Đồng nghĩa của protracted

Alternative for protracted

protracts, protracted, protracting

Trái nghĩa: shorten,

Tính từ

Lasting for a long time or longer than expected or usual
extended long lengthy prolonged long-drawn-out overlong interminable lengthened never-ending time-consuming lingering sustained drawn out drawn-out endless marathon slow stretched out long-winded prolix rambling verbose wordy continued deep delayed distant dragged out dragging elongate elongated enduring enlarged expanded extensive faraway far-off far-reaching gangling great high lanky lasting lofty longish outstretched rangy remote running spun out stretch stretched stretching stringy strung out tall towering spread out tedious diffuse garrulous windy discursive circumlocutory pleonastic boring wearisome meandering circuitous periphrastic logorrheic digressive ambagious redundant palaverous long-term long-lasting voluble loquacious repetitious tautological seemingly endless tortuous talkative logorrhoeic bombastic dragged-out ponderous tiresome maundering wandering laborious very long unending talky long-lived dull gabby turgid convoluted spun-out king-size oversized king-sized far king size increased continuing expansive pompous gassy diffusive boundless limitless circumlocutionary flowery long-drawn sesquipedalian chatty inflated without end full of verbiage persistent empty gradual vague loose boastful waffling waffly progressive draggy conservative flatulent overextended tardy late dilatory roundabout painful padded made longer lengthwise for ages unfurled unrolled widened proffered conferred profuse random lavish copious exuberant durable abiding unfolded spread broad forever and a day endlong long-run verbal of considerable length long-standing long-running overall linear longstanding everlasting ceaseless unceasing incessant constant longitudinal perpetual uninterrupted infinite unlimited non-stop monotonous unbroken continual immeasurable unbounded orotund unbound interminate looped eternal permanent day-and-night continuous timeless prattling blathering prating jabbering babbling gushing indirect no end to no end of on a treadmill mouthy yakking multiloquent big-mouthed multiloquous effusive gobby wittering magniloquent grandiloquent rhetorical tautologous repeating involved pretentious fustian yacking repetitive full of air having kissed the Blarney stone with the gift of the gab gossipy conversational communicative chattering forthcoming motormouthed blabby glib vocal loose-lipped gossiping chattery outgoing fluent open able to talk the hind legs off a donkey expressive informative articulate unreserved eloquent slick smooth gibbering full of hot air superfluous having kissed the blarney stone iterative alliterative oblique reiterating uninhibited conversable loudmouthed rattling demonstrative outspoken prosy desultory leaping digressionary digressional devious roaming roving excursive free motormouth informal gaseous having kissed the Blarney Stone intimate oratorical circumlocuitous circumlocutional circumlocutious over-talkative disquisitional errant silver-tongued frank noisy plainspoken episodic communicable enlightening unrestrained uncalled-for reiterative inelegant unneeded unnecessary bigmouthed vociferous cooperative helpful obliging candid running on tonguey loose-tongued blabbermouth yakkity wind-bag yakky newsy free-spoken spontaneous personal multieloquent relaxed flap jaw rhapsodic lyrical blessed with the gift of the gab familiar everyday ordinary spoken running on at the mouth windbag perissological spreading musing erratic deviating big mouthed all jaw drivellous excessively communicative complicated complex ambiguous misleading unstraightforward confusing tricky deceptive mazy cunning byzantine involute perverse intricate difficult difficult to follow

