Đồng nghĩa của rounded out


To have carried out an action to the end
completed finished concluded achieved finalized fulfilled consummated nailed accomplished did effectuated executed performed settled realized capped perfected actualized crowned ended polished terminated carried off carried out complemented did thoroughly finalised finished off got through polished off realised rounded off sewed up sorted out topped off went through with wound up wrapped up added the final touch to added the finishing touch to brought to a conclusion brought to an end brought to fruition brought to maturity called it a day made good on made perfect made up put the finishing touches on put the last touches on put to bed ultimated made good setted the seal on done gotten through sewn up clinched gone through with done thoroughly went whole hog went the limit gone whole hog gone the limit followed through effected implemented put through discharged made brought off followed through with pulled off negotiated prosecuted put into practice brought about carried through put into effect perpetrated administered operated conducted committed enacted managed put into action compassed applied wrought observed handled run exercised put into operation met engineered enforced followed worked kept attained plied used lived up to engaged satisfied wielded complied with practised employed controlled manipulated put in force obeyed practiced utilized piloted commanded imposed produced conformed to filled succeeded in reached honored maneuvered organized manoeuvred administrated abided by directed acted upon honoured hit utilised transacted ran acted in accordance with carried on organised brought to bear dealt with put to use heeded contrived acted out answered dispatched undertook steered redeemed succeeded stuck to kept to stood by engaged in delivered on caused upheld inflicted exerted established engagde in undertaken harnessed overlooked stewarded respected delivered secured wreaked presided over fixed scored put the final touches to yielded to submitted to put finishing touch on brought into play made it through cooperated with put in motion followed through on responded to put the tin lid on set in motion brought into effect put the finishing touches to kept faith with created pursued supervised superintended ruled guided governed engendered led leaded exploited headed regulated occasioned matched exacted adhered to deferred to rendered won tended to captained bossed procured lived by stuck with made to happen made happen brought on translated into headed up embraced called the shots agreed with acted according to racked up paid heed to coped with toed the line meted out chalked up stuck by clocked up determined held down had initiated acted taken care of took care of generated affected ordered oversaw overseen put in place upholden passed brought fit bestowed tackled dispensed arranged distributed accepted followed up on actionized authorized induced took acted on set up tended prompted acknowledged put out served dominated fielded spawned actioned brought to pass acquired landed yielded catalyzed actuated officiated assigned addressed bred assented to gratified invoked bagged gained processed ministered adopted struck annexed drawn on drew on fallen in with put lid on put forth dealt out set made short work of run with the ball put the finishing touch to doled out pulled the strings devoted oneself to run the show watched over set out with put screws to made it set about fell in with measured up to put it over cared for served out delivered the goods notched up nailed it authorised brought to completion catalysed put to work carried to completion got there swung set off worked out cut the mustard put away matched up to arrived at called the tune in called the shots in buttoned down survived disposed of saw through made the grade fit the bill put across called upon hit upon seen through acquiesced to underwent hitten taken taken heed of done justice to fallen in line with done as told fell in line with went along with been through did as told bore out gone along with gone through did justice to took heed of went through borne out launched unleashed doled dealt meted allocated apportioned issued ordained vented sanctioned decreed ratified legislated equaled equalled provoked approved framed finessed machinated finagled masterminded wangled called forth fitted enabled validated consented to pulled reified visited expressed indulged expedited refined originated hegemonized swayed commenced incarnated occupied attempted held driven drove precipitated started given rise to gave rise to laid down maintained constituted worked on influenced proclaimed legalized triggered caused to happen caused to occur accommodated begot begat begotten reigned over tapped deployed found yolden yold made real began agreed to begun hacked mastered made law closed OKed grasped conquered seized earned were responsible for was responsible for