Đồng nghĩa của chewed over

Động từ

To have used as an example in support of an argument
took considered contemplated pondered thought about examined regarded observed studied checked out deliberated over looked at meditated over mulled over reflected on ruminated over weighed up cogitated about gave thought to got a load of cogitated on ruminated on deliberated ruminated weighed meditated thought over cogitated pored over reflected questioned revolved debated wrestled with kicked around meditated on mused perpended turned entertained cerebrated eyed speculated dwelled on turned over pored on brooded thought mused on reviewed brooded over puzzled over deliberated on evaluated excogitated turned over in one's mind put on thinking cap figured stewed over given thought to thought through sized up reasoned deliberated about brooded on racked brains assessed judged ruminated about worried about rolled chewed on considered the pros and cons of thought out appraised imagined wondered pondered on brainstormed wondered about thought on speculated about summed up sweated over beat one's brains out about agonized puzzled mused over pondered over agonized over mooned built castles in air hammered away at asked oneself about thought hard dreamt agonised dreamed brooded about conjectured guessed supposed assumed presumed postulated theorized digested discussed hypothesized schemed contemplated on worried guesstimated consulted given consideration to gave consideration to conceived argued daydreamed daydreamt doped mulled figured out chewed the cud poured it on theorised called the turn hazarded a guess beaten one's brains out about beat one's brains put forward read between lines debated with oneself knocked around called it noodled around talked over had a hunch read hypothesised doped out run up a flagpole given much thought to asked oneself gave much thought to supported presupposed surmised obsessed planned designed posited maintained sayed said bethought purposed intended premised registered moped made sense of fretted compared harbored held harboured fostered hypothecated devised daresaid daresayed suspicioned suspected countenanced cherished brooked tolerated proposed projected moped over assimilated languished over grieved over mooned over fretted about clarified repined accepted sulked about mooted envisioned envisaged taken conceived of suffered plotted cudgeled marveled marvelled cudgelled dwelt minded dwelled woolgathered chawed offered flashed on recognized allowed yourself to consider batted about said to oneself formed theories percolated engaged in contemplation bled languished balanced had in mind chewed over things chewed run it up flagpole stewed used one's head puzzled out desponded sighed felt entertained idea speculated on metabolised heeded recognised dwelled upon ran up a flagpole took stock of given some thought to kicked about thought upon batted it around looked at as an example gloomed taken stock of sulked psyched out thought hard about tracked dealt with viewed recollected made suppositions beaten one's brains metabolized stewed about dwelt upon gave some thought to mulled over things made guesses sweated out thought deeply lamented grieved felt despondent about considered as an example processed meditated upon kept in mind chafed inwardly holden chewn eaten your heart out ate your heart out taken under advisement took under advisement taken as an example took as an example taken for granted took for granted readen ran it up flagpole gotten a load of batted around approved of took into consideration agreed to bore in mind born in mind taken into consideration

Động từ

(thought of/about) To have considered the possibility of
thought contemplated considered weighed up deliberated evaluated analysed analyzed envisioned mulled over pictured kicked around mused on mused over reflected on sized up stewed over stopped to consider thought about thought out thought over took under consideration gave thought to took into consideration turned over wondered about pondered examined reviewed investigated pored over studied explored probed meditated on looked into questioned weighed researched scrutinized brooded over delved into scrutinised brainstormed thought through sorted out reflected upon inspected enquired into dug into ruminated on surveyed cogitated on puzzled over dwelled on revolved ruminated meditated turned debated cogitated perpended entertained dissected excogitated picked at ruminated about went over wrestled with thought of decided on assessed gone over hashed over interpreted appraised eyed deliberated on estimated deliberated about mused gone into went into cerebrated on brooded on cut picked apart inquired into entertained the idea of pored minded looked over took stock of thought on brooded about sweat had a think about went through looked at gone through been through hypothesized figured out taken stock of made sense of made formed clarified given thought to hypothesised agonized over formulated viewed regarded monitored discerned perceived beheld observed brooded eyeballed perused identified assayed esteemed treated anatomized meditated over reflected about audited sifted rehashed deconstructed deliberated over tested reflected taken under consideration tried broke down cooled out anticipated deliberated upon expected sweated percolated speculated made enquiries into determined contemplated on revolved in one's mind tracked waded into compared turned over in one's mind canvassed looked on dived into sounded out conducted research into eyed up gave some thought to looked upon digested cogitated about conducted a survey of worked over ruminated upon had a look at experimented opened up figured checked out given some thought to left no stone unturned rated meditated upon beholden done research did research broken down aspired to took in taken in taken into consideration experiments with experimented with seen saw got down to brass tacks gotten down to brass tacks