Tính từ

Characterized by extreme force, degree, or strength
intense fierce acute extreme great severe deep profound harsh powerful concentrated exquisite intensive serious enormous exceptional extraordinary strong supreme almighty blistering consuming drastic dreadful excessive excruciating explosive fearful fearsome ferocious forceful frightful furious ghastly hard heavy heavy-duty hellacious high keen major potent terrible vehement vicious vigorous violent agonising agonizing close full heightened intensified marked tough unqualified all-consuming biting bitter cutting diligent exaggerated forcible penetrating piercing undue pungent sharp shrill stinging strained vivid mother of all relentless all-out considerable rigorous immoderate comprehensive passionate overwhelming unbearable strenuous searing ardent tremendous burning harrowing resolute grievous determined torturous painful energetic insufferable incredible overpowering racking zealous aggressive earnest dramatic awful fervent fiery mighty unendurable persistent brutal distressing shooting raging stabbing thorough compelling tormenting remarkable unrelenting impassioned grave wholehearted indescribable eager prodigious fanatical dedicated intolerable fervid oppressive heartfelt deep-seated assertive dogged steadfast unutterable flaming enthusiastic unwavering active dire committed dynamic titanic wild very great impressive weighty inordinate concerted staunch crushing spirited steady impossible tenacious total emotional gut-wrenching emphatic puissant powerhouse assiduous punishing telling heated painstaking constant firm punchy gutsy turbulent fast unrestrained intemperate pounding perfervid intent thoroughgoing complete unfaltering hellish single-minded demanding excellent resounding muscular tireless uncontrolled fixed wrenching stirring cruel bold onerous poignant difficult deep-rooted rough exciting marvelous marvellous ambitious grim radical bad savage indefatigable thrilling torrid uncontrollable heartrending unswerving hefty hard-hitting unflagging irresistible untiring out-and-out vital disturbing robust splitting resolved maximum unremitting arresting thumping immense unyielding utmost detailed critical smarting conscientious big driving insistent sincere gripping sure phenomenal sudden urgent fascinating true avid immovable ruthless inexorable enduring abiding formidable sore arduous laborious devastating devout awesome massive torturing grueling never-failing inflamed scrupulous passional affecting amazing minute red-hot uncompromising absorbing superb unbridled riveting gruelling driven full-blooded compulsive stark outstanding desperate very bad upsetting loyal faithful taxing consummate inclement brilliant cut-throat exacting persuasive rousing galling deeply felt enterprising focused heartbreaking unsparing exhausting obstinate brisk effective heart-rending trying stiff in-your-face afflicting worrying burdensome tortuous frenzied heady persevering tearing militant purposeful rugged influential decided unbending uttermost careful pronounced consistent commanding undeviating focussed unhesitating stubborn meticulous extensive incommunicable abject set mean pulling no punches hot unshakeable stormy complex tempestuous significant feverish searching top dead set on stupendous abstruse enthralling warm herculean mettlesome sweeping exhaustive durable sound methodical complicated sedulous dangerous colossal gigantic besetting knifelike irrepressible sheer engrossing spectacular stifling pervasive uncommunicable raw intriguing ultimate suffocating devouring towering blunt gargantuan engaging terrific devoted all-embracing sad warm-blooded tedious unpleasant attentive mortal right proper overriding dominating obsessive tender fabulous settled strict in-depth peracute plucky steep cloying killing high-powered distinct hearty involving super troublesome lusty deadly good consequential unforgiving knockout dependable Herculean high-pressure merciless sentimental all-absorbing inspiring all out staggering reliable insane cool pushy very strong toilsome wonderful wretched miserable imposing striking pitiless distressful thunderous smart hardhanded coercive hardy dominant hurtful tragic daring breathtaking stressful rotten strong-willed unfluctuating sensational unmerciful hot-blooded pious murderous decisive self-assertive momentous remorseless grinding absolute afflictive true-blue down-the-line stalwart stanch calamitous even unvacillating unchanging unshakable unvarying unshaken uniform out of this world inhuman gee-whizz offensive struggling unalloyed unadulterated suffering solid pat sustained regular unflappable deliberate bound really hard very hard hard-hearted invariant allegiant awe-inspiring first-rate certain unquestioning set in stone rigid first-class brick-wall industrial-strength real diabolical tumultuous competitive unstoppable dog-eat-dog heavyweight long-lasting indefensible inexcusable reprehensible inexpressible unforgivable frantic scorching boiling baking transcending blustery gusty high-energy shrewd cordial unmatchable unmeasurable genuine entrenched disgraceful shameful parlous boisterous squally roasting sizzling hard-core unfeigned honest rooted intrenched repressive rampant undescribable amorous contentious blazing sweltering