Đồng nghĩa của wrapped

Alternative for wrapped

Đồng nghĩa: absorbed, captive, cloaked, clothed, draped, engrossed, enwrapped, intent, mantled,

wraps, wrapped, wrapping

Đồng nghĩa: bind, cover, encompass, envelop, sheathe, surround,

Trái nghĩa: unwrap,

Tính từ

A feeling of positivity, satisfaction, or enjoyment
happy joyful merry cheerful delighted delightful ecstatic effervescent enjoyable fantastic glad heartwarming high jubilant pleasing pleasurable welcome wonderful cheery contented elated euphoric jocund jovial joyous overjoyed vivacious amusing blissful boisterous boon buoyant carefree chuffed enraptured exhilarated exuberant festive gladsome glowing grinning grooving hilarious humorous jumping larking lively optimistic peaceful pleasant pleased radiant rapt rapturous riotous satisfied stoked thrilled upbeat uproarious winsome beaming beatific blithesome enchanted entranced frolicsome fulfilled fun hopeful lighthearted orgasmic paradisaic paradisaical paradisal paradisiac paradisiacal rejoicing rhapsodic rhapsodical rocking rollicking rosy rousing sanguine saturnalian smiley thankful triumphant untroubled well zappy zingy zippy blessed blest blithe captivated chipper chirpy comfortable content convivial entertained exultant gay gleeful gratified intoxicated jolly laughing light magical mirthful peppy perky playful smiling sparkling sportive sunny tickled up wild Panglossian in a good mood in good spirits cock-a-hoop in seventh heaven light-hearted on a high on top of the world at ease beside oneself with joy blissed out floating on air full of beans fun-loving in high spirits over the moon rip-roaring feel-good jumping for joy walking on air as happy as a clam flying high rose-colored starry-eyed tickled to death as happy as a sandboy like a dog with two tails tickled pink as happy as Larry as pleased as Punch on cloud nine looking good can't complain transported in raptures on cloud seven delirious made up sent like a child with a new toy ravished beside oneself with happiness charmed treading on air excited bright in transports of delight enthusiastic genial in transports enrapt giddy elevated heady flying pleased as punch ebullient airy bubbly sprightly breezy jaunty gladdened unworried positive peart sparky gruntled good-humoured good-humored deliriously happy happy-go-lucky frenzied enchanté gone crazy mad dreamy floating well pleased flipping overexcited carried away full of hope doing handsprings wigged out full of the joys of spring of good cheer without a care in the world popping felicitous aglow amused diverted animated blissfully happy satisfying exalted beside oneself heavenly gratifying spaced-out harmonious cool perfect turned-on idyllic fervent grateful very pleased in transports of pleasure in transports of joy in ecstasies only too happy extremely happy smug complacent thrilled to bits in ecstasy appreciative pleasantly surprised hysterical triumphal vigorous spirited heartening jocular happy as a lark happy as a clam in the twilight zone corybantic wild with excitement in exaltation athrill out delirious with happiness crowing in a frenzy of delight crank glorying prideful triumphalist gloating proud exulting turned on very happy in a frenzy celebrating spellbound fascinated enthralled gripped bewitched engrossed held riveted mesmerized preoccupied absorbed intent absent hung up enamoured inattentive taken wrapped up dreaming caught up in mesmerised involved absent-minded overwhelmed abstracted hypnotized engaged daydreaming employed beguiled hypnotised enamored busy occupied unconscious oblivious interested bouncy high-spirited jocose energetic cheering bright-eyed and bushy-tailed entertaining frisky active lightsome vital snappy full of vim and vigour funny brisk bouncing full of life relaxed animate hearty eupeptic canty good bright and breezy pert pizzazzy pizazzy mettlesome springy jazzy kinetic zestful racy great gamesome vibrant spanking promising glorious agreeable encouraging insouciant ludic alert dynamic serene diverting frolic beautiful auspicious debonair chucklesome charming comic propitious facetious confident enchanting jokey keen roseate friendly inspired festal at peace celebratory willing comical as merry as a grig laughable unconcerned perk golden fresh likely fascinating frivolous fair brash warm devil-may-care go-go utopian cheered uplifting placid easy-going bubbling as lively as a grig cordial tranquil slaphappy scintillating favourable reassuring flippant favorable resilient irrepressible easy appeased encouraged enthused lovely eager droll idealistic divine splendid spry fine vivid energized magnificent assured exciting marvelous marvellous joshing ludicrous daffy waggish exhilarating delectable zesty expectant antic energised stirring roused alive and kicking collected composed witty electrified seraphic welcoming comforting unperturbed free and easy unflustered unruffled nice expansive sublime unthinking desirous enlivening cheerly volatile ridiculous amazing gala farcical gladdening joking concluded achieved effectuated accomplished dispatched actualized obtained executed crowned attained effected compassed consummated matured finished craving inclined gung ho elastic outgoing swinging delightsome aroused alive Pickwickian impish avid hungry agog ambitious appetent thirsty athirst solicitous longing amenable restive impatient disposed pining bullish lusty flushed whimsical Elysian captivating good-natured hankering greedy covetous swaggering sparkly impassioned refreshing wick bonny killing boastful showy side-splitting trusting full of fun honored calm activated superb rewarding roguish hoping in heaven brought about carried out made good congenial flip noisy humoristic sidesplitting screaming hysteric comedic rib-tickling priceless lots of laughs ardent quick self-possessed fine and dandy Utopian engaging passionate flattered skittish risible silly delicious keeping the faith groovy mischievous full of pep looking on the bright side alluring honoured looking through rose-colored glasses brought to a close zealous heart-warming nonchalant poised pacific measured possessed commodious providential sober assuaged laughter-filled casual atingle carnival holiday thrilled to pieces fun-filled graceful celestial sociable conversible companionable clubby social hospitable unconstrained indifferent uncaring unconsidered heedless stimulated Christmassy benign exhilarative hushed sedate perf loving it high as a kite appreciatory rakish pleasure-seeking saintly amiable easygoing bucked uplifted mellow insubstantial unserious grand determined believing affable sunbeamy back-slapping good-time pushy self-assertive forward presuming supple invigorated in paradise in rhapsodies warming can-do go-getting redeeming backslapping loony chaffing bantering jollying nutty dizzy fanciful relieved consoled reassured comforted effusive inspirited puffed up proactive laid back decorated feastful carnivalesque feastly romantic fortunate storybook traditional glamorous dazzling fabulous revelling frothy agitated gushing full of zip solaced soothed unmarred ravishing superlunary empyrean coltish sassy saucy attractive absurd privileged nimble pacified jesting off-the-wall heated fiery forceful agile youthful up and about juiced up fond reveling wowed victorious teasing in fine fettle aware comfy homelike spectacular hopped up fired up set up kittenish sunny side up dashing hyper industrious glass half full vitalized wanton interesting enjoying oneself having fun soul-stirring slapstick blown away prizewinning champion dominant lucky tongue-in-cheek prankish fay sportful elfish larky colourful colorful like the cat that's got the cream filled with joy smart clever frolicky pathetic derisive derisory preposterous grotesque cockamamie cockamamy zany acceptable commendable fetching peachy couthy mooi intoxicating choice irie darling lekker dulcet recreative relishable thrilling clubbable distracting revered venerated well-pleased esteemed dignified enlivened excitable motivated home-like feelgood imperturbable nonplussed together stoical healthy blooming espiègle ludicrous. laughable derisible wacky camp flaky joculous gagged up campy flakey boffo for grins laid-back bursting awakened piqued rowdy euthymic successful copacetic stupid foolish geeked hepped up hopped-up likable idealized halcyon ideal romping rumbustious roisterous fairy-tale rose-coloured bold moved tumultuous robustious rambunctious sporty devilish pastoral rustic picturesque exquisite level-headed calm and collected full of promise self-controlled committed assiduous restless raring fanatical wholehearted devoted diligent anxious game breathless vehement dedicated voracious pumped habitual nuts antsy obsessed unreluctant diehard ready balmy venturesome trim natty hell-raising unrestrained unruly knockabout cavorting swashbuckling raucous uninhibited spruce doubtless implicit certain clear sure cocksure shining aflame on top of world ray of sunshine rollicksome thumping ripping loud rural unspoiled bucolic arcadian brilliant ridibund undoubtful secure disposed to look on the bright side self-assured in good heart self-confident smitten very funny extremely amusing hysterically funny sylvan unspoilt Arcadian gut-busting riot scream infatuated likeable scenic restful out-of-this-world idealised relaxing a scream killingly funny a hoot too funny for words out of this world realized perfected completed performed reached rewarded under a spell realised put into effect