had control of transgressed been responsible for exercised control over kindled obtained stricken made the most of voted favorably called the signals netted endorsed brought home the bacon sanctified acquitted started in on jockeyed took the helm followed out lived out tyrannised accelerated instructed legalised been in charge developed were in charge pulled the wires took care of business turned out squared with did one proud held office goose-stepped to cleaned up reached the summit of scored a success instigated latched onto held sway over acquited checked with took on fitted in jammed through voted in called a day taken up made concrete hammered out ticked materialised steamrolled launched into pressed dictated gained fulfillment folded up committed to turned acquitted oneself of endeavoured to do paid regard to fulfilled one's potential laid down the law reorganized occupied throne railroaded through reigned fulfilled your potential wrecked got done took up measured up idealized tied passed muster formulated ran the show wrested activated proceeded with was in charge juggled made a reality pushed through railroaded thrashed out played on corporealized laid on angled specialized in taken on harmonized with forced upon found a way concurred with brought to perfection capitalized on endeavored to do shifted mopped up held dominion made work waged forced made laws called into play worked it treated buttoned up ran with the ball entered on topped it off watched presided held sway bowed to materialized made use of paid attention to looked after tyrannized conceded to held the reins catered to come up to fought logged brought forth tallied with run things exhibited concentrated on instituted reorganised turned the trick cohered with held to provided the means for knocked off snagged followed orders performed according to got cracking on gotten done elaborated sat on top of taken the helm exercised authority accorded with ruled over made hay wrangled embarked on cogitated minded entered upon idealised chorded with wrapped committed oneself to filled the bill accommodated to played games worked at appointed taken care of business overruled engineered a way done one proud projected made into law made ready followed up coincided with served the people sufficed called the tune undergone arranged for ran things canned acceded to came up to availed oneself of availed yourself of swang it swung it took action on taken action on got out of the way gotten out of the way lay down rung up rang up were in the driving seat worn the crown was in the driving seat wore the crown been in the driving seat assumed command gone on with went on with did the trick gotten someplace got someplace done the trick done a bang-up job did a bang-up job gave given lay on gave free rein to given free rein to gave vent to given vent to been successful were successful was successful went that route did to a turn done to a turn gone that route upped and done upped and did honchoed taken over took forward taken forward took over given the seal of approval to gave the seal of approval to gave the green light to gave the thumbs up to given the OK to given the go-ahead to got the floor gave the go-ahead to given the green light to given the thumbs up to gotten the floor gave the OK to done business did business seen to saw to gone about addressed oneself to went about took part in got down to got to grips with gotten down to taken part in gotten to grips with


To have expressed in greater detail
developed elaborated embellished fleshed out detailed expanded expounded amplified augmented bloomed blossomed burgeoned enhanced evolved spread added to built on built up disentangled explicated extended magnified unfurled aggrandized animated exaggerated filled out padded padded out awakened brought alive enlarged enlivened gave substance to played out puffed up straught stretched worked up panned out dilated finished snowballed swelled transitioned worked wrought lengthened widened spread out developt distended broadened explained elaborated on thickened heightened reinforced embroidered mushroomed filled waxed got larger added flesh to enlarged on fattened up dilated on enlarged upon increased in size dilated upon added detail to fattened swoll swollen stuffed got bigger gotten bigger put flesh on the bones of improved expanded on supplemented expatiated expatiated on inflated beefed up refined boosted perfected polished built lift increased raised particularized clarified overstated hyperbolized specified discussed elevated maximized enriched escalated ameliorated deepened bettered protracted extended upon particularised lifted pumped up annexed hiked up stepped up jacked up upped parlayed maximised incremented furthered colored proliferated blew up unfolded multiplied coloured optimized advanced dramatized exalted intensified interpreted overestimated progressed strengthened fudged doubled consolidated overemphasized stretched the