Đồng nghĩa của materialized

Alternative for materialized

materializes, materialized, materializing

Đồng nghĩa: happen, materialise,


To have gradually increased in detail
developed evolved unfolded arose broadened deepened emerged transpired arrived occurred progressed rose advanced appeared crystallised dawned emanated flourished flowed grew increased manifested materialised matured naturalised resulted surfaced took form took shape turned up became apparent became known came into being came to light came up changed cropped up crystallized leaked out loomed naturalized showed sprang up became visible came forth came into sight came into view came out came together merged developt formed set in happened originated sprung arisen started actualized commenced come into being come about come into existence popped up come up issued come forth come to pass engendered come out taken shape eventuated become apparent sprang began begun risen ensued burst out showed up came about erupted set came into existence broke broken brake sprung up come into view become visible proceeded become known came to pass stemmed taken form presented itself come catalyzed derived grown kicked in taken place took place entered into the picture come into sight revealed itself bobbed up catalysed followed spawned befell befallen chanced sprouted launched felled germinated made an appearance turned out come together panned out existed become manifest shaped up fostered established cultivated comen came initiated become established gelled set off upsprung betided betid happed acquired become common knowledge passed spread become definite shot up culminated come from become evident stemned from exposed itself kicked off fell out proved to be the case entered the picture come to the fore leaked fallen out come on the scene come off manifested itself gotten out got out fell fallen taken root fallen into place fell into place took root come along precipitated became manifest sparked incited unravelled begun life began life unraveled become public invoked enkindled incubated instituted actuated occasioned devised fared contrived learnt learned triggered conceived burgeoned activated continued hovered settled crystalized solidified combined united amalgamated jelled opened reappeared became established imbibed mastered concocted blossomed grasped become performed ripened proliferated mushroomed started up kick-started triggered off accrued headed upsprang accumulated became common knowledge propagated fomented became definite attended originated in accompanied supervened came from hailed from become entrenched occurred suddenly come after came off assimilated shown itself settled in birthed went down appeared unexpectedly popped became evident circulated picked up pushed up formed into crystals hardened came to the fore hung together figured shot happened suddenly come on broke out paced gone down showed itself resolved itself become clear pushed sprouted up revealed become delineated hoved into view come out in the wash come to stay condensed come down rolled out broken out got along sorted itself out heaved into view slipped out appeared indistinctly shown appeared suddenly supervened on came on the scene come forth suddenly forthcome resulted from come out in the open glimmered become a reality had its origin became public came along bore fruit fore borne fruit faren becomed becomen became forthcame uprose uprisen shotten came forth suddenly arrived on the scene arose from arisen out of arisen from arose out of came on taken up took up came after came out in the wash gotten around came out in the open got around became clear became delineated assumed a pattern been gotten under way was took effect came down got under way gone on came to stay taken effect became entrenched were went on took on character taken on character became a reality gone off went off risen up rose up