Tính từ

Packed or filled tightly
packed full crowded filled crammed jammed brimful chock-full jam-packed loaded overloaded seething swarming chock-a-block mobbed overcrowded overflowing overfull solid thronged alive brimming bursting chockablock chockful congested cram-full fat stuffed teeming wall-to-wall hoatching arranged awash bundled chock compressed consigned filled to capacity flooded heaving inundated overwhelmed rammed replete saturated tumid packed like sardines like Piccadilly Circus bulging at the seams full to capacity full to the gunwales to the roof full to the gills up to the hilt up to the rafters bursting at the seams abounding full up flush thick busy full to bursting cramped abundant rife overfilled thronging lousy fraught stocked laden populous complete swamped crawling running over burdened plentiful full of crushed filled to the brim stacked jammed full overrun packed out weighted weighed down bustling filled up gorged plenteous huddled fit to bust full to overflowing overburdened bristling charged encumbered deluged profuse lavish massed glutted bounteous clogged choked superabundant well-provided blocked bulging topped up lined lacking overprovided overstocked abounding in occupied jampacked liberal generous multitudinous chocker overpopulated supplied sardined elbow-to-elbow well-stocked filled to the rafters oversupplied rich suffused padded plethoric well supplied well stocked bountiful flushed dripping covered lank level with crammed full well-supplied spilling over full to the brim at full capacity frantic full to the top overrun by entire numerous topfull fruitful fully loaded unabridged overstuffed well frequented well patronized pregnant overladen humming groaning whole well provided dense permeated taxed bloated satisfied tight overfed luxurious full of commotion ample knee-deep in hopping infested weighted down copious overpeopled sufficient abundant in jumping freighted heavy hampered imbued impregnated flowing filled with brimming with loaded with cram full completely full thickset SRO clean pullulating buzzing hoaching hotching packed to capacity fit to burst rolling well attended mob scene lousy with full house sold out stiff with topped off prolific infinite huge inexhaustible large great bumper productive loaded down up to here standing room only stinking big luxuriant exuberant piled high fully charged packed to the gunwales knee-deep plugged obstructed chock-full of gridlocked blocked-up impeded solid with people stuffed-up cornucopian stopped closed jam-full occluded mucous stoppered blocked up stuffy stopped up in plenty snarled up like the Black Hole of Calcutta

