Đồng nghĩa của utilised

Alternative for utilised

utilises, utilised, utilising

Đồng nghĩa: apply, employ, use, utilize,

Động từ

To have utilized or employed a tangible object
used employed utilized wielded worked wrought harnessed adopted engaged fielded manipulated operated plied made do with made use of maneuvered manoeuvred applied appropriated availed oneself of called upon deployed exploited resorted to took advantage of directed found a use for handled put into service ran guided called into play turned to account put to good use put to use implemented run exercised put into action made the most of put into effect brought to bear put forth put into practice brought into play put to work set in motion put in motion availed yourself of practised practiced enjoyed exerted effected executed derived benefit from gained from worked with advanced turned to good account consumed realized tapped taken advantage of drew on pressed into service brought into service realised played on carried out drawn on brought into effective action profited by looked to capitalized on benefitted from done with did with controlled piloted managed steered commanded conducted administered regulated set off drave driven druv drove governed led leaded ruled supervised superintended negotiated overlooked presided over administrated stewarded influenced hacked headed activated dominated organized bossed kept captained actuated marshalled marshaled spearheaded mastered officiated swayed organised headed up treated carried on run the show called the shots had control of oversaw overseen started waged sparked propelled triggered tended to addrest maintained addressed fronted swung dispensed ministered was in charge reigned over touched off pointed funneled turned on exercised authority over prevailed over taken over ordered tyrannised led the way instructed contrived cranked up been in charge were in charge engineered watched held office channelled coxswained tyrannized sourced watched over called the tune in called the shots in made go quarterbacked had charge of had a handle on held sway over funnelled had authority over held dominion over exercised power coached trailblazed domineered assumed command of cared for officered took over channeled navigated beaconed exercised control over had authority played ran the show held down called the tune swang swungen took control of took charge of taken control of taken charge of was in the saddle were in the saddle took the chair took the reins of been in the saddle taken the chair taken the reins of taken on acted on took on taken took honchoed took the helm engagde in took forward taken forward taken the helm engaged in

Trái nghĩa của utilised

utilised Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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