caustic throbbing inveterate bona fide paralyzing paralysing drilling alert tropical parching withering annihilatory gluttonous corrosive voracious insatiable edacious far-reaching deepest stout supportive prickly twingeing tingling scalding wearisome industrious finely tuned pertinacious pressing ablaze stringent tormentous anguishing confirmed bred-in-the-bone valid cogent challenging daunting wearying baking hot blazing hot blistery broiling charged clamorous virile unmixed crucial enthused melodramatic red-blooded achy gnawing hurting recondite solemn labored confused te knotty testing ponderous convincing pleading life-threatening disastrous restless disagreeable very hot boiling hot overemotional emotive destructive crying telescoped crash punitive crippling austere out and out backbreaking tiring nasty beseeching entreating begging obscure mightful like a furnace exorbitant unconscionable swingeing overweening draconian exigent desolating damaging annihilating abrupt magnificent back-breaking fatiguing bruising toilful strengthy strengthful maximal plausible armed bleak efficient efficacious hazardous threatening ugly captivating vexatious disquieting egregious downright interesting bludgeoning whole nauseating hardheaded overextravagant extravagant headstrong plethoric baroque intractable overmuch overdue devilish unwelcome unhappy distasteful yucky chilling unlovely unpleasing yukky traumatic sour wicked unpalatable displeasing uncongenial unsavory very grave climacteric torrential entire tiresome forbidding thorny operose uphill bothersome upstream wearing intimidating cumbersome draining debilitating crazy fantastic unbelievable unreal importunate icky mortifying utter true blue sobering menacing precarious perilous hypnotic mesmeric spellbinding do-or-die positive motivated out extremely painful eloquent conclusive credible unanswerable compulsory sickly astringent acrid sickening nauseous startling tense unsavoury provoking annoying clamant self-asserting pushing pressurizing go-getting immersing round-the-clock total-immersion moving touching elaborate laboured paramount highest greatest hairy energy-consuming sapping killer effortful ridiculous far out overbearing shattering trusty thundering outrageous gross uber preposterous arrant rank flagrant veritable all-powerful pure copious precipitate precipitous rapid stunning enchanting entrancing transfixing mesmerizing fetid aromatic unmistakable invincible mephitic rich spicy hopped up gung ho rending cringe-making infuriating embarrassing stultifying chastening torturesome toe-curling irritating pushful pressured thrusting telelogical hell-bent on bent on bent upon playing hard ball mean business bent calculated be out for blood hell-bent upon nose to the grindstone preoccupying incomprehensible enigmatic esoteric abstract exclusive suspenseful electrifying sublime superlative splendid hard-working pressurising widespread overshadowing foetid loud horrendous horrific horrible nagging addictive lustful teeming bucketing pouring drenching rounded fattening fatty buttery succulent oily creamy accelerated unbroken undistracted collective not taking no for an answer pathetic sovereign surpassing swell groovy dandy delicious glorious astonishing primo grand divine lively like wow hunky-dory astounding monumental unmitigated unshared engrossed unreserved obdurate stable liege immobile adamant tried-and-true trustworthy unmovable changeless established all-inclusive elemental involved unfathomable arcane mesmerising woeful overmastering appalling irrefutable abominable all-encompassing graphic memorable climactic dazzling united absorbed swift speeded-up resilient greatest possible vibrant calorific unanimous continued shock-horror stem-winding high-octane humungous humongous monstrous giant piteous pitiful sonorous resonant unputdownable circumspect all vigilant lock stock and barrel undivided noisy breath-taking meteoric hair-raising jaw-dropping bodacious rip-roaring eye-catching action-packed conspicuous studied shocking godawful lousy vile atrocious beastly pitiable saddening sorrowful dense iron-willed feisty plush astronomic rare leviathan max vast mountainous ginormous astronomical accomplished impactful mournful tearful hammering lashing hard-nosed unflinching hot and heavy skilled skillful skilful admirable masterly tear-jerking plaintive sheeting down sagacious self-confident audible clear clarion ace stellar crack world-class expert fine full-bodied agitating nostalgic perturbing expressive strong-minded brave gritty courageous important cracking crash-hot nifty independent perceptive heroic indomitable take charge wizard callous stern cold firm in spirit keen as mustard animated confident two-fisted stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad resourceful ringing as clear as a bell bell-like amazeballs crackerjack well-done authoritarian unfeeling unkind implacable hostile cold-blooded affectless desensitised heavy-handed heartless no-nonsense tyrannical stoney browbeating gruff unsympathetic bullying stony-hearted compassionless desensitized hardhearted ironfisted ironhearted uncharitable cold-hearted insensitive stonyhearted take-no-prisoners more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand more than flesh and blood can bear