Động từ

Past tense for cover or enclose in paper or soft material
swathed enclosed enveloped muffled enfolded folded cloaked covered encased sheathed shrouded lapped surrounded swaddled winded wound bosomed bowered circumfused cocooned embosomed embowered embraced encompassed enshrouded enswathed enwrapped inclosed invested involved mantled veiled bound bounden absorbed absorpt bandaged bundled up camouflaged clad clothed draped encircled hid hidden immersed masked protected sheltered twined rolled up wrapped up blanketed overspread screened concealed overlayed overlaid entwined obscured clasped hugged clutched squeezed disguised curtained padded held coated cuddled clouded rolled papered over enclasped overlay shielded furled obnubilated covered up suppressed belied engulfed occulted gathered overcast laced wreathed blotted out cradled housed grasped strained palled crushed girdled prest pressed insulated buried carpeted lagged bundled holden cladded twisted turned contained infolded circled muffled up paved guarded fenced crowned capped shut in packaged wadded adorned decorated superimposed let fall in folds ensconced kept out of sight cast a shadow over cached put something on top of blocked out put out of sight put in a hole bedecked soundproofed heatproofed cushioned trussed giftwrapped cosseted shingled imbricated taken took coiled curled confined lined closeted cased encaged caged made shockproof submerged twirled bunched packed baled wrapped around grabbed clinched cinched captivated donned consumed topped girt hemmed obstructed cooped girded seized gripped shadowed eclipsed whirled throttled defended tucked blocked overshadowed forfended safeguarded secured kept cupped bulwarked fended adumbrated befogged rounded swiveled spun swivelled dressed extended over hazed fogged misted blurred grappled wheeled dissembled dissimulated canopied warded reinforced hooded bleared beclouded darkened dimmed obliterated overclouded bedimmed shaded obfuscated boxed pettifogged hindered held tight grabbed tightly stowed dislimned planted blinded murked benighted blackened placed something over secreted folded up tucked away stashed held close bemisted stonewalled dressed up clung to kept hidden locked wound up encapsulated superposed placed under cover blanked out curled up overlain span drest locken wrapt fit plastered smeared flooded encrusted daubed sheeted bedaubed spread spread around spread over spread thickly over put over fitted caked veneered embedded laminated clung clinged faced inlaid surfaced smothered inwrapped moulded glazed plated ornamented overlapped besmeared overrun suffused varnished washed molded strapped up gift-wrapped taped up washed over sunken sunk sank overran

Động từ

Past tense for to come to an end or conclusion
gifted wrap wrapped up quit let up axed put an end to cut off cut short shut down put a stop to stopped concluded closed completed ended finished ceased terminated halted discontinued quitted expired elapsed lapsed passed wound up rounded off dead-ended closed out rounded out winked out brought to an end left off consummated dropped dissolved aborted settled canceled cancelled annulled abolished belayed belaid determined scratched scrubbed finished off topped off come to an end brought to a close pulled the plug on knocked off packed in cut out laid off put the lid on wound down ultimated put paid to shut off brought to a conclusion broke off broken off broke up broken up finalized discharged accomplished culminated resolved clinched shuttered called off scrapped died folded finalised sundered relinquished sewed up sewn up desisted from extinguished came to an end winded something up hung up eliminated nipped something in the bud come to a conclusion brought to an untimely end packed it in called it a day disposed of pulled the plug carried out gotten done called a halt to adjourned knocked something on the head come to a close switched off prorogued run out crowned rounded up recessed prorogated lay off got shut of interrupted got done carried through desisted nipped in the bud packed up setted the seal on ended up brought to fruition went gone broke broken brake canned ran out got shot of given up gave something the chop gotten shot of given over gave over gave up given something the chop came to a conclusion came to a close

Động từ

Past tense for to fit closely by following the contours of

Động từ

Past tense for to push, fold, or turn (the edges or ends of something, especially a garment or bedclothes) so as to hide or secure them

Động từ

Past tense for to fix or repair something

Trái nghĩa của wrapped

wrapped Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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