Đồng nghĩa của identifiable

Alternative for identifiable

identifiable /ai'dentifaiəbl/
  • tính từ
    • có thể làm thành đồng nhất, có thể coi như nhau
    • có thể nhận ra, có thể nhận biết

Tính từ

Capable of being distinguished and named
recognisable recognizable detectable discernible distinguishable known noticeable unmistakable appreciable clear conspicuous distinct marked measurable notable observable perceivable perceptible visible apparent ascertainable classifiable evident sensible obvious plain decided strong pronounced manifest striking broad prominent remarkable patent dramatic palpable salient outstanding flamboyant kenspeckle commanding grabby showy arresting bold bodacious emphatic splashy brilliant catchy noisy eye-catching thick decipherable familiar definite rich separable divisible apprehensible discoverable inescapable audible tangible coherent fathomable intelligible clear-cut assured extreme understandable comprehensible knowable signal considerable noted blatant glaring substantial great significant pointed open written all over one noteworthy unambiguous transparent unequivocal impressive straightforward important indisputable exceptional nonambiguous unambivalent crystal clear extraordinary barefaced bald-faced open-and-shut distinctive undeniable self-evident as plain as a pikestaff conclusive momentous perspicuous overt luminous lucid unusual uncommon certain pellucid incontrovertible unquestionable particular explicit rare special unconcealed bald ringing beyond question beyond doubt memorable writ large standing out a mile indubitable sticking out like a sore thumb categorical incontestable positive distinguished singular irrefutable sticking out a mile bright-line standing out like a sore thumb unforgettable arrestive luculent undisguised sensational decisive famous principal major sure preeminent amazing out of the ordinary consequential stunning astonishing staring one in the face weighty compelling heavy eminent open and shut obtrusive astounding definitive express sizeable powerful crucial under one's nose out in the open especial surprising material demonstrable staggering flagrant written all over someone spectacular phenomenal incredible dazzling seeable bright solid easily seen breathtaking seen revealed plain to see historic unhidden as clear as crystal illustrious superior big as life in view in sight absolute undoubted as clear as day viewable staring someone in the face cut-and-dried as plain as day tremendous paramount predominant prestigious telling renowned vital dominant goodly noble critical forceful undebatable convincing undisputed unsubtle main proven star startling redoubtable blinding meaningful unassailable sizable axiomatic sharp inarguable unarguable sound irrefragable visual astral ocular unanswerable precise awesome notorious imposing watertight macroscopic stark unchallengeable accomplished electrifying serious real clearly visible monumental not hidden pressing extensive eventful well-defined to be seen not in doubt apodictic well defined tidy reasonable fair chief supreme earth-shattering earthshaking beyond a shadow of a doubt black-and-white immense clear cut prime primary essential cogent influential exposed key discernable pertinent wonderful central revealing relevant extra special celebrated exceeding potent forcible healthy pivotal big leading self-explanatory engaging famed crisp fundamental pre-eminent final ultimate awe-inspiring vivid large unquestioned thrilling eye-popping demonstrative uncontroversial prodigious urgent as plain as the nose on one's face jaw-dropping gee-whizz beyond dispute preponderant wondrous operative fascinating standing out attractive headline accepted acknowledged clinching foremost worthy of attention ample cognizable true actual attention-grabbing airtight accurate vast stirring plain as day glorious amazeballs well known large-scale defined much beyond a doubt can't miss it sure thing for sure hair-raising newsworthy no mistake much in evidence never to be forgotten as plain as the nose on your face plain as the nose on your face high stimulating out of this world unique resounding very great storming thumping thundering close complete total utter on show good-sized estimable direct gross obligatory necessary binding compulsory unshakable established indelible haunting utmost plausible believable colorable credible ostensible seeming enunciated fresh full flashy downright thorough perfect sheer runaway surefire uncontestable authentic unequivocable nailed-on citable specific in plain sight in full view forestanding staple basic unexpected miraculous gorgeous captivating beautiful anywhere to be seen on view in evidence on display mentionable namable nameable clean-cut staring you in the face well focused no ifs and or buts guaranteed cinched unalterable marvellous unbelievable right under your nose to the fore in the foreground distingué nailed down well-marked sign-posted well-worn of consequence of importance univocal terrific easily distinguishable moving intrusive projecting protruding jutting focal no two ways about it make no bones black and white lucent sharply defined hard and fast cut and dried crystalline esteemed drop-dead stupendous fantastic on ice not in question uncanny enormous huge acclaimed in the bag not to be forgotten effective in focus super unreal dynamite charming jazzy lofty confounding bizarre smashing primo wicked marvelous honoured respected ultra titanic astronomic astronomical elevated landmark persuasive unco world class zero cool gilt-edged legendary reputable venerable red-letter surpassing trenchant biggish heavy-duty severe earnest resonant cardinal impactful deep high-priority mighty portentous all-important capital intense keynote carrying a lot of weight quantum generous burning milestone fateful front-page high-level hefty unordinary ponderable climacteric grave far-reaching peerless august honored germane effectual shining immediate standout nonpareil name aristocratic satisfying double-checked veridical unfabled well-known worthwhile shocking scandalous horrifying importunate vigorous of interest of concern of note highly regarded major league big name big-time talked of grand substantive firm respectable sturdy devastating satisfactory exciting no ifs ands or buts about it that's a fact good useful heavyweight durable valuable massive valid tectonic superabundant abundant steady hot gripping invigorating exhilarating energizing envigorating titillating colorful arousing graphic colourful gleaming biting warm rousing spine-tingling heady energising radiant refreshing lurid appalling sensationalistic big-deal major-league sensationalist interesting screaming gee-whiz catchpenny peculiar yellow shock-horror melodramatic buzzworthy frank emotional piquant extravagant tabloid sultry vulgar coloured rough pungent excessive livid coarse X-rated colored public right under one's nose clear as a bell