Tính từ

Requiring considerable time and effort
laborious arduous hard difficult tough strenuous onerous burdensome exacting fatiguing gruelling heavy uphill challenging formidable murderous stiff tiring toilsome wearing demanding exhausting punishing wearisome backbreaking back-breaking grueling herculean Herculean relentless taxing trying Augean boring effortful enervating hellacious irksome killer killing moiling persnickety pick-and-shovel rigorous rough rugged severe sweaty tall tedious testing tiresome wearying exigent knackering hardworking laboured labored lengthy operose painful wicked worksome crushing draining stressful harsh oppressive sapping grinding brutal debilitating troublesome excruciating hellish grievous fierce weighty crippling unsparing toilful torturous harrowing stringent vigorous energy-consuming grim bothersome depleting ponderous daunting bruising unremitting hairy ambitious tortuous cruel no picnic colossal serious agonizing intolerable thorny unbearable shattering agonising tough going intense mighty painstaking hectic extreme galling vexatious cumbersome forbidding gargantuan awkward unpleasant uncomfortable nerve-racking tricky weary knotty sticky time-consuming unforgiving merciless mean gigantic solemn worrying enervative distressing staggering imperious titanic slavish upstream intimidating unyielding difficile really hard very hard grave slow Sisyphean inconvenient excessive austere prostrating immoderate disturbing steep drudging murder pressing busy hefty almighty energetic impossible traumatic tense bitter hardhanded inhuman searing anxious immense prohibitive problematic fraught vexing frustrating pressured backbreaker jarring distressful exasperating agitating discomforting anxiety-ridden huge unreasonable physical exorbitant prodigious unfair massive stretching strained withering searching overwhelming dour monumental worrisome unrelaxing dogged mammoth thoroughgoing spartan responsible racking chastening punitive inexorable unrelenting major courageous forceful heroic impressive wretched a nuisance large order heavy sledding despotic domineering exerting bad hypercritical thorough precise critical careful nit-picking no piece of cake an imposition drastic very difficult embittering overtaxing overpowering plodding headache carking superincumbent complex abstruse stormy te complicated profound confused concentrated intensive recondite timewasting inefficient long unjust insufferable by the book ominous delicate dicey awful hazardous easier said than done high-impact torturesome unendurable hard-won drudgy vicious marathon troubling unnerving high-pressure problem tormenting not easy like getting blood out of a stone ferocious savage scabrous uphill battle heightened chronophagous embarrassing ticklish nasty diligent industrious sensitive prickly tricksy problematical dodgy spiny touchy catchy touch-and-go frantic chaotic barro active eventful frenzied frenetic lively turbulent restless flustering full tumultuous animated riotous madhouse furious tireless bustling wild full on unruly spirited action-packed rowdy bumpy raucous strict upsetting draconian heavy-handed pitiless tight extravagant stern dire rigid disagreeable flinty tyrannical bold abusive grandiose bleak daring aggressive unmerciful dangerous lofty ruthless perilous chancy concerning iffy dark precarious great authoritarian uncompromising unfriendly dubious hostile suspect questionable ramrod large-scale hard-hearted hard-nosed dreadful overburdening nagging aggravating Spartan shocking pestilent controversial a stinker of a inflexible firm audacious inordinate undue ironhanded intransigent brassbound unpermissive strong unconscionable swingeing sharp overweening towering cast-iron hard-line unrealistic hardheaded intractable overextravagant overmuch headstrong overdue insane plethoric baroque devilish fiendishly difficult grand elaborate intrepid violent maleficent brutish wolfish truculent sadistic barbaric improbable ballsy brash idealistic unfeasible tremendously difficult very challenging implacable robust barbarous poignant pretentious visionary fanciful unreal humourless sedate humorless staid sober repressive sobersided unfeeling unkind callous heartbreaking unlikely disquieting heart-rending tyrannous inhumane intolerant heartless unsympathetic dictatorial magnificent unsmiling obdurate no-nonsense uncomic astringent far-fetched difficult to achieve yukky hurtful unwelcome unhappy sour miserable rotten distasteful unpalatable yucky afflicting heartrending chilling displeasing uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unsavory tragic sad suppressive insensitive icky sore remorseless mortifying unpitying illiberal unsavoury po-faced intemperate provoking annoying inclement offensive calamitous afflictive gut-wrenching hard-boiled hard-shell

