Đồng nghĩa của landed

Alternative for landed

lands, landed, landing

Đồng nghĩa: alight, arrive, descend, earth, ground, shore, sod, soil, surface, touch down,

Trái nghĩa: sea, sky,

Tính từ

In possession of land, or denoting wealth as a result of owning land
landowning wealthy moneyed propertied powerful rich property-owning land-owning titled affluent opulent well-to-do loaded flush prosperous well-off silk-stocking well-heeled monied substantial well off minted filthy rich oofy rolling in it cash rich fat fat-cat worth a million well-endowed on easy street in clover uptown with deep pockets well heeled quids in well provided for worth a packet rolling in money gilded independent made of money multi-crore bloated upper class upscale in the money well-fixed stinking rich old money nouveau riche upper crust worth a bundle deep-pocketed comfortable successful flourishing profitable of means lucrative in the chips of substance moneymaking remunerative gainful in easy street money-spinning thriving productive privileged snug paying booming lush upper-class on velvet economic juicy plutocratic doing well fortunate bountiful favoured luxuriant prolific favored lavish fruitful pecunious large set for life leisure-class fructuous easy rewarding advantageous beneficial useful worthwhile in the black lucky blessed financially rewarding well paid socially advantaged doing it easy in luck not short leisured overflowing buoyant happy fertile prodigal happier solvent eminent famous on the up and up influential abundant profit-making financial fecund cornucopian cushy better-off luxurious lousy rich with money to burn born with a silver spoon in your mouth advantaged fancy resplendent plentiful jammy elite enviable chic extravagant fine ample full grand well-situated valuable having it made of independent means on Easy Street in the gravy sitting pretty living high off the hog in the lap of luxury paid expedient going win-win well-paying sweet good constructive generous satisfying recompensing going concern paid off very productive financially worthwhile more fortunate

Tính từ

Belonging to, or characteristic of, the aristocracy

Động từ

To have attained or achieved
found achieved attained acquired got gained obtained understood had knew realized won felt reached wangled bagged earned hit secured sensed met came by came to have got hold of got one's hands on laid hold of fell to the lot got a hold of met with realised procured accomplished scored snagged took racked up pulled off logged grasped made got hands on garnered notched up fulfilled made it to managed rang up chalked up notched received accepted took possession of snapped up got one's mitts on got one's fingers on got into one's hands laid one's hands on collected grabbed netted assumed adopted reaped picked up consummated reapt scooped hauled in pulled in gathered up prehended walked off with copped brought in came away with had conferred on one carried off walked away with seized laid hands on clutched gripped snatched clasped nabbed collared caught gotten gat taken clenched hooked grappled held grabbed hold of seized hold of captured plucked pluckt took hold of taken hold of snared glommed corralled clinched caught hold of latched on to caught at nailed gotten your hands on got your hands on trapped holden nobbled purchased rapped bought carried founden fand come to have wrested knocked down pulled down squeezed wrenched yanked taken possession of annexed gotten one's fingers on gotten hold of took a grip of taken a grip of grasped hold of hit up come into possession of clung to drawn drew boughten swung possessed oneself of pulled derived gathered intercepted fastened fetched gleaned accessed prest pressed laid gloved enclosed enveloped enfolded retrieved compassed pocketed griped extricated prised saved came into possession of fastened on come across come upon hung on to taken by force drummed up clapped hands on got at gobbled up recovered fastened round grabbed away come into clapp hands on blagged hung onto effected embraced clutched at reached for got possession of made use of layed up laid claim to claimed gone for took by force went for held out for held fast scraped up encountered scraped together salvageed picked agreed to receive stumbled upon stretched for salvaged accepted delivery of happened upon occupied hoarded inherited laid up clapped a hand on swang swungen known hat hitten grope gripen gotten at begged borrow or steal schlentered came upon fell upon came across lucked into fallen upon taken into one's possession took into one's possession came into taken receipt of took receipt of went after gone after fallen to the lot gotten a hold of

Động từ

To have set up on a long-term basis
established set up founded instituted formed initiated created based incorporated assembled inaugurated enacted launched started up built constructed started stationed centered ensconced entrenched erected grounded implanted organized put in place rooted secured setted brought about centralized got going lodged moored planted positioned put set down centralised centred consolidated domiciliated embedded fixed fixt installed organised placed stuck constituted introduced structured found authorized legislated laid foundation predicated ratified authorised corroborated decreed built up originated inculcated invested set located situated settled disposed posted deployed sited parked putten sticked laid put on duty arranged ranged stood garrisoned deposited seated deposed arrayed emplaced spread out assigned ground posited laid out dug in anchored connected nestled inserted ingrained mounted roosted perched cemented shut imbedded bedded enrooted engrained fit sat propped protected squatted detailed put in put into position put down roots infixed set out put out patrol set apart pitched instilled plonked lay out joined fastened linked coupled affixed bound separated glued tied pinned sheltered clamped extended redistributed distributed rested screened billeted billetted ordered bonded impacted used hid covered hinged fitted sitten caught nailed stabilized bolted clipt hitched intrenched clipped bended bent lashed fortified utilized lied orientated shielded sequenced oriented concealed rigidified make fasted congealed solidified stiffened tacked furnished lined lounged defined displayed placed at intervals nailed down settled in settled down laid the foundations of stabilised fixed up headquartered spaced out steadied bedded in adopted dwelt moved apart spaced constructed defences tied down stayed put hung one's hat built in kicked off expanded made permanent underpinned resided snuggled up fixt in position fanned out unfolded lined up inhabited stashed confirmed grafted ditched fenced dwelled implemented strengthened opened setted in place fielded holed up utilised dug trenches formed front sat down got something working curled up bounden screwed hidden taken battle stations took battle stations frozen to froze to gotten going got moving gotten moving hid away hidden away

Động từ

(of an aircraft) Past tense for to come down through the air and rest on the ground or another surface

Động từ

(of a creature capable of flight) Past tense for to come to rest after flying

Động từ

Past tense for to cause a flying object to make a landing

Động từ

Past tense for to cause someone to be in (a difficult situation)

Động từ

Past tense for to inflict something undesirable on someone

Trái nghĩa của landed

landed Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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