Đồng nghĩa của exterminated

Alternative for exterminated

exterminates, exterminated, exterminating

Đồng nghĩa: destroy, dispose of, eliminate, get rid of, kill, wipe out,

Động từ

Past tense for to kill, especially in large numbers and usually deliberately
annihilated eradicated extirpated butchered destroyed dispatched eliminated killed massacred slaughtered abolished erased slew slayed slain decimated murdered obliterated assassinated croaked effaced executed expunged extinguished iced liquidated offed smoked stiffed terminated topped wasted whacked blotted out cancelled canceled scragged zapped did in done in wiped out did to death done to death put to death blew away blown away bumped off cut down did away with done away with finished off mowed down put to the sword rubbed out snuffed out ended the life of ethnically cleansed got rid of gotten rid of knocked off shot down took out taken out took the life of taken the life of blacked out rooted out stamped out cleaned up polished off put an end to sent to kingdom come sent to the gas chambers gave someone the works given someone the works terminated with extreme prejudice swept away put away put down removed cut to pieces disposed of neutralized neutralised razed demolished snuffed put paid to deleted put to sleep totalled totaled hit ruined devastated finished axed got smashed wrecked desolated ended vaporized shattered quashed vaporised cut out crushed wiped off the face of the earth caused the death of pulverized excised wracked nuked beat squashed pulled down put a stop to cut defeated made away with wiped off the map wiped from the face of the earth pulverised abated gutted overwhelmed nixed crossed out put out killed off gotten gat blanked out carried off suppressed felled claimed downed trashed upset purged put somebody out of their misery struck out scored out garrotted guillotined done for did for creamed stopped weeded out put a line through quelled squelched levelled leveled banished uprooted blue-pencilled blue-penciled overturned hanged hung trimmed scratched out lynched torpedoed scrubbed shot waxed ravaged struck scratched inked out blocked out washed out torn down tore down hitten hat rid shed overcome mutilated obscured concealed silenced fell crucified covered overpowered routed blackballed disrupted bowdlerized immolated nullified excluded wiped lift smothered discarded deled annulled brought to an end vanquished strangled asphyxiated brought down bowdlerised cancelled out laundered canceled out beheaded edited overrun KO'd dusted off decapitated exsected electrocuted cut off taken someone's life took someone's life knocked out wreaked havoc on wrought havoc gunned down laid waste cut a swath through cast out dispensed with put the lid on put out of your mind removed all traces of cut up put end to put before a firing squad took taken undone undid dusted beaten shotten overthrown overthrew stricken blued pencil cleared stunned ousted toppled spoiled spoilt stripped emptied stript voided stifled damaged darkened battened eclipsed shaded obfuscated desecrated dropped overcame deposed worsted poisoned scoured cleansed cleared out consumed kayoed expurgated subverted mastered unseated dismantled wiped off censored redacted bested blasted forgot impaired benothinged suffocated depopulated smote smit smited smitten checked invalidated abrogated stoned licked conquered dethroned sacrificed scourged unloaded lifted crossed through mangled tortured sticked aborted stuck maimed negated blotted scraped off disannulled burnt incinerated burned havocked displaced faded eroded supplanted trounced subdued trampled prostrated culled gassed scrapped edited out sank sunken sunk greased subjugated dissolved defenestrated disestablished upended overran covered over taken away took away murked made dark passed out covered up keeled over held back left in ruins wrought havoc on scissored out smoothed away sent to the chair left desolate cleared away cleaned out tumbled moved in for the kill dragged committed genocide whited out thinned out the population of sterilised thinned out chilled marked out sent to the electric chair strung up phased out tipped wreaked havoc knocked over brought low stoned to death sterilized sent to the gallows gave something the chop amputated removed from power knocked someone off sent to the gibbet elided routed out knocked down knifed exscinded given something the chop cooled reduced the numbers of lopped off wiped off face of earth removed from office knocked something on the head deep-sixed brought about the downfall of garotted drug rubbed away slashed sent to the gas chamber killed in cold blood Xed out brought to ruin destroyed root and branch rubbed off discontinued dragged down ridded forgotten forgat withdrawn withdrew saw the back of seen the back of broke up broken up wore away taken down worn away took down broke off broken off did took a life taken a life done burned away burnt away shook out shaken out taken off took off blown sky-high taken apart blown to bits took apart blew sky-high blew to bits drove to the wall driven to the wall drove out driven out got shot of gotten shot of

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