To have produced or brought about
developed established formed began commenced created started built designed executed introduced organized constructed crafted effected embarked on enacted engineered generated initiated instituted launched originated produced set down set in motion set up actualized affected assembled catalysed catalyzed composed constituted effectuated fashioned forged found founded installed instigated machinated materialised moulded organised put in motion realised realized setted authored brought about brought into being brought into existence brought to pass cast erected fabricated gave rise to inaugurated knocked together knocked up made pieced put in place rendered rigged secured shaped shope did germinated molded engendered exercised set in appeared accomplished dawned fulfilled reified sprung incarnated made real made concrete put into effect set begun achieved objectified arose arisen performed consummated sprang broke broken brake completed portrayed represented symbolized done summoned carried through brought off symbolised made a reality made happen reorganised corporealized given rise to carried out made to happen made good developt reorganized brought to life made something appear produced as if by magic perfected conjured whipped up brought to fruition shapen given life gave life contrived plotted schemed devised put up planned put together manoeuvred maneuvered conspired finagled wangled intrigued masterminded cooked up connived hatched colluded concocted compassed framed conceived arranged manipulated dreamt up invented come up with finessed thought up negotiated made up angled cogitated formulated caballed hatched a plot laid plans hit on conceived of came up with complotted worked out operated thought of pulled strings pulled wires participated in a conspiracy played games drew up consorted worked wrought coordinated collaborated threw together brought on jockeyed projected formed a conspiracy doped out discovered outlined managed choreographed brewed drawn up pioneered drummed up innovated orchestrated imagined coined excogitated evolved thrown together swung trumped up worked hand in glove ushered in turned out kicked off fathered issued knocked off started out inducted started up threw up conjured up drafted modeled modelled draughted laid out were in cahoots been in cahoots was in cahoots hammered out controlled brainstormed directed fixed fixt fraternized cooperated superintended conducted abetted sympathized come out with exploited manufactured beguiled played blueprinted charted set off set out supervised ad-libbed coconspired fraternised framed up sympathised put out a contract wheeled and dealt planted put over put on run up wheeled and dealed put through mapped out put one over put one on hit upon revolutionized came out with spearheaded modernized rang in modernised revolutionised compounded diagramed lay out comprised diagrammed advanced thrown up decided ran up gotten in bed with swang swungen determined brought carved out got in bed with caused laid pondered conceptualized incorporated run administered mounted mobilized feigned regulated floated stage-managed succeeded confederated encompassed pulled off staged fiddled started off opened opened up sparked vamped uncovered brought forth improvised prepared stumbled upon mooted handled budgeted concerted calculated presided over got underway kicked something off promoted made secret plans translated into vamped up scammed fabled roughed out bluffed structured played it by ear cultivated found a way fixed up faked it worked together formulated plans succeeded in shifted engineered plans worked it started the ball rolling hustled cooked doctored wired conceived a plan hooked mobilised passed one-upped rung in diddled worked against upstaged detected lobbied strategized about collogued took part in a conspiracy elaborated worked something out caused to be fired up cogitated on had the bright idea of conceptualised ordained wrangled taken part in a conspiracy got off schemed out settled up joined together engineered a way influenced dreamt worked closely dreamed endowed inculcated hatched treason conned hatched plans activated gotten going got going ran gotten off founden fand oversaw overseen swung it swang it gotten together got together


To have become something different
changed evolved transformed converted reformed turned metamorphosed morphed mutated resolved shifted naturalized reconditioned shaped transfigured transmuted diverged merged progressed commutated materialised naturalised reduced transmogrified deformed transubstantiated shapen shope altered recast transposed modified remodeled remodelled translated made over reorganized switched revised varied reorganised alchemized restyled adapted reconstructed interchanged commuted switched over reshaped remade refashioned developt developed made rendered revamped adjusted amended remoulded downloaded applied appropriated doctored downlinked become permuted remolded rewrought reworked rebuilt tweaked improved reoriented reordered redesigned metamorphosized reorientated refined revolutionized molded moulded customized modulated tailored diversified made alterations to made adjustments to corrected revolutionised customised passed substituted fashioned redone redid rejigged rearranged swapped renewed renovated distorted fluctuated updated reconstituted affected refitted becomed becomen became edited permutated recalibrated stirred up transferred turned over new leaf turned upside down turned the tables shifted gears turned the corner transcribed exchanged traded moved metamorphized metastasized restructured formed grew grown bartered blended blent contorted overhauled innovated modernized snapt snapped realigned transited transmutated rehashed reshuffled retooled trucked altered dramatically generated aged matured ripened fixed fixt readjusted redeveloped upgraded regulated undergone a sea change veered turned around redrafted transliterated reconfigured made innovations tampered with rectified replaced modernised fixed up rehabilitated swung displaced made far-reaching changes in transitioned cooked disguised turned one around rejiggered changed completely differentiated flip-flopped become clearly visible as repaired refurbished regenerated graded denatured made different alternated become different dialed back vacillated corrected mid-course made changes to warped underwent a sea change shapeshifted changed gradually shaded tuned gone went became different sung different tune done up did up sang different tune swang swungen became clearly visible as broken with the past shaken up shook up broke with the past


