Đồng nghĩa của worried about

Động từ

(thought of/about) To have had a concern about
thought agonized over dwelled on dwelled upon dwelt upon stewed over considered contemplated pondered meditated deliberated mulled over mused ruminated thought about reflected meditated on chewed over mused on puzzled over pored over studied revolved weighed deliberated on deliberated about ruminated on ruminated over brooded on brooded over thought over pored on wrestled with weighed up reviewed turned debated eyed perpended questioned entertained brooded cogitated ruminated about cogitated on cogitated about speculated speculated about turned over turned over in one's mind kicked around agonized cerebrated reflected on pondered over worried pondered on given thought to gave thought to moped over brainstormed figured agonised given consideration to gave consideration to anguished over obsessed moped fretted puzzled languished over grieved over mooned over repined fretted about sulked about imagined envisaged conceived reasoned envisioned wondered about thought on deliberated over flashed on meditated over summed up gloomed evaluated chewed on sulked fretted over chewed the cud bled languished tormented oneself over thought out tortured oneself over noodled around chewed over things chewed thought through stewed used one's head stewed about excogitated daydreamed desponded mulled over things daydreamt sighed sweated out sweated over dreamt lamented grieved beat one's brains out about racked brains distressed oneself over dreamed felt despondent about obsessed on sized up excruciated over thought upon chafed inwardly chewn eaten your heart out ate your heart out looked at beaten one's brains out about put on thinking cap mooned rolled pined brooded about examined wondered asked oneself about thought hard hammered away at woolgathered dwelt dwelled let one's thoughts wander built castles in air discussed mulled consulted shed tears for debated with oneself argued judged poured it on talked over mused over run up a flagpole knocked around stargazed stared into space mourned given much thought to asked oneself gave much thought to suffered tuned out zoned out tripped out spaced out swooned rhapsodized yearned fantasized gushed romanticized bemoaned had your head in the clouds rued planned designed fantasised romanticised rhapsodised schemed purposed intended indulged in wool-gathering devised digested proposed projected pined away plotted pored chawed engaged in contemplation tracked viewed percolated recollected felt regretted the loss of cried over languished for wept over appraised minded had in mind thought deeply entertained idea marveled said to oneself marvelled thought hard about cudgelled reflected upon thought of cudgeled ran up a flagpole batted it around gave some thought to given some thought to

Động từ

(followed by for) Past tense for to show concern on behalf of

Trái nghĩa của worried about

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