Đồng nghĩa của snuffed out

Động từ

Past tense for kill
killed blew away blown away bumped off chilled dispatched disposed of did away with done away with did in done in dusted greased hit hat hitten iced knocked off murdered offed rubbed out stretched out wasted waxed whacked zapped put away put to death liquidated slayed assassinated executed terminated croaked cut down snuffed neutralized got eliminated exterminated wiped out neutralised put an end to slaughtered eradicated butchered topped slain slew finished off erased mowed down shot down destroyed polished off ended the life of stiffed taken out took out scragged smoked annihilated massacred gotten gat blotted out terminated with extreme prejudice done to death did to death taken the life of took the life of obliterated shot expunged extirpated canceled cancelled abolished cut to pieces effaced decimated deep-sixed stamped out swept away put down blacked out put to the sword cleaned up put end to rooted out put to sleep gave someone the works given someone the works stabbed finished shotten extinguished claimed caused the death of sent to kingdom come ethnically cleansed gotten rid of made away with knocked someone off got rid of carried off nuked blasted felled killed in cold blood gunned down sent to the gas chambers dusted off did for done for taken care of took care of taken someone's life fell taken took took someone's life hanged hung lynched downed garrotted put before a firing squad guillotined ended strung up put out of its misery strangled crucified struck down cooled beheaded decapitated electrocuted removed brought down defeated sent to the gallows wiped from the face of the earth asphyxiated silenced vaporized blackballed euthanized vaporised nixed immolated purged discarded gibbetted gibbeted mutilated cleared gassed overwhelmed beat put paid to sent to the chair stoned to death sent to the gibbet sent to the electric chair put a bullet in sent to the gas chamber hung by the neck wiped off the face of the earth stricken down lopped lopt necked murked dropped ruined poisoned knifed smothered garotted overcome fixed fixt overpowered routed potted plugged suffocated sterilized dragged scratched sterilised excluded drug worsted sacrificed smote smited smit smitten stoned bagged bested devastated bowstringed fried bowstrung cleared away dragged down killed off sticked vanquished stuck mangled tortured maimed carried out a sentence of death on moved in for the kill pumped full of lead made swing picked off dispensed with discontinued did done overcame saw the back of seen the back of took a life taken a life taken down took down beaten took away taken away took off taken off drove to the wall driven to the wall