Động từ

To have made a quantity bigger
increased raised enlarged improved incremented boosted enhanced furthered expanded extended proliferated advanced amplified elevated heightened maximized optimized augmented developed enriched inflated progressed strengthened consolidated magnified multiplied compounded doubled escalated aggrandized ameliorated bettered broadened built grew lengthened lifted reinforced upped accelerated added to amassed beefed up built up bumped up cranked up deepened hiked up inflamed jacked up reenforced snowballed spread stepped up swelled tripled widened annexed blew up dilated distended fleshed out marked up mounted padded pumped up ratcheted up redoubled sharpened shot up slapped on supersized supplemented tacked on upraised upscaled went up added drew out elongated followed up hyped made better made bigger made greater made larger maximised optimised parlayed prolonged pullulated pumped teemed thickened topped up waxed swollen burgeoned accumulated mushroomed ballooned bourgeoned climbed grown intensified soared lift stretched swarmed upsurged become larger puffed out appreciated boomed rose risen gained clumb clomb fattened accrued aggravated rocketed spiralled spiraled exaggerated bloated bulked bulged opened collected jacked filled out become distended blown up rolled up piled puffed up become wider became larger hiked ramped up souped up pyramided bulked up run up leaped up bolstered become bigger intumesced increased in size tumefied gone up became distended became wider gotten bigger got bigger became bigger ran up grown quickly grew quickly stoked upgraded mounted up exacerbated flourished surged skyrocketed thrived prospered accentuated gathered worsened fortified made worse worked up picked up put up amped up cultivated bloomed exalted elaborated refined evolved intensated increased rapidly become more numerous piled up jumped up matured made progress scaled up made headway thriven throve spiked embellished roused feed fed cumulated built on spread out perfected uplifted promoted blossomed made strides sprouted propagated emphasized exploded flowed jumped grew rapidly grown rapidly flowered got larger filled sweetened boosted up come on emphasised increased exponentially run riot fostered polished updated stimulated shaped up touched up brushed up smartened up fine-tuned worked out moved forward became more numerous forged ahead nourished concentrated nurtured acquired diversified stockpiled succeeded leaped leapt modernized transformed modernised revolutionized meliorated endowed stressed sprung up sprang up emerged ascended brightened buttressed sprung topped speeded up put on a spurt increased in scope pushed up burst outspread made healthy jazzed up sped up put on put fuel on fattened up come along revolutionised got stronger set off come of age toned up heated up burst forth increased dramatically ripened spread quickly turned up expounded detailed improved on arose arisen explicated fast-tracked smartened straightened out grew in grown in went through the roof rounded out reequipped injected gone through the roof spurred on reequipt ran riot secured came on fueled tended fuelled overstated produced unfolded issued sustained bred ensued followed honed complemented dramatized overplayed embroidered luxuriated vitalized unrolled moved pushed changed kept burning overestimated mended poked