Đồng nghĩa của progressing

Alternative for progressing

progresses, progressed, progressing

Đồng nghĩa: advance, go ahead, move, proceed,

Trái nghĩa: regress,

Tính từ

Having a period of great prosperity or rapid economic growth
thriving flourishing successful prosperous booming healthy developing growing prospering blooming burgeoning lush advancing palmy prolific boomy expanding going golden halcyon luxuriant profitable roaring triumphant wealthy fast-growing arrived blossoming cooking rich robust rolling doing well going strong home free sitting pretty have it made have the wherewithal on top of heap vigorous strong mushrooming improving buoyant ballooning snowballing fruitful lucrative productive rampant on the up and up and up on the up profuse rank exuberant going places on a roll going well faring well in the ascendant in full swing in top form in the pink fat fertile moneymaking remunerative opulent gainful fortunate teeming flush substantial affluent fecund comfortable well-heeled paying overgrown green dense worthwhile beneficial monied thick economic verdant fructuous juicy cornucopian jungly money-spinning loaded lucky moneyed abundant privileged profit-making leafy well-off well-to-do happy riotous superabundant grown advantageous plentiful joyous plenteous jungle-like in clover auspicious uptown rewarding well-endowed snug well-fixed deep-pocketed fat-cat silk-stocking glorious favoured favored bankable copious weedy grassy joyful idyllic prodigal overflowing abounding boom lavish good helpful oofy minted blessed on easy street well off upper-class on velvet leisure-class in the money well heeled doing it easy set for life in easy street in luck maturing rosy grass-covered carefree sound working upmarket active thrifty busy verdurous blissful contented promising large extensive diffuse graminaceous fresh gramineous viridescent virid cushy jammy easy high-income up-and-coming money-making well-paid commercial main-line providential propitious cost-effective high-paying advantaged well-paying for-profit renumerative socially advantaged enviable elite in the gravy win-win sweet fatness favourable solvent efficient well paid financially rewarding gangbusters boffo delightful precious best cost effective paradisiac peak favorable encouraging in the black ongoing generative high-yielding creative proliferating propagative pecunious inventive fructiferous excessive upscale propertied generating reproducing propagating breeding proliferant pregnant spawning plutocratic financial ample independent cash rich quids in stinking rich filthy rich rolling in money multi-crore having it made of means of independent means in the chips on Easy Street worth a bundle rolling in it of substance with deep pockets worth a packet made of money

Tính từ

Due to happen or just beginning
coming approaching forthcoming imminent impending future near nearing advancing upcoming anticipated due expected immediate oncoming pending proximate close next nigh converging eventual subsequent unborn near-term at hand close at hand drawing near in store en route in the offing in the pipeline just round the corner to be up-and-coming in the air on the horizon on the way about to happen almost on one in view on the cards in the wind on us getting near gaining upon in prospect looming to come threatening prospective brewing likely probable awaited planned on tap gathering in the cards coming up just around the corner menacing upon us potential on hand following -to-be soon-to-be in preparation inevitable afoot proposed about to be scheduled designate later possible fast-approaching considered destined ensuing presumptive inescapable overhanging handwriting-on-the-wall succeeding looming large on the agenda predicted forecast contemplated see it coming near-at-hand about on the go slated hoped-for looked-for promised predictable foreseeable envisioned downstream latter down the line down the pike down the road yet to come in the wings approximating onrushing incipient convergent arriving in the works under way in production being prepared hereafter hovering underway under discussion happening soon portending awaiting ominous resulting supplied predestined fated waiting to looking to moving closer up and coming chosen in the near future near at hand to-be appointed round the corner coming soon elected going on happening current circulating around abroad in sight nearly on us intended elect at large stirring going about in circulation wanted intending would-be aspiring astir fast approaching latent inevasible unescapable expectant unavoidable ineluctable prophesied foretold hoped for looked for prepared for long-awaited counted on foreseen planned for counted upon in the making doing the rounds on its way on the verge in the stars projected nearby neighboring next-door close-up beside neighbouring close by nearly here get back on one's feet almost practically nearly regain one's health adjacent scheduled for expected to arrive

Động từ

Making progress
on the move making progress proceeding advancing developing going forward moving forward moving going heading pushing journeying driving forging ahead pushing forward pushing ahead making one's way pressing on working one's way progressing towards going forth pushing on pressing forward moving onward covering ground speeding shooting moving ahead going on plowing on marching on cracking on making headway travelling going ahead traveling gaining ground working towards edging keeping going gathering way making inroads into trucking continuing ploughing on moving on moving along marching forging on pressing ahead making inroads growing maturing upgrading evolving making strides continuing on getting on getting going navigating crossing passing propelling improving faring storming dispatching blossoming ameliorating coming along coming forward flourishing pacing going along going off moving out carrying on transiting tracking peregrinating running traversing rolling on perambulating moving towards taking the next step becoming better getting better proceeding along cutting across coming keeping on keeping moving making your way getting ahead hieing wending hying getting forging following working walking edging forward dashing ahead shooting ahead flying passing on launching continuing ahead cruising playing climbing running through getting along unfolding elevating moving up expanding enlarging changing elaborating unrolling altering spreading metamorphosing emerging thriving extending prospering differentiating modernizing transmogrifying adapting transforming modernising refining augmenting revolutionizing getting somewhere coming on skyrocketing succeeding bettering oneself climbing the ladder working one's way up rising stepping forward going places building up adapting yourself working out educing working up revolutionising coming of age opening out deriving increasing ripening bettering running along driving forward keeping running

Động từ

Healing or recovering, as from an injury or illness

Phó từ

Before an action or event
ahead before afore already antecedently anteriorly beforehand earlier formerly preliminarily previously in front onwards advanced advancing ante at the head fore foremost precedent precedently preceding previous to the fore at the fore in advance in the van in the foreground in the vanguard in the lead at an advantage at the head of the queue once sooner heretofore hitherto earlier on before now until then in the past at one time in days gone by back when forward aforetime until now ahead of time before then way back when a while ago in days of yore early erstwhile in readiness in anticipation anciently then once upon a time in former times in times past in bygone days up to then time was some time ago a while back in old days in years gone by long ago time was when before present in times gone by in the olden days at an earlier time before this back in the day in earlier times near nearest former up to now fast forwards ere since so far by the time by then by the time mentioned by that time lately onetime back ago as was erewhile radically prematurely inopportunely precociously unseasonably of old olden days water under the bridge away back eons ago used to be of yore down memory lane precocious up till now prior to now prior to the present time in the old days in those days before the present one time previously ages ago from way back at one stage on a former occasion last time prior to this one time before back then on one occasion since God knows when prior to this time in the good old days years ago in times bygone at one point in times of yore agone gone syne sometime theretofore yet thus far in time gone by erst whilom as yet to date till now up until now in olden times up to this time in antiquity in yesteryear in auld lang syne in days of old at some point beforetime now until that time until recently bygone still at that instant one time quondam in one case further back but once above no longer by now from year one in my day until this time up to the present time even now till then up until then

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