Động từ

Past tense for put an end to
stamped out abolished banished crushed eliminated eradicated exterminated extinguished put down quelled removed squelched suppressed wiped out got rid of gotten rid of blotted out destroyed ended expunged killed put an end to put out stopped obliterated annihilated erased extirpated liquidated rubbed out canceled cancelled rooted out effaced swept away cleaned up blacked out deleted razed quashed axed zapped put paid to decimated wasted finished off demolished totaled totalled excised put a stop to squashed wiped off the map cut cut out wiped off the face of the earth smashed terminated abated crossed out blanked out wrecked devastated nuked desolated annulled nullified did away with done away with slaughtered trashed scrubbed set aside nixed struck out wiped from the face of the earth taken out took out put a line through blocked out ruined shattered pulverized wracked vaporized dispatched negated disannulled vaporised pulled down finished pulverised scored out blue-pencilled blue-penciled massacred offed canceled out washed out torpedoed brought to an end inked out cancelled out shed did in done in voided repealed invalidated overturned rescinded revoked abrogated dropped discarded scrapped countermanded repudiated retracted avoided nulled vacated obscured put kibosh on rolled back struck down undone undid called off put the kibosh on upset deled censored scratched out purged concealed uprooted edited removed all traces of scratched whited out weeded out put to death trimmed aborted lift knocked off gutted beat KO'd put the lid on cut off covered cast aside put out of your mind shot down creamed wiped disposed of withdrawn withdrew torn down tore down dissolved blued pencil ditched junked dusted jettisoned vitiated subverted discontinued chopped dispensed with deracinated inhibited disestablished prohibited superseded overthrew overthrown closed down stricken down forgot disrupted wiped off stunned bowdlerized knocked something on the head neutralized redacted butchered slayed declared null and void made void smoothed away made dark passed out snuffed obfuscated benothinged disowned called back omitted disclaimed counterordered elided sunken covered up faded lifted kayoed darkened sank reneged blotted marked out overwhelmed obviated bowdlerised recalled levelled called rendered null and void backpedalled leveled excluded keeled over discharged rendered invalid struck abandoned renounced stroked out exsected dismissed knocked out neutralised blacked wiped off face of earth ravaged smothered stifled abjured backpedaled covered over battened declared invalid killed off defeated rubbed away checked dismantled edited out recanted held back sunk Xed out laundered eroded destroyed root and branch overruled rubbed off eclipsed cried off scraped off shaded denied reversed blew away blown away threw out thrown out dumped taken took forgotten forgat gave something the chop given something the chop slain slew beaten took away taken away worn away wore away broke off broken off took back taken back forswore forsworn backed out of overridden overrode stricken blew sky-high blew to bits blown sky-high taken apart blown to bits took apart offset vetoed suspended disallowed rejected counteracted counterbalanced offsetted cast out bleeped split up phased out declared disbanded countervailed rebutted abnegated disaffirmed reneged on backtracked on ceased adjourned nigged confined compensated restricted relaxed limited waived weakened undermined concluded prorogued disunited wound up disqualified circumducted unfitted impaired unpublished severed collapsed closed wound down unmade shot disorganized postponed loosed destructed called all bets off raised pulled back brought to naught snipped sterilized rubbed sanitized decontaminated cleaned scored rendered void resolved into faded out burnt burned incinerated sterilised sanitised ruled out passed up gone back on went back on forgotten it forgot it broke up broken up driven out drove out got shot of gotten shot of gotten off the hook got off the hook rendered meaningless took off taken off drew back drawn back burned away burnt away

Động từ

Past tense for forcibly put an end to
suppressed subdued crushed quelled conquered quashed stopped overpowered extinguished repressed squashed checked defeated stamped out overthrew overthrown put down vanquished cowed discontinued ended inhibited quenched silenced squelched arrested clamped down on cracked down on halted terminated triumphed over abolished annihilated bottled buried clamped destroyed dominated interrupted killed overcame overcome overturned overwhelmed put out shushed slapped down spiked stemmed trampled drove underground driven underground trampled on blocked out cut off held down held in kept in kept inside put an end to sat on beat down beaten down brought to naught put kibosh on put lid on put the lid on put a stop to stifled put the kibosh on curbed thwarted nipped in the bud beat shut down controlled frustrated wiped out finished demolished extirpated scotched routed clobbered deadened subjugated queered reined in snowed under cut short put an stop to put paid to gotten rid of got rid of restrained beaten bridled constrained contained eliminated mastered governed smothered moderated censured dismissed rejected scuppered settled dumbed censored licked scrunched squished trashed dulled clammed abated softened torpedoed damped mellowed lessened diminished held back kept in check toned down oppressed devastated prostrated swamped overmastered whelmed wrecked floored hindered limited kept the lid on ruined obliterated throttled iced quelched reduced strangled choked off kept a lid on closed up dished clamped down kept down quietened down brought to an end held in check said nothing ground down brought to screeching halt cracked down blotted out poured cold water on brought someone to their knees forced down gained mastery over gained control over broke broken brake got under control gotten under control thrown cold water on threw cold water on blew away blown away bore down on borne down on soothed assuaged allayed quieted mitigated tempered mollified appeased calmed put a lid on lulled quietened composed eased stilled tranquilized pacified gagged restricted cooled prevented alleviated palliated dampened muffled placated hushed hampered relaxed impeded soft-pedalled soft-pedaled garrotted weeded out eradicated interfered with blunted decreased lullabied relieved damped down becalmed salved cushioned dispelled kept under banished stroked qualified calmed down regulated balmed comforted squared put to rest chilled out put the stopper on settled down let up shut up reined laid back swallowed submerged pocketed muted took the edge off taken the edge off choked back crippled undermined enfeebled conciliated propitiated tread contented smoothed disabled disarmed tamed ameliorated gentled dissipated helped reassured felled ceased chastened lenified fettered choked greased dulcified sweetened conned drove off chased away lightened made peace with reconciled smoothed over eased off piped down made nice trammeled corked reduced something quieted down resolved dried up tuned down fixed up simmered down imposed peace upon bottled up restored harmony to made up muzzled trammelled took the sting out disposed smoothed someone's ruffled feathers buttered up buried the hatchet kissed and made up cooled out brought to a stop solaced cooled off lay back brought to a halt made peace slackened cleared the air with poured oil on rocked to sleep taken the sting out adjusted consoled eased up modulated dummied up played up to dampened down sunken sank sunk bore down borne down rose above risen above pacificated drove away driven away fell fallen tongue-tied done for did for took the bite out taken the bite out trod trodden took it easy taken the edge taken it easy took the edge trod on trodden on