metastasized stirred rekindled toned favoured advantaged inspirited titivated helped favored amended invigorated aided surged up nutrified advertised underlined advertized revitalized altered metamorphosed developed rapidly benefited benefitted uprose uprisen overemphasized hyperbolized gained strength quickened adapted complicated headed transmogrified differentiated proceeded inclined sprang supplied subsidized confused confounded stuffed spurted aggregated manifolded expatiated vaulted towered escaladed diffused piggybacked came along billowed become better stretched the truth broadened one's horizons trucked poured it on added insult to injury adapted yourself pushed on totted tagged on been successful practised practiced reflated got to poised added fuel to the flames darkened sent through the roof acquired more of something contributed to hopped up pushed ahead branched out pervaded started to be readied heaped on revitalised reached came of age welled increased suddenly pressed on swelled up increased in value opened out nerved peaked encouraged the growth of made complex worked one's way surcharged spruced up scaled eked out stacked up increased in piled on pressed forward worked on rearmed fetched up lightened moved onward crammed subsidised increased in weight sent up dramatised envigorated pointed covered ground made a big thing out of rallied straightened up added on overemphasised deteriorated become greater made stronger turned over new leaf fanned the flames of whetted went through the ceiling nursed pushed forward detonated shot fed up derived educed accented rounded off made intricate made richer conditioned poured got better become large rained provided for developed quickly become more powerful marched on perked up stoked up rubbed salt in the wound gone through the ceiling were successful was successful made strong continued speeded added value made first rate prepared gave substance to goosed up polished up sped shored up stocked up moved on added value to made louder overrun extended operations filled up gained ground bucked up enforced got on added fuel to got higher gotten higher overdone overdid driven drove added fuel became greater aped up added fuel to fire added fuel to the fire went up in price gone up in price overran went from bad to worse gone from bad to worse given substance to got taller gotten taller gone went grown greater grew greater grown larger grew larger given strength to gave strength to grown stronger grew stronger done well did well rose in value risen in value grew full became large gotten to grown full brast gone off went off became more powerful moved ahead gone forward went forth gone forth went forward risen rapidly rose rapidly swollen up blew something out of all proportion drove up blew up out of all proportion driven up blown up out of all proportion blown something out of all proportion given a boost to did up gave a facelift to done up given a lift to drove forward driven forward gave a boost to given a facelift to gave a lift to gotten into shape got into shape grown up became better gotten better grew up gotten on took steps forward taken steps forward bore fruit gone great guns gotten on well got on well went great guns borne fruit unfurled disentangled padded out played out transitioned enlivened animated wrought straught worked awakened panned out finished brought alive