Tính từ

Having the distinctive qualities of a particular type of person or thing
typical classic distinctive archetypal characteristic standard archetypical definitive distinct distinguishing prototypical quintessential true copybook identifying idiosyncratic illustrative indicative model paradigmatic regular representative signature textbook vintage classical emblematic exemplary ideal particular stereotypical stock symbolic unmistakable archetypic diagnostic diagnostical discriminating prime proper prototypal prototypic stereotyped stereotypic suggestive essential individual patterned peculiar perfect typic personal special specific unique private personalized express individualized singular subjective patented personalised individualised respective individualistic separate different own especial intrinsic conspicuous exclusive privy idiomatic endemic independent usual select distinguished particularized disparate inherent innate particularised resident very own recognizable exceeding offbeat striking prominent salient distinguishable original outstanding custom familiar extraordinary natural symptomatic precise set specialised recognisable nonconformist dissimilar specialized customized perceptible decipherable intimate noticeable detectable refreshing customised remarkable concrete notable local appropriate diacritic inimitable restricted conventional differentiating imitable uncommon demonstrative ultimate consummate absolute supreme significant noteworthy indicatory peculiar to denotative evocative denotive evidential designative marked fundamental best discriminative pointing to individualizing individualising true to type inborn inbred particular to exclusive to found only in excellent determining epitomic predictable habitual average patent hackneyed normal trite dinki-di staple hacky clichéd categorical in character standardised common standardized warning signalling ingrained characteristic of typical of native at her best at his best at its best exceptional reserved true to form associated indicating unconventional signaling off-centre abnormal weird aberrant strange eccentric quirky odd queer irregular anomalous complete unusual freakish bizarre outlandish discrete pure reminiscent optimal flawless transcendental optimum utopian idealised idyllic idealized reflective telltale indicial exhibitive denoting expressive signifying redolent untainted unsullied untarnished unblemished all your own telling augural testimonial revealing inauspicious ominous significatory testatory evincive connotative prognostic apocalyptic auspicious allusive recalling intriguing significative remindful evocatory giving an inkling most typical most characteristic

Trái nghĩa của identifiable

identifiable Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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