Đồng nghĩa của of yore

Tính từ

Having been or happened in the distant past
bygone departed extinct ancient antiquated dead defunct earlier forgotten former lost olden one-time past previous completed finished long-ago bypast done erstwhile expired gone gone by nonextant obsolete of old outmoded vanished archaic belated dated foregone forepassed late long-gone oldfangled old-fashioned old-time out-of-date quondam sometime past recall in oblivion out of date sunk in oblivion down memory lane water over the dam water under the bridge old prehistoric prior immemorial antediluvian historical ex- way back way back when remote primeval primordial superseded antique distant primigenial primaeval earliest ended long gone long ago onetime one time last at the time early then first predictable inevitable inescapable ordained certain predetermined unavoidable fated destined removed outdated redundant unremembered worn-out outworn unrecalled deep lost and gone latter-day passé lost in time consigned to oblivion over abandoned from the past lapsed discarded disused fossilized discontinued recent pristine spent older ex wiped out no more accomplished elapsed long past long departed gone-by in the olden days of an earlier time ages ago once upon a time back when of a former period in the good old days unemployed stagnant fossilised ago latter dead and buried fallen into disuse no longer in use over and done with over and done very old whilom preceding once other foregoing concluded deceased terminated asleep cold fallen lifeless as was ancient history invalid historic disappeared retired demised buried breathless low died out precedent nonexistent exanimate at an end passed on dead and gone in the past done for a thing of the past irrelevant run faded missing overdue delayed inanimate kaput back had it out of commission down the drain passed left anterior antecedent forepast behind one background dissolved dissipated dried up burned up moved on perished lamented passed away stiff with God at peace ci-devant destroyed extinguished inactive exterminated six feet under bought the farm pushing up daisies in the grave dead as a doornail as dead as a doornail laid to rest through complete doused abolished quenched out void closed vanquished unknown inexistent settled up no longer extant no longer existing down disregarded snuffed out no longer known over with wrapped up disremembered erased repressed done with finished with dispensed with suppressed blotted out gone clean out of someone's mind out of mind left behind past recollection blanked out

Tính từ

That is beyond memory
immemorial age-old ancient long-standing traditional archaic old antediluvian dateless fixed rooted time-honoured aged ancestral antique hoar hoary long-lived olden timeless time-worn venerable atavistic forever long-established prehistoric primaeval primeval time-honored timeworn very old centuries old rooted in the past outmoded bygone out-of-date antiquated superannuated former primitive past old-fashioned outdated historic obsolete primordial early moth-eaten rusty passé dated relic obsolescent fossilized medieval extinct mediaeval prehistorical defunct neolithic out of date fossilised out of the ark of long ago Stone Age superseded primal démodé deprecated dinosaur foregone antwacky fossil earliest had it done for past its sell-by date dead and gone past one's sell-by date classical anachronistic old-fangled mossy moribund demoded discarded dead outworn Noachian kaputt kaput discontinued olde worlde old fashioned having seen better days old hat past its prime behind the times historical sometime remote stale old as the hills decayed old as Methuselah worn-out quondam unoriginal erstwhile of old pristine onetime late old-time done unfashionable once hackneyed demode aboriginal original cast-off crumbling oldfangled conservative established traditionalistic orthodox folk prior familial family button-down standpat from the past reactionary old-world buttoned-down lineal old-style die-hard hidebound oral mossbacked ultraconservative brassbound unwritten old-line paleoconservative old-school archconservative unprogressive handed-down creaky as old as the hills elderly mouldy clunky oldie moldy horse and buggy quaint vintage cobwebby grey-haired grizzled getting on senescent older decrepit longevous worn advanced in years past it long in the tooth over the hill retrograde old-timey retro silver-haired grizzly white-haired silvery-haired well-established lot of mileage of an advanced age antediluvial old as Adam grey senior ageless mature enduring grey-bearded lasting geriatric doddering centenarian doddery aging octogenarian nonagenarian senile over-the-hill septuagenarian unyoung ageing first ritual ritualistic gray matured ripened shot not as young as one used to be been around not as young as one was not long for this world senior citizen no spring chicken worse for wear tried and true tried and tested

Tính từ

Of, relating to, belonging to, or occurring in, a former time (near the beginning)

Phó từ

In or during a known but unspecified past period

Trái nghĩa của of yore

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