Đồng nghĩa của moped

Alternative for moped

mopes, moped, moping

Đồng nghĩa: fret, grieve, sorrow, sulk,

Động từ

Past tense for to move or act at a slow speed
dawdled dallied lingered loitered delayed lagged tarried dillydallied crawled diddled crept creeped dragged drug poked lollygagged lallygagged shilly-shallied put off procrastinated trailed dilly-dallied plodded idled dragged your feet straggled hung about dragged one's feet get no place fast sauntered paused ambled marked time hung around limped inched waited moseyed wasted time stalled shuffled hesitated slouched killed time dithered drifted moved slowly dropped behind lagged behind puttered hung fire fooled around frittered away fallen behind fell behind nosed got no place fast snailed oozed loafed toddled lolled strolled hung back flagged trudged slackened trailed behind meandered stayed tooled temporized mooched trifled whiled away time staggered vacillated creaked along traipsed wandered rambled pottered about temporised filibustered pottered around faltered pottered round horsed around goofed off put off doing something took your time warmed a chair hung out stayed put took one's time taken one's time taken your time sat around bided remained draggled pottered dropped decreased failed diminished skulked slacked dragged behind waned ebbed went slowly gone slowly shambled lurked dabbled hovered halted sloughed boondoggled rested stopped diddle-daddled lodged tailed slowed jellied lounged hobbled retarded stonewalled shirked limped along crept along frittered time away hung round brought up the rear advanced slowly hung heavy slowed down appeared to pass slowly slowed up lost strength bummed around whiled away become tedious sat on one's butt passed time schlepped along bought time held the phone goofed around stopped over lost time waited around fooled with hummed and hawed inched along tottered held back shlepped along fooled about walked slowly played for time used delaying tactics played games with hung on played a waiting game strolled along trifled with scrounged around bode bidden fallen back fell back fallen off fell off worn on wore on went on too long gone on and on gone on too long went on and on became tedious taken it easy taken a stroll took a stroll took it easy fribbled maundered doodled strayed wavered fiddled around kicked around monkeyed around puttered around messed around tootled frittered havered played fiddled swithered roamed postponed deferred fiddled about roved spread footled adjourned put over messed about let slide lounged about held off put on hold lounged around clowned put back mucked about played around put on ice put on the back burner tinkered frittered away time piddled passed the time whiled away the time twiddled bimbled ranged coasted swanned pootled floated fluctuated protracted prolonged dangled sagged drooped fannied about cooled goldbricked followed shelved remitted rove scrambled hung down erred straddled lost ground relaxed held up laid over held over dragged oneself poked around tagged along dragged yourself deferred action chilled out larked around mooched around left to another time lazed around futzed larked prorogued pratted about mucked around suspended action puddled acted the fool dragged your heels played the fool proceeded in a leisurely fashion rescheduled tagged along behind kicked the can down the road had a laugh rested up lolled around hemmed and hawed strung out suspended moseyed around clowned around postponed action faffed about poked along pussyfooted around dragged along held off on had a lark burned daylight took one's own sweet time taken one's own sweet time burnt daylight taken a raincheck took a raincheck amused oneself blew hot and cold blown hot and cold gone aimlessly went aimlessly took too long taken too long done nothing much did nothing much

Động từ

Past tense for be constantly or visibly anxious
fretted worried agonised agonized anguished brooded fussed stewed bothered complained feared pined sighed sorrowed stressed sweated sweat troubled upset oneself concerned oneself felt uneasy felt unhappy grumbled obsessed whined affronted bled carped chagrined fumed grieved hassled distressed yourself felt peeved lost sleep made a fuss upset yourself distressed oneself took on taken on lost sleep over sweated it out carried a heavy load ate one's heart out eaten one's heart out got into a dither gotten into a dither chafed labored laboured wrestled grappled panicked suffered got overwrought tormented oneself tortured oneself got in a fluster got in a flap got in a tizz got in a panic got in a tizzy got in a sweat raged abraded excoriated galled irritated cared dithered stood endured stomached exerted dreaded tolerated abided tortured brooked abode minded dwelled on lamented had qualms got stressed got worked up gotten worked up got in a state gotten steamed up got steamed up gotten in a state stayed the course stuck it out burdened oneself busied oneself concerned yourself troubled oneself worried oneself got in a lather gotten in a lather troubled yourself went through the mill exercised oneself gone through the mill tormented yourself tortured yourself burdened yourself stewed over inconvenienced yourself carried on got in a tiz-woz wrestled with oneself went taken took gone bitten one's nails bit one's nails blown a fuse blew a fuse ate heart out sung the blues took it badly eaten heart out taken it badly sang the blues occupies oneself occupied oneself given a rap gave a rap went to the trouble given a hoot gave a hang gone to the trouble given a hang gave a hoot

Động từ

Past tense for walk in a leisurely way
strolled ambled rambled sauntered walked promenaded wandered moseyed roamed dawdled meandered perambulated traipsed bimbled hiked mooched pootled stooged stravaiged toddled tootled tramped tromped peregrinated puttered swanned cruised drifted gallivanted lingered ranged roved rove sashayed strayed swang swung swungen took a walk taken a walk got some air got some exercise went for a walk gone for a walk took a turn taken a turn took the air taken the air made your way stretched your legs made one's way went for a constitutional gone for a constitutional pottered maundered streeled trilled oozed ankled loitered percolated tarried dallied stumped went for a stroll took a stroll taken a stroll gone for a stroll trekked floated prowled straggled marched batted galavanted knocked about trudged gadded about kicked around moved strode gadded hit the road tread coasted vagabonded jaunted proceeded shuffled travelled traveled traversed knocked around toured hit the bricks breezed rolled hoofed it trailed stept stepped circumambulated ambulated footslogged trooped passed advanced journeyed paced waltzed went plodded yomped hoofed padded slogged backpacked tripped lumbered stridden walked casually legged it patrolled circumnutated hopscotched gone walkabout went walkabout trod trodden mooched around milled about milled around walked the tracks followed one's nose globe-trotted milled round progressed paraded filed cantered gone trogged pranced strutted footed it dandered wended one's way circumlocuted set out set forth gone on foot went on foot sailed galloped fiddled dabbled tinkered trolled trundled pounded glided swept glid crossed fribbled frittered footled trotted boogied stepped out trucked shambled stalked locomoted raced scuffed walked up and down marched up and down wended brushed hurried flowed slipped streamed whisked slid skimmed bowled messed about schlepped voyaged plodded on walked to and fro walked back and forth found one's way flitted sallied moved briskly idled toiled zigzagged winded wound changed extravagated twined recoiled pounded the pavement transitioned migrated clambered bummed minced footed scrambled explored climbed poked along ventured departed wayfared globetrotted descended tiptoed ascended skipped dragged oneself trekked through divagated wandered aimlessly went slowly gone slowly walked slowly gotten sidetracked got sidetracked traveled on foot bummed around pushed on twisted and turned struggled along moved forward pressed on travelled on foot moved aimlessly slidden clumb clomb wayfore wayfaren batted around taken a trip took a trip gone off at a tangent went off at a tangent got off the point gotten off the point went down went up went by foot gone down gone by foot went forward gone forward gone up gone aimlessly went aimlessly

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