Đồng nghĩa của cinched

Alternative for cinched

cinches, cinched, cinching

Đồng nghĩa: bind, fasten, grip, hold, tie, wrap,

Động từ

Past tense for to make sure or certain of
secured ensured guaranteed assured guarantied iced insured settled made certain warranted confirmed promised certified sweared established avowed pledged avouched affirmed sealed verified asserted declared attested clinched set set out averred endorsed testified nailed down put on ice locked on locked up setted the seal on protected covered indemnified safeguarded vowed registered shielded guarded hedged reassured provided swore sworn maintained effected validated professed completed substantiated wagered arranged authenticated contracted made safe corroborated made sure of locked in stated laid down proved vouched for witnessed committed showed vouched sweared to the fact asseverated pronounced had a lock on sewed up made certain of stood behind staked sewn up underwrote underwritten shown known for certain knew for certain undertaken undertook sworn an oath gotten behind given a pledge taken an oath lay down gave assurances prove proven got behind given an undertaking took an oath given an assurance gave an undertaking gave an assurance gave a pledge given assurances swore an oath provided insurance for answered for upheld claimed alleged contended proclaimed made secure cushioned backed defended supported stipulated insisted purported protested agreed to pay argued sponsored delegated stood by backed up upholden given security to gave security to bore out bore witness borne out borne witness given grounds for gave grounds for taken out insurance cover took out insurance took out insurance cover taken out insurance

Động từ

Past tense for to reach a decision or agreement about
settled decided determined established fixt fixed set arranged chose chosen designated clinched confirmed appointed closed completed concluded figured nailed named achieved agreed assigned decided on picked sealed selected arrived at nailed down called the shots came to a decision about come to a decision about made a decision agreed on came to a decision come to a decision came to an agreement come to an agreement came to a conclusion come to a conclusion cast the die pinned down locked in resolved opted elected aimed ruled purposed reached planned decreed voted guessed conjectured mediated awarded polled surmised adopted reached a conclusion settled on come to conclusion made your mind up fixed on ended with reached a decision fixed upon made up one's mind formed opinion had the intention settled upon made up your mind called shots settled on a plan of action established conclusively committed oneself come to decision had in mind had final word reached decision come to agreement took taken willed gone for drew a conclusion went for came to decision gone down line drawn a conclusion arrived at conclusion came to conclusion came to agreement taken a stand went down line took a stand gotten a decision on got an agreement on got a decision on gotten an agreement on specified ordained stipulated prescribed scheduled finalized resolved on allotted finalised set a date for defined limited allocated prearranged imposed made dictated instructed solved worked wrought laid down decided upon fixed up worked out arbitrated adjudged adjudicated authorized indicated authorised hypothecated ruled on lay down agreed upon agreed to

Động từ

Past tense for to tie up, around or together, typically with a rope, chain, wire, or other cordage

Trái nghĩa của cinched

cinched Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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