Động từ

Past tense for to put off until a later time
delayed deferred postponed shelved suspended rescheduled stalled adjourned prolonged stayed tabled continued extended mothballed pigeonholed remitted respited retarded dallied hindered impeded temporised temporized put off held off held over set aside held off on held up put back put on hold put on ice put on the back burner put over gave rain check given rain check held in abeyance took a raincheck taken a raincheck took a rain check on taken a rain check on laid on the table put on back burner gave a rain check given a rain check kept in abeyance put in cold storage prorogued procrastinated laid over hung fire recessed prorogated intermitted put aside put in abeyance cut short quit waived slowed detained carried over put an end to put on the shelf put a stop to arrested interrupted ceased discontinued withheld dissolved terminated disbanded held checked halted quitted filed omitted inactivated barred stopped obstructed blocked lengthened counted out staved off hung up brought to an end stove off called a halt to laid off ruled out laid aside broke off broken off withholden pink-slipped canned lay off broke up broken up ended finished cut off dropped cut out axed left off let up abandoned canceled cancelled concluded packed in desisted knocked off wound up desisted from cut packed up refrained from shut off pulled the plug on put the kibosh on closed repealed brought to a halt rescinded scrapped held back paused scrubbed renounced abolished aborted revoked called a halt elapsed avoided determined dead-ended gave up given up winked out brought to a close lapsed passed expired died belayed belaid called it quits recalled broke broken brake withdrawn withdrew sidelined given over gave over called it a day curbed called off relinquished dispensed with nullified eschewed annulled dismissed abrogated surceased shut down knocked something on the head kicked stood over put off the evil day put to one side set back cut it out put off the evil hour suspended proceedings invalidated negated voided severed reversed countermanded disannulled retracted withheld from recanted retained killed disconnected abjured suppressed brought to a standstill laid off of closed down come to an end got off brought to a stop nipped in the bud wrapped up withcalled cried off did away with done away with forwent forgone refrained denied quashed repudiated kept from phased out vacated refused called abated nulled curtailed overruled gotten rid of got rid of gone went disunited vetoed split up skipped nixed annihilated abstained from shunned rolled back struck down disclaimed scratched resisted passed up dismantled taken five took five ditched intervened taken a break took a break restrained from unsaid taken a breather took a breather culminated reneged discharged finished off wound down steered clear of given the chop gave the chop declared null and void reneged on backtracked on stemmed stayed away from put on a back burner shied from reined in called back cut into stopped short jacked in forlet stopped dead lift forbore forborne pulled out of closed out pulled up skipped out on backed off parked quit cold put into storage shut up put on the bank burner packed it in quit cold turkey slowed up called time put out of commission cut loose put on one side put a cork in put a lid on reserved swore off sworn off frozen froze forborne from forbore from forsook forsaken forswore forsworn abstained took back taken back inhibited constrained hanged hung kept back did without done without came to an end gotten off cooled kept stifled contained overturned refused to pay disestablished resigned yielded had done with hesitated disturbed stopped oneself from held back from restrained oneself from restrained vitiated removed disowned overrode overridden waited rested passed on failed disaffirmed chopped obviated not done ruined destroyed demolished decimated wrecked shattered destructed collapsed unmade shot disorganized loosed eradicated wracked wavered disavowed brought completed risen rose resisted the temptation to subverted torpedoed obliterated superseded rejected deracinated dissevered disjoined separated parted interposed reprieved stricken down forestayed denied oneself precluded shirked dissociated capped consummated staunched prevented called a stop to bypassed taken a recess took a recess reorganized reorganised rearranged redlined checked out from backed off from sidestepped averted dodged rendered void resolved into faded out cleared deliberated faltered wiped out knocked out gone back on went back on surceased from kiboshed escaped from skirted called it quits on interfered with said goodbye to left out not touched disrupted abnegated disqualified lifted gotten out of got out of shaken shook turned back immobilized rounded out died down rounded off deactivated immobilised sewed up sewn up reflected slowed pedal kicked over nigged brought to an untimely end cooled it apologized marked time knock it off kept off thought twice done later come to standstill backed down changed mind stopped in full flow folded up reeled in called in tied up brought to end stopped cold packed away hung it up closed off stopped trying retrograded kicked the habit lingered had a breather slowed down eliminated left to another time retreated come to a close tarried changed one's tune brought to a premature end caught one's breath receded apologised buttoned up left unfinished had change of heart dropped it stopped midstream buttoned down excluded stopped briefly hung back took ten taken ten rowed back on decommissioned did later welshed backed out retroceded taken offline took offline overthrown overthrew forewent foregone yolden yold dumped took a breather from taken a breather from went without gone without undone undid taken off took off taken a rain check took a rain check broke into broken into blown off blew off bagged it did in done in broken the habit of shrunk from shrank from broke the habit of came to a close knocking it off took out taken out taken the cure gotten on the wagon took the cure got on the wagon broken short broke short drawn to a close drew to a close threw in the towel thrown in the sponge threw in the sponge thrown in the towel taken a breath broken it up broke it up came to standstill took a breath blown the whistle on blew the whistle on foreswore foresworn took time out taken time out took in did a U-turn on fallen back done a U-turn on forgot it eaten your words forgotten it taken in ate your words backed out of fell back drew back drawn back done an about-turn on did an about-turn on

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