Động từ

(about a particular subject) Past tense for to express or communicate one's opinion or ideas with a person or a group of people
discussed debated mooted addressed addrest argued ventilated canvased canvassed agitated aired disputed considered talked over talked about talked through conversed about brought up commented on conferred about touched on put your heads together about deliberated about exchanged views about exchanged views on weighed up considered the pros and cons of thrashed out kicked about kicked around batted about batted around hashed out argued about hashed over reasoned about weighed up the pros and cons of bandied about bandied around mentioned referred to touched upon remarked on adverted to intimated cited introduced let someone know of told of called attention to let anyone know of let on about made known put forward hinted at revealed declared divulged indicated stated acknowledged quoted specified noted detailed pointed out broached noticed made mention of pointed to instanced raised imparted spoke about spoken about alluded to reported disclosed explored recounted communicated inferred named advanced dropped adverted let out spoken of sayed dealt with presented treated spoke of propounded said spoken briefly of spoke briefly of suggested implied insinuated hinted bandied controverted covered adduced referred made allusion hammered out made a comment on gone into pointed acquainted interpreted mentioned en passant alluded clarified negotiated brought in made an allusion to criticized reflected on said something about made a passing reference remonstrated breathed a word of mentioned in passing commentated on signified went into made reference to editorialised made reference made remarks about construed expressed an opinion on commented referred in passing criticised editorialized questioned opined on weighed in on showed off uttered threw out thrown out shown off went over gone over gave a mention to written about wrote about given a mention to spoke spake spoken

Động từ

Past tense for to study or check into thoroughly
investigated examined explored researched considered studied analysed analyzed inspected looked into went into gone into probed reviewed scrutinised scrutinized looked over sifted audited delved into evaluated queried appraised brainstormed cased dissected enquired into eyeballed inquired into interrogated prospected questioned scouted bugged canvassed excogitated frisked muckraked poked recced recce'd reconnoitred reconnoitered searched spied surveyed tapped tested undersought vetted wiretapped checked into checked out checked over checked up checked up on conducted an enquiry into conducted an investigation into deliberated on dug into felt out followed up went over gone over listened in made enquiries about made inquiry pored over probed into pried into read into searched for took stock of taken stock of weighed up brooded over cross-examined dived into inquired about looked at looked at carefully mulled over nosed around poked around read up on ran down run down scoped out searched into sized up sounded out staked out sussed out worked over asked questions of did research into done research into made inquiries about put questions to put to the test gave the once over given the once over gave the once-over given the once-over searched the evidence concerning sifted the evidence concerning subjected to an examination tried to get to the bottom of pursued enquired about found out about made enquiries into asked questions about chased up made sure got back to gotten back to viewed observed regarded eyed scoped put out a feeler read sounded verified plumbed asked quizzed catechized enquired inquired pierced delved penetrated dug scanned watched tested the waters carried out an inquest into contemplated beheld overlooked checked assessed perused estimated had a look at triangulated supervised conned gaged dug deep took a look at taken a look at made an observation of sized stared at spied on memorised assayed kept an eye on superintended summarized valuated eyed up looked upon kept tabs clocked gazed at dug deeper mapped out kept under surveillance plotted made a recce of summarised graphed gauged memorized charted dolven dalf oversaw beholden overseen seen saw gave the eagle eye given the eagle eye readen

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