Đồng nghĩa của fattening

Alternative for fattening

fattens, fattened, fattening

Đồng nghĩa: fat, fatten out, fatten up, fill out, flesh out, plump, plump out,


Decadently pleasing to taste
rich heavy creamy fatty delicious full-bodied sweet buttery juicy luscious spicy tasty filling flavorsome flavoursome full-flavoured highly-flavoured savoury succulent calorific cloying comfort flavorful nourishing nutritious oily satisfying savory sustaining unhealthy indigestible highly flavored appetizing delectable palatable scrumptious toothsome ambrosial yummy mouthwatering delish dainty appetising scrummy tasteful piquant lush sapid toothy moreish mouth-watering flavourful ambrosian nectareous nectarean finger-licking choice inviting nummy flavorous yummo yum-yum greasy tempting divine heavenly substantial enticing nectarous good hearty delightful ample exquisite big tangy solid smooth velvety stodgy square milky lekker very palatable very enjoyable leaden rare pleasant adorable mellow peng out of this world fit for a king caloric nutritive ripe honeyed enjoyable nice gratifying agreeable comestible moist sumptuous nectarious gorgeous delicate attractive finger-lickin' magnificent titillating pleasing lip-smacking large thick whipped sizable sizeable generous abundant hefty considerable starchy of an even consistency perfumed scented fragrant aromatic redolent soft creamed goopy gunky feathery gooey fluffy gloppy gooky wholesome respectable relishing salt sharp acceptable savorous decent full-flavored aperitive enchanting wonderful appealing well-prepared well-seasoned pleasant-tasting saporous sweetened sugar-coated good-tasting edible eatable flavory tender drinkable desirable tantalizing tantalising deliciously light deliciously tender fair saporific home-cooking cool passable peachy A-OK full of flavor pungent zestful melt-in-your-mouth digestible esculent harmless eating strong strongly flavoured zesty strong-flavored highly seasoned fit dietary fit for consumption fit to eat safe culinary kosher fit to be consumed tart highly-seasoned gingery zingy nippy peppery highly flavoured


A gradual increase in physical size
swell enlargement expansion distension growth dilatation thickening broadening elongation increase in size stretching ballooning intumescence lengthening tumefaction widening blowing up blow up blow-up filling out puffing up extension amplification augmentation magnification swelling intensification multiplication development increase diffusion unfolding inflation addition expanse spread building up topping up unfurling deepening waxing aggrandisement elaboration opening out aggrandizement rise escalation boost buildup accretion increment proliferation gain enhancement upsurge accrual accumulation heightening uptick hike raise upturn step up accession mushrooming build-up advancement surge advance dilation burgeoning spike uptrend snowballing appreciation upping upgrade explosion supplement addendum more plus jump bump distention reinforcement run-up boosting upswing buildout acceleration boom cumulation accumulating collection elevation creep strengthening growing worsening exacerbation crescendo upgrading evolution gathering amassment amassing stockpile amelioration aggravation promotion store compounding continuation improvement augmenting maximization diversification spiralling supplementing leap deterioration exaggeration maximisation spreading upgrowth raising refinement up breakthrough assemblage furtherance progression collecting extent betterment quadrupling doubling tripling progress enrichment fleshing out spiraling top-up embellishment climb scope compass avalanche spreading out piling up stacking up opening developing stepping-up swollenness tightness adjunct ascent accruement formation augment aggrandization accrument profit intensifying agglomeration logjam backlog beefing up expatiation lift high sharpening pickup concentration upward turn bounce evolvement maturation ramp up explanation padding gradual growth increasing aggregation stepping up expanding annexation pooling pileup assembly enlarging stockpiling stack advertising mass load hype publicity puff plug heap assembling hoarding reserve annex increasement rocketing flowering annexe scaling up rounding out optimization stocking up merger correction appendix access incorporation complement dramatic increase rapid increase sudden increase shooting up blooming rectification success amendment melioration optimisation rally forwarding rectifying face-lift large increase pretension transmission blossoming headway pretentiousness reformation upbeat cultivation prolonging prolongation drawing out affectation dissemination pretence civilisation meliorism preferment renovation turnaround change civilization revision change for the better kaizen reclamation grandiosity pretense reinforcing elaborating branch orbit conservatory allowance denotation arm sweep radius production stretch reach continuing lean-to leeway span porch purview affectedness supplementation emergence flourishing metamorphosis incubation perfection prosperity puffiness suffusion propagation dispersal scale ongoing unraveling adding to price rises price increases additional room profusion term coverage division period distribution dispersion transfusion allotment ramification radiation unravelling


Present participle for to feed in order to make or become fat or fatter


Present participle for to make larger in physical size, or increase the capacity of
enlarging expanding extending inflating swelling dilating distending ballooning widening bloating broadening bulging stretching lengthening tumefying intumescing elongating thickening padding bulking protuberating jumboizing puffing up blowing up filling out making larger making bigger becoming bigger becoming wider increasing in size making wider becoming broader growing larger making broader becoming deeper becoming longer becoming thicker making deeper making longer making thicker growing bigger growing puffing out bourgeoning burgeoning snowballing mushrooming swelling up plumping becoming distended becoming larger welling up becoming bloated fermenting rising increasing filling spreading bulging out pumping up heightening developing augmenting amplifying magnifying supersizing boosting opening up escalating compounding reaming getting wider multiplying unfolding opening upsurging bolstering pyramiding hiking protracting prolonging opening out getting bigger bulking up slapping on tacking on beefing up souping up spreading out opening wide puffing billowing bagging pouching bunching bellying pooching beetling protruding engorging projecting standing out becoming inflated overhanging jutting poking sticking out pouting blowing out becoming swollen rounding out starting aerating bilging bugging out popping out pumping swelling out filling up continuing doming extruding bellying out blobbing ballooning out drawing dragging out reaching drawing out proceeding spinning out letting out filling with air prolongating strining out distorting coming out popping outstretching billowing out blowing stretching out pulling out ballooning up rolling surging jutting out sagging rising up rolling upward pitching tossing bouncing projecting outward spinning

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