truth dramatised overemphasised pyramided added spread on thick touched up jazzed up put flesh on compounded tripled accelerated cranked up inflamed bumped up amassed reenforced upraised supersized sharpened made larger made bigger pumped made better prolonged topped up made greater mounted redoubled teemed upscaled tacked on ratcheted up shot up slapped on marked up went up elongated pullulated hyped followed up overdone overdid optimised blown up went on about gone on about gone into detail on went into detail on stretched out spun out eked out exploited utilized grew upgraded complemented overplayed emphasized swarmed catastrophized meliorated cultivated helped amended spun discoursed gilded jacked collected varnished gilt endowed gone up crammed made a big thing out of bloated made federal case brought to life went into detail made real gingered up spelt out went into detail about spelled out falsified improved on hopped up breathed life into lied made richer gone into detail emphasised exaggerated information given substance to ballooned souped up swelled up puffed overembellished romanticised played up added value surcharged run up dressed up spiked gone into detail about made mountain out of molehill yeasted expounded on utilised sweetened romanticized overelaborated span holp holpen grown ran up gave details given details drove up blew up out of all proportion driven up blown up out of all proportion blown something out of all proportion swollen up blew something out of all proportion gave life to given life to drew out


Past tense for to bring to an end
terminated ended concluded finished closed stopped ceased discontinued aborted axed completed wound up broke off broken off expired lapsed closed out dead-ended determined died elapsed went gone halted passed quit quitted rounded off wrapped up belayed belaid abolished adjourned annulled broke up broken up brought to an end cancelled canceled cut short desisted dissolved dropped eliminated extinguished left off let up prorogated prorogued recessed scratched scrubbed ultimated winked out wrapped wrapt brought to a close brought to a conclusion cut off laid off lay off put a stop to wound down brought to an untimely end put an end to ran out run out came to an end come to an end pulled the plug on shut down culminated consummated settled topped off put the lid on finished off knocked off called off called a halt to ended up shut crowned cut out finalized put paid to shut off packed in closed down sewed up sewn up cut loose finalised called it a day rounded up liquidated put a lid on put a period to put to bed drawn to a close drew to a close suspended resolved scrapped discharged accomplished sundered relinquished capped interrupted cleared climaxed cinched clinched shuttered folded desisted from disposed of switched off packed up pulled the plug gotten done got done come to a conclusion come to a close carried out packed it in knocked something on the head got shut of nipped in the bud buttoned down folded up buttoned up carried through brought to fruition led up to built up to hung up sold out setted the seal on resulted reached a finale brought down curtain closed the door on come to a halt turned out to be come to the end tied up loose ends terminated the account turned out closed the books finished up cleaned up come to a head broke broken brake canned given up gave up came to a conclusion came to a close given over gave over gave the chop given the chop got shot of gotten shot of drawn to close drew to close came to a head came to a halt came to the end did done abandoned cut put the kibosh on called a halt put off dwindled put on ice brought to a halt paused faded petered out checked arrested shelved died down died out abated died away refrained from stayed remitted delayed postponed intermitted disappeared lessened held up put back diminished ebbed vanished dispensed with receded slackened waned moderated subsided put on the back burner put in cold storage brought to a standstill eased off come to a stop eased deferred faded away put aside brought to a stop called it quits declined curbed decreased pigeonholed dropped off surceased weakened passed away withdrawn withdrew tailed off cut it out melted away put on hold disbanded held over ditched tabled stemmed barred dropped away relent relented kicked renounced disconnected mothballed stilled left de-escalated felled fizzled out tapered shrunk lowered palled held in abeyance stopped dead withheld quashed tapered off held come to a standstill ran its course held back pulled up laid off of cried off ratcheted down phased down drained away finished with removed lift suppressed came to a stop phased out resigned rescheduled put the stopper on quelled subdued stifled impeded obstructed evaporated frustrated blocked stalled refrained repealed rescinded killed curtailed revoked hampered immobilized eschewed evanished immobilised settled down calmed caught yielded severed peaked run down