Past tense for to take shape
happened occurred arose arisen bodied embodied epitomised epitomized expressed externalised externalized incarnated incorporated instantiated manifested personalised personalized personified substantiated transpired eventuated took place taken place coalesced came about come about corporealized developed developt evolved existed exteriorized hypostatized metamorphosed objectified personized pragmatized realised realized reified shaped up substantialized symbolised symbolized turned up typified visualised visualized came off come off took shape taken shape became concrete become concrete became manifest become manifest became real become real became visual become visual came true come true made real revealed yourself took form taken form came into being come into being came into existence come into existence came to pass come to pass represented exemplified showed illustrated actualized exhibited concretized evinced encapsulated stood for demonstrated characterized mirrored emblematized characterised shown portrayed conveyed projected completed imaged bodied forth indicated thingified signified evidenced voiced uttered made manifest depicted described displayed modeled modelled detailed made physical copied impersonated contained imitated summed up gave shape to given shape to given human form to gave human form to acted out given human shape to brought alive lived as made human gave human shape to gave voice to given voice to got off your chest gotten off your chest gave physical form given physical form given form to gave form to hominified gave a human face given a human face materialised meaned meant performed reflected mimicked enacted betokened played acted instanced followed echoed emulated staged simulated repeated produced reproduced corresponded to put on made like played the part of denoted proved highlighted exposed revealed implied connoted suggested communicated spotlighted spotlit aped executed personated presented ostended limelit limelighted vivified featured parroted parrotted pictured emoted playacted matched equaled equalled paralleled parallelled did done equated stewarded mimed copycatted quoted dramatised rendered enlightened cited dramatized reiterated elucidated illuminated clarified hammed substituted for substituted equated with monkied monkeyed mocked appeared bought for sold for parodied served as played the part come onstage served as a typical example of acted like behaved like spelt out spelled out served as an example of played a part cleared up posed as followed example doubled come on stage followed suit glassed corresponded followed the example of starred as prove proven alluded to acted as appeared as took off taken off assumed the role of acted in place of phonied did like taken leaf out of book gone like went like took leaf out of book done a take-off done like came onstage took part in taken the role of taken part in taken the part of took the part of took part took the role of taken part came on stage


Past tense for appear or be present when expected
appeared arrived emerged surfaced loomed turned up showed shown unfolded presented itself presented oneself became visible become visible came into sight come into sight came into view come into view came out come out revealed itself revealed oneself showed itself shown itself showed oneself shown oneself showed up blew in blown in came to light fetched up pitched up popped up put in an appearance made an appearance entered popped in bobbed up landed come along come rolled in rolled up come on the scene reached cropped up clocked in checked in made the scene approached made it come up got there signed in punched in turned out dropped in punched the clock came along comen came came on the scene reported issued attended got sprung manifested itself hit exposed itself wound up at breezed in arose arisen ended up put in appearance hit town burst through skied in finished up wound up washed up came up got here gotten here got in gotten in gotten through got through shown one's face showed one's face proceeded occurred suddenly appeared unexpectedly happened occurred abruptly appeared suddenly appeared abruptly emanated transpired manifested debuted occurred reappeared clocked on gotten gat sprang manifested yourself manifested oneself beached visited sprang up sprung up weighed in stuck out come in stood out entered society become apparent hoved into view heaved into view become evident materialised disembarked alighted dismounted closed in popped stopped rang in fallen by fell in fell by fallen in rung in made appearance entered into the picture hove in sight sprung in punched the time clock pulled in landed up found itself made it to showed your face found oneself ended up at buzzed in pulled up barged in got to dropped anchor come to popped out caught your eye buzzed through setted foot on busted in landed up at shown your face fetched up at rose risen came in hat hitten drew near drawn near became evident became apparent drawn up gotten as far as drew up came to gotten to got as far as hoven in sight arrived on the scene sprang in


realized fulfilled accomplished completed executed finished performed achieved actualized attained concluded consummated done materialised substantiated effectuated effected complete finalized settled finalised over ended wrapped up terminated sewn up through brought about over with sorted out done with carried out discharged up compassed down resolved polished off in the can finished off wound up over and done with perfected closed clinched all over full-fledged at an end wrapped-up in the bag final satisfied produced realised decided made dispatched established buttoned up brought to pass out of the way built handled organized organised determined dead defunct kaputt obsolete expired extinct kaput taken care of consummate full all-inclusive sweeping all-embracing that's it fini all over but the shouting home free ceased lapsed entire happy gratified contented pleased content knocked off tied up come to an end worked out over and done comfortable serene placid delighted reached obtained untroubled crowned matured rewarded put into effect brought to a close made good at ease at peace exhausted depleted spent rendered set prepared effete wrought a wrap used up gone past no more bygone forgotten ancient history elapsed bypast gone by dead and buried out of hand a thing of the past former departed ancient earlier olden ripe vanished discontinued nonextant long-ago foregone of old of yore in the past run out out of date out-of-the-way caused run invalid perf relaxed unrenewed void dead and gone passed all up left removed voided induced finished with dispensed with developed elaborate mature previous lost antiquated one-time dissolved dissipated dried up burned up moved on conclusive thorough faultless fixed arranged ago nonexistent quelled outmoded erstwhile extinguished quashed stifled sometime quondam old-fashioned archaic belated late forepassed out-of-date long-gone old-time dated oldfangled quenched smothered suppressed past recall in oblivion sunk in oblivion ready down memory lane in readiness water over the dam water under the bridge all systems go done and dusted good to go

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