Tính từ

Having been destroyed permanently
lost extinct destroyed perished gone ruined vanished annihilated defunct demolished departed died out effaced eradicated exterminated extirpated obliterated wiped out wrecked abolished crushed dead deceased devastated disappeared done for extinguished finished frittered lapsed superseded vanquished void obsolete nonextant expired inactive bygone done bypast out terminated passé quenched doused cold archaic unknown outmoded late asleep nonexistent lifeless fallen exanimate ended inexistent no longer existing no longer extant passed on dead and gone no longer known antiquated ancient dated out-of-date past outdated old-fashioned out of date antique olden superannuated outworn fossilized forgotten old fossilised prehistoric obsolescent demoded medieval mediaeval kaput old hat unfashionable disused of yore old-time discontinued antediluvian prehistorical neolithic behind the times oldfangled moth-eaten invalid mossy of old démodé Stone Age former out of the ark anachronistic Noachian moribund rusty kaputt musty primitive elapsed old-hat moldy stale over mouldy no more discarded had it completed gone by missing foregone old-fangled worn-out out of fashion no longer in use has-been out of style dinosaur vintage unhip unstylish out-of-style not with it dead and buried concluded faded over and done with out of commission previous run out earlier one-time aged corny odd smashed abandoned long-ago belated totaled long-gone erstwhile fallen into disuse vieux jeu fusty deprecated timeworn fossil square old-school of olden days out of it neglected rococo dowdy not modern not current grown old disapproved of the old school unusable very old redundant past it at an end olde worlde past its sell-by date horse and buggy out of business down the drain irrelevant no longer current no longer topical yesterday tired null and void spent hackneyed exhausted decayed subverted collapsed ravaged desolated crashed done to death accomplished unrenewed past its prime demised bent out of use ago old-world having seen better days historical breathless low frumpish quaint frumpy old fashioned venerable conservative old-fogeyish passed voided unremembered unrecalled ex- backward-looking crusted feudal bankrupt retrograde horse-and-buggy creaky clunky retro old-timey rinky-dink inanimate primeval primal inoperative over and done square-toed left removed primordial dateless early immemorial run atavistic way back way back when latter-day lost and gone lost in time consigned to oblivion earliest relic antwacky primaeval unused non-functioning passe of long ago past one's sell-by date ancient history dissolved dissipated dried up burned up moved on unemployed stagnant closed in the past torn down a thing of the past not functioning no longer in existence geriatric broken out-of-fashion obscure dusty doomed sunk cooked toast floored sometime quondam forepassed on the skids out of circulation burned out belly-up washed up down and out down the tubes in flames down for the count all washed up past recall in oblivion sunk in oblivion down memory lane water over the dam water under the bridge

Trái nghĩa của snuffed out

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