staunched restrained cooled off waived quietened down retarded quietened put over come to rest abdicated quit cold turkey become invalid cooled it gotten rid of got rid of attenuated stopped short become void become obsolete put in abeyance suspended proceedings capped off fell away fallen away ceased to exist laid aside did away with done away with held off laid on the table come to a climax come to a crescendo reached a pinnacle dropped out resigned from put a spoke in someone's wheel cut into quit cold put on back burner hit high spot hung it up fetched up interfered with put into liquidation put a brake on fulfilled put a cork in retired from put on the shelf had done with put on a back burner frozen froze fell fallen shrank shrunken forwent forgone withholden bitten the dust bit the dust holden discarded came to a standstill blew over blown over kept from took a rain check on taken a rain check on lifted binned withheld from nullified failed recalled called brought inhibited dissociated dumped surrendered stopped oneself from held back from restrained oneself from junked relieved hobbled hesitated controlled thwarted turned back faltered wavered lulled disrupted balanced staggered dithered vacillated scrupled teetered wabbled wobbled stopped in your tracks reached a standstill collapsed deactivated limped retired died off disunited intervened dissevered ceded disjoined separated parted interposed whiffled stumbled departed raised dissipated withered wilted yolden yold resisted the temptation to abstained disturbed foiled limited ran down stood sank sunken sunk backed off bankrupted bridled neutralized reined prevented softened alleviated shunned respited continued transpired calmed down came to rest ignored forfeited constrained swallowed squelched smothered hindered reduced muffled contained decayed stopped midstream eased up slackened off forsook forsaken became invalid relaxed sacrificed jilted divorced degenerated evanesced closed with concluded with disappeared slowly ended with counteracted fought back repressed bottlenecked governed became obsolete became void jacked in descended reneged backed out slowed kept in abeyance omitted protracted procrastinated filed inactivated drooped retrograded crumbled deteriorated bated regulated checkmated knock it off bottled up repulsed discouraged choked back tamed rebuffed neutralised braked circumvented choked taken a break took a break avoided shaken shook dilapidated mouldered moldered terminated with drawn up drew up taken five taken a breather took five taken a recess took a breather took a recess retreated slipped melted dropped out of stepped down kept in check slowed down reined in brought up came to a climax came to a crescendo stopped cold kicked over stemmed the flow of staved off brought to standstill wiped out given notice run low kept under control become weaker kept a lid on reached the zenith demitted shot one's wad crested withdrawn from hung fire threw up parted from stopped in full flow turned your back on rose to crescendo achieved towered withdrew from slacked stood down satisfied stood aside eighty-sixed contented sidelined unlaxed reached a peak orgasmed laid over wiggle-waggled played for time levelled off kicked the habit handed over held in maxed out risen to crescendo called time chilled out slackened pace pulled in succeeded handed in resignation coasted thrown up walked out brought to a premature end held at bay counted out said goodbye to stemmed the flow left unfinished cooled dropped it hung back decelerated bowed out trailed off ruled out dulled pleased parted with ceased work stove off stood in the way of gave notice shilly-shallied quitclaimed slipped away topped faded out kept back come to an end with signed off held down dusted off done for did for forbore swore off forborne forswore forsworn sworn off drew to a halt drawn to a halt blown off blew off bagged it pink-slipped sunk into oblivion sank into oblivion knocking it off became weaker bitten back bit back broken short broke short broke into broken into took a breather from taken a breather from flew by flown by broken the record broke the record molten molt threw in the towel thrown in the towel gone by went by fallen down fell down taken the cure gotten on the wagon did without took the cure forborne from done without forbore from abstained from got on the wagon taken a rain check took a rain check blown the whistle on blew the whistle on drew to a stand drawn to a stand backed out of gone dead grown less gone down grew less went dead wore away gone downhill ran low went down went downhill worn away wrote off written off broke with forgot about broken with forgotten about took time out risen rose took ten taken ten taken time out rose to a crescendo went the route gone over the mountain gone the route risen to a crescendo came to an end with went over the mountain

Trái nghĩa của rounded out

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