight recognizable conspicuous prominent appreciable observable outstanding enunciated dramatic stunning recognisable plain as day easily distinguishable

Tính từ

Exact in correspondence or adherence to something
strict accurate exact precise literal meticulous scrupulous careful conscientious fastidious unerring painstaking particular punctilious unwavering faultless rigorous stringent thorough judicious unmistakable veridical errorless methodical rigid systematic detailed perfect specific unambiguous certain definitive flawless reliable correct explicit infallible formal pinpoint delicate uncompromising clear-cut error-free faithful close veracious true right authentic proper definite on the button on the nose factual truthful regular genuine just deft solid discriminating skillful concrete scientific distinct discriminative skilful sharp punctual matter-of-fact ultraprecise on the money spot-on bang on fair realistic convincing lifelike verisimilar veristic nice true to life on the mark on the nail on the beam spot on fact-based telling it like it is word-perfect as it really happened good unequivocal absolute complete categorical decisive surgical individual determinate on-target severe dead-on well-defined inch-perfect on target so fine refined hairline undistorted valid unquestionable right on dead on mathematical unvarnished veritable credible conclusive undeniable without error irrefutable real objective straightforward historical nonfictional hard documentary actual undisputed unrefuted honest dinkum unelaborated unimpeachable finical finicky impeccable downright sure unmistaken amen authoritative direct legitimate bona fide kosher clear undoubted right as rain on the ball free of error as true as I'm sitting here bull's-eye as true as I'm standing here similar simple plain unexaggerated fit final just so precision bare unembellished vérité measured calculated unadulterated gospel stark narrow lethal deadly well aimed effective true-blue undeceptive legit believable safe elaborate fail-safe trustworthy failsafe all right apparent unembroidered written usual verbal natural ordinary critical unswerving subtle high-principled on the line on the up and up on the level like it is sedulous zealous absolutely right by the book dead-center to the point very accurate exactly correct not figurative appropriate standard OK dainty exquisite nuanced unfailing pedantic undeviating fussy acceptable O.K. word for word utter nitpicking righteous stone okay equitable ultra-fine fine-drawn persnickety winning superior finicking hairsplitting orderly incorrupted finespun minute nifty out-and-out thoroughgoing total loyal religious steadfast right stuff on the right track along the right lines for sure on track echt consummate certified satisfactory pucka pukka pure unqualified sure-enough sheer unmitigated certifiable on the right lines cooking with gas according to Hoyle verifiable admissible sound unalloyed outright arrant case watertight inerrant immaculate indubitable solemn in every respect unfaked what really happened in accordance with reality what actually happened identical express verbatim nailed down blow-by-blow on the numbers

Tính từ


Động từ

To have fixed the scope or boundaries of
determined delimited demarcated fixed bounded set out setted specified bound circumscribed marked off marked out pinpointed identified indicated limited set set bounds to established fixt decided delineated outlined designated settled classified stipulated demarked prescribed distinguished marked confined detailed compassed bordered enclosed girt belted encircled fenced in staked out girdled encompassed surrounded laid down enveloped setted the boundaries of curbed terminated verged flanked girded setted the limits of rimmed walled in edged lay down restricted restrained capped held down constrained checked hampered trammeled trammelled controlled bridled regulated hindered fettered inhibited straitened constricted cramped tied delimitated kept within bounds impeded stymied obstructed handicapped encumbered hobbled hamstrung hamstringed pegged slowed arrested thwarted barred put a brake on imposed limits on set the limits hemmed in setted limits on put a ceiling on kept within the limits of separated shackled differentiated blocked clogged retarded handcuffed manacled embarrassed divided repressed held discriminated detached isolated governed segregated measured environed suppressed moderated interfered with nailed down placed a limit on short-circuited corked held in check tied up prelimited held up setted a limit on kept a tight rein on hog-tied distinguished between tied down held back kept down bottled up kept the lid on kept within limits frozen froze holden drawn drew drew the line on drawn the line on

Động từ

To have deemed to be
seen viewed regarded considered construed deemed esteemed estimated reasoned characterised characterized conceived of described judged reckoned surmised understood explained believed saw set down rated held counted adjudged thought called looked on accounted supposed gauged appraised looked upon gaged figured felt thought of looked on as holden evaluated conceived imagined assessed guessed calculated regarded as held to be read valued allowed appreciated viewed as put down as set store by gathered conjectured perceived treated presumed interpreted assumed found sensed classed as interpreted as thought of as summed up weighed up sized up saw as seen as classed ascertained determined discerned decided maintained deduced inferred weighed opined ruled put made expected suspected divined credited read between the lines bet one's bottom dollar rated as made of founden fand taken for took for concluded intuited readen sayed said derived ranked distinguished presupposed theorized hypothesized grasped fathomed comprehended postulated told extrapolated pronounced sweared decreed adjudicated reputed daresaid daresayed estimated as computed imputed admired contemplated resolved placed approximated known knew revered formed the opinion conceived to be recognized registered figured out observed had sneaking suspicion come to the conclusion weened made sense of entertained the idea allowed for assimilated deciphered figured it to be lapped up fancied noticed theorised guesstimated respected factored into ranked as cottoned on to subscribed to the opinion recognised laid money on ventured noted detected assayed provided for speculated crossed heart took to be bought calculated to be apprehended taken to be philosophized had a hunch thought about deemed to be cognized caught on to grokked twigged tumbled to made out imagined to be philosophised hypothesised savvied decoded factored in felt to be averred suggested dug taken took drawn drew believed to be putten came to the conclusion looked at sworn swore took as gospel truth sworn by swore by taken stock in took the view swore up and down sworn up and down taken as gospel truth boughten took stock in taken the view taken to mean took to mean

Động từ

Past tense for to physically delineate the outline of

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defined Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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