Đồng nghĩa của taken

Alternative for taken

Đồng nghĩa: interpreted,

takes, took, taking, taken

Đồng nghĩa: assume, bring, capture, carry, choose, convey, gain, gather, get, guess, hire, infer, involve, lease, need, obtain, pick out, receive, require, select, stand, suppose, swallow,

Trái nghĩa: bring, give,

Tính từ

(keen on) Having an attraction to
keen into attracted besotted bewitched captivated enamored enamoured crazed enticed fond agog drawn mesmerised smitten absorbed caught intrigued predisposed curious fascinated mesmerized riveted spellbound eager gripped interested impressed inquisitive moved roused sold attentive entranced intent obsessed hooked inspired touched affected engrossed lured stimulated excited inspirited mad rapt devoted to enthralled by keen on passionate about addicted to fixated by mad about struck on attached to hooked on interested in riveted by attracted to enthusiastic about mesmerized by twitterpated by crazy about gone on nuts about turned on besotted with bewitched by hungry for infatuated with eager for fascinated by intent on smitten with charmed by enchanted by love-struck by sweet on captivated by fond of hung up wild about beguiled by enamored of enamoured of obsessed with taken with gripped by intrigued by partial to in love with enchanted charmed enraptured infatuated lovesick in love gone crazy head over heels in love beguiled intoxicated sold on mad on loving amorous struck occupied seduced stuck on love-struck carried away potty about bowled over by very attracted to head over heels in love with focused earnest enquiring snoopy beady-eyed nosy responsive afflicted awakened fired all ears focussed inquiring passionate open sympathetic beset plagued ardent burning with curiosity laid low very keen on ensorcelled by hopelessly in love with stricken very taken with on the case eat sleep and breathe fervid fervent zealous inflamed possessed enthusiastic very keen nutty nuts very enthusiastic potty wild devoted silly depleted hopelessly in love carrying a torch for consumed with desire for swept off your feet hypnotized by swept off one's feet by under a spell gaga turned on by far gone on under the spell of greatly enamoured of hung up on enraptured by dotty twitterpated has a thing about head over heels silly about swept off one's feet disposed of bargained for rapturous ecstatic enthralled transported enrapt rhapsodic giddy delighted elevated thrilled euphoric held elated exhilarated rhapsodical heady sent blissful ravished preoccupied absent joyful inattentive wrapped up dreaming caught up in involved absent-minded overwhelmed content abstracted happy blissed out hypnotized engaged daydreaming employed wrapped hypnotised busy unconscious oblivious investigative questioning probing prying intrusive immersed searching scrutinizing examining analytical inquisitorial scrutinising meddlesome meddling interfering consumed inspecting caught up interrogative desirous lost deep tampering focused on peering impertinent prurient nosey quizzical snooping really into officious spying tied up presumptuous nebby inquisitory up to here eavesdropping peeping disquisitive tempted fixated observant fact-finding of a mind to querying concerned obtrusive preoccupied by intruding intense heavily into up to here in taken up locked in dialed in up to your ears deep in thought presuming protrusive puzzled speculative intermeddling working penetrating active busybody exploratory researching sedulous diligent assiduous industrious hopping bustling forward fanatical distracted tied-up personal buried monomaniacal queer preoccupied with sunk in single-minded single-minded about taken over hell-bent engrossed in absorbed in wrapped up in obsessive about dedicated to dotty about involved in possessed by wild on wound up immersed in having a one-track mind interviewing interrogational cross-examining entertained research fixed analytic concentrating wondering pushy investigating undercover inspective exploring doubtful over-curious over-interested busy with enthused ambitious nosy-parkering nosy-parker pushing desiring inclined allured avid outward-looking catechistic heuristic investigatory studious Socratic big-eyed challenging poking sifting dying to know up to one's ears in bent on dizzy high participating monopolized bugged submerged committed piqued galvanized beside oneself galvanised turned-on extremely happy delirious quickened engaged with monopolised engaged in dedicated dutiful fiend for influential faithful devout activist motivated contributing taken up with all wound up energetic connected go-getting two-fisted go-ahead hard-pressed laborious at work on the job utilized utilised in harness on the hop too much on plate rushed off your feet hard at it clocked up hard at work on the go on the trot clever pointed canny perceptive thorough subtle discerning discriminating ingenious judicious insightful sensitive smart incisive trenchant sharp perspicacious acute piercing intuitive astute quick-witted

Tính từ

Overwhelmed with emotion
overcome overwhelmed affected emotional speechless dumbfounded flabbergasted gobsmacked moved struck choky disturbed incredulous overawed stunned amazed astounded blown-away bowled-over buried dazed defeated overthrown swamped verklempt bowled over run-over at a loss for words knocked for six unable to continue swept off one's feet confounded stupefied staggered dismayed surprised bewildered confused nonplussed flummoxed shocked bemused upset addled startled stumped astonished shell-shocked taken aback befuddled befogged bedeviled bushed addlepated unhappy disappointed breathless aghast bedevilled dumbstruck perplexed thunderstruck awestruck awestricken awed disconcerted openmouthed floored dopey pixillated pixilated fogged spacy spacey zonked muddleheaded punch-drunk raddled spaced-out dizzy silly slaphappy mixed-up spaced muzzy punchy dopy blown away lost for words marveling wondering marvelling agape dumfounded baffled shaken unnerved open-mouthed wide-eyed discomposed knocked sideways goggle-eyed fuddled puzzled choked up abashed rendered speechless struck dumb shattered distressed numbed choked benumbed wonderstruck alarmed frightened jolted crushed filled with astonishment at a loss filled with amazement filled with wonder unable to believe your eyes shaken up caught on the hop filled with awe caught on the wrong foot in amazement taken by surprise unable to believe one's ears gutted distraught addle zonked-out distracted devastated frozen mystified numb muddled intoxicated thrown dumb at sea stuck knocked out licked knocked bamboozled beat buffaloed nonplused fazed discombobulated clueless horrified at sixes and sevens lost beaten disoriented agog mazed thrown off balance dazzled tongue-tied uncertain wildered woozy uncomprehending terrified troubled afraid groggy fearful flustered appalled all at sea disorientated mixed up blank discomfited mute inarticulate silent petrified mum foxed wordless rattled voiceless fuzzy uncommunicative giddy unsteady staggering reeling in shock mom gaga hazy spellbound impressed off balance hard-pressed cowed awe-stricken intimidated staring daunted paralyzed paralysed embarrassed foggy wonder-struck wonder-stricken reverential light-headed hard put vexed vague muted faint vertiginous taciturn shaky wobbly obmutescent mumchance dumbstricken reserved terror-stricken in a dither swimming tight-lipped close-mouthed spooked terror-struck lightheaded weak-kneed slap-happy blind tipsy blinded light scared terrorized bereft of speech horror-struck horror-stricken panicky anxious terrorised scared witless off-balance scared to death frightened to death not with it out of control in awe unable to get a word out weak in the knees thunder-struck scared stiff without ideas worried stupid big-mouthed electrified eager expectant woolly-minded discountenanced preoccupied enthralled frustrated engrossed fascinated admiring absent-minded completely surprised unbelieving disbelieving mortified staring in amazement left speechless owly-eyed moon-eyed saucer-eyed tottering weak stymied awe-struck teetering disorganized slack-jawed with rubbery legs with legs like jelly weak at the knees rooted to the spot knocked for a loop woolly awe-inspired disorganised wooly unable to believe one's eyes bashful stammering awkward shy timid garbled closemouthed had their heads messed with besotted adhered woolly-headed not knowing if you are coming or going quiet untalkative reticent laconic at your wits' end uncertain which way to turn brought to a standstill mousy soundless confusticated got caused to be at a stand gravelled graveled thrown off at one's wits' end up against a brick wall without an answer at a complete loss unable to speak in disbelief made to scratch their head saying nothing whirling swimmy aswoon addlebrained doubtful transfixed immobilised immobilized out of it pushing the panic button in a panic have cold feet in a cold sweat aphonic cool unflappable hit for six buttoned up clammed up cool as cucumber not saying boo

Động từ

(of accommodation) Past participle for to rent

Động từ

(of a newspaper or periodical) Past participle for to be a subscriber to

Động từ

(of an action or task) Past participle for to undertake or perform

Động từ

(of a task or situation) Past participle for to have a necessity for a particular person or thing

Động từ

(of a garment size) Past participle for to wear or require

Động từ

Past participle for to choose as an item to purchase

Động từ

Past participle for to impose an undesirable consequence on

Động từ

Past participle for to kill or take the life of

Trái nghĩa